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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Whole Sale 48 428,600 8,929 4,100 72,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Type Consignor Purchaser Price
1 Tio Mio (IRE) HIT 2018 B.G. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Celeste de La Mer (IRE) HIT Alex French Racing Lot Withdrawn
37 Feast (IRE) HOT 2017 B.G. BY Walk In The Park (IRE) EX Lolli (IRE) HOT Ballytrodden Stables Miss Ann Barber 2,600
45 Quickbuck (IRE) HOT 2017 B.G. BY Walk In The Park (IRE) EX Buck's Blue (FR) HOT Ballytrodden Stables Aled Evans 2,200
43 Muriel May (IRE) HOT 2019 B.M. BY Flemensfirth (USA) EX Brijomi Queen (IRE) HOT Barbury Castle Stables (A. King) Kate O'Keeffe 1,200
24 Time Test (GB) / Principia (GB) 2022 B.F. (GB) HIT Baroda Stud, Ireland Vendor 1,000
49 Make Believe (GB) / Urban Ball (IRE) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Culworth Grounds Farm 8,000
50 Isla Bonita (JPN) / Ask Me Why (JPN) 2023 Ch.F. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Mohammed Hamad Khalifa Al Attiyah 1,400
51 Cheval Grand (JPN) / Attavanti (JPN) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Mohammed Hamad Khalifa Al Attiyah 5,000
52 Lucky Vega (IRE) / Blackgold Fairy (USA) 2023 B.F. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Freddy Tylicki Bloodstock 1,400
53 Time Test (GB) / Bureaucracy (IRE) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Rockfield Stables 1,600
54 Le Vent Se Leve (JPN) / Cyan (JPN) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Max Farrell 2,600
55 Mehmas (IRE) / Jessica Rocks (GB) 2023 B.F. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Kingthorn Racing 45,000
56 Almanzor (FR) / Joie de Vivre (FR) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Clifton Farm 21,000
57 Mehmas (IRE) / Rasmiya (IRE) 2023 B.F. (FR) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Rochestown Lodge Stud 17,500
58 Admire Moon (JPN) / Reencounter (GB) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland R T Goodes 35,000
59 Starspangledbanner (AUS) / Shining Bright (IRE) 2023 Ch.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 11,000
60 Bated Breath (GB) / Star Snap (GB) 2023 B.C. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland DR Bloodstock 18,500
61 Code of Honor (USA) / Smart Dorie (USA) 2023 Ch.F. (IRE) YRL Baroda Stud, Ireland Paragon Bloodstock 1,800
8 Connolly (IRE) HIT 2018 B.G. BY Califet (FR) EX Bartlemy Bell (IRE) HIT Bonita Racing Stables (E. Lavelle) SJD Racing 2,600
20 Mariamne (GB) HIT 2021 Gr.F. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Ilsereno (GB) HIT Brookhouse Racing Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
25 Havana Gold (IRE) / Quick Recovery (GB) 2022 Gr.G. (GB) HIT Bulchins Farm Mitchell Hunt Racing 2,600
38 Heavenly Wish (IRE) HOT 2020 Ch.F. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Gertrude Gray (IRE) HOT Carisbrooke Stud Liam Hall 2,200
15 Julia Augusta (GB) HIT 2019 B.M. BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Empress Livia (GB) HIT Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Jimmy Chua 72,000
4 Al Abreqa (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Churchill (IRE) EX Sutton Veny (IRE) HIT Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Creighton Schwartz B/S 20,000
27 Sea Ice (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Too Darn Hot (GB) EX Arctic Ocean (IRE) HIT Clarehaven Stables (J. & T. Gosden) Lot Withdrawn
29 Australia (GB) / Standing Rock (IRE) 2021 B.F. (IRE) HIT Commonstown Stables, Ireland (Mrs J. Harrington) Kevin Frost Racing 2,200
48 Strictly Dreaming (GB) HOT 2020 B.F. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Tahaany (IRE) HOT Dominion Racing Stables (I. Williams) Winning Bloodstock 3,200
22 Midnight Call (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Caravaggio (USA) EX Sneaky Snooze (IRE) HIT Dullingham Park D J Oseman 1,000
9 Constituency (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Blue Point (IRE) EX Days of Old (GB) HIT East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Athnid Stud 7,500
16 Kalinqa (FR) HIT 2019 B.M. BY Galiway (GB) EX Athania (IRE) HIT Ecurie Julian Resimont, France Vendor 20,000
3 Agia (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Pilageya (IRE) HIT Glenburnie Stables, Ireland (G. Lyons) Knockcross Stud (P.S.) 6,500
28 Sienna Breeze (IRE) HIT 2018 B.M. BY Camacho (GB) EX Viking Rose (IRE) HIT Green Ridge Stables (J. Owen) Damien Wingrove 1,800
