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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 19 138,200 7,274 6,000 23,000
Other Private Sales 2 35,000      
Total including Private Sales 21 173,200 8,248 8,500 25,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Type Consignor Purchaser Price
40 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Fasten Up (GB), 2020 B.F. Wusaayif (GB) HOT Aislabie Stud Lot Not Sold 900
4 BY Ardad (IRE) EX Ribbon Royale (GB), 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Powerstown Stud, Ireland Kevin Frost Racing 2,200
33 BY Australia (GB) EX Hyper Dream (IRE), 2020 B.G. Aussie Mystic (GB) HIT Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) West Buckland Bloodstock Ltd 1,600
25 BY Belardo (IRE) EX Lady Bee (IRE), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Mr. Calvin Nugent Freddy Tylicki Bloodstock 14,000
44 BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Indiannie Moon (GB), 2016 B.M. Akela Moon (IRE) MFF Culworth Grounds Farm (Agent) Christopher Morris 1,000
43 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Adalene (GB), 2020 B.F. Madame Stacey (GB) MAR Crohane House, Ireland Lot Not Sold 1,000
37 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Beyond Desire (GB), 2019 B.G. Jackmeister Rudi (GB) HIT Making Headway Racing Syndicate Vendor 11,500
46 BY Dabirsim (FR) EX Hoh My Darling (GB), 2019 B.G. Chicago Storm (GB) Wildcard HIT Roefield Stables, Ireland (P. Fahey) Vendor 11,500
11 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Alasaayel (IRE), 2021 B.F. Little Mi Mi (IRE) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
45 BY Deep Impact (JPN) EX Admire Kirameki (JPN), 2011 B.H. A 1/50th Share in Tosen Stardom (JPN) BRC a Partnership Eminence Bloodstock 8,500
32 BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Quiania (IRE), 2020 B.F. Adare Beauty (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Tommy Dowling Racing 10,000
16 BY El Kabeir (USA) EX Dreamadreamforme (USA), 2021 Gr.F. (IRE) BUP Grangecoor Farm, Ireland Oliver Byrne 10,500
13 BY Eqtidaar (IRE) EX Capella's Song (IRE), 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock Eamonn Cleary 2,800
1 BY Estidhkaar (IRE) EX Pretty Pebble (IRE), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Gary Bloodstock, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
21 BY Free Eagle (IRE) EX Haze (GB), 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Grove Stud, Ireland Hussein Al Dosari 2,400
20 BY Galileo Gold (GB) EX Green Briar (GB), 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Castlelyons Stables, Ireland Vendor 5,000
18 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Elektra Street (GB), 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland Valfredo Valiani 8,500
47 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Bahamian Music (IRE), 2021 B.F. Bahamian Gold (GB) Wildcard HOT Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Lot Not Sold 900
12 BY Highland Reel (IRE) EX Blue Cloud (IRE), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP P&C Bloodstock, Ireland Kilbrew Stables 15,500
9 BY Inns of Court (IRE) EX Sun Sign (IRE), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Grangeclare Paddocks, Ireland Lot Not Sold 4,200
24 BY Inns of Court (IRE) EX Kimbay (IRE), 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Kildallan Farm, Ireland The Fox Partnership (P.S.) 10,000
27 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Pollyana (IRE), 2021 B.C. (IRE) HIT Stanley Lodge, Ireland KWOH 10,000
36 BY Jet Away (GB) EX Brownie Points (IRE), 2017 B.G. Gun Runner Cash (IRE) HIT Ben Lund Racing David Gibbons 4,800
38 BY Kayf Tara (GB) EX First Line (GER), 2017 B.M. Tara Line (IRE) HOT Sandhills Farm Racing (S. Hosie) Lot Not Sold 6,500
30 BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Starfly (IRE), 2018 B.M. Sympathise (IRE) HIT Higher Eastington Stables (Miss K. George) Lot Not Sold 17,500
2 BY Kuroshio (AUS) EX Rayon Rouge (IRE), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Mr. Calvin Nugent Tommy Dowling Racing 1,200
6 BY Kuroshio (AUS) EX Shalabina (GB), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
34 BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Omaha Gold (IRE), 2018 B.M. Betrayed (GB) HIT Leanne Breen Racing Lot Withdrawn
39 BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Nolas Lolly (IRE), 2019 Gr.F. Triple M (GB) HOT David Loughnane Racing Lot Withdrawn
29 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Bella Lulu (GB), 2019 B.F. Stellar Queen (GB) HIT Bethell Racing Donal White 4,800
31 BY Pearl Secret (GB) EX Paper Star (GB), 2021 Ch.F. Tears of A Clown (GB) HIT J P Loveridge C & S Bloodstock (P.S.) 25,000
17 BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Dukinta (IRE), 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Browne Brothers Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 9,750
48 BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Anyone Special (IRE), 2021 B.F. Dublin's Charm (IRE) Wildcard HOT Sangster Racing Ltd Lot Not Sold 1,000
22 BY Profitable (IRE) EX Heads You Win (GB), 2021 B.F. (IRE) BUP A. C. Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
19 BY Sioux Nation (USA) EX Frankie Cloud (GB), 2021 Gr/Ro.C. (IRE) BUP Grangecoor Farm, Ireland Lot Not Sold 41,000
23 BY Sioux Nation (USA) EX Jebediah Shine (GB), 2021 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP San Antone Lodge, Ireland Rycran Investments 23,000
3 BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Red Larkspur (IRE), 2021 B.C. (IRE) BUP Mr. Barry Davis Lee Moulson 6,000
10 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Tip It On The Top (IRE), 2021 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Greenhills Farm, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
8 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Speed Craft (GB), 2021 B.F. (GB) BUP Mr. Philip Regan Lot Not Sold 1,000
42 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Ada Lovelace (GB), 2022 B.F. (GB) YRL Manor House Farm Stud Vendor 3,200
41 BY Telescope (IRE) EX Sweet Charlie (GB), 2017 B.M. Checkitsme (GB) HOT Green Hedges Farm Lot Not Sold 900
14 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Cherry Creek (IRE), 2021 B.C. Liffeydale Spirit (IRE) BUP Craig O'Neill Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 7,000
28 BY Twilight Son (GB) EX Home Cummins (IRE), 2019 B.F. Soi Dao (IRE) HIT Micky Fenton Horse Racing Lot Not Sold 10,500
35 BY U S Navy Flag (USA) EX Queen Andorra (IRE), 2020 B.F. Daffin (IRE) HIT Grangecoor Farm Kevin Frost Racing 1,400
7 BY Unfortunately (IRE) EX Speckled Hen (IRE), 2021 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Ms. Francisca Carton Lot Withdrawn
26 BY Yoshida (JPN) EX Lavish Outlook (USA), 2021 Ch.F. (USA) BUP Friars Lough Stables, Ireland Hussein Al Dosari 10,000