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Stabling Changes
1 Laura Moon (IRE) Ch.M. BY Russian Blue (IRE) EX Partageuse (FR)
12 La Chana (SPA) B.M. BY Caradak (IRE) EX Rag Top (IRE)
19 Archina (IRE) B.M. BY Arch (USA) EX Cross Your Fingers (USA)
20 Silver Link (IRE) B.M. BY Arcano (IRE) EX Miss Bellbird (IRE)
21 Lassies Envoi (GB) B.M. BY Makfi (GB) EX Run for Lassie (USA)
22 Pachanga (GB) B.M. BY Inchinor (GB) EX Gai Bulga (GB)
25 Minute To Win It (GB) B.M. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Vanishing Point (USA)
28 Miss Mullberry (GB) B.M. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Chaenomeles (USA)
30 Jardin Alpin (GB) B.M. BY Authorized (IRE) EX Moretta Blanche (GB)
31 Pinch of Posh (IRE) Gr.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Limpopo (GB)
32 Miss December (IRE) B.F. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Bedecked (IRE)
36 Star Catch (GB) B.M. BY Cacique (IRE) EX Jolie Etoile (USA)
37 Pearl City (IRE) B.M. BY Zamindar (USA) EX Miss Hawai (FR)
38 Brilliant Crystal (GB) B.M. BY Compton Place (GB) EX Anatase (GB)
39 On The Dark Side (IRE) B.M. BY Kheleyf (USA) EX Red Fuschia (GB)
42 Atlantic Edge (IRE) B.M. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Fringe (GB)
43 Gold Jasmine (IRE) Ch.F. BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Hallie's Comet (IRE)
48 Love To Breeze (GB) B.M. BY Azamour (IRE) EX Burn The Breeze (IRE)
49 Atheera (IRE) Ch.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Alshamatry (USA)
55 Cala d'Or (IRE) Ch.F. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Cala (FR)
58 Fatanah (IRE) B.M. BY Green Desert (USA) EX Wijdan (USA)
59 Tanfidh (GB) B.M. BY Marju (IRE) EX Wijdan (USA)
60 Samaah (IRE) Br.M. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Native Force (IRE)
61 Ajwibah (GB) B.F. BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Sortita (GER)
62 Alnoras (GB) B.F. BY Kingman (GB) EX Kareemah (IRE)
63 Alshifaa (GB) B.F. BY Dansili (GB) EX Hedaaya (IRE)
64 Haimana (FR) B.F. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Toute Famille (GB)
70 Al Jamal (GB) B.M. BY Authorized (IRE) EX Kydd Gloves (USA)
72 Sushi Samba (IRE) B.F. BY Delegator (GB) EX Waldtaube (GER)
73 Adena Star (IRE) B.F. BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX Silicon Star (FR)
77 American Endeavour (USA) Ch.M. BY Distorted Humor (USA) EX Crazy Party (USA)
82 Golden Years (GB) B.F. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Valonia (GB)
86 Edaarah (GB) B.F. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Estidraaj (USA)
92 Nafithaa (GB) B.F. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Lanansaak (IRE)
93 Rajwaa (GB) Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX The Thrill Is Gone (GB)
109 Sister of The Sign (IRE) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Summer Magic (IRE)
111 Justice Lady (IRE) Br.M. BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Celestial Dream (IRE)
113 Hanakotoba (USA) B.F. BY Can The Man (USA) EX Dalis On Stage (USA)
115 Alnaseem (GB) Ch.F. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Arwaah (IRE)
117 Entaumry (IRE) Ch.F. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Terhaab (USA)
119 Masaaqaat (USA) B.F. BY Quality Road (USA) EX Mufajaah (USA)
122 Risaala (IRE) B/Br.F. BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Maayaat (USA)
129 Gatria (GB) Ch.F. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Gakalina (IRE)
146 Assembly of Truth (IRE) B.F. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Flame of Gibraltar (IRE)
148 Beautiful Rose (IRE) Ch.F. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Vale Mantovani (GB)
150 Queen Baynoonah (IRE) B.F. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Mon Bijou (IRE)
178 Mouille Point (GB) B.M. BY Motivator (GB) EX Turning Leaf (IRE)
182 Realm Ruler (IRE) B.G. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Chiosina (IRE)
185 Delgany (IRE) B.C. BY Camelot (GB) EX Tadris (USA)
203 Alsafa (GB) B.C. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Jamaayel (GB)
