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Stabling Changes
1 South Carolina (IRE) B.F. BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Miss Mocca (GB) CS B 18
9 Honorah (GB) B.C. BY Ardad (IRE) EX Cherrego (USA)
19 Maahi Ve (IRE) Ch.F. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Elsa T (IRE)
81 Patsy Fagan (IRE) B.G. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Traveller's Tales (GB)
90 Fandabidozi (IRE) Ch.G. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Cranky Spanky (IRE)
120 Appellation (IRE) B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Stor Mo Chroi (IRE) CS C 26
149 Dromquinna (GB) Ch.F. BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Cosmea (GB) CS B 15
153 Chuffed To Bits (IRE) B.C. BY Churchill (IRE) EX Crystal Valkyrie (IRE)
195 Jaafel (IRE) B.G. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Cheetah (GB)
225 Thread Count (GB) B.F. BY Adaay (IRE) EX Wigan Lane (GB) CS A 2
231 Claim The Stars (IRE) B.C. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Ponty Acclaim (IRE)
235 Mykonos St John (GB) B.G. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Royal Pardon (GB)
291 Tombolo (FR) B.G. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Sandbar (GB) CS A 8
315 Kosman (IRE) Ch.G. BY Tagula (IRE) EX Red Hot Secret (GB) CS G 47
329 Millie Lou (GB) B.F. BY Ardad (IRE) EX Amour Fou (IRE)
335 Lexington Force (FR) B.G. BY Dabirsim (FR) EX Fox Force Five (IRE)
336 Always Fearless (IRE) Ch.G. BY Camacho (GB) EX Zenella (GB)
350 Capla Fever (IRE) B.F. BY Fast Company (IRE) EX Full Moon Fever (IRE)
370 One Over Par (GB) B.G. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Cherrington (IRE) CS A 11
383 Fast Emma (IRE) Ch.F. BY Fast Company (IRE) EX Emma Dora (IRE) CS D 28
390 Inflection Point (IRE) Br.G. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Danuta (USA)
393 Spreadsheet (IRE) B.G. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Mundana (IRE)
394 Hen Harrier (IRE) Ch.F. BY Profitable (IRE) EX Ventura Falcon (IRE)
410 Zain Nibras (IRE) B.C. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Queen Zain (IRE)
438 Roman Encounter (IRE) B.F. BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Meeting In Paris (IRE) CS B 16
439 Bloomington Bride (IRE) B.F. BY Fast Company (IRE) EX Diminish (IRE) CS A 10
441 Aljasur (GB) Ch.C. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Ashaaqah (IRE)
453 Twistaline (GB) B.F. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Tongue Twista (GB)
455 Percy's Prince (GB) B.G. BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Attainable (GB)
464 Mumtaaz (IRE) B.G. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Monzza (GB) CS C 22
467 Arthur Conan Doyle (GB) B.G. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Secret Keeper (GB)
494 Win Win Power (IRE) B.G. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Spesialta (GB)
497 Fascinating Shadow (IRE) B.G. BY Fascinating Rock (IRE) EX Golden Shadow (IRE)
510 Genetique (IRE) B.F. BY Anodin (IRE) EX Petunia (IRE)
511 Frow (IRE) B.G. BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Royal Arruhan (GB) CS A 3
512 Ben Lilly (IRE) B.G. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Aristocratic Lady (USA)
525 Montashy (IRE) Br.C. BY Frankel (GB) EX Fawz (GB) CS B 14
529 Flexible Approach (IRE) B.G. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Furasta (USA)
531 Premium Ticket (IRE) B.G. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Snas (USA)
532 Vocal Ring (IRE) B.G. BY Vocalised (USA) EX Fainne (IRE)
533 Hook Head (IRE) B.G. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Dance Troupe (GB) CS D 29
550 Military Style (USA) B.C. BY War Front (USA) EX Together Forever (IRE)
558 Tinochio (IRE) Ch.G. BY Buratino (IRE) EX Endless Peace (IRE) CS C 23
570 Devious Angel (IRE) B.F. BY Cotai Glory (GB) EX Angel Meadow (GB)
571 Byzantia (GB) B.F. BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Hoyam (GB)
578 Gentleman At Arms (IRE) Gr.G. BY Reliable Man (GB) EX Sworn Sold (GER)
583 Basilicata (IRE) B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Policoro (IRE)
584 Sky Commander (IRE) B.C. BY War Command (USA) EX Queen of Skies (IRE)
587 Illustrator (GB) Ch.C. BY Bobby's Kitten (USA) EX Amelia May (GB)
588 New Dynasty (IRE) B.C. BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Brown Diamond (IRE) CS B 21
589 Victory Heights (IRE) B.C. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Zibeling (IRE)
595 Spanish Kiss (GB) B.G. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Kissable (IRE)
