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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 72 678,100 9,418 4,100 52,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Type Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Tasleet (GB) / Ada Lovelace (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) BUP Ivy House Farm Lot Not Sold 4,800
2 Land Force (IRE) / Dynamic (GB) 2022 B.C. (GB) BUP L.A Bloodstock J S Bloodstock 21,000
3 Ardad (IRE) / Elation (IRE) 2022 B.C. (GB) BUP Saxon House Stables Lot Not Sold 5,000
4 Without Parole (GB) / Mdina (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) BUP Ivy House Farm Derek Shaw Racing 3,200
5 U S Navy Flag (USA) / Royal Sister Two (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Highfield Bloodstock Vendor 2,200
6 Mehmas (IRE) / Sarshampla (IRE) 2022 Ch.F. (GB) BUP Edwards Pre-Training Lot Withdrawn
7 Phoenix of Spain (IRE) / Streak of Beauty (IRE) 2022 Gr.F. (IRE) BUP A. C. Bloodstock J Portman 7,000
8 Earthlight (IRE) / Zip Along (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP L.A. Bloodstock G & A Racing 3,400
9 Miss Lemon Cello (GB) BUP 2022 Ch.F. BY Mayson (GB) EX Concello (IRE) BUP Simon Pearce Lot Withdrawn
10 Profitable (IRE) / Sereza (IRE) 2022 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 18,500
11 Circus Maximus (IRE) / Amaira (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Tetrarch Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
12 Aclaim (IRE) / Amber Road (IRE) 2022 B.F. (GB) BUP Fairview Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
13 Profitable (IRE) / Anyonecanbeasaint (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Shinnick Brothers Bloodstock, Ireland Alan Richardson (P.S.) 1,500
14 Coulsty (IRE) / Clodilla (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Beresford Stables, Ireland Jack Cantillon 27,000
15 Sands of Mali (FR) / Cotton Camera (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Innishannon Valley Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
16 Cotai Glory (GB) / Cute Cait (GB) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Killack Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 2,600
17 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Dream Role (GB) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Fagner Santos, Ireland John Smith / Ed Stapleton 2,200
18 Inns of Court (IRE) / Forevertwentyone (IRE) 2022 B.F. (UNK) BUP San Antone Lodge, Ireland Lot Not Sold 2,200
19 Ardad (IRE) / Glace (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Valfredo Valiani 11,000
20 Mehmas (IRE) / Grecian Artisan (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP San Antone Lodge, Ireland Valfredo Valiani 10,000
21 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Gullible (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Marco Botti 17,000
22 Advertise (GB) / Irish Steps (USA) 2022 B.C. (GB) BUP C. A. J. Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 4,900
23 Profitable (IRE) / Isle of Avalon (IRE) 2022 B.G. (IRE) BUP Mr Patrick Walsh, Ireland Lot Not Sold 5,500
24 Kool Kompany (IRE) / La Cuesta (IRE) 2022 Br.C. (IRE) BUP Woodtown House Stud (Agent), Ireland Mohammad Al Owaimar 10,500
25 Kameko (USA) / La Derniere Fois (IRE) 2022 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland Jimmy Chua 26,000
26 Lady Ambassador (IRE) BUP 2022 B.F. BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Festival Day (GB) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland Vendor 3,800
27 Acclamation (GB) / Laurel Grove (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Egmont Stud, Ireland Devis Grilli 1,000
28 Dandy Man (IRE) / Lawless (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP DNA Equine, Ireland Vendor 16,000
29 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Low Cut Affair (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Fagner Santos, Ireland Jimmy Chua 21,000
30 Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Manyatta (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Woodtown House Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