228 George Formby (GB) Ch.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Supa Sal (GB)
265 Intello (GER) / Galipette (GB) B.G. (IRE)
280 Dragonet (FR) B.G. BY Elusive City (USA) EX Dragonnade (FR)
282 Broadleas (GB) B.G. BY Cityscape (GB) EX Ghedi (IRE)
286 Favre (USA) Ch.C. BY Munnings (USA) EX Ice Crystal (USA)
287 Brigadier (GB) Ch.G. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Nasheej (USA)
290 Ptarmigan (GB) Gr.F. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Arabescatta (GB)
294 Power of You (IRE) Ch.G. BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Add Up (IRE)
297 Tesorina (IRE) B.F. BY Lilbourne Lad (IRE) EX Insieme (IRE)
299 Universal Kiss (GB) B.F. BY Universal (IRE) EX Eluding (GB)
305 Gutaifan (IRE) / Lady Catherine (GB) B.C. (IRE)
307 Nexium (GB) B.C. BY Sayif (IRE) EX Rasha (IRE)
327 Hanbury Dreams (GB) B.F. BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Lady O Malley (IRE)
331 Freedom's Breath (GB) B.F. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Quest For Freedom (GB)
341 The Meter (GB) B.F. BY Helsinki (USA) EX Lulea (GB)
348 Frenchmans Creek (IRE) B.G. BY Most Improved (IRE) EX Reveuse de Jour (IRE)
350 Tribune (GB) Ch.G. BY Medicean (GB) EX Giusina Mia (USA)
351 Carma Chameleon (GB) Gr.F. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Comfort In Sound (USA)
352 Rainbow Ahead (IRE) B.G. BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Missliyna (IRE)
353 Time Force (IRE) Ch.C. BY Gale Force Ten (GB) EX Groupetime (USA) CS F 42
356 Vena d'Amore (IRE) B.F. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Sues Surprise (IRE)
369 Tanaawol (GB) B.C. BY Dansili (GB) EX Eshaadeh (USA)
370 Khooly (GB) Ch.G. BY Mustajeeb (GB) EX Classic Falcon (IRE)
375 Comporta (GB) B.G. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Hot Wired (GB)
378 Doughan Alb (GB) B.C. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Sandtime (IRE)
379 Fox Happy (IRE) B.C. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Roo (GB)
382 Sirinapha (IRE) B.G. BY Alhebayeb (IRE) EX Sassari (IRE)
384 Rainbow Girl (IRE) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Toppled (IRE)
389 Brawny (GB) B.G. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Natty Bumppo (IRE)
390 Drumnadrochit (GB) B.G. BY Coach House (IRE) EX Blissamore (GB)
391 Escape The Rain (CAN) Br.C. BY Magician (IRE) EX Looks Like Rain (GB)
392 Global Quality (GB) Ch.G. BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Dynacam (USA)
393 Heroic (GB) B.C. BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Aquasulis (IRE)
404 Morning Duel (IRE) Ch.G. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Days of Summer (IRE)
425 Sweet Poem (GB) B.F. BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Three Sugars (AUS)
428 Cavalry Park (GB) B.G. BY Epaulette (AUS) EX Sarah Park (IRE)
429 Lock Seventeen (USA) B.G. BY Kitten's Joy (USA) EX Spirit Line (USA)
445 Osho (GB) B.C. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Maid of Killeen (IRE) CS A 6
465 Delectable (GB) B.F. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Dulcet (IRE)
476 Aigiarne (IRE) B.F. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Golden Shine (GB)
483 Murdanova (IRE) Gr.G. BY Zebedee (GB) EX Agnista (IRE)
486 Majarra (IRE) B.F. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Berry Baby (IRE)
489 Crackaway (FR) B.G. BY Whipper (USA) EX Ellary (FR)
490 Thunder Buddy (GB) B.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Inchcoonan (GB)
522 Gealach (IRE) B.G. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Mouriyana (IRE)
559 Youarestar (GB) B.C. BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Alumna (USA)
569 Sezim (GB) B.G. BY Dansili (GB) EX Serres (IRE)
578 Ideological (IRE) B.F. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Micaela's Moon (USA)
581 Naturopath (GB) Ch.C. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Holistic (GB)
586 Jimmy Greenhough (IRE) Gr.G. BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Expedience (USA)