597 Onaraggatip (GB) B.G. BY Adaay (IRE) EX Onlyyouknowme (IRE)
623 Tadreeb (IRE) B.C. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Wake Up Call (GB)
624 Ikhtiraaq (IRE) B.C. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Mejala (IRE)
626 Yaahobby (IRE) B.G. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Nations Alexander (IRE)
633 Amjad (GB) Ch.C. BY Decorated Knight (GB) EX Shaden (IRE)
635 Time Interval (GB) B.G. BY Adaay (IRE) EX Kuriosa (IRE)
645 Favorite Moon (GER) B.G. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Favorite (GER)
668 Chairman Power (GB) B.G. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Best Terms (GB)
673 Evaluation (GB) B.G. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Estimate (IRE)
675 King Capella (GB) B.C. BY Kingman (GB) EX Crystal Capella (GB)
687 Captain Middleton (IRE) B.G. BY Camacho (GB) EX Flame Keeper (IRE)
728 Vafortino (IRE) B.C. BY New Bay (GB) EX Arbaah (USA)
731 Brazos (USA) B.G. BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) EX Les Fazzani (IRE)
734 Castletownbere (IRE) Gr.G. BY Ajaya (GB) EX Veneration (GB)
740A Lady Ayresome (IRE) B.F. BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Omanome (IRE) CS A 9
748 Malhoob (USA) Ch.G. BY Kitten's Joy (USA) EX Street Interest (USA)
767 Wexford Soil (IRE) B.G. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Vocal Nation (IRE) CS C 27
771 Flying Visit (IRE) B.G. BY Pride of Dubai (AUS) EX Fionnuar (IRE)
779 Notation (IRE) B.F. BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Party Line (GB)
795 Commit No Nuisance (IRE) Ch.G. BY Ivawood (IRE) EX Free Lance (IRE)
798 Liger King (IRE) Ch.C. BY The Last Lion (IRE) EX Fifth Wonder (USA)
805 Glendevon (USA) Ch.G. BY Scat Daddy (USA) EX Flip Flop (FR)
833 Cynisca (IRE) Ch.F. BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Lisfannon (GB) CS C 25
899 Fahmaan (GB) B.C. BY Frankel (GB) EX Majmu (AUS)
916 Rodin (GB) B.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Moon Goddess (GB) CS B 12
919 Lion Hunter (AUT) Ch.G. BY Hunter's Light (IRE) EX Lightning Debut (GB)
925 Sea Fern (GB) B.F. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Scots Fern (GB)
948 Echo Beach (GB) B.G. BY Adaay (IRE) EX Last Echo (IRE) CS B 19
954 Spangler (IRE) Gr.C. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Sixpenny Sweets (IRE)
987 Soapys Sister (GB) B.F. BY Hot Streak (IRE) EX Littlemisssunshine (IRE) CS A 4
1051 Tatsthewaytodoit (GB) B.G. BY Mayson (GB) EX Resist (GB) CS C 24
1058 Deputy (IRE) B.G. BY Lawman (FR) EX Finagle (IRE)
1064 Pride of England (GB) B.G. BY Pride of Dubai (AUS) EX Weetles (GB) CS A 6
1100 Zeeband (IRE) B.G. BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Zeeba (IRE)
1103 Waldlowe (GB) B.G. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Waldnah (GB)
1136 Sir Edward Elgar (IRE) B.C. BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Stroke of Six (IRE)
1151 Qareeb (USA) Ch.C. BY Speightstown (USA) EX Flip Flop (FR) CS D 30
1207 Liberty Warrior (IRE) B.G. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Oui Say Oui (IRE) CS A 7
1209 Special Directory (USA) B.F. BY Dialed In (USA) EX Unique Ride (USA)
1210 Thomas Lanfiere (FR) B.G. BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Lexi The Princess (IRE)
1212 Newbolt (IRE) Gr.G. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Nirva (IRE)
1216 First Crowd (GB) B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Garanciere (FR)
1250 Monash (IRE) B.G. BY Lawman (FR) EX True Crystal (IRE) CS E 40
1273A Swinton Noon (GB) B.G. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Marasil (IRE)
1307 Dancin Boy (GB) Br.G. BY Gregorian (IRE) EX La Gifted (GB) CS B 13
1333 Kornflake (IRE) Ch.F. BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Muccia (IRE)
1340 Jusumi (IRE) Ch.F. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Palmina (GB) CS E 36
1378 Imperial Eight (IRE) B.F. BY Lawman (FR) EX Avomcic (IRE)
1379 Aleef (IRE) B.G. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Okba (USA)
1399 Truganini (IRE) B.F. BY Lawman (FR) EX Tazmania (IRE)
1422 Falafel (GB) B.F. BY Olympic Glory (IRE) EX Maleficent (GB) CS E 37
1423 Fulsome (GB) B.F. BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Summer In February (GB) CS E 38
1425 Taa Laa (GB) B.F. BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Kirrin Island (USA) CS E 39
1437 Lady Dauphin (IRE) B.M. BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Chateau Dauphin (USA) CS D 32
1441 Arsaad (IRE) B.C. BY Awtaad (IRE) EX Afdhaad (GB)