31 Shaman (IRE) / Maridiyna (IRE) 2022 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Mr Richard Hyland, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
32 Far Above (IRE) / Max's Dandy (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
33 Invincible Army (IRE) / Meydan Princess (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Meadowview Stables, Ireland Freddy Tylicki Bloodstock 6,000
34 Raven's Pass (USA) / Multi Grain (GB) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Mr Richard Hyland, Ireland Lot Not Sold 7,500
35 Kodi Bear (IRE) / Nanabad (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Meadowview Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 6,500
36 Tamayuz (GB) / Nehaall (GB) 2022 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Drumphea Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 3,800
37 Kessaar (IRE) / Oh Simple Thing (IRE) 2022 B.C. (GB) BUP GS Bloodstock, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
38 Profitable (IRE) / Princess Mood (GER) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Mr Cathal Healy, Ireland Lot Not Sold 7,500
39 Arizona (IRE) / Queen of Malta (IRE) 2022 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP Craig O'Neill Bloodstock, Ireland Lot Not Sold 13,500
40 Showcasing (GB) / Realt Eile (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Kilbrew Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 9,500
41 Kodiac (GB) / Rose Anjou (GB) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP RK Bloodstock, Ireland Vendor 2,000
42 King of Change (GB) / Shawka (GB) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP PJF Partnership, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
43 Shielas Well (IRE) BUP 2022 B.F. BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Amchitka (IRE) BUP Lackendarra Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
44 Belardo (IRE) / Sparkling (IRE) 2022 Br.F. (IRE) BUP Rathneestin Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 2,000
45 Far Above (IRE) / Special Focus (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) BUP Gary Bloodstock, Ireland Valfredo Valiani 9,000
46 Sands of Mali (FR) / Spirit of Grace (GB) 2022 B.C. (IRE) BUP Gilbinstown Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 10,000
47 Profitable (IRE) / Symposia (GB) 2022 Ch.F. (IRE) BUP Lewinstown Farm, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
48 Aclaim (IRE) / Wether Girl (GB) 2022 B.C. (GB) BUP Fairgreen Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
49 Mastery (USA) / Dreamboat Annie (USA) 2022 B.F. (USA) BUP Drumphea Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 11,000
50 Shaman (IRE) / Fanzine (GB) 2022 Ch.C. (IRE) BUP B.H.S. Bloodstock, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
51 No Nay Never (USA) / Crystal Diamond (GB) 2022 B/Br.C. (IRE) BUP Drumphea Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 16,000
52 Takeover Target (IRE) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Lightening Quick (GB) HIT Tom Dascombe Racing Alliance Bloodstock 3,200
53 Timana (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Tiyama (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Joanna Morgan 10,000
54 Uncle Arthur (GB) HIT 2018 B.G. BY Blue Bresil (FR) EX Mini Muck (GB) HIT James Owen Racing SJD Racing 3,800
55 Vina Ardanza (IRE) HIT 2017 B.G. BY Califet (FR) EX Go Noble (IRE) HIT Cullentra House Stables, Ireland (G. Elliott) James Murdoch 24,000
56 Warrior Tune (IRE) HIT 2021 Ch.F. BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Isis Song (IRE) HIT Charnwood Stables (J. Butler) C Daly 1,000
57 Windance (IRE) HIT 2015 B.G. BY Shirocco (GER) EX Maca Rince (IRE) HIT Potwell Farm Stables (A. Honeyball) Lot Withdrawn
58 World Vision (IRE) HIT 2021 Ch.F. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Wind Chimes (GB) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Wind Chimes Partnership 49,000
59 Above The Line (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Profitable (IRE) EX Dundrum Duchess (IRE) HIT Pond House Racing Lot Not Sold 900
