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Catalogue Updates
33Burlesque Star (IRE) B.M. by Thousand Words (GB) x Es Que (GB)
35Mensoora (SAF) B.M. by Jet Master (SAF) x Mansoor (AUS)
50Silent Witness (IRE) B.M. by First Defence (USA) x Stealth Bolt (USA)
55Tea Blossom (GB) B.M. by Rail Link (GB) x Snow Blossom (GB)
60Celeria (GB) B.F. by Golden Horn (GB) x Hoyam (GB)
65Muhaarar (GB) / Bulbul (IRE) B.F.
66Daleelaty (GB) Ch.F. by Showcasing (GB) x Bright Glow (GB)
68Mizaaj (GB) B.F. by New Approach (IRE) x Mudaaraah (GB)
74Adeliz (FR) B.M. by Lawman (FR) x Aliyeska (IRE)
75Danka (FR) B.M. by Makfi (GB) x Danceabout (GB)
81Helmet (AUS) / Clara Schumann (GB) B.F.
91Massaat (IRE) / Endless Night (GER) B.F.
92Territories (IRE) / Oriental Romance (IRE) B.F.
97Harry Angel (IRE) / Cat O' Nine Tails (GB) B.F.
100Zoffany (IRE) / Facade (IRE) Ch.F.
104Havana Gold (IRE) / Green China (FR) Ch.F.
107Seahenge (USA) / Thuit (IRE) B.F.
108Brazen Beau (AUS) / Spritzig (GB) B.F.
109Garswood (GB) / Emperatriz (GB) B.C.
114Havana Gold (IRE) / Porcini (GB) B.F.
117Gregorian (IRE) / Polly's Dilemma (GB) B.F.
121Harry Angel (IRE) / Passcode (GB) Ch.F.
122Golden Horn (GB) / Lady Heidi (GB) B.F.
123Cracksman (GB) / Mademoiselle Marie (FR) Ch.F.
125Massaat (IRE) / Sadhbh (IRE) B.C.
127Brazen Beau (AUS) / Jumeirah Street (USA) B.F.
129Areehaa (IRE) B.F. by Kingman (GB) x Ashaaqah (IRE)
142Angel Mill (GB) B.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Powdermill (GB)
145Gem of The Sea (IRE) B.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Crysdal (GB)
149Nandiga (USA) B/Br.M. by Bernardini (USA) x Shade Dance (USA)
152African Plains (GB) B.M. by Oasis Dream (GB) x African Rose (GB)
156Lady of Acclaim (IRE) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Speedy Sonata (USA)
179Moon Melody (GB) B.F. by New Approach (IRE) x Bitter Lake (USA)
180Silent Performance (IRE) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Silent Thoughts (IRE)
183Secret To Success (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Secret Hint (GB)
188French Braid (GB) B.F. by Territories (IRE) x Love Your Looks (GB)
193Rustic Charm (GB) B.F. by Dubawi (IRE) x Lacey's Lane (GB)
214Hank Moody (USA) B.C. by California Chrome (USA) x Summertime Friend (USA)
219Cheese And Wine (GB) B.F. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Meet Me Halfway (GB)
220Front of Line (GB) B.F. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Pivotal Drive (IRE)
221B B Park (GB) B.F. by Brazen Beau (AUS) x Sarah Park (IRE)
223Quartier Francais (USA) B/Br.H. by Street Cry (IRE) x Divine Dixie (USA)
226Schabang (GER) B.F. by Pastorius (GER) x Staying Alive (GER)
229Clever Trucker (GB) Gr.F. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Night Kiss (FR)
230Culture (FR) B.G. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Talon Bleu (FR)
231Star of Deauville (IRE) B.F. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Happy Land (IRE)
239Narjes (GB) B.M. by Sepoy (AUS) x Dubai Sea (USA)
244Lady of Desire (GB) Ch.F. by Territories (IRE) x Fantacise (GB)
248Morning Shadow (GB) Ch.F. by New Approach (IRE) x Elle Shade (GB)
250Jungle Boogaloo (IRE) B.F. by Bungle Inthejungle (GB) x Newton Bomb (IRE)
255Pholas (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Scallop (GB)
256ANoble Yeats (IRE) B.G. by Yeats (IRE) x That's Moyne (IRE)
263Star of Wells (IRE) B.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Seas of Wells (IRE)
264Utopian Lad (IRE) B.G. by Society Rock (IRE) x Perfect Pose (IRE)
291Soyounique (IRE) Ch.G. by Siyouni (FR) x Adventure Seeker (FR)
292Enchantee (IRE) B.F. by Gale Force Ten (GB) x Love Valentine (IRE)