1446 Kitaab (GB) B.C. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Life of Pi (GB)
1470 Sport Mode (GB) B.G. BY Ardad (IRE) EX High Tan (GB) CS E 34
1471 Giria (IRE) Ch.F. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Silent Confession (IRE) CS E 35
1488 Ivaquestion (IRE) B.G. BY Ivawood (IRE) EX Parlour (GB)
1517 Stone Axe (IRE) Ro.C. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Roystonea (GB) CS A 1
1523 Regal Rhapsody (GB) B.F. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Scent of Roses (IRE) CS E 33
1528 Churchill (IRE) / Zanzibar Girl (USA) B.G. (IRE)
1530 Keel Bay (IRE) B.F. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Slieve (GB)
1571 Nibras Storm (GB) B.C. BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Yensi (GB)


Catalogue Updates
1South Carolina (IRE) B.F. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Miss Mocca (GB)
5One Hart (IRE) Br.G. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Crystal Morning (IRE)
8Amazon Prince (IRE) Ch.G. by Bungle Inthejungle (GB) x Rythm of The Night (IRE)
9Honorah (GB) B.C. by Ardad (IRE) x Cherrego (USA)
13Naasha (IRE) B.F. by Pride of Dubai (AUS) x Sugardrop (GB)
14Hidden Haven (IRE) B.F. by New Bay (GB) x High Haven (IRE)
17Sense of Security (GB) B.F. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Lilly Junior (GB)
18Sidcot Swallet (GB) B.G. by Showcasing (GB) x Reedanjas (IRE)
20Definitive Force (IRE) B.C. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Harvest Joy (IRE)
21Siraju (GB) B.C. by Showcasing (GB) x Bereka (GB)
23Gun Dog (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Shesthebiscuit (GB)
26O Sullivan (IRE) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Carpet Lady (IRE)
32Mawkeb (USA) B.C. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Illegal Search (USA)
34Eshkaal (IRE) Ch.C. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Falling Petals (IRE)
37Murbih (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Leyburn (GB)
39Rafiq (GB) B.C. by Ribchester (IRE) x Saraaba (IRE)
42Full of Beans (GB) B.F. by Spill The Beans (AUS) x Naivasha (GB)
43Regimental Gent (GB) B.G. by The Gurkha (IRE) x City Girl (IRE)
47Snapcracklepop (GB) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Sweet Secret (GB)
71Equus Deus (IRE) B.C. by Galileo (IRE) x Mystical Lady (IRE)
76Radrizzani (GB) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Dhanyata (IRE)
77Adjudicator (IRE) Gr.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x African Moonlight (UAE)
78Golden Owl (USA) B.F. by War Front (USA) x Tell Me Now (IRE)
81Patsy Fagan (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Traveller's Tales (GB)
85Offering (GB) B.F. by Twilight Son (GB) x Pious (GB)
88Annandale (IRE) Ch.C. by Australia (GB) x Fountain of Honour (IRE)
98Monteria (IRE) B.C. by Mehmas (IRE) x Rip Van Music (IRE)
106Mosaaheb (GB) Ch.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Spirit of Xian (IRE)
107Aqwaam (GB) Gr.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Aghaany (GB)
113Caio Shark (IRE) B.C. by Kodi Bear (IRE) x Liel (GB)
114Magic Warrior (IRE) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Alkhawarah (USA)
116Uncs (IRE) B.C. by Galileo Gold (GB) x Bronze Baby (USA)
120Appellation (IRE) B.F. by Kodiac (GB) x Stor Mo Chroi (IRE)
127Shielded (IRE) B.G. by Buratino (IRE) x Shambolique (GB)
130Atacamena (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Emboss (IRE)
131Chinook (GB) B.F. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Papaya (IRE)
137Baltic Coast (IRE) Gr/Ro.G. by New Approach (IRE) x Kurland (IRE)
143Reigning Profit (IRE) Ch.G. by Profitable (IRE) x Reign (IRE)
148Out of Reason (GB) Ch.G. by Outstrip (GB) x Perception (IRE)
152Allen Key (GB) B.C. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Alinstante (GB)
154Tellmeyourstory (USA) Ch.F. by Karakontie (JPN) x Al Beedaa (USA)
164Ones Are Wild (GB) Ch.G. by Bated Breath (GB) x Bouvardia (GB)
167Sands Fury (IRE) B.G. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Fast Candy (IRE)
168Capoeira (IRE) B.G. by Fascinating Rock (IRE) x Dancealot (GB)
171Heidi High (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Takizada (IRE)
173Nicks Not Wonder (GB) B.G. by Siyouni (FR) x Singuliere (IRE)
174Astaroth (GB) B.C. by Bated Breath (GB) x Israfel (GB)
176Chorus Girl (GB) B.F. by Showcasing (GB) x Lady Lockwood (GB)
189One Night Stand (GB) B.G. by Swiss Spirit (GB) x Tipsy Girl (GB)
191Majalh (IRE) B.C. by Siyouni (FR) x Musaanada (GB)
193El Hibri (IRE) B.G. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Shawka (GB)
