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Stabling Changes
5 West Side Glory (IRE) Ch.F. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Finishingthehat (GB) HF H 101
26 Ludi Lu (FR) B.M. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Sunspear (IRE) HF I 104
32 Bint Iffraaj (GB) B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Shy Angel (GB)
68 Charm Spirit (IRE) / Bright Flash (GB) B.C. (GB) HF H 103
109 Blue Point (IRE) / Fleeting Smile (USA) B.C. (GB)
130 Scarlet Willow (IRE) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Sona (GB) HF H 100
136 Golden Beach (GB) B.C. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Mirror Lake (GB)
194 Shanghai Rock (GB) B.G. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Red Lady (IRE) HF I 107
199 Shurut (GB) Ch.F. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Qawaasem (IRE)
200 Clegane (GB) Ch.M. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Cradle of Life (IRE)
201 Copinet (GB) B.F. BY Mehmas (IRE) EX Dominatrix (GB) HF I 105
211 First Violin (GB) B.G. BY Norse Dancer (IRE) EX Opera Queen (GB) HF H 99
257 Coolmeen Vega (IRE) Ch.C. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Power's Dream (IRE) HF H 102
280 Robbie Roger (IRE) B.G. BY Galileo Gold (GB) EX Mediska (GB) HF H 97
281 Lucy Lulu (GB) B.F. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Melody of Love (GB) HF H 98
284 Amiga Meu (GB) B.F. BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Todber (GB) HF I 106
307 Berkshire Phoenix (IRE) B.G. BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Scarlet Wings (GB) HF I 109
368 Mr Cuddihy (IRE) Ch.G. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Magic Art (IRE)
377 Olympic Eagle (GB) Ch.C. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Olympic Runner (GB)
404 Themoonsaballoon (GB) B.F. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Shembara (FR)
424 The Conqueror (IRE) Ch.H. BY Excelebration (IRE) EX March Madness (GB) HF H 96
455 Eesha Meesh (GB) B.F. BY Farhh (GB) EX Nota Bene (GER) HF I 110
468 Churchill College (IRE) B.G. BY Churchill (IRE) EX Alazeya (IRE) HF H 95
484 Unknown Territory (GB) B.G. BY Territories (IRE) EX Dixie Belle (GB) HF I 108


Catalogue Updates
9Kisses of Fire (IRE) B.F. by Mehmas (IRE) x Pearly Brooks (GB)
11Rose Fandango (GB) Ch.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Mumtaza (GB)
13Dark Angel (IRE) / Don't Cry For Me (USA) Gr.F.
24Gossamer Silk (GB) Ch.F. by Equiano (FR) x Gossamer Seed (IRE)
32Bint Iffraaj (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Shy Angel (GB)
39Give 'em The Slip (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Super Sleuth (IRE)
45Sparka (IRE) B.F. by The Gurkha (IRE) x Spanish Doll (GB)
48Hello Bangkok (IRE) B.M. by Tamayuz (GB) x Ziria (IRE)
63Awtaad (IRE) / Sundus (USA) B.C.
66Fast Company (IRE) / Silver Samba (GB) Br/Gr.F.
69Cracksman (GB) / Sortita (GER) B/Br.C.
74Camelot (GB) / Miss Laila (IRE) B.F.
96Sea The Moon (GER) / Come Touch The Sun (IRE) Ch.C.
99Postponed (IRE) / Silver Samba (GB) Ch.C.
103Land Force (IRE) / Qeethaara (USA) B/Gr.C.
108Teofilo (IRE) / Baqqa (IRE) B.F.
111Night of Thunder (IRE) / Elshaadin (GB) B.C.
113Territories (IRE) / Dharwa (GB) B.C.