588 Micronize (IRE) B.C. BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Marmaria (SPA)
594 Barasti Dancer (IRE) Gr.G. BY Helmet (AUS) EX My Girl Lisa (USA) HF I 117A
595 Havana Ooh Na Na (GB) Ch.G. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Blanc de Chine (IRE)
596 Over The Guns (IRE) B.G. BY Garswood (GB) EX Princess Rose (GB)
598 Chains of Love (IRE) B.F. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Sportsticketing (IRE)
601 Sense of Direction (GB) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX One Giant Leap (IRE)
604 Radio Source (IRE) Ch.G. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Roshanak (IRE)
610 Ganton Eagle (GB) B.G. BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Our Faye (GB)
624 Kyllachy Princess (GB) Ch.F. BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Inagh River (GB)
627 Euro No More (IRE) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Gerobies Girl (USA)
631 Puzzle (GB) B.G. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX Appleton Drove (USA)
634 Nayef (USA) / Layalee (IRE) B.C. (IRE)
642 Hikayah (GB) B.F. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Aubrietia (GB)
644 Wafrah (GB) B.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Magic Florence (IRE)
669 Fox Mafia (IRE) B.C. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Zibilene (GB)
673 Fox Morgan (GB) B.G. BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX Alovera (IRE)
677 Strict (IRE) B.C. BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Thawrah (IRE)
678 Unplugged (IRE) B.C. BY Alhebayeb (IRE) EX Crown Light (GB)
679 Angel Islington (IRE) Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Doregan (IRE)
692 Chance of Glory (FR) B.C. BY Olympic Glory (IRE) EX Miss Carmie (FR)
704 Maratha (IRE) Gr.G. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Middle Persia (GB)
705 Department of War (IRE) Ch.C. BY Declaration of War (USA) EX Danetime Out (IRE)
745 Little Rock (IRE) Gr.G. BY Zebedee (GB) EX Lakatoi (GB)
752 Black Salt (GB) B.G. BY Equiano (FR) EX Marine Girl (GB)
753 Olympic Spirit (GB) Ch.G. BY Olympic Glory (IRE) EX Magic Florence (IRE)
755 Compas Scoobie (GB) Br.G. BY Kheleyf (USA) EX Fantastic Santanyi (GB)
756 Watchmyeverymove (IRE) B.G. BY War Command (USA) EX Glympse (IRE)
761 Belle Bayeux (GB) B.F. BY Epaulette (AUS) EX Trew Class (GB)
769 Me Too Nagasaki (IRE) B.G. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Distinguish (IRE)
771 Stand Firm (IRE) B.G. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Refuse To Give Up (IRE)
772 Adam Tiler (USA) B.G. BY Justin Phillip (USA) EX Moneygrabber (USA)
773 Baldwin (IRE) B.G. BY Moohaajim (IRE) EX Cheherazad (IRE)
780 Sussudio (GB) B.F. BY Compton Place (GB) EX Glen Molly (IRE)
781 Nostrovia (IRE) Gr.F. BY Alhebayeb (IRE) EX Na Zdorovie (GB)
785 Sea of Flames (GB) Ch.G. BY Aqlaam (GB) EX Hidden Fire (GB)
789 Magical Movement (GB) B.C. BY Alpha (USA) EX Palestrina (USA)
792 Canavese (GB) Ch.F. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Rivara (GB)
793 Garrison Commander (IRE) B.G. BY Garswood (GB) EX Malea (IRE)
796 Crystal Deauville (FR) B.G. BY Equiano (FR) EX Crystal Plum (IRE)
825 Alabaster (GB) Gr.G. BY Archipenko (USA) EX Alvarita (GB) CS D 32
850 Lille (GB) B.F. BY Equiano (FR) EX Interlace (GB)
852 Dubai Philosopher (FR) B.G. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Elopa (GER)
855 Swiss Peak (GB) B.G. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Easy To Love (USA)
858 Heartbreak Hotel (IRE) Gr.F. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Daliana (GB) CS D 31
859 Manic Monday (USA) B.F. BY Declaration of War (USA) EX Bohemian Dance (IRE)
862 Be In Verse (GB) B.F. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Dansante (GB)
885 Sonja Henie (IRE) B.F. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Cold Cold Woman (GB)
887 Field Gun (USA) B.G. BY More Than Ready (USA) EX D'wild Beach (USA)
901 Irish Art (IRE) B.G. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Slieve Mish (IRE)