194Jureer (IRE) B.G. by Territories (IRE) x Baqqa (IRE)
195Jaafel (IRE) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Cheetah (GB)
196Asadjumeirah (GB) B.C. by Adaay (IRE) x Place In My Heart (GB)
198Barud (GB) Gr.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Syann (IRE)
201Third Kingdom (GB) B.C. by Make Believe (GB) x Spring In The Air (CAN)
202Cooperation (IRE) B.G. by Mehmas (IRE) x Ripalong (IRE)
211Mr Professor (IRE) B.G. by Profitable (IRE) x Law of The Range (GB)
212Glory Fighter (GB) B.G. by Kyllachy (GB) x Isola Verde (GB)
213Jump The Gun (IRE) B.G. by Make Believe (GB) x Sound of Guns (GB)
219Like A Lion (IRE) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Termagant (IRE)
222Abrag (IRE) B.C. by Acclamation (GB) x By Jupiter (GB)
223Hollow Steel (IRE) B.F. by Cotai Glory (GB) x Sunny Hollow (GB)
228Bicep (IRE) B.G. by Mehmas (IRE) x Crafty Notion (IRE)
237Amhran Na Bhfiann (IRE) B.C. by Galileo (IRE) x Alluring Park (IRE)
238The Mediterranean (IRE) Ch.C. by Galileo (IRE) x Flashy Wings (GB)
248Coupe de Champagne (GER) Ch.F. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Capichera (GER)
252Cairn Gorm (GB) Ch.C. by Bated Breath (GB) x In Your Time (GB)
255Admiral D (IRE) B.G. by Ardad (IRE) x Derval (IRE)
257I Am Magic (IRE) B.C. by Magician (IRE) x Miss Frangipane (IRE)
260Immelmann (GER) B.G. by Adlerflug (GER) x Irika (GER)
261Croupier (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Aaraamm (USA)
265Corvair (IRE) B.G. by Toronado (IRE) x Nagham (IRE)
266Labeebb (IRE) B.G. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Tazffin (IRE)
270Star Jewel (GB) B.F. by Territories (IRE) x Dubai Affair (GB)
273Saval Boys (IRE) B.G. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Blue Jean Baby (GB)
278Trueba (IRE) Br.G. by Alhebayeb (IRE) x Rosa Clara (IRE)
281Shariq (FR) B.G. by Dabirsim (FR) x Twilight Tear (GB)
285Sibaaq (GB) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Maid To Dream (GB)
289Irreverent (GB) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Royal Rascal (GB)
293Pythagoras (IRE) B.C. by Zoffany (IRE) x Alegra (GB)
296Alghazaal (GB) Ch.G. by Teofilo (IRE) x Tanfidh (GB)
299Tall Order (IRE) B.G. by Muhaarar (GB) x Fate (FR)
301Bookmark (GB) B.F. by New Approach (IRE) x Free Verse (GB)
302Horoscope (IRE) B.C. by No Nay Never (USA) x Inca Wood (UAE)
307Lough Derg (IRE) Gr.C. by Galileo (IRE) x Easton Angel (IRE)
309Azano (GB) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Azanara (IRE)
310Coase (GB) B.G. by Zoffany (IRE) x Sharnberry (GB)
311Cosmos Raj (GB) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Cosmos Pink (GB)
312Doctor Parnassus (IRE) B.G. by Make Believe (GB) x We'll Go Walking (IRE)
314Sassified (IRE) Ch.G. by Excelebration (IRE) x Satwa Pearl (GB)
318Lord Gorgeous (IRE) B.C. by Bated Breath (GB) x Dawreya (IRE)
321Skilled Warrior (IRE) B.G. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Sushi Tuna (GB)
323Khatm (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Hawaafez (GB)
330Dark Tulip (GB) B.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Rimth (GB)
331Hapap (IRE) B.C. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Apphia (IRE)
337Fierospeed (IRE) B.C. by Zoffany (IRE) x Stor Mo Chroi (IRE)
341Dukebox (IRE) B.G. by Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) x Broadway Duchess (IRE)
342Devilwala (IRE) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Najraan (GB)
343Hey Mr (GB) B.G. by Territories (IRE) x Filona (IRE)
350Capla Fever (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Full Moon Fever (IRE)
354Arabic Welcome (IRE) B/Br.G. by Shamardal (USA) x Bint Almatar (USA)
358Atalis Bay (GB) B.C. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Atalis (GB)
359Big Kitten (USA) Ch.G. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Queen Martha (USA)
362Mr Excellency (IRE) B.C. by Awtaad (IRE) x Katla (IRE)
364CAce Rothstein (USA) B.G. by More Than Ready (USA) x A P Cindy (USA)
369Alexander James (IRE) B.G. by Camelot (GB) x Plying (USA)
371Restitution (FR) B.G. by Frankel (GB) x Restiana (FR)
373Alphonse Karr (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Plus Ca Change (IRE)
374Red Flyer (IRE) Ch.G. by Free Eagle (IRE) x Hip (GB)
376No Nay Bella (IRE) B.F. by No Nay Never (USA) x Illuminating Dream (IRE)
378Shoot To Kill (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Nancy Astor (GB)
382User Kindly (GB) B.C. by Golden Horn (GB) x Round Midnight (GB)
384Lochanthem (GB) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Locharia (GB)
