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Catalogue Updates
 Thursday 4th August
17No Nay Never (USA) / Lady Aquitaine (USA) Ch/Gr.C.
327Night of Thunder (IRE) / Alienate (GB) Ch.F.
 Monday 22nd August
1Galileo (IRE) / Jacqueline Quest (IRE) B.F.
37Invincible Army (IRE) / Living Art (USA) B.C.
54Le Havre (IRE) / Matauri Pearl (IRE) B.F.
83Ulysses (IRE) / Mystic Storm (GB) Ch.C.
106Night of Thunder (IRE) / Pacifica Highway (USA) B.F.
125Iffraaj (GB) / Perfect Blessings (IRE) B.F.
128Belardo (IRE) / Petits Potins (IRE) B.C.
 Tuesday 23rd August
166Blue Point (IRE) / Rhythm Excel (GB) B.F.
167Dubawi (IRE) / Ring The Bell (IRE) B.C.
201Frankel (GB) / Shambolic (IRE) B.F.
215Invincible Army (IRE) / Silk Bow (GB) B.C.
222Inns of Court (IRE) / Soft Power (IRE) B.F.
229Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Spinamiss (IRE) B.C.
230Advertise (GB) / Squash (GB) B.C.
232Siyouni (FR) / Starscope (GB) Ch.C.
288Siyouni (FR) / Walk In Beauty (IRE) B.C.
310Lope de Vega (IRE) / Yummy Mummy (GB) B.C.
317Bated Breath (GB) / Adore (GB) B.F.
318No Nay Never (USA) / Adventure Seeker (FR) Ch.C.
333Bated Breath (GB) / Always A Dream (GB) B.F.
 Wednesday 24th August
255Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Tiana (GB) B.C.
347Siyouni (FR) / Applauded (IRE) B.C.
355Oasis Dream (GB) / Astronomy Domine (GB) B.F.
378Wootton Bassett (GB) / Blossom Mills (GB) B.C.
381Frankel (GB) / Bold Lass (IRE) B.C.
485Kodiac (GB) / Folegandros Island (FR) B.C.
502Le Havre (IRE) / Glenmayne (IRE) B.F.
542Zoffany (IRE) / Innocent Air (GB) B.F.
546Too Darn Hot (GB) / Ionic (GB) B.F.
 Friday 26th August
59Frankel (GB) / Midnight Crossing (IRE) B.C.
79Masar (IRE) / Muscovado (USA) Ch.C.
199Frankel (GB) / Shadow Hunter (IRE) B.C.
223Blue Point (IRE) / Solar Event (GB) B.C.
237Sea The Stars (IRE) / Swansdown (GB) Ch.C.
280Siyouni (FR) / Villa d'Amore (IRE) B.F.
410Lope de Vega (IRE) / Coconut Creme (GB) Ch.F.
415Siyouni (FR) / Contemptuous (IRE) B.F.
429Blue Point (IRE) / Danetime Out (IRE) B.C.
464Blue Point (IRE) / Embiyra (IRE) B.C.
470Zoustar (AUS) / Evil Spell (GB) B.C.
530Dubawi (IRE) / How (IRE) B.C.
 Monday 29th August
442Zoustar (AUS) / Dice Game (GB) B.F.
 Tuesday 30th August
58Lope de Vega (IRE) / Mia Maria (IRE) B.F.
 Wednesday 31st August
88Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Navigate By Stars (IRE) B.C.
96Noble Passion (IRE) Ch.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Nouvelle Noblesse (GER)
173Lope de Vega (IRE) / Rubileo (GB) Ch.F.
178Sea The Stars (IRE) / Sahrawi (GER) B.C.
219Kingman (GB) / Sky Lantern (IRE) Gr.C.
267Night of Thunder (IRE) / Twilight Sky (GB) B.C.
294Magna Grecia (IRE) / Wells Present (GER) B.F.
305Dandy Man (IRE) / Wrong Answer (GB) B/Gr.F.
437No Nay Never (USA) / Detailed (IRE) B.C.
451Expert Eye (GB) / Dubai Discovery (USA) B.C.
 Monday 5th September
8Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Kasanka (IRE) B.C.
127Dubawi (IRE) / Persuasive (IRE) B.C.
134Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Playful Sound (GB) B.F.
216Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Silver Wren (GB) B.F.
279Blue Point (IRE) / Via Lattea (IRE) B.F.
483No Nay Never (USA) / Flower Fashion (FR) B.C.
549Night of Thunder (IRE) / Istoria (IRE) B.F.
 Friday 9th September
3Dubawi (IRE) / Jazzi Top (GB) B.F.
29Galileo (IRE) / Laugh Out Loud (GB) B.F.
34Frankel (GB) / Limonar (IRE) B.C.
36Golden Horn (GB) / Livia's Dream (IRE) B.F.
71Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Mondelice (GB) B.C.
74Wootton Bassett (GB) / Motivation (FR) B.C.
81Saxon Warrior (JPN) / My Order (GB) Ch.C.
138No Nay Never (USA) / Poldhu (GB) Ch.F.
146No Nay Never (USA) / Priceless (GB) B/Br.F.
175Soldier's Call (GB) / Saga Celebre (FR) Ch.F.
176Galileo Gold (GB) / Sagely (IRE) B.C.
 Monday 12th September
189Lope de Vega (IRE) / Screen Star (IRE) Ch.F.
213Frankel (GB) / Silent Morning (GB) B.C.
216Footstepsinthesand (GB) / Silver Wren (GB) B.F.
249Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Teppal (FR) B.C.
299Time Test (GB) / Wild Mimosa (IRE) B.C.
320Mehmas (IRE) / Ahaaly (GB) B.F.
324Night of Thunder (IRE) / Al Kirana (IRE) B.C.
374Frankel (GB) / Big Brothers Pride (FR) B.F.
404Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Chiquita Picosa (USA) B.F.
473Showcasing (GB) / Falsafa (GB) Br.C.
488Siyouni (FR) / Foreign Legionary (IRE) B.F.
497Ribchester (IRE) / Galaxy Highflyer (GB) Ch.F.
527Dubawi (IRE) / Horseplay (GB) Br.C.
 Wednesday 14th September
25Farhh (GB) / Lajatico (GB) B.C.
57Australia (GB) / Merville (FR) B.C.
64American Pharoah (USA) / Miss Mahalia (USA) B.C.
99Mehmas (IRE) / Obama Rule (IRE) B.C.
112No Nay Never (USA) / Park Bloom (IRE) B.F.
126Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Permission (GB) B.F.
130No Nay Never (USA) / Pietra Dura (GB) B.C.
149Frankel (GB) / Proserpine (USA) Ch.C.
157Zoustar (AUS) / Really Lovely (IRE) Ch.C.
207No Nay Never (USA) / Sheranda (IRE) B.F.
270Frankel (GB) / Umniyah (IRE) B.C.
284Galileo (IRE) / Waldlerche (GB) B.C.
285Siyouni (FR) / Waldlied (GB) B.F.
286Sea The Stars (IRE) / Waldmark (GER) Ch.C.
458Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Ejaazah (IRE) Ch.C.
504Dubawi (IRE) / God Given (GB) B.C.
 Tuesday 20th September
158Too Darn Hot (GB) / Reckoning (IRE) B.C.
501Territories (IRE) / Glee Club (GB) Ch.F.
 Monday 26th September
21Camelot (GB) / Lady Magdala (IRE) B.C.
28Blue Point (IRE) / Last Waltz (IRE) B.F.
60Kodiac (GB) / Milana (FR) B.C.
169Territories (IRE) / Roger Sez (IRE) B.F.
231Iffraaj (GB) / Starlet (IRE) B.C.
344Lope de Vega (IRE) / Anna Law (IRE) B.F.
361Frankel (GB) / Baisse (GB) Ch.C.
486No Nay Never (USA) / Follow A Star (IRE) B.F.
 Tuesday 27th September
22Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Lady Rosamunde (GB) Gr.C.
50Night of Thunder (IRE) / Malaspina (IRE) B.F.
57Australia (GB) / Merville (FR) B.C.
70Mehmas (IRE) / Moment of Truth (IRE) B.F.
103Bated Breath (GB) / Oriental Magic (GER) B.F.
111Ten Sovereigns (IRE) / Paris Rooftops (IRE) B.C.
119Galileo (IRE) / Path of Peace (GB) Ch.C.
122Siyouni (FR) / Pelligrina (IRE) B.C.