60 Al Rojo Vivo (IRE) HIT 2022 Gr.F. BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Coco Blanco (IRE) HIT Blackmiller Stables, Ireland Liz Wholey 3,200
61 Amerigo Vespucci (IRE) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX American Frolic (USA) HIT Urloxhey Stables (R. Newland & J. Insole) Foxhounds Racing 4,000
62 Mohaather (GB) / Angel of Delight (IRE) 2022 B.F. (GB) HIT Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Not Sold 1,500
63 Ask Her Out (IRE) HIT 2018 B.M. BY Ask (GB) EX Fair And Aisey (IRE) HIT Garlands Farm (Richenda Ford) Lot Not Sold 2,200
64 Cage Rattler (IRE) HIT 2020 Ch.G. BY National Defense (GB) EX Misscomplacent (GB) HIT Fairview Stables, Ireland Vendor 8,000
65 Captain Gallagher (GB) HIT 2022 B.C. BY Sergei Prokofiev (CAN) EX Vitta's Touch (USA) HIT Bawnmore Racing, Ireland (D. O'Brien) Ed Stapleton Bloodstock 6,000
66 Cordelin (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Absolutely Right (IRE) HIT James Ferguson Racing Lot Withdrawn
67 Dear Daphne (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Rebecca Rolfe (GB) HIT Eve Lodge Stables (G. Scott) Marshall Watson 1,800
68 Dragon Icon (IRE) HIT 2020 B.C. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Matauri Pearl (IRE) HIT Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Mrs Angelica Spence 35,000
69 Drifts Away (GB) HIT 2021 B.C. BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Golden Spell (GB) HIT T. J. Kent Racing The Runners Syndicate 1,400
70 Emperor Dream (GB) HIT 2021 Ch.G. BY Masar (IRE) EX Dularame (IRE) HIT T. J. Kent Racing Daniel Steele (P.S.) 1,000
71 Eternal Spring (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Territories (IRE) EX Persepone (GB) HIT Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) KGS 11,500
72 Earthlight (IRE) / Eau Sea Bleue (IRE) 2022 B.G. (FR) HIT The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland JCH Bloodstock 3,400
73 Fengari (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Territories (IRE) EX Moon Song (GB) HIT Jack Jones Racing Ltd. Lot Not Sold 1,400
74 Ferrobin (IRE) HIT 2014 Br.G. BY Robin des Champs (FR) EX Fedaia (IRE) HIT Max Young Racing Lot Withdrawn
75 Final Entry (IRE) HIT 2021 B.C. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Snow Queen (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Tom Malone Bloodstock 28,000
76 Glamorously (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Mehmas (IRE) EX One For June (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Vendor 40,000
77 Glen Cannel (IRE) HIT 2018 B.G. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Shadow Eile (IRE) HIT Laura Morgan Racing Lot Withdrawn
78 Go On Go On Uhavit (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Eqtidaar (IRE) EX Capella's Song (IRE) HIT Oristown House, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
79 Grand Trianon (IRE) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Petit Trianon (GB) HIT Shinco Racing Ltd. (D. Menuisier) Lot Withdrawn
80 Huxley (IRE) HIT 2021 B.C. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Strawberry Fledge (USA) HIT Bawnmore Racing, Ireland (D. O'Brien) Dare To Dream Racing 52,000
81 Jekiki (IRE) HIT 2018 B.M. BY Soldier of Fortune (IRE) EX Jeree (IRE) HIT Commonstown Stables, Ireland (Mrs J. Harrington) Legends Stud 6,000
82 Kapparis Kid (GB) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Inns of Court (IRE) EX La Roumegue (USA) HIT John Ryan Racing Freddy Tylicki Bloodstock 4,200
83 Kitty Foyle (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Kazimiera (GB) HIT Jack Jones Racing Ltd. Daisy Hitchins 5,000
84 Kodi Noir (IRE) HIT 2020 B.G. BY Kessaar (IRE) EX Sundown (GB) HIT Pond House Racing Craig Chesson Syndicate 3,000
85 Last Applause (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Up At Last (GB) HIT Spring Cottage Stables (B. Ellison) Lot Not Sold 14,500
86 Lily In The Jungle (IRE) HIT 2020 Ch.F. BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Zuzinia (IRE) HIT Urloxhey Stables (R. Newland & J. Insole) Lot Not Sold 4,200
87 Lovemeforareason (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Baqqa (IRE) HIT Faringdon Place Stables (C. Hills) Lot Not Sold 1,000