293Liberated Lad (GB) B.C. by Muhaarar (GB) x Puzzler (IRE)
294Ventura Express (GB) Ch.C. by Mayson (GB) x Mail Express (IRE)
305Manjaam (IRE) Ch.G. by Tamayuz (GB) x Priory Rock (IRE)
310Borrowed Angel (GB) B.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Anna Sophia (USA)
314Desert Boots (GB) B.G. by Belardo (IRE) x City Chic (USA)
324Supercontango (GB) B.F. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x South Bay (GB)
327Budanova (GB) B.M. by Epaulette (AUS) x Generously Gifted (GB)
333Rochford (IRE) B.G. by Ivawood (IRE) x Lady Berta (GB)
340Star Dreamer (GB) B.F. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Queen's Dream (IRE)
341Centurion Song (IRE) Ch.G. by Camacho (GB) x New Music (IRE)
343Vitalline (GB) B.G. by Due Diligence (USA) x Vitta's Touch (USA)
350Tarneemat (GB) B.F. by War Command (USA) x Sounds of April (IRE)
364Varenna Storm (IRE) Ch.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Bella Varenna (IRE)
365Arctic Vega (GB) Gr.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Childa (IRE)
366Top Drop (IRE) Ch.G. by Tamayuz (GB) x Solandia (IRE)
369Artichoke (GB) B.F. by Golden Horn (GB) x Too The Stars (IRE)
371Olympe de Gouges (GB) B.F. by Charming Thought (GB) x Regina Cordium (IRE)
379Taima (GB) B.F. by Make Believe (GB) x Highest (GB)
386Kizomba (GB) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Zulema (GB)
387Courcelles (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Abated (GB)
395Coqueta (IRE) B.F. by Teofilo (IRE) x Atamana (IRE)
397Beija Flor (IRE) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Kiss Me Goodbye (GB)
398Tick Toch (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Tempest Fugit (IRE)
399Psyche (GB) B.C. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Ode To Psyche (IRE)
401Lion Ring (IRE) B.C. by The Last Lion (IRE) x Bling Ring (USA)
405Caribbean Sunset (IRE) B.C. by Twilight Son (GB) x Guana (IRE)
410Keane's Kingdom (FR) B.G. by Joshua Tree (IRE) x Dip Down (FR)
413Kumasi (GB) Ch.G. by New Approach (IRE) x Ghanaian (FR)
414Fayathaan (IRE) B.C. by Mehmas (IRE) x Beauty of The Sea (GB)
417Rovaniemi (IRE) B.C. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Landmark (USA)
421Expect To Succeed (IRE) B.G. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Gwael (USA)
422Elegant Queen (GB) B.F. by Bated Breath (GB) x Princess Pearl (IRE)
427Major J (GB) B.G. by Siyouni (FR) x My Special J's (USA)
429No Nay Bella (IRE) B.F. by No Nay Never (USA) x Illuminating Dream (IRE)
430Sky Lake (GER) B.F. by Dabirsim (FR) x Salona (GER)
431Spiorad (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Gift From Heaven (IRE)
433Maharg's Princess (IRE) Ch.F. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Giveupyeraulsins (IRE)
434Raymond Tusk (IRE) B.H. by High Chaparral (IRE) x Dancing Shoes (IRE)
435Cityzen Serg (IRE) B.G. by Raven's Pass (USA) x Summer Dream (IRE)
451Little Red Socks (IRE) B.F. by Acclamation (GB) x Wild Academy (IRE)
455Clay (GB) B.C. by Sixties Icon (GB) x Tamso (USA)
459Variyann (FR) B.G. by Shamardal (USA) x Vazira (FR)
462Leodis Dream (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Paddy Again (IRE)
466River Wharfe (GB) Ch.C. by Showcasing (GB) x Wahylah (IRE)
468Woke Media (USA) Ch.F. by Orb (USA) x Distorsionada (USA)
477Dubai Tigress (GB) B.F. by The Last Lion (IRE) x Al Cobra (IRE)
482Native Silver (GB) Gr.G. by Olympic Glory (IRE) x Kendorova (IRE)
491Parknacilla (IRE) Br.M. by Mukhadram (GB) x Patuca (GB)
493Kinderdijk (GB) B.F. by Dutch Art (GB) x Winds of Time (IRE)
494Greek Kodiac (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Greek Easter (IRE)

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