132Sea The Stars (IRE) / Pinkster (GB) B.F.
137Zarak (FR) / Pocket of Stars (IRE) Ch.C.
156New Approach (IRE) / Rainbow's Arch (IRE) Ch.C.
159Advertise (GB) / Regal Hawk (GB) B.C.
160Lope de Vega (IRE) / Regalline (IRE) B.C.
172Night of Thunder (IRE) / Royal Eloquence (IRE) B.C.
174Ulysses (IRE) / Sacre Caroline (USA) B.C.
181Kingman (GB) / Sans Equivoque (GER) B.F.
182Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Sante (IRE) B.C.
183Blue Point (IRE) / Sar Oiche (IRE) B.C.
184Night of Thunder (IRE) / Sarasota Bay (GB) Ch.C.
190Kodiac (GB) / Sea of Dreams (IRE) B.C.
192Sea The Stars (IRE) / Sea of Wonders (IRE) B.F.
195Night of Thunder (IRE) / Serena's Storm (IRE) Ch/Gr.F.
202Invincible Spirit (IRE) / She's Mine (IRE) B.F.
214No Nay Never (USA) / Silent Thoughts (IRE) B.F.
234Night of Thunder (IRE) / Step Sequence (GB) Ch.C.
241Dark Angel (IRE) / Swiss Air (GB) B.C.
251Lope de Vega (IRE) / Tesoro (IRE) B.C.
254Dark Angel (IRE) / The Mums (GB) Gr.C.
257Kingman (GB) / Time Saver (GB) B.C.
258Siyouni (FR) / Time Tunnel (GB) B.F.
268Night of Thunder (IRE) / Twist 'n' Shake (GB) B.F.
271Siyouni (FR) / Unpretentious (GB) Ch.C.
274Advertise (GB) / Valletta Gold (IRE) B.C.
276Exceed And Excel (AUS) / Vereri Senes (GB) B.C.
281Siyouni (FR) / Vivianite (IRE) Ch.F.
282Night of Thunder (IRE) / Vuela (GB) Ch.C.
287Siyouni (FR) / Waldnah (GB) Ch.C.
289Kingman (GB) / Wall of Sound (GB) B.C.
292No Nay Never (USA) / Weekend Fling (USA) Br.C.
306Saxon Warrior (JPN) / Wrood (USA) B.F.
322Mehmas (IRE) / Ajla (IRE) B.C.
337Kingman (GB) / Ame Bleue (GB) B.C.
352Advertise (GB) / Aris (IRE) B.F.
371Wootton Bassett (GB) / Beauty Salon (GB) B.C.
387Dubawi (IRE) / Bufera (IRE) B.C.
424Frankel (GB) / Daban (IRE) B.F.
456Invincible Spirit (IRE) / Effervesce (IRE) B.C.
471Frankel (GB) / Evita Peron (GB) B.C.
508Siyouni (FR) / Great Court (IRE) B.C.
541Le Havre (IRE) / Innevera (FR) Br.F.
 Wednesday 28th September
295Ten Sovereigns (IRE) / Western Sky (GB) B.C.
311Awtaad (IRE) / Zaaqya (GB) B.F.
312Sea The Stars (IRE) / Zain Hana (GB) B.F.
328Dubawi (IRE) / Alina (IRE) B.C.
349Zoustar (AUS) / Arabda (GB) B.C.
413Iffraaj (GB) / Come With Me (GB) B.C.
417Zoustar (AUS) / Coral Sea (GB) B.F.
438Lope de Vega (IRE) / Deuce Again (GB) B.C.
439Too Darn Hot (GB) / Deveron (USA) B.C.
443Magna Grecia (IRE) / Disclose (GB) Br.F.
482Kingman (GB) / Fleche d'Or (GB) B.C.
544Pivotal (GB) / Interstella (GB) B.C.
 Thursday 29th September
119Galileo (IRE) / Path of Peace (GB) Ch.C.
 Friday 30th September
5Night of Thunder (IRE) / Jumeirah Palm Star (GB) B.F.
31No Nay Never (USA) / Learza (IRE) B.C.
53Magna Grecia (IRE) / Maria Lee (IRE) B.C.
63Sea The Stars (IRE) / Miss Katie Mae (IRE) B.C.
