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Stabling Changes
204 Laftah (IRE) B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Liscune (IRE)
205 Early Edition (IRE) B.M. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Newsroom (IRE)
206 Krafla (USA) B.F. BY Trappe Shot (USA) EX Lexi Morgan (USA)
214 Amontillado (IRE) B.M. BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB) EX Almost Amber (USA)
218 Faene Queene (USA) B/Br.F. BY Lemon Drop Kid (USA) EX Sigurwana (USA)
223 Thaahira (USA) B.M. BY Dynaformer (USA) EX Mehthaaf (USA)
229 Storming Sioux (GB) B.M. BY Storming Home (GB) EX Sueboog (IRE)
242 Ikebana (GB) B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Sea The Bloom (GB)
268 Eternal Sunset (GB) B.F. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Karenine (GB)
273 Virtuous Lady (GB) B.F. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Great Virtues (IRE)
328 Zagrah (GB) B.F. BY Dansili (GB) EX Rewaaya (IRE)
363 Scherzo (GB) B.F. BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Labise (IRE)
412 Sports Reporter (GB) B.G. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX By Invitation (USA)
413 Leodis Dream (IRE) B.G. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Paddy Again (IRE)
425 Balgees Time (FR) B.F. BY Dabirsim (FR) EX Cindy Bould (GB)
458 Teach (USA) Ch.F. BY Karakontie (JPN) EX Twinkler (USA)
474 Madeyna (USA) Ch.F. BY Animal Kingdom (USA) EX Nasmatt (GB)
532 Erissimus Maximus (FR) B.G. BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Tegan (IRE)
539 Supreme Rule (IRE) B.C. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Saltanat (IRE)
580 Manap (GB) B.G. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Monshak (IRE)
581 River Song (IRE) B.F. BY Battle of Marengo (IRE) EX Yurituni (GB)


Catalogue Updates
172Silvala Dance (GB) B.M. by Kyllachy (GB) x Bride of The Sea (GB)
180Star of Athena (GB) B.M. by Champs Elysees (GB) x Aswaaq (IRE)
185Elena (GB) B.M. by Toronado (IRE) x Red Intrigue (IRE)
192Annangel (IRE) B.F. by Morpheus (GB) x Think (FR)
194Andalusite (GB) Br.M. by Equiano (FR) x Kammaan (GB)
195Maerchengarten (GB) B.M. by Bated Breath (GB) x Kammaan (GB)
201Oona (IRE) B.M. by Kodiac (GB) x Society Pearl (IRE)
210Chatline (IRE) B.M. by One Cool Cat (USA) x Marling (IRE)
212Ecologically Kind (GB) B.F. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Whatizzit (GB)
215Millennium Star (IRE) Gr.M. by High Chaparral (IRE) x Diamonaka (FR)
216Padella (IRE) B.M. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Muneefa (USA)
218Faene Queene (USA) B/Br.F. by Lemon Drop Kid (USA) x Sigurwana (USA)
220Fawaayed (IRE) B.M. by Singspiel (IRE) x Eshaadeh (USA)
223Thaahira (USA) B.M. by Dynaformer (USA) x Mehthaaf (USA)
229Storming Sioux (GB) B.M. by Storming Home (GB) x Sueboog (IRE)
240Sheltered (GB) B.M. by Dutch Art (GB) x Cosseted (GB)
244Portraitofmylove (IRE) B.M. by Azamour (IRE) x Flashing Green (GB)
247Mystic Storm (GB) Ch.M. by Pivotal (GB) x Moon Goddess (GB)
257Regal Lilly (IRE) B.M. by Iffraaj (GB) x Sweet Lilly (GB)
258Athbah (GB) B.M. by Shamardal (USA) x Lady Liberty (IRE)
260Go Angellica (IRE) Ch.M. by Kheleyf (USA) x Areyaam (USA)
261Kitty Marion (GB) Ch.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Pretty Primo (IRE)
268Eternal Sunset (GB) B.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Karenine (GB)
273Virtuous Lady (GB) B.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Great Virtues (IRE)
280Manaatig (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Dance Awhile (IRE)
287Qaarry (IRE) Gr.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Amjaad (GB)
295Golden Cygnet (GB) B.F. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Dark Swan (IRE)
299Entangling (IRE) B.G. by Fastnet Rock (AUS) x Question Times (GB)
309Theobald (IRE) Ch.G. by Teofilo (IRE) x Sanaara (USA)
311Legal Reform (IRE) B.C. by Lawman (FR) x Amhrasach (IRE)
322Atiaaf (GB) B.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Maqaasid (GB)
324Hamaayim (FR) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Goleta (IRE)
328Zagrah (GB) B.F. by Dansili (GB) x Rewaaya (IRE)
337Classical Wave (GB) B.C. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Very Good News (USA)
342Within Reach (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Grasped (GB)
344Favoured Destiny (USA) B.F. by Noble Mission (GB) x Faraway Flower (USA)
346Best Address (USA) B.F. by City Zip (USA) x Preferential (GB)
351Optimate (GB) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Revered (GB)
367Maximum Effect (GB) Ch.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Dubai Bounty (GB)
368Vintage Polly (IRE) Br.F. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Payphone (GB)
369Justbecoz (IRE) B.F. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Cap Coz (IRE)
371Bengal (GB) B.F. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Desert Tigress (USA)
373Damdam Freeze (FR) B.M. by Indian Rocket (GB) x Freeze Frame (FR)
386Al Baidaa (GB) B.M. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Intrum Morshaan (IRE)
389Shafaani (GB) B.M. by Green Desert (USA) x Amalie (IRE)
390Astonished (IRE) Ch.M. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x An Saincheann (IRE)
394Paschalia (IRE) Ch.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Baila Me (GER)
410Gigi's Beach (GB) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Clenor (IRE)
411Funny Valentine (GB) B.F. by Garswood (GB) x Resist (GB)
412Sports Reporter (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x By Invitation (USA)
413Leodis Dream (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Paddy Again (IRE)
416Naizagai (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Nazym (IRE)
424Venture (IRE) B.G. by Showcasing (GB) x Starfly (IRE)
425Balgees Time (FR) B.F. by Dabirsim (FR) x Cindy Bould (GB)
431Sea The Coral (IRE) B.F. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Coral Wave (IRE)
441Lake Sand (IRE) B.G. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Lake Louise (IRE)
447Azets (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Nashmiah (IRE)
453Huddle (GB) Gr.F. by Aussie Rules (USA) x Purest (GB)
455Roosevelt's Grit (GB) B.C. by Showcasing (GB) x Ziefhd (GB)
456Whyzzat (GB) B.C. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Whazzis (GB)
458Teach (USA) Ch.F. by Karakontie (JPN) x Twinkler (USA)
460The Wow Signal (IRE) / Devout (IRE) B.C.