6 Bluebells Boy (GB) HIT 2019 B.G. BY Outstrip (GB) EX Pompeia (GB) HIT Harraton Court Stables (D. Holland) Lot Not Sold 4,000
21 Medici Pass (IRE) HIT 2020 Ch.F. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Venus de Medici (IRE) HIT Iain Jardine Racing Lot Not Sold 2,200
14 Hotaugustnight (IRE) HIT 2020 B.F. BY Camelot (GB) EX Fastnet Mist (IRE) HIT Induna Stables (K. Philippart De Foy) Syd Hosie Racing 19,000
30 Starlight Lady (GB) HIT 2021 Ch.F. BY Masar (IRE) EX Wall of Light (GB) HIT Induna Stables (K. Philippart De Foy) Keith Brown 1,600
10 Cryptos Dream (IRE) HIT 2019 B.M. BY Elzaam (AUS) EX Lough Mist (IRE) HIT Jack Jones Racing Ltd. Dallas Racing 5,500
41 Madame Masque (FR) HOT 2019 Ch.M. BY Masked Marvel (GB) EX Land of Soprani (FR) HOT Kilronan Stables, Ireland Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 4,000
2 Unforgettable Fire (IRE) HIT 2021 B.F. BY Phoenix of Spain (IRE) EX Beach Wedding (IRE) HIT Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Lot Withdrawn
36 Fashion Show (IRE) HOT 2021 Ch.F. BY Galileo Gold (GB) EX Height of Vanity (IRE) HOT Matt Crawley Racing Ltd Brian Andrews 1,000
23 Perfect Arch (IRE) HIT 2017 B.G. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Willow Beck (GB) HIT Mr Stephen McConville The Hothersall 4,200
62 Pether's Moon (IRE) / Absalom's Girl (GB) 2020 B.F. (GB) STO Mr David Mitchell Lot Not Sold 3,200
63 Dabirsim (FR) / Kinaelle (IRE) 2021 B.G. (FR) STO Mr David Mitchell Lot Not Sold 1,000
64 Kiss Gold (FR) STO 2020 B.G. BY Rail Link (GB) EX Dylan Philly (FR) STO Mr David Mitchell Lot Not Sold 2,400
44 Prize Possession (IRE) HOT 2021 B.F. BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Sophie P (GB) HOT Moulton Stud Prize Partners 5,500
42 Magicinthemaking (USA) HOT 2014 Br.M. BY Wildcat Heir (USA) EX Love in Bloom (USA) HOT Mr Martin Gibbs Helen Baines (P.S.) 1,500
39 Jersey Gift (IRE) HOT 2018 B.G. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Pharadelle (IRE) HOT Newlands Stables (F. J. Brennan) Carl Belson 1,800
40 Linda's Lad (GB) / Lady Arbella (GB) 2019 B.G. (GB) HOT Newlands Stables (F. J. Brennan) Carl Belson 1,200
35 Cherry Bloom (IRE) HOT 2019 B.M. BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Loveliness (IRE) HOT Pondfield Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 3,000
13 Cotai Glory (GB) / Gizi Gazelle (IRE) 2022 Ch.F. (IRE) HIT Mr Jack Ruddy Vendor 10,500
19 Sioux Nation (USA) / Manama (IRE) 2022 B.F. (IRE) HIT Mr Jack Ruddy Vendor 10,000
34 Betterbegoodtome (GB) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Territories (IRE) EX Karijini (GER) HOT Saxon Gate (A. Watson) Lot Not Sold 1,000
33 Adbocata (GB) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Advertise (GB) EX Button Moon (IRE) HOT Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) G Oram 1,600
26 Rogue Thunder (GB) HIT 2020 Ch.G. BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Represent (IRE) HIT St Gatien Stables (P. Chapple-Hyam) K Jardine 4,200
11 Dandys Derriere (GB) HIT 2018 B.G. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Overheard (IRE) HIT Stockton Hall Farm (O. Greenall) Lot Not Sold 3,900
32 Absolutely Buzzing (IRE) HOT 2021 B.F. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Brown Bee (IRE) HOT Tinnakill House, Ireland Happy Racing 3,000
66 Pebbly Pour Toi (IRE) P2P 2018 B.G. BY Pour Moi (IRE) EX Zalda (GB) Wildcard P2P Mr Gordon Treacy Lot Not Sold 24,000
31 Storm of Light (IRE) HIT 2016 B.G. BY Fame And Glory (GB) EX Blazing Moon (IRE) HIT Warren Chase Stables (O. Murphy) Alistair Price 6,500
46 Star of St Louis (FR) HOT 2017 B.G. BY Style Vendome (FR) EX Momix (GB) HOT Wayne Lukas Racing Lot Not Sold 5,000
47 Sky Dancer (GB) HOT 2020 Gr.F. BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Red Boots (IRE) HOT Wayne Lukas Racing Arthur T L Clayton 10,000
5 Ballywood (FR) HIT 2014 B.G. BY Ballingarry (IRE) EX Miss Hollywood (FR) HIT Whitewall Stables Woodstock Bower Farm 10,000
7 Burgundy Man (FR) HIT 2017 B.G. BY Manduro (GER) EX Kapirovska (FR) HIT Whitewall Stables Mike Smith 9,500
12 Dinons (FR) HIT 2013 B.G. BY Balko (FR) EX Beni Abbes (FR) HIT Whitewall Stables Brian Ellison 6,500
17 Laafy (USA) HIT 2016 B.G. BY Noble Mission (GB) EX Miner's Secret (USA) HIT Whitewall Stables Brian Ellison 27,000
18 Laxey (IRE) HIT 2014 B.G. BY Yeats (IRE) EX Nerissa (IRE) HIT Whitewall Stables Hetlandhill Farm 3,200
65 Falco (USA) / Saddlers' Secret (IRE) 2022 B.F. (GB) STO Whitewall Stables C Dawson 4,400