121Altraif (GB) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Redemption (GB)
122Ringo Starlight (GB) B.G. by Twilight Son (GB) x Ring of Love (GB)
123Angel's Whisper (IRE) Gr.M. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Tasheyaat (GB)
127Mother Shipton (GB) B.F. by Showcasing (GB) x Pelican Key (IRE)
129Gold Haze (IRE) B/Br.F. by Le Havre (IRE) x Sona (GB)
130Scarlet Willow (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Sona (GB)
140Obtain (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Facilitate (GB)
144Darakah (IRE) Ch.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Neshmeya (GB)
155Loch Lundie (IRE) Ch.F. by Shamardal (USA) x Bitter Lake (USA)
157Good Memories (IRE) Ch.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Khor Sheed (GB)
163Painted Daisy (IRE) B.F. by Postponed (IRE) x Portmanteau (GB)
169Moment of Silence (IRE) B.M. by Slade Power (IRE) x Sleeping Beauty (IRE)
174Bora Bora (GB) B.G. by Kingman (GB) x Beach Bunny (IRE)
175Lyra Belacqua (IRE) B.F. by Kingman (GB) x Enchanted Evening (IRE)
178Canmore (IRE) B.G. by No Nay Never (USA) x Alabama Ashley (USA)
179Eltham Palace (GB) B.M. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Moment In Time (IRE)
190Al Shoughor (GB) B.F. by Shalaa (IRE) x Full Mandate (IRE)
192Reiver Road (GB) Ch.C. by Garswood (GB) x Twist Moor Lane (GB)
195Dubai Lady (IRE) B.F. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Long Lashes (USA)
198Sassy Rascal (IRE) B.F. by Mehmas (IRE) x Luna Forest (IRE)
200Clegane (GB) Ch.M. by Iffraaj (GB) x Cradle of Life (IRE)
201Copinet (GB) B.F. by Mehmas (IRE) x Dominatrix (GB)
203Lightening Gesture (GB) B.G. by Estidhkaar (IRE) x Cornlaw (GB)
213Got The Moves (IRE) Br.F. by Vadamos (FR) x Johara (IRE)
214Flash Mob (GB) B.C. by Siyouni (FR) x Beach Belle (GB)
215Bateau Bay (IRE) B.F. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Assembly (USA)
216Brown Mouse (IRE) B.F. by Showcasing (GB) x Shemda (IRE)
217Khatwah (IRE) Ch.F. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Accipiter (GB)
219Siyouni (FR) / Folk Opera (IRE) Ch.G.
222Minnie T (GB) B.F. by Intello (GER) x Tahirah (GB)
223La Duchesse (GER) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x La Reine Noir (GER)
228Classy Dame (IRE) B.F. by Belardo (IRE) x Scholarly (GB)
230Egrecio (GB) B.G. by Intello (GER) x Aspiring Diva (USA)
231Coase (GB) B.G. by Zoffany (IRE) x Sharnberry (GB)
233Desert Lime (GB) B.F. by Sepoy (AUS) x Scallop (GB)
235April In Paris (IRE) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Aurora Borealis (IRE)
237The Ceiling Job (IRE) Ch.F. by Galileo Gold (GB) x Elshamms (GB)
238Queen of Burgundy (GB) B.M. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Empress Adelaide (GB)
240Isle of Hope (GB) Bl.G. by Due Diligence (USA) x Rip Van Suzy (IRE)
244Daany (IRE) B.G. by Pivotal (GB) x Ejadah (IRE)
256Debit Card (GB) B.F. by Adaay (IRE) x Starbotton (GB)
257Coolmeen Vega (IRE) Ch.C. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Power's Dream (IRE)
258Kardinya (IRE) B.C. by Mehmas (IRE) x Sapphire Diva (IRE)
261Mobarhin (IRE) B.C. by Muhaarar (GB) x Fadhayyil (IRE)
263The Ganges (IRE) Gr.C. by Markaz (IRE) x Heavenly River (FR)
265Rainbow's Gift (GB) B.G. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Riot of Colour (GB)
272Malcolm (GB) B.C. by Teofilo (IRE) x Interception (IRE)
273My Mirage (IRE) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Interception (IRE)