904 Round The Buoy (GB) B.G. BY Henrythenavigator (USA) EX Key Point (IRE)


Catalogue Updates
7Chance of Bubbles (IRE) Ch.M. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Champagnelifestyle (GB)
11Madame Delavanti (IRE) B.M. by Zoffany (IRE) x Madame Cerito (USA)
20Silver Link (IRE) B.M. by Arcano (IRE) x Miss Bellbird (IRE)
21Lassies Envoi (GB) B.M. by Makfi (GB) x Run for Lassie (USA)
22Pachanga (GB) B.M. by Inchinor (GB) x Gai Bulga (GB)
31Pinch of Posh (IRE) Gr.M. by Pivotal (GB) x Limpopo (GB)
33River Plate (IRE) Ch.M. by Teofilo (IRE) x Livius Lady (IRE)
36Star Catch (GB) B.M. by Cacique (IRE) x Jolie Etoile (USA)
37Pearl City (IRE) B.M. by Zamindar (USA) x Miss Hawai (FR)
38Brilliant Crystal (GB) B.M. by Compton Place (GB) x Anatase (GB)
41Silver Samba (GB) Gr.M. by Dalakhani (IRE) x Fancy Dance (GB)
42Atlantic Edge (IRE) B.M. by Fastnet Rock (AUS) x Fringe (GB)
45Rate Exchanged (IRE) Gr.F. by Exchange Rate (USA) x Ready's Legend (USA)
49Atheera (IRE) Ch.M. by Shamardal (USA) x Alshamatry (USA)
55Cala d'Or (IRE) Ch.F. by Society Rock (IRE) x Cala (FR)
56Katie O'Hara (IRE) Ch.F. by Born To Sea (IRE) x Cochin (USA)
58Fatanah (IRE) B.M. by Green Desert (USA) x Wijdan (USA)
60Samaah (IRE) Br.M. by Cape Cross (IRE) x Native Force (IRE)
63Alshifaa (GB) B.F. by Dansili (GB) x Hedaaya (IRE)
67Wamathaat (USA) Ch.F. by Speightstown (USA) x Special Me (USA)
69Matroshka (IRE) B.M. by Red Ransom (USA) x Wosaita (GB)
70Al Jamal (GB) B.M. by Authorized (IRE) x Kydd Gloves (USA)
72Sushi Samba (IRE) B.F. by Delegator (GB) x Waldtaube (GER)
88Maqboola (USA) B.F. by Tamayuz (GB) x Asiya (USA)
96Noahs Ark (IRE) B.M. by Charnwood Forest (IRE) x Abstraction (GB)
102Merseybeat (GB) B.M. by New Approach (IRE) x Hippy Hippy Shake (GB)
112Eufemia (GB) Ch.F. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Shyrl (GB)
113Hanakotoba (USA) B.F. by Can The Man (USA) x Dalis On Stage (USA)
115Alnaseem (GB) Ch.F. by Shamardal (USA) x Arwaah (IRE)
117Entaumry (IRE) Ch.F. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Terhaab (USA)
119Masaaqaat (USA) B.F. by Quality Road (USA) x Mufajaah (USA)
122Risaala (IRE) B/Br.F. by Mukhadram (GB) x Maayaat (USA)
124Thakaa (USA) B.F. by Lemon Drop Kid (USA) x Yaqeen (GB)
129Gatria (GB) Ch.F. by Le Havre (IRE) x Gakalina (IRE)
138Spring Cosmos (IRE) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Sister Red (IRE)
139Montana Spring (IRE) B.F. by Shamardal (USA) x Montana River (GB)
141Angel of My Heart (IRE) Ch.F. by Farhh (GB) x Angel's Tears (GB)
144Deira Surprise (GB) Ch.F. by Slade Power (IRE) x Beautiful Filly (GB)
146Assembly of Truth (IRE) B.F. by Shamardal (USA) x Flame of Gibraltar (IRE)
151Rosy Life (IRE) Ch.F. by Australia (GB) x Artistic Jewel (IRE)
153Ninja Lady (GB) B.M. by Nayef (USA) x Galaxy Highflyer (GB)
156Trend Line (IRE) B.M. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Dabiliya
158Red Fedora (GB) B.M. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Red Turban (GB)
159Presumptive (GB) Gr.M. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Regal Heiress (GB)
165Regal Ambition (GB) Ch.M. by Pivotal (GB) x Regal Salute (GB)
168Edifice (GB) B.M. by Dutch Art (GB) x Palatial (GB)
170Amore Bello (IRE) Ch.F. by Bated Breath (GB) x I'm In Love (USA)
171Karakama (IRE) B.F. by Redoute's Choice (AUS) x Karasiyra (IRE)
172Kahina (IRE) B.F. by Camelot (GB) x Close Regards (IRE)
173Gold Fleece (GB) B.F. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Conquete (FR)
174Pleasurable (IRE) B.F. by Camelot (GB) x Notable (GB)
176Annabelle Rock (IRE) Ch.F. by Dandy Man (IRE) x She's A Queen (IRE)
179Balatoma (IRE) B.M. by Mr Greeley (USA) x Honfleur (IRE)
194Latchet (IRE) B.M. by Intense Focus (USA) x Teolane (IRE)
199Western Dawn (IRE) B.C. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Yes Oh Yes (USA)
201Hassaad (GB) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Samaah (IRE)
203Alsafa (GB) B.C. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Jamaayel (GB)
205Asdaa (IRE) B.G. by Dutch Art (GB) x Danseuse de Reve (IRE)