387Irish Acclaim (IRE) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Irish Cliff (IRE)
391Shining Aitch (GB) Gr.G. by Sepoy (AUS) x Light Shine (GB)
392Imagine Freedom (GB) Ch.F. by Equiano (FR) x Fleeting Image (GB)
394Hen Harrier (IRE) Ch.F. by Profitable (IRE) x Ventura Falcon (IRE)
395Le Reveur (IRE) B.G. by Dream Ahead (USA) x Don't Be (GB)
401Heshmah (USA) Ch.F. by Kitten's Joy (USA) x Shaaraat (USA)
403Two Door Saloon (IRE) B.F. by Tamayuz (GB) x Duchesse (IRE)
405Zebelle (GB) Ch.F. by Profitable (IRE) x Buttercross (GB)
408Torvi (GB) B.F. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Characterized (GB)
410Zain Nibras (IRE) B.C. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Queen Zain (IRE)
413Gin O'Clock (IRE) B.C. by Kodi Bear (IRE) x Katherine Lee (IRE)
417Hooflepuff (IRE) B.G. by Gale Force Ten (GB) x Hflah (IRE)
418My Bonnie Lassie (GB) B.F. by Highland Reel (IRE) x Bonnie Arlene (IRE)
419Maggie's Joy (GB) B.F. by Time Test (GB) x Pure Joy (GB)
420Fae The Port (FR) B.G. by French Navy (GB) x Gipsy Doll (GB)
423Pop Favorite (GB) Br.G. by Fastnet Rock (AUS) x Soundstrings (GB)
424Harbour Vision (GB) Gr.G. by Harbour Watch (IRE) x Holy Nola (USA)
435Tahonta (IRE) B.G. by Red Jazz (USA) x Jedward (IRE)
441Aljasur (GB) Ch.C. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Ashaaqah (IRE)
444Elsals (GB) B.C. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Ejaazah (IRE)
446Itiraz (IRE) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Taqdees (IRE)
447Mohakkim (IRE) B/Br.C. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Hukamaa (GB)
450Qeyaam (IRE) Gr.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Aghaany (GB)
455Percy's Prince (GB) B.G. by Sir Percy (GB) x Attainable (GB)
459Open Wide (USA) B/Br.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Nunavik (IRE)
464Mumtaaz (IRE) B.G. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Monzza (GB)
467Arthur Conan Doyle (GB) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Secret Keeper (GB)
468Il Bandito (IRE) B.G. by Acclamation (GB) x Molly Dolly (IRE)
470Mummy's Boy (GB) B.C. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Dance On The Hill (IRE)
475Point Lynas (IRE) B.C. by Iffraaj (GB) x Initially (GB)
479Willoughby Bay (IRE) B.F. by Profitable (IRE) x Emperors Pearl (IRE)
486Nationwide (IRE) Ch.C. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Duquesa (IRE)
490Brazilian Beach (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Dutota Desejada (BRZ)
491Prospect (GB) B.G. by Shalaa (IRE) x Souville (GB)
495Billy Mill (GB) B.C. by Adaay (IRE) x Phantom Spirit (GB)
497Fascinating Shadow (IRE) B.G. by Fascinating Rock (IRE) x Golden Shadow (IRE)
501Tajdid (FR) B.G. by Toronado (IRE) x Anew (GB)
505Eagle Court (IRE) B.G. by Free Eagle (IRE) x Classic Remark (IRE)
507Ford Madox Brown (GB) Gr.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Bruxcalina (FR)
514Come Quick (IRE) B.G. by Es Que Love (IRE) x In Seconds (USA)
515Hypersonical (IRE) B.C. by Kingman (GB) x Flying Fairies (IRE)
516Rosie's Return (GB) B.G. by Cityscape (GB) x Rosie Royce (GB)
519Ramadhaan (IRE) Ch.F. by Ribchester (IRE) x Kalaatah (USA)
520Jumhoor (GB) Ch.C. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Populist (IRE)
522Yagamar (GB) B.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Yaazy (IRE)
523Eklil (GB) B.C. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Raaqy (IRE)
525Montashy (IRE) Br.C. by Frankel (GB) x Fawz (GB)
527Alrehb (USA) Gr/Ro.G. by War Front (USA) x Tahrir (IRE)
535Peerless Percy (IRE) B.G. by Sir Percy (GB) x Victoria Montoya (GB)
539Navajo Spring (IRE) B.F. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Clifton Dancer (GB)
541Hobsons Bay (IRE) B.C. by Camelot (GB) x Emirates Joy (USA)
556Soaring Star (IRE) B.G. by Starspangledbanner (AUS) x Peig (IRE)
565Aunt Agatha (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x La Napoule (GB)
566Mercurial (IRE) B.G. by Prince of Lir (IRE) x Conjuring (IRE)
571Byzantia (GB) B.F. by Golden Horn (GB) x Hoyam (GB)
573Charger (IRE) Ch.G. by Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Back In The Frame (GB)
574Glentaneous (IRE) B.G. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Spontaneous (IRE)
575Tanfantic (GB) B.G. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Tan Tan (GB)
576Locke (IRE) B.C. by Muhaarar (GB) x Single (FR)
577Hannibal Barca (IRE) B.C. by Zoffany (IRE) x Innocent Air (GB)
582Chase The Dollar (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Cape Dollar (IRE)
583Basilicata (IRE) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Policoro (IRE)