277Tharif (IRE) Ch.C. by Teofilo (IRE) x Khulood (USA)
283Guitar (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Clapperboard (GB)
285Asaayil (GB) Ch.F. by Pride of Dubai (AUS) x Camargue (GB)
286More Than Welcome (USA) B/Br.F. by More Than Ready (USA) x My Perfect Ten (USA)
293Golden Force (GB) B.G. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Malilla (IRE)
296San Francisco Bay (IRE) B.C. by Muhaarar (GB) x Stor Mo Chroi (IRE)
297Convince (IRE) B.F. by Postponed (IRE) x Strathnaver (GB)
308Highland Monarch (GB) B.G. by Highland Reel (IRE) x Australian Queen (GB)
313Connie's Rose (GB) B.F. by Adaay (IRE) x Sing So Sweetly (GB)
314Sourire Secret (GB) B.G. by Monsieur Bond (IRE) x Smile That Smile (GB)
321Cometh The Man (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Be My Queen (IRE)
323Temple Bruer (GB) B.G. by Showcasing (GB) x Kendal Mint (GB)
329State Control (GB) B.C. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Domitia (GB)
330Naval Captain (IRE) B.G. by No Nay Never (USA) x Van de Cappelle (IRE)
331Social Contact (GB) Ch.F. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Operettist (GB)
338Mariinsky (GB) Ch.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Marie de Medici (USA)
351Rockfire (IRE) B.C. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Flame of Gibraltar (IRE)
354Darwell Lion (IRE) B.C. by The Last Lion (IRE) x Darwell (IRE)
355Local Bay (GB) B.C. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Local Fancy (GB)
374Kennet (GB) B.C. by Iffraaj (GB) x Timely (GB)
377Olympic Eagle (GB) Ch.C. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Olympic Runner (GB)
378Second Star (IRE) B.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Minute Limit (IRE)
382Typewritten (USA) Gr.F. by Wrote (IRE) x Tapitinsilver (USA)
383Beat The Breeze (GB) Gr.G. by Outstrip (GB) x Tranquil Flight (GB)
384Strong Power (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Soft Power (IRE)
386Mighty Power (IRE) Gr.G. by Markaz (IRE) x Tooley Woods (IRE)
388Melancholy (IRE) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Colour Blue (IRE)
393Agreeability (GB) B.F. by Bobby's Kitten (USA) x Moi Aussi (USA)
395Liv Lucky (IRE) B.F. by Profitable (IRE) x Living Art (USA)
398Zuhair (GB) Ch.G. by Showcasing (GB) x Rowan Brae (GB)
399Alsaaqy (IRE) Ro.C. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Natagora (FR)
407Irish Millions (GB) Ch.C. by Profitable (IRE) x Crossmolina (IRE)
417Sydney Street (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Minnaloushe (IRE)
420Poet (GB) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Swiss Diva (GB)
430George Morland (GB) B.C. by Camacho (GB) x Baharah (USA)
431The First King (IRE) B.G. by War Command (USA) x Rochitta (USA)
439Aries Lad (GB) B.G. by Adaay (IRE) x Angie And Liz (IRE)
440Little Raven (IRE) B.C. by Iffraaj (GB) x Azameera (IRE)
442Medal of Glory (IRE) Ch.F. by Cotai Glory (GB) x Cape Elizabeth (IRE)
445Tributo (IRE) B.G. by Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Auntie Myrtle (IRE)
446Sen Ding (IRE) Ch.G. by Mehmas (IRE) x Marol (IRE)
461Rania (IRE) B.F. by Estidhkaar (IRE) x Little Oz (IRE)
472Evening Song (GB) B.F. by Twilight Son (GB) x Zerka (GB)
481Silks Dream (IRE) B.C. by Mehmas (IRE) x Tajbell (IRE)
486No Fear Lucy (IRE) Br/Gr.F. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Lahabah (IRE)

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