462Precision Prince (IRE) B.G. by Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Little Live Wire (IRE)
465Juniors Dream (IRE) Gr.G. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Lagoa (FR)
468Elhafei (USA) Br.G. by Speightstown (USA) x Albamara (GB)
480Iconic Code (GB) Ch.M. by Sixties Icon (GB) x Silca Key (GB)
484Karaba's Theatre (IRE) B.C. by Buratino (IRE) x Radiant Energy (IRE)
488Hesssa (GB) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Ana Shababiya (IRE)
490Panzertank (IRE) B.G. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Falling Petals (IRE)
493Marjoram (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Marywell (GB)
506Salam Ya Faisal (IRE) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Age of Chivalry (IRE)
508Snifter (IRE) B.C. by Elzaam (AUS) x Sniffle (IRE)
519Rogue Tide (GB) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Rocking The Boat (IRE)
523Morning Shadow (GB) Ch.F. by New Approach (IRE) x Elle Shade (GB)
524Badayel (IRE) Ch.G. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Raggiante (IRE)
526Ginger Fox (GB) Ch.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Rimth (GB)
532Erissimus Maximus (FR) B.G. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Tegan (IRE)
533Becker (GB) B.G. by Delegator (GB) x Mosa Mine (GB)
547Cabot Cliffs (IRE) Ch.G. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Hallouella (GB)
553Forseti (GB) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Ravensburg (GB)
560Moon Power (GB) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Shepherdia (IRE)
565Precocity (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Days of Summer (IRE)
567Almqvist (GB) B.C. by Kingman (GB) x Alvarita (GB)
569Aegeus (USA) B.G. by First Defence (USA) x Supposition (GB)
570Written Broadcast (IRE) Gr.G. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Teeline (IRE)
574Balzac (GB) B.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Miss You Too (GB)
581River Song (IRE) B.F. by Battle of Marengo (IRE) x Yurituni (GB)
607Pawpaw (GB) B.G. by Showcasing (GB) x Papaya (IRE)
608Swift Approval (IRE) Ch.G. by Approve (IRE) x Tiltili (IRE)
611Universal Gleam (GB) B.G. by Sir Percy (GB) x Mookhlesa (GB)
613Caustic Love (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Moss Top (IRE)
616Mount Wellington (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Marvada (IRE)
632Lyndon B (IRE) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Kelsey Rose (GB)
634Nigel Nott (GB) Ch.G. by Dutch Art (GB) x Baileys Jubilee (GB)
637Da Vinci (IRE) B.C. by Golden Horn (GB) x What A Picture (FR)
641Jumira Bridge (GB) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Zykina (GB)
646Wonderwork (IRE) B.G. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x First Party (GB)
648Knowing Glance (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Shauna's Princess (IRE)
651Aleneva (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Peace Palace (GB)
653Willkommen (GB) B.C. by Epaulette (AUS) x Weeza (IRE)
654Badreputation (GB) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Cats Eyes (GB)
683Massam (GB) Ch.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Shumoos (USA)
685Sea of Secrets (IRE) B.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Await So (GB)
691Manolith (GB) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Eolith (GB)
707No Leci (IRE) Br.C. by Markaz (IRE) x On The Dark Side (IRE)
716Judgment of Paris (GB) B.G. by Champs Elysees (GB) x Iridescence (GB)
720Follia (GB) B.F. by Toronado (IRE) x Filona (IRE)
721Gladice (GB) B.F. by Intello (GER) x Amurra (GB)
724Zarrar (IRE) B.G. by Thewayyouare (USA) x Featherlight (GB)
727I Had A Dream (GB) B.F. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Grandmas Dream (GB)
735Country Star (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Honky Tonk Sally (GB)
736Cuban Treasure (GB) Ch.F. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Arbella (GB)

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