113Ribchester (IRE) / Parle Moi (IRE) B.C.
133Dark Angel (IRE) / Pixeleen (GB) B.F.
148Zoffany (IRE) / Princess Pearl (IRE) B.C.
165Expert Eye (GB) / Reset In Blue (IRE) B.C.
179Dark Angel (IRE) / Samaah (IRE) Br.C.
194Too Darn Hot (GB) / Sellsabeel (FR) B.F.
203Dark Angel (IRE) / Shelbysmile (USA) B.F.
204Night of Thunder (IRE) / Shemda (IRE) B.F.
228Frankel (GB) / Spectre (FR) B.F.
303Frankel (GB) / Without You Babe (USA) B.C.
314Frankel (GB) / Zindaya (USA) Ch.F.
330Magna Grecia (IRE) / Alltherightmoves (IRE) B.C.
384Dubawi (IRE) / Broderie Anglaise (IRE) B.C.
428Camelot (GB) / Danehill's Dream (IRE) B.F.
436Frankel (GB) / Desirous (GB) B.C.
 Sunday 2nd October
62Churchill (IRE) / Miss Frangipane (IRE) B.C.
171Iffraaj (GB) / Ronja (USA) B.F.
236Oasis Dream (GB) / Surcingle (USA) B.C.
265Golden Horn (GB) / Tuolumne Meadows (GB) B.C.
275Galileo (IRE) / Vanzara (FR) B.C.
319Kodiac (GB) / African Moonlight (UAE) B.F.
 Monday 3rd October
46Kodiac (GB) / Majestic Jasmine (IRE) B.F.
76Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Mrs Gallagher (GB) B.C.
104Blue Point (IRE) / Our Joy (IRE) B.C.
118Dark Angel (IRE) / Pastoral Girl (GB) B.F.
125Iffraaj (GB) / Perfect Blessings (IRE) B.F.
174Ulysses (IRE) / Sacre Caroline (USA) B.C.
250Lope de Vega (IRE) / Terre (FR) B.C.
251Lope de Vega (IRE) / Tesoro (IRE) B.C.
261Kingman (GB) / Traffic Jam (IRE) B.F.
269Australia (GB) / Ultra Appeal (IRE) B.C.
345Night of Thunder (IRE) / Anthem Alexander (IRE) Ch.C.
374Frankel (GB) / Big Brothers Pride (FR) B.F.
380Cracksman (GB) / Board Meeting (IRE) B.F.
395Dark Angel (IRE) / Ceilidhs Dream (GB) B.C.
398Lope de Vega (IRE) / Chablis (IRE) B.F.
415Siyouni (FR) / Contemptuous (IRE) B.F.
426Siyouni (FR) / Dame du Roi (IRE) B.C.
431Lope de Vega (IRE) / Dark Crusader (IRE) B.C.
467Lope de Vega (IRE) / Ennaya (FR) B.F.
476Sea The Stars (IRE) / Faraday Light (IRE) B.F.
479Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Federation (GB) Ch.C.
489Lope de Vega (IRE) / Forest Crown (GB) B.C.
514New Bay (GB) / Hairy Rocket (GB) Ch.C.
516Ribchester (IRE) / Haughtily (IRE) B.F.
 Tuesday 4th October
173Lope de Vega (IRE) / Rubileo (GB) Ch.F.
304Make Believe (GB) / Wonderfully (IRE) B.F.
323Night of Thunder (IRE) / Al Andalyya (USA) Ch.C.
503Wootton Bassett (GB) / Gloryette (GB) B.F.
521Lope de Vega (IRE) / Hertford Dancer (GB) Ch.C.
 Wednesday 5th October
499Dubawi (IRE) / Geisha Girl (IRE) B.F.
506Zoustar (AUS) / Golden Stunner (IRE) B.C.
510Masar (IRE) / Great Hope (IRE) Ch.C.
511Sea The Stars (IRE) / Greenisland (IRE) B.C.
525Kodiac (GB) / Home Cummins (IRE) B.F.
536Night of Thunder (IRE) / Impala (GB) B.C.
 Thursday 6th October
452Mehmas (IRE) / Dutch Monarch (GB) B.C.
520Sea The Stars (IRE) / Herecomesthesun (IRE) B.C.

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