209Neon Sea (FR) B.F. by Siyouni (FR) x Carnoustie (FR)
210No War (USA) B.F. by War Front (USA) x Peace Burg (FR)
211Insurgence (GB) Ch.G. by Sepoy (AUS) x Isis (USA)
213Gaslight (GB) Br.F. by Aussie Rules (USA) x Isis (USA)
214Video Diva (IRE) B.F. by Camelot (GB) x Caught On Camera (GB)
217Distant Mirage (GB) B.F. by Toronado (IRE) x Oasis Jade (GB)
224Vivax (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Princess Mood (GER)
231Zofelle (IRE) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Height of Elegance (IRE)
234James Street (IRE) B.C. by Gale Force Ten (GB) x Paris Glory (USA)
235On The Line (IRE) Gr.C. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Crimson Cheer (USA)
236Dukhan (GB) Br.G. by Teofilo (IRE) x Vedela (FR)
240Jupiter Road (GB) B.C. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Thankful (GB)
241Romantic Heart (IRE) B.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Love Charm (GB)
245City of Love (GB) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Heart's Content (IRE)
246Zalpa (USA) B/Br.F. by More Than Ready (USA) x Sis City (USA)
248Wish (GB) B.F. by Teofilo (IRE) x Moonlife (IRE)
255Nelkan (IRE) Ch.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Brom Felinity (AUS)
263J'Ouvert (IRE) B.F. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Areyaam (USA)
264Leopardina (IRE) B.F. by Lawman (FR) x Leopard Creek (GB)
266Blazing Saddles (GB) B.G. by High Chaparral (IRE) x Desert Sage (GB)
278Sea The Stars (IRE) / Penny Post (IRE) B.G.
281Admiral Rous (IRE) B.C. by Henrythenavigator (USA) x Bulrushes (GB)
282Broadleas (GB) B.G. by Cityscape (GB) x Ghedi (IRE)
287Brigadier (GB) Ch.G. by Sepoy (AUS) x Nasheej (USA)
288Azor Ahai (GB) B.G. by Sixties Icon (GB) x Good Morning Lady (GB)
290Ptarmigan (GB) Gr.F. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Arabescatta (GB)
292Li Kui (GB) Br.G. by Poet's Voice (GB) x Lily Again (GB)
294Power of You (IRE) Ch.G. by Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Add Up (IRE)
298Storm Over (IRE) B.G. by Elnadim (USA) x Stormy View (USA)
300Flash Henry (GB) B.C. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Angels Wings (IRE)
301My Excelsa (IRE) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Emirates Joy (USA)
304Night of Thunder (IRE) / Ermine And Velvet (GB) Ch.C.
306Moohaajim (IRE) / Sunlit Romance (IRE) B.F.
308Philipa Victoria (GB) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Lady Wingshot (IRE)
311Harbour Dance (GB) B.G. by Harbour Watch (IRE) x Midnight M (GB)
316Bold Statement (IRE) B.C. by Arcano (IRE) x Kylemore (IRE)
320Facethepuckout (IRE) B.C. by Excelebration (IRE) x Taarkod (IRE)
328Ragnar (GB) B.G. by Toronado (IRE) x Inner Sea (USA)
329Khazix (IRE) B.G. by Al Kazeem (GB) x Burlesque Star (IRE)
334Crazy Spin (GB) B.F. by Epaulette (AUS) x George's Gift (GB)
337Ambient (IRE) B.G. by Born To Sea (IRE) x Undulant Way (GB)
339Ketts Hill (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Grapes Hill (GB)
341The Meter (GB) B.F. by Helsinki (USA) x Lulea (GB)
346Billyoakes (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Reality Check (IRE)
353Time Force (IRE) Ch.C. by Gale Force Ten (GB) x Groupetime (USA)
354Six Gun (GB) B.G. by Sepoy (AUS) x Three By Three (IRE)
355Dark Magic (GB) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Dark Promise (GB)
362Kaafy (IRE) B.C. by Alhebayeb (IRE) x Serene Dream (GB)
363Modakhar (IRE) B.G. by Battle of Marengo (IRE) x Lost Highway (IRE)
369Tanaawol (GB) B.C. by Dansili (GB) x Eshaadeh (USA)
371Giogiobbo (GB) B.H. by Bahamian Bounty (GB) x Legnani (GB)
373Amazour (IRE) B.G. by Azamour (IRE) x Choose Me (IRE)
376Souf Ba Souf (IRE) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Bailonguera (ARG)
384Rainbow Girl (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Toppled (IRE)
386Grapevine (IRE) B.G. by Lilbourne Lad (IRE) x High Vintage (IRE)
388Rock of Estonia (IRE) Ch.G. by Society Rock (IRE) x Estonia (GB)
389Brawny (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Natty Bumppo (IRE)
393Heroic (GB) B.C. by Heeraat (IRE) x Aquasulis (IRE)