589Victory Heights (IRE) B.C. by Siyouni (FR) x Zibeling (IRE)
592Desert Gulf (GB) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Sabaweeya (GB)
594Eagle Creek (IRE) B.G. by Raven's Pass (USA) x Blue Angel (IRE)
595Spanish Kiss (GB) B.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Kissable (IRE)
597Onaraggatip (GB) B.G. by Adaay (IRE) x Onlyyouknowme (IRE)
615Baldomero (IRE) B.C. by Shalaa (IRE) x Besotted (IRE)
616Rekero (IRE) B.C. by Fastnet Rock (AUS) x Pride (FR)
624Ikhtiraaq (IRE) B.C. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Mejala (IRE)
627Mariha (IRE) Br.F. by Muhaarar (GB) x Muraaqaba (GB)
630Amir Kabir (GB) B.G. by Mukhadram (GB) x Victory Garden (GB)
631Rikona (GB) B.F. by Shalaa (IRE) x Paradise Sea (USA)
632Next Second (GB) B.F. by Hot Streak (IRE) x Millisecond (GB)
633Amjad (GB) Ch.C. by Decorated Knight (GB) x Shaden (IRE)
634Lion Face (IRE) B.G. by Animal Kingdom (USA) x Blue Enzian (USA)
640Bonneval (GB) B.G. by Siyouni (FR) x Dreamlike (GB)
645Favorite Moon (GER) B.G. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Favorite (GER)
650Penywern Taverner (GB) Br.C. by Slade Power (IRE) x Jumeirah Palm Star (GB)
651Hurry Up Hedley (IRE) B.G. by Mehmas (IRE) x Forevertwentyone (IRE)
652Art Expert (GB) B.C. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Private Advisor (GB)
653Luis Fernando (IRE) Gr.C. by Australia (GB) x Bewitched (IRE)
654Ametist (GB) Ch.G. by Dutch Art (GB) x Zykina (GB)
659Kolisi (IRE) B.G. by Harzand (IRE) x Wild Step (GER)
662Titian (IRE) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Lucelle (IRE)
663Wink of An Eye (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Momentary (GB)
665Nuance (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Intimation (GB)
667Alignak (GB) Gr.H. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Albanova (GB)
671Atacama Desert (IRE) Ch.C. by Galileo (IRE) x Ikat (IRE)
673Evaluation (GB) B.G. by Dubawi (IRE) x Estimate (IRE)
676Satono Chevalier (IRE) B.C. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Albisola (IRE)
680My Frankel (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x My Special J's (USA)
692Stylish Performer (IRE) Ch.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Va Pensiero (IRE)
699Animal Instinct (GB) Ch.C. by Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) x Alea Iacta (GB)
700Bodyline (IRE) B.G. by Australia (GB) x Eurirs (FR)
701Caribeno (GB) Ch.G. by Archipenko (USA) x Cubanita (GB)
703Carpentier (FR) B.G. by Intello (GER) x Ellary (FR)
704Lindwall (IRE) Ch.G. by Australia (GB) x Cochabamba (IRE)
706The Tide Turns (GB) Ch.G. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Red Roxanne (GB)
709Mahagoni (GB) B.G. by Muhaarar (GB) x Festoso (IRE)
717In The Breeze (IRE) B.G. by Harzand (IRE) x Its In The Air (IRE)
723Barn Owl (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Thistle Bird (GB)
725Dandyville (IRE) Ch.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Lady Mandeville (IRE)
730Speak In Colours (GB) Gr.H. by Excelebration (IRE) x Maglietta Fina (IRE)
734Castletownbere (IRE) Gr.G. by Ajaya (GB) x Veneration (GB)
737Strawberry Rock (IRE) B.G. by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) x Strawberry Vodka (GB)
738Grocer Jack (GER) B.C. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Good Donna (GER)
754Qitaal (GB) Ch.C. by Iffraaj (GB) x Qaafeya (IRE)
759Follow Your Heart (IRE) B.G. by Estidhkaar (IRE) x Al Gharrafa (GB)
768Business Speak (IRE) B.G. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Yes Oh Yes (USA)
770Stylistic Approach (IRE) Ch.G. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Strapless (IRE)
774Porsche Cavalier (IRE) B.F. by Cotai Glory (GB) x Silca Boo (GB)
779Notation (IRE) B.F. by Poet's Voice (GB) x Party Line (GB)
782Panama City (GB) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Guavia (GER)
787Thunder Ahead (GB) B.C. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Champagne Time (IRE)
790Twilight Secret (GB) B.C. by Twilight Son (GB) x Crinkle (IRE)
792Join Forces (IRE) Gr/Ro.F. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Enrol (GB)
795Commit No Nuisance (IRE) Ch.G. by Ivawood (IRE) x Free Lance (IRE)
803Kingsholm (IRE) B.G. by Tagula (IRE) x Fixed Gaze (USA)
808Al Tilal (IRE) Ch.F. by Anjaal (GB) x Anythingknappen (IRE)
810Trinity Girl (GB) B.F. by Teofilo (IRE) x Micaela's Moon (USA)
811Ten Ten Twenty (IRE) B.C. by Vadamos (FR) x Echo River (USA)
812Arges (IRE) B.C. by Fast Company (IRE) x Avenue Montaigne (IRE)
818Reliable Man (GB) / Swedish Challenge (USA) Ch.F.