88 Malacanne (IRE) HIT 2020 Ch.G. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Cheyenne Star (IRE) HIT Pond House Stables (D. Donovan) Sultan Alajmi 5,000
89 Man On A Mission (GB) HIT 2019 B.G. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Loveatfirstsight (GB) HIT Pond House Racing James Clutterbuck & Stephen Barber 11,000
90 Maryanne (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Feis Ceoil (IRE) HIT Dominion Racing Stables (I. Williams) Jack Jones Racing 2,600
91 Mistress Teite (GB) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Eqtidaar (IRE) EX Poudretteite (GB) HIT Adam West Training Ltd. Lot Not Sold 3,900
92 Madam Maroon (GB) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Koolala (IRE) HIT Hesketh Grange Stables Mrs McGrath 4,000
93 Mogilny (IRE) HIT 2022 B.F. BY Sergei Prokofiev (CAN) EX Madame Ritz (IRE) HIT Bawnmore Racing, Ireland (D. O'Brien) Lot Not Sold 5,000
94 Mono River (FR) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Zarak (FR) EX Imperialistic Diva (IRE) HIT Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Mohammed Hamad Khalifa Al Attiyah 39,000
95 Mr Boson (GB) HIT 2020 Ch.G. BY Bobby's Kitten (USA) EX Songerie (GB) HIT Summerdown Stables (H. Morrison) Emma Johnston 1,400
96 Naadyaa (GB) HIT 2019 B.M. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Nasmatt (GB) HIT The Gallops (Mrs A. Dunn) Aleem Kanji 2,000
97 Our Nel (IRE) HIT 2018 Ch.M. BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Hopeful Gleam (IRE) HIT Harry Fry Racing Ryan Tongue / James Owen Racing 6,500
98 Path of Stars (FR) HIT 2021 B/Br.F. BY Masar (IRE) EX Amelia May (GB) HIT Gainsborough Thoroughbreds (S. & E. Crisford) Simon Prout 3,800
99 Pearly Star (GB) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Pearly Spirit (FR) HIT Horton Racing Ltd Mike Sowersby 3,400
100 Respectful (IRE) HIT 2021 B.C. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX More Respect (IRE) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Howson & Houldsworth / Jamie Insole 21,000
101 Rhasidat (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Mehmas (IRE) EX The Galla Girl (IRE) HIT Urloxhey Stables (R. Newland & J. Insole) Emmet McKenna 1,000
102 Rubio de Oro (GB) HIT 2021 Ch.G. BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Breda Castle (GB) HIT Prestige Place (M. Botti) Mike Sowersby 5,000
103 Simpson's Paradox (IRE) HIT 2020 B.G. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Alpha Lupi (IRE) HIT Urloxhey Stables (R. Newland & J. Insole) Fairview stables 7,000
104 Showcasing (GB) / Spinaminnie (IRE) 2022 B.C. (IRE) HIT WH Bloodstock Dan Astbury / Phil Kirby 1,000
105 Starliner (IRE) HIT 2021 B.C. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Dawning (USA) HIT Bawnmore Racing, Ireland (D. O'Brien) Blairtum Racing 35,000
106 State of Madness (GB) HIT 2021 B.G. BY Washington DC (IRE) EX Irrational (GB) HIT Edwards Pre-Training If Only Partnership 18,000
107 Streetstorm (GB) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Upper Street (IRE) HIT College Farm Stables (C. Dunnett) Roger Don Gough (P.S.) 1,000
108 Gypsy's Moon (GB) P2P 2020 B.G. BY Pether's Moon (IRE) EX Silver Gypsy (IRE) P2P Lew House Stables Dan Astbury / Ian Popham 1,000
109 Justabitofyours (IRE) P2P 2020 B.F. BY Jet Away (GB) EX Blazing Dawn (IRE) P2P Monbeg Stables, Ireland (C. Doyle) Lot Withdrawn
110 Kiara du Mazet (FR) P2P 2020 B.F. BY Arrigo (GER) EX Douna de Juilley (FR) P2P Monbeg Stables, Ireland (C. Doyle) Lot Withdrawn
111 Lilies Succes (FR) P2P 2020 B.F. BY Saddex (GB) EX Mill Succes (FR) P2P Harry Whittington Pre-Training Racehorse Ownership Club 2,000
112 Myleno (FR) P2P 2018 Gr.G. BY Martaline (GB) EX Mylena du Luy (FR) P2P Kingsfield Stud Laura Horsfall Racing 8,500
113 The Geordie Ginge (IRE) HOT 2018 Ch.G. BY Norse Dancer (IRE) EX Our Pollyanna (IRE) HOT Mrs Marie Martin Hansbury Stud 4,800
114 Universal Sally (GB) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Daring Day (GB) HOT Saint Wendred's Stables (Mrs I. Gansera-Leveque) Eoin O'Connor 6,000