394Temujin (IRE) B.C. by Moohaajim (IRE) x Alhena (IRE)
395Starlight Red (IRE) Gr.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Turning Point (GB)
401Tadasana (GB) B.F. by Battle of Marengo (IRE) x Letters (FR)
417Muntahez (IRE) B.G. by Camacho (GB) x Sonning Rose (IRE)
422Eardley Road (IRE) B.C. by No Nay Never (USA) x Corking (IRE)
423Glorious Emaraty (FR) B.G. by George Vancouver (USA) x Ascot Glory (IRE)
424Existential (IRE) Br.F. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Fascination (IRE)
426Divine Gift (IRE) B.G. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Souter's Sister (IRE)
428Cavalry Park (GB) B.G. by Epaulette (AUS) x Sarah Park (IRE)
429Lock Seventeen (USA) B.G. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Spirit Line (USA)
431Lady of Aran (IRE) B.F. by Sir Prancealot (IRE) x Tipperary Boutique (IRE)
432Gibraltarian (IRE) B.F. by War Command (USA) x Star of Gibraltar (GB)
437Wave Walker (GB) Ch.G. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Winged Diva (IRE)
438Sassie (IRE) B.F. by Rip Van Winkle (IRE) x Star of Gibraltar (GB)
440Al Barg (IRE) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Miss Hawai (FR)
445Osho (GB) B.C. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Maid of Killeen (IRE)
449Michigan Blue (IRE) B.F. by War Command (USA) x Regency Girl (IRE)
450Foreign Legion (IRE) Ch.G. by Declaration of War (USA) x Solar Event (GB)
451Mr Zoom Zoom (GB) B.G. by Toronado (IRE) x Gay Mirage (GER)
457Dawry (IRE) B.G. by Showcasing (GB) x May Day Queen (IRE)
460Mutawaffer (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Golden Flower (GB)
467National Glory (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Ponty Acclaim (IRE)
469Startego (GB) B.G. by New Approach (IRE) x Tafiya (GB)
471Surrey Warrior (USA) B.G. by Data Link (USA) x Spring Heather (IRE)
473Baltic Moon (GER) B.C. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Baltic Gift (GB)
474Dark Poet (GB) B.G. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Poetic Dancer (GB)
476Aigiarne (IRE) B.F. by Helmet (AUS) x Golden Shine (GB)
477Remembering You (IRE) B.F. by Es Que Love (IRE) x Tallassee (GB)
483Murdanova (IRE) Gr.G. by Zebedee (GB) x Agnista (IRE)
484Trautmann (IRE) Ch.G. by Casamento (IRE) x Klang (IRE)
486Majarra (IRE) B.F. by Swiss Spirit (GB) x Berry Baby (IRE)
487Wish Granted (GB) B.G. by Requinto (IRE) x Granted (FR)
489Crackaway (FR) B.G. by Whipper (USA) x Ellary (FR)
490Thunder Buddy (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Inchcoonan (GB)
491Monsieur Piquer (FR) Ch.G. by French Fifteen (FR) x Madeenh (FR)
493Serengeti Song (IRE) B.G. by Poet's Voice (GB) x African Plains (GB)
495Grimbold (GB) B.G. by Kyllachy (GB) x Breve (GB)
497Bedtime Bella (IRE) B.F. by Slade Power (IRE) x Slope (GB)
502Inviolable Spirit (IRE) B.G. by Zebedee (GB) x Mediska (GB)
503The Right Choice (IRE) Ch.G. by Choisir (AUS) x Expedience (USA)
504Ventura Gold (IRE) B.G. by Red Jazz (USA) x Desert Shine (IRE)
507Mr Diamond (IRE) B.G. by Bated Breath (GB) x Diamond Lass (IRE)
508Warily (GB) B.C. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Slink (GB)
510Ivory Charm (GB) B.F. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Ivory Gala (FR)
514Suakin (IRE) B.F. by Motivator (GB) x Adeste (GB)
517Damon Runyon (GB) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Tawaasul (GB)
519Fightwithme (IRE) B.C. by Shamardal (USA) x Music Show (IRE)
520Albert Finney (GB) B.G. by Kingman (GB) x Gertrude Bell (GB)
524Copal (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Mirabilis (USA)
527Frontman (GB) B.C. by Kingman (GB) x Winter Sunrise (GB)
528Gantier (GB) B.G. by Frankel (GB) x Kid Gloves (GB)
533Alderman (USA) B.C. by Noble Mission (GB) x Miss Exclusive (USA)
535Crochet (USA) B.F. by First Defence (USA) x Magic Motif (USA)
538Caballine (GB) B.F. by Motivator (GB) x Likelihood (USA)
540Henley Hill (GB) B.F. by Dansili (GB) x Tolerance (USA)
543Crystal Tribe (IRE) B.C. by Dansili (GB) x Crystal Music (USA)