820Coast (GB) B.F. by Aclaim (IRE) x Rio's Cliffs (GB)
822Lifetime Legend (IRE) B.G. by Pride of Dubai (AUS) x Livia Galilei (IRE)
826Temple Lock (GB) Ch.G. by Pivotal (GB) x Graduation (GB)
827Great Commission (GB) B.G. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Duchess of Gazeley (IRE)
829Zoom Tiger (IRE) B.C. by Zoffany (IRE) x Tiger Lilly (IRE)
832De Vega's Warrior (IRE) B.C. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Oh Sedulous (IRE)
833Cynisca (IRE) Ch.F. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Lisfannon (GB)
836Al Aabir (IRE) B.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Wo de Xin (GB)
839Mayaal (USA) Ch.C. by Tamarkuz (USA) x Marraasi (USA)
840El Koun (IRE) Ch.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Nozhar (IRE)
847Quarantini (GB) Ch.F. by Showcasing (GB) x Valentine Glory (GB)
848Petit Larme (IRE) B.F. by Zarak (FR) x Petit Calva (FR)
850Dream A Little (GB) B.F. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Got To Dream (GB)
851Crocus (IRE) B.F. by New Bay (GB) x Bluebell (IRE)
857Prize Fighting (GB) B.G. by Sepoy (AUS) x Street Fire (IRE)
858Tommy Rock (IRE) Gr.G. by Society Rock (IRE) x Chiara Wells (IRE)
860Pinball Wizard (IRE) B.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Alsalwa (IRE)
863Incumbent (GB) B.G. by Ulysses (IRE) x Executrix (GB)
866Carey Street (IRE) B.G. by Bungle Inthejungle (GB) x Undulant Way (GB)
869Ritchie Valens (IRE) Ch.G. by Helmet (AUS) x Miss Cape (IRE)
871Musicality (GB) B.G. by Kyllachy (GB) x Allegro Viva (USA)
874Alnood (IRE) B.F. by Profitable (IRE) x Maramba (USA)
881Fast Style (IRE) B.G. by Camacho (GB) x That's My Style (GB)
885Ahlawi (GB) Ch.G. by Shamardal (USA) x Lovely Pass (IRE)
893Motarajja (IRE) B.G. by Frankel (GB) x Rumoush (USA)
894Taraashoq (GER) B.G. by Maxios (GB) x Tassina (GER)
899Fahmaan (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Majmu (AUS)
904Got The Moves (IRE) Br.F. by Vadamos (FR) x Johara (IRE)
911Aldbourne (IRE) B.C. by Awtaad (IRE) x Always Gentle (IRE)
913Delayed Departure (GB) Ch.G. by Postponed (IRE) x Ana Shababiya (IRE)
914Calm Universe (USA) B.F. by Blame (USA) x Unifier (USA)
916Rodin (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Moon Goddess (GB)
921Spirit Level (GB) B.G. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Cape Spirit (IRE)
923Without Envy (GB) B.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Purple Pearl (IRE)
924Mostly Cloudy (IRE) B.C. by Harzand (IRE) x Clarinda (FR)
930Doolin Dancer (IRE) B.G. by Fast Company (IRE) x Anayid (GB)
933Swift Verdict (GB) B.C. by Dubawi (IRE) x Just The Judge (IRE)
934Baronial Pride (GB) B.G. by Mayson (GB) x Trust Fund Babe (IRE)
937Brazen Idol (GB) Br.C. by Brazen Beau (AUS) x Babylon Lane (GB)
947Queenie Newall (FR) B.F. by Olympic Glory (IRE) x Ornelia Ruee (FR)
949Crane (IRE) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Coconut Kreek (GB)
952King of Clubs (GB) B.C. by Intello (GER) x Queen Arabella (GB)
953Marsabit (IRE) Ch.G. by Mehmas (IRE) x Masela (IRE)
954Spangler (IRE) Gr.C. by Starspangledbanner (AUS) x Sixpenny Sweets (IRE)
959Totally Hip Hop (GB) B.F. by Pivotal (GB) x Hippy Hippy Shake (GB)
964Carbon (IRE) B.C. by Kodiac (GB) x Mzyoon (IRE)
966Thunder Power (IRE) Ch.G. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Paris To Peking (ITY)
968Jaramillo (GB) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Guajara (GER)