115 Portamento (IRE) / Blushes (FR) 2022 Gr.G. (GB) HOT Stuart Kittow Racing Lot Not Sold 900
116 Eminent Angel (GB) HOT 2019 B/Gr.M. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Eminently (GB) HOT Ms Melissa Sproul Lot Not Sold 1,500
117 Empires Lady (IRE) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Sioux Nation (USA) EX Diapason (IRE) HOT Piercetown Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 900
118 Il Est d'Herodiere (FR) HOT 2018 B.G. BY On Est Bien (IRE) EX Myrtille d'Herodiere (FR) HOT Flatholm Stables (Andrew Equine) Lot Not Sold 1,000
119 Belardo (IRE) / Indigo Beat (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) HOT Highfield Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 900
120 Advertise (GB) / Light Hearted (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) HOT Boyce Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 900
121 Lord Normandy (FR) HOT 2021 B.G. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Sona (GB) HOT Tom Clover Racing Vendor 2,600
122 Nights Whisper (IRE) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Final Treat (IRE) HOT Weathercock House Stables (R. Hughes) Howson & Houldsworth / Jamie Insole 4,400
123 Papa Don't Preach (IRE) HOT 2019 B.G. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Paella (IRE) HOT Frost Racing Ltd. Vendor 1,000
124 See A Stride (IRE) HOT 2017 B.M. BY Notnowcato (GB) EX Steel Glory (IRE) HOT Springfield Susan Corbett 1,000
125 Snow Roses(ITY) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Wootton Bassett (GB) EX Field of Roses (IRE) HOT Powerstown Stud, Ireland Stuart Murray 2,400
126 Strange Notions (IRE) HOT 2014 B.M. BY High Chaparral (IRE) EX Silirisa (FR) HOT Baronrath, Ireland Lot Not Sold 5,000
127 Sweet Tobacco (GB) HOT 2021 Gr.F. BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Show Aya (IRE) HOT Ed Walker Racing Springcombe Park Stud 1,000
128 Au Point (GB) YRL 2023 B.F. BY Mohaather (GB) EX Horsefly (IRE) YRL New England Stud Vendor 2,400
129 Getaway (GER) / Attente de Sivola (FR) 2022 Ch.G. (GB) STO J & N Bloodstock Limited Carrie Needham 3,000
130 Getaway (GER) / Chante Neige (FR) 2022 Ch.F. (GB) STO J & N Bloodstock Limited Carrie Needham 1,000
131 Crystal Ocean (GB) / Highland Retreat (GB) 2022 Ch.F. (GB) STO J & N Bloodstock Limited G Vaughan 1,400
132 Getaway (GER) / Lolli (IRE) 2022 B.F. (GB) STO J & N Bloodstock Limited V McMillan 1,000
133 Bay Filly Rolla (GB) MFF 2017 B.M. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Memoria (GB) MFF RMM Bloodstock K Mills 34,000
134 Chamber Maid (GB) MAR 2015 B.M. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Maid To Dream (GB) MAR Barton Sales Lot Withdrawn
135 Easter Diva (IRE) MAR 2009 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Easter Fairy (USA) MAR Mr K.Quinn Lot Not Sold 1,500
136 Inca Queen (IRE) MAR 2020 B.F. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Inca Trail (USA) MAR Culworth Grounds Farm (Agent) Lot Not Sold 6,500
137 Open Story (IRE) MAR 2020 B.F. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Aiming For Rio (FR) MAR Roseville Bloodstock, Ireland Vendor 6,500
138 Polly Floyer (GB) MFC 2007 Ch.M. BY Halling (USA) EX Juno Marlowe (IRE) MFC Barton Sales Lot Withdrawn
139 Queen's Dream (IRE) MAR 2011 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Queen of Pentacles (IRE) MAR New England Stud Red House Farm 1,200
140 Shellcraft (IRE) MAR 2019 Gr.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Coral Shell (IRE) MAR Orbit Performance Ltd. White Horse Bloodstock 1,000
141 Sam's Amour (GB) HIT 2017 B.M. BY Black Sam Bellamy (IRE) EX Aphrodisias (FR) Wildcard HIT Keiran Burke Racing Lot Not Sold 19,750
142 Kojin (IRE) HIT 2018 Ch.G. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Nebraas (GB) HIT Dominion Racing Stables (I. Williams) Lot Withdrawn
143 Edwina Sheeran (IRE) HOT 2020 Ch.F. BY Decorated Knight (GB) EX Rooney O'Mara (GB) Wildcard HOT Arthington Barn (R. Fell & S. Murray) Racehorse Ownership Club 3,400
144 Mary Shoelaces (IRE) HIT 2021 Br.F. BY U S Navy Flag (USA) EX Mary's Daughter (GB) Wildcard HIT Eddie & Patrick Harty Vendor 6,500