544Current Option (IRE) B.C. by Camelot (GB) x Coppertop (IRE)
548Politicise (IRE) B.G. by Camelot (GB) x Politesse (USA)
550Woods (IRE) B.G. by Garswood (GB) x Flare of Firelight (USA)
552Squelch (GB) B.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Blancmange (GB)
553Hallalulu (GB) Br.F. by Kyllachy (GB) x Cat O' Nine Tails (GB)
557Kodiac Pride (GB) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Queen of Mean (GB)
562Barys (GB) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Balatoma (IRE)
566Bowerman (GB) B.H. by Dutch Art (GB) x Jamboretta (IRE)
569Sezim (GB) B.G. by Dansili (GB) x Serres (IRE)
577Worldly Approach (IRE) B.F. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Mundana (IRE)
579Count d'Orsay (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Deira (USA)
586Jimmy Greenhough (IRE) Gr.G. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Expedience (USA)
588Micronize (IRE) B.C. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Marmaria (SPA)
589Zebzardee (IRE) Ro.G. by Zebedee (GB) x Zarkalia (IRE)
592Jaunty (GB) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Merletta (GB)
595Havana Ooh Na Na (GB) Ch.G. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Blanc de Chine (IRE)
605Mystic Knight (IRE) B.C. by Sir Prancealot (IRE) x Mystic Dream (GB)
607Weld Al Emarat (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Spirit of Dubai (IRE)
610Ganton Eagle (GB) B.G. by Poet's Voice (GB) x Our Faye (GB)
619Train To Georgia (USA) B/Br.G. by Scat Daddy (USA) x Ghost Galaxy (USA)
621All Back To Mine (GB) Ch.F. by Dutch Art (GB) x Exotic Isle (GB)
623Fayetta (GB) B.F. by Champs Elysees (GB) x Starfan (USA)
629Brahma Kamal (GB) B.G. by Equiano (FR) x Midnight Flower (IRE)
634Nayef (USA) / Layalee (IRE) B.C.
639Ollivander (IRE) B.G. by Heeraat (IRE) x Coy (IRE)
640Bubbly Splash (IRE) B.C. by Lawman (FR) x Brunch Bellini (FR)
644Wafrah (GB) B.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Magic Florence (IRE)
646Autumn Pride (IRE) B.C. by Teofilo (IRE) x Rahiyah (USA)
647Bay of Naples (IRE) B.C. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Copperbeech (IRE)
649Desert Lantern (USA) B.F. by More Than Ready (USA) x Shuruq (USA)
650Honey Bear (IRE) Ch.F. by Animal Kingdom (USA) x Ishitaki (ARG)
651Stone Cougar (USA) Ch.F. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Fitful Skies (IRE)
654You Little Ripper (IRE) B.C. by Rip Van Winkle (IRE) x Sahara Sky (IRE)
656Glorious Charmer (GB) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Fantacise (GB)
661Hidden Pearl (GB) Ch.F. by Dunaden (FR) x Volkovkha (GB)
664Tartlette (GB) B.F. by Champs Elysees (GB) x Tottie (GB)
665Leo Minor (USA) B.G. by War Front (USA) x Kissed (IRE)
666Khafooq (GB) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Al Manaal (GB)
670Perfect Illusion (GB) B.G. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Chicita Banana (GB)
673Fox Morgan (GB) B.G. by Paco Boy (IRE) x Alovera (IRE)
675Puerto Banus (GB) B.C. by Bated Breath (GB) x Three Ducks (GB)
677Strict (IRE) B.C. by Slade Power (IRE) x Thawrah (IRE)
678Unplugged (IRE) B.C. by Alhebayeb (IRE) x Crown Light (GB)
679Angel Islington (IRE) Gr.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Doregan (IRE)
683West Newton (GB) B.C. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Queen's Prize (GB)
684Chop Chop (IRE) B.F. by Rip Van Winkle (IRE) x Mince (GB)
692Chance of Glory (FR) B.C. by Olympic Glory (IRE) x Miss Carmie (FR)
695Kharbetation (IRE) B.G. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Anna's Rock (IRE)
701Rodnee Tee (GB) B.G. by Roderic O'Connor (IRE) x Sugar Free (IRE)
704Maratha (IRE) Gr.G. by Cape Cross (IRE) x Middle Persia (GB)
708Military Law (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Marine Bleue (IRE)
709Fearless Warrior (FR) Ch.C. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Mambo Light (USA)
710New King (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Marine Bleue (IRE)
711Wiretap (FR) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Ysper (FR)
713Theatre of War (IRE) B.G. by War Command (USA) x Final Opinion (IRE)