970Good Humor (GB) B.G. by Distorted Humor (USA) x Time On (GB)
975Allerby (GB) B.F. by Iffraaj (GB) x Alice Alleyne (IRE)
981Bucephalus (GER) B.G. by Soldier Hollow (GB) x Batya (IRE)
987Soapys Sister (GB) B.F. by Hot Streak (IRE) x Littlemisssunshine (IRE)
989Patient Dream (FR) B.G. by Al Kazeem (GB) x Parnell's Dream (GB)
991Galah (GB) B.F. by Australia (GB) x Lunar Spirit (GB)
996Maamur (IRE) B.C. by Tamayuz (GB) x Dheyaa (IRE)
997Mumayaz (IRE) B.G. by Tamayuz (GB) x Rashaaqa (GB)
1000Hanaady (GB) Ch.F. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Harlequin Girl (GB)
1003Dream Tale (GB) B.G. by Shamardal (USA) x Dream Book (GB)
1004Sense of Worth (IRE) B.G. by Street Sense (USA) x Desert Song (USA)
1005Pin Your Hopes (IRE) B.G. by Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) x Izola (GB)
1007Dreamweaver (IRE) B.G. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Livia's Dream (IRE)
1009Mount Mogan (GB) B.G. by Helmet (AUS) x Super Midge (GB)
1010Paxos (IRE) Gr.G. by Outstrip (GB) x Ella Fitz (GB)
1020Miquelon (GB) B.G. by Kingman (GB) x Canada Water (GB)
1024Celtic Empress (GB) B.F. by Golden Horn (GB) x Cartimandua (GB)
1025Higher Kingdom (GB) B.G. by Kingman (GB) x Noozhah (GB)
1026Khagan (IRE) B.G. by Le Havre (IRE) x Knyazhna (IRE)
1030Race Card (GB) B.C. by Kingman (GB) x Kazeem (GB)
1031Shenu (USA) B.G. by American Pharoah (USA) x Gitchee Goomie (USA)
1032Zwelela (FR) B.F. by Toronado (IRE) x Umm Bab (IRE)
1037Groom (GB) Br.C. by Aclaim (IRE) x Tohaveandtohold (GB)
1052Poppy Petal (IRE) B.F. by Fast Company (IRE) x Rare Ransom (GB)
1053Ridgeway (FR) Gr.G. by Outstrip (GB) x Bocca Bianca (GER)
1055Chipotle (GB) B.C. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Lightsome (GB)
1056Flame of Freedom (IRE) B.F. by Dragon Pulse (IRE) x Catalan (IRE)
1057Byron Hill (IRE) B.G. by Kingston Hill (GB) x Gwen Lady Byron (IRE)
1058Deputy (IRE) B.G. by Lawman (FR) x Finagle (IRE)
1059Beauty Choice (GB) B.G. by Bated Breath (GB) x Modesty's Way (USA)
1061Billhilly (GER) B.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Boccassini (GER)
1078Rewired (GB) Ch.G. by Power (GB) x Kekova (GB)
1082Onesmoothoperator (USA) Br.C. by Dialed In (USA) x Sueno d'Oro (USA)
1086Tiger Crusade (FR) B.C. by No Nay Never (USA) x Folle Allure (FR)
1089Eastern Sheriff (GB) B.G. by Lawman (FR) x Abunai (GB)
1090Imrahor (GB) B.G. by Kingman (GB) x She's Mine (IRE)
1097Apparate (GB) B.H. by Dubawi (IRE) x Appearance (GB)
1104Mushirif (IRE) B.C. by Belardo (IRE) x Albemarle (GB)
1114Boltaway (GB) Ch.C. by Dubawi (IRE) x Proviso (GB)
1119Thaler (GB) B.C. by Dubawi (IRE) x Timepiece (GB)
1120Baseman (GB) B.C. by Kingman (GB) x Big Break (GB)
1128Bright Blue (IRE) Ch.C. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Colour Bright (IRE)
1134Weddell Sea (IRE) B.G. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x West of Venus (USA)
1135Helsinki Heights (IRE) B.F. by Shalaa (IRE) x Elhaam (IRE)
1136Sir Edward Elgar (IRE) B.C. by No Nay Never (USA) x Stroke of Six (IRE)
1137Implore (GB) Ch.C. by Ulysses (IRE) x Plead (GB)
1139Pied Piper (GB) Ch.G. by New Approach (IRE) x Pure Fantasy (GB)
1145Imperial Sun (GB) B.C. by Sea The Stars (IRE) x Abunai (GB)
1149Tabdeed (GB) Ch.G. by Havana Gold (IRE) x Puzzled (IRE)
1154Jawhary (GB) B.G. by Cable Bay (IRE) x Conservatory (GB)
1156Mayaas (GB) Gr.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Best Terms (GB)
1