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Lot NamebySireexDam Type Consignor Bidding Ends
22 Profitable (IRE) / Heads You Win (GB) 2021 B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn BUP A. C. Bloodstock
40 Wusaayif (GB) HOT 2020 B.F. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Fasten Up (GB) HOT Aislabie Stud 13:20BST, Thu 8th
32 Adare Beauty (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Quiania (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland 13:02BST, Thu 8th
33 Aussie Mystic (GB) HIT 2020 B.G. BY Australia (GB) EX Hyper Dream (IRE) HIT Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) 13:04BST, Thu 8th
36 Gun Runner Cash (IRE) HIT 2017 B.G. BY Jet Away (GB) EX Brownie Points (IRE) HIT Ben Lund Racing 13:10BST, Thu 8th
29 Stellar Queen (GB) HIT 2019 B.F. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Bella Lulu (GB) HIT Bethell Racing 12:56BST, Thu 8th
6 Kuroshio (AUS) / Shalabina (GB) 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock 12:10BST, Thu 8th
13 Eqtidaar (IRE) / Capella's Song (IRE) 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock 12:24BST, Thu 8th
17 Phoenix of Spain (IRE) / Dukinta (IRE) 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock 12:32BST, Thu 8th
20 Galileo Gold (GB) / Green Briar (GB) 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Castlelyons Stables, Ireland 12:38BST, Thu 8th
14 Liffeydale Spirit (IRE) BUP 2021 B.C. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Cherry Creek (IRE) BUP Craig O'Neill Bloodstock 12:26BST, Thu 8th
43 Madame Stacey (GB) MAR 2020 B.F. BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Adalene (GB) MAR Crohane House, Ireland 13:26BST, Thu 8th
44 Akela Moon (IRE) MFF 2016 B.M. BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Indiannie Moon (GB) MFF Culworth Grounds Farm (Agent) 13:28BST, Thu 8th
3 Sir Percy (GB) / Red Larkspur (IRE) 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Mr. Barry Davis 12:04BST, Thu 8th
47 Bahamian Gold (GB) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Bahamian Music (IRE) Wildcard HOT Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) 13:34BST, Thu 8th
26 Yoshida (JPN) / Lavish Outlook (USA) 2021 Ch.F. (USA) BUP Friars Lough Stables, Ireland 12:50BST, Thu 8th
1 Estidhkaar (IRE) / Pretty Pebble (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn BUP Gary Bloodstock, Ireland
9 Inns of Court (IRE) / Sun Sign (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Grangeclare Paddocks, Ireland 12:16BST, Thu 8th
35 Daffin (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY U S Navy Flag (USA) EX Queen Andorra (IRE) HIT Grangecoor Farm 13:08BST, Thu 8th
16 El Kabeir (USA) / Dreamadreamforme (USA) 2021 Gr.F. (IRE) BUP Grangecoor Farm, Ireland 12:30BST, Thu 8th
19 Sioux Nation (USA) / Frankie Cloud (GB) 2021 Gr/Ro.C. (IRE) BUP Grangecoor Farm, Ireland 12:36BST, Thu 8th
41 Checkitsme (GB) HOT 2017 B.M. BY Telescope (IRE) EX Sweet Charlie (GB) HOT Green Hedges Farm 13:22BST, Thu 8th
10 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Tip It On The Top (IRE) 2021 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Greenhills Farm, Ireland 12:18BST, Thu 8th
21 Free Eagle (IRE) / Haze (GB) 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Grove Stud, Ireland 12:40BST, Thu 8th
30 Sympathise (IRE) HIT 2018 B.M. BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Starfly (IRE) HIT Higher Eastington Stables (Miss K. George) 12:58BST, Thu 8th
24 Inns of Court (IRE) / Kimbay (IRE) 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Kildallan Farm, Ireland 12:46BST, Thu 8th
34 Betrayed (GB) HIT 2018 B.M. BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Omaha Gold (IRE) HIT Leanne Breen Racing 13:06BST, Thu 8th
11 Little Mi Mi (IRE) BUP 2021 B.F. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Alasaayel (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland
18 Gleneagles (IRE) / Elektra Street (GB) 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland 12:34BST, Thu 8th
39 Triple M (GB) HOT 2019 Gr.F. BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Nolas Lolly (IRE) HOT David Loughnane Racing 13:18BST, Thu 8th
31 Tears of A Clown (GB) HIT 2021 Ch.F. BY Pearl Secret (GB) EX Paper Star (GB) HIT J P Loveridge 13:00BST, Thu 8th
37 Jackmeister Rudi (GB) HIT 2019 B.G. BY Churchill (IRE) EX Beyond Desire (GB) HIT Making Headway Racing Syndicate 13:12BST, Thu 8th
42 Tasleet (GB) / Ada Lovelace (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) YRL Manor House Farm Stud 13:24BST, Thu 8th
28 Soi Dao (IRE) HIT 2019 B.F. BY Twilight Son (GB) EX Home Cummins (IRE) HIT Micky Fenton Horse Racing 12:54BST, Thu 8th
8 Tasleet (GB) / Speed Craft (GB) 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Mr. Philip Regan 12:14BST, Thu 8th
7 Unfortunately (IRE) / Speckled Hen (IRE) 2021 Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn BUP Ms. Francisca Carton
2 Kuroshio (AUS) / Rayon Rouge (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Mr. Calvin Nugent 12:02BST, Thu 8th
25 Belardo (IRE) / Lady Bee (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Mr. Calvin Nugent 12:48BST, Thu 8th
12 Highland Reel (IRE) / Blue Cloud (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP P&C Bloodstock, Ireland 12:22BST, Thu 8th
45 A 1/50th Share in Tosen Stardom (JPN) BRC 2011 B.H. BY Deep Impact (JPN) EX Admire Kirameki (JPN) BRC a Partnership 13:30BST, Thu 8th
4 Ardad (IRE) / Ribbon Royale (GB) 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Powerstown Stud, Ireland 12:06BST, Thu 8th
46 Chicago Storm (GB) HIT 2019 B.G. BY Dabirsim (FR) EX Hoh My Darling (GB) Wildcard HIT Roefield Stables, Ireland (P. Fahey) 13:32BST, Thu 8th
23 Sioux Nation (USA) / Jebediah Shine (GB) 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP San Antone Lodge, Ireland 12:44BST, Thu 8th
38 Tara Line (IRE) HOT 2017 B.M. BY Kayf Tara (GB) EX First Line (GER) HOT Sandhills Farm Racing (S. Hosie) 13:14BST, Thu 8th
48 Dublin's Charm (IRE) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Anyone Special (IRE) Wildcard HOT Sangster Racing Ltd 13:36BST, Thu 8th
27 Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Pollyana (IRE) 2021 B.C. (IRE) HIT Stanley Lodge, Ireland 12:52BST, Thu 8th