719Persian Sun (GB) B.G. by Dansili (GB) x Khor Sheed (GB)
735Make A Wish (IRE) Ch.F. by No Nay Never (USA) x Saturn Girl (IRE)
737Message (GB) B.C. by Dansili (GB) x Melikah (IRE)
740Yellow Tiger (FR) B.C. by Wootton Bassett (GB) x Comnena (GB)
741Key To Power (GB) B.F. by Slade Power (IRE) x Key To Peace (IRE)
743Scat King (IRE) B.G. by Scat Daddy (USA) x Come To Heel (IRE)
744Motajaasid (IRE) B/Br.G. by Harbour Watch (IRE) x Cape Joy (IRE)
746Uncle Jerry (GB) B.C. by Kyllachy (GB) x News Desk (GB)
748Journey of Life (GB) Ch.G. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Maria Bella (IRE)
750Tie A Yellowribbon (GB) Gr.F. by Poet's Voice (GB) x Silver Games (IRE)
752Black Salt (GB) B.G. by Equiano (FR) x Marine Girl (GB)
754Swift Approval (IRE) Ch.G. by Approve (IRE) x Tiltili (IRE)
761Belle Bayeux (GB) B.F. by Epaulette (AUS) x Trew Class (GB)
770T For Tango (IRE) B.G. by Zoffany (IRE) x Diminish (IRE)
771Stand Firm (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Refuse To Give Up (IRE)
775Matera (GB) Ch.C. by Showcasing (GB) x Navajo Charm (GB)
776Dream Chick (IRE) Br.F. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Dollar Chick (IRE)
779Cookupastorm (IRE) B.F. by Camacho (GB) x No Clubs (IRE)
780Sussudio (GB) B.F. by Compton Place (GB) x Glen Molly (IRE)
781Nostrovia (IRE) Gr.F. by Alhebayeb (IRE) x Na Zdorovie (GB)
788Nasee (GB) B.G. by Intello (GER) x Mischief Making (USA)
791Jumeirah (IRE) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Scarlet Plum (GB)
793Garrison Commander (IRE) B.G. by Garswood (GB) x Malea (IRE)
796Crystal Deauville (FR) B.G. by Equiano (FR) x Crystal Plum (IRE)
798Lady Alavesa (GB) B.F. by Westlake (GB) x Matilda Peace (GB)
799Maykir (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Kiruna (GB)
802Capofaro (GB) B.G. by Kyllachy (GB) x Pious (GB)
814Gloves Lynch (GB) B.C. by Mukhadram (GB) x Suelita (GB)
818Recent Revelations (IRE) B.C. by Moohaajim (IRE) x Shirley Blake (IRE)
821Sam Langford (IRE) Ch.G. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x The Silver Kebaya (FR)
824Inverleigh (IRE) B/Br.C. by Excelebration (IRE) x Sommorell (IRE)
825Alabaster (GB) Gr.G. by Archipenko (USA) x Alvarita (GB)
840Jewel Maker (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Sapphire (IRE)
841Make The Switch (IRE) B.G. by Dansili (GB) x Switch (USA)
843Pepper'n Salt (IRE) Gr.G. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Hidden Charm (IRE)
844Third World (IRE) B.G. by Dansili (GB) x Sense of Purpose (IRE)
847Pennsylvania Dutch (GB) B.G. by Dutch Art (GB) x Map of Heaven (GB)
848Mont Kinabalu (IRE) B.G. by Society Rock (IRE) x Startori (GB)
850Lille (GB) B.F. by Equiano (FR) x Interlace (GB)
851Remember The Man (IRE) B.G. by Dalakhani (IRE) x Perfect Hedge (GB)
852Dubai Philosopher (FR) B.G. by Tamayuz (GB) x Elopa (GER)
857Any Smile (IRE) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Bahja (USA)
858Heartbreak Hotel (IRE) Gr.F. by Le Havre (IRE) x Daliana (GB)
859Manic Monday (USA) B.F. by Declaration of War (USA) x Bohemian Dance (IRE)
860Starlight (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Ighraa (IRE)
867Yes Can Do (USA) B.F. by No Nay Never (USA) x Sheba's Humor (USA)
872Al Hamdany (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Easy Times (GB)
875Pettifogger (IRE) B.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Desert Version (GB)
876Dark Miracle (IRE) B.C. by Mukhadram (GB) x Eolith (GB)
882Emma Point (USA) Ch.F. by Point of Entry (USA) x Emma Darling (USA)
884Mi Manchi (IRE) B.F. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Carraigoona (IRE)
885Sonja Henie (IRE) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Cold Cold Woman (GB)
893The Gates Of Dawn (FR) Ch.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Cheap Thrills (GB)
896Hour of The Dawn (IRE) B.C. by Bated Breath (GB) x Burning Dawn (USA)
898Global Hope (IRE) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Classic Remark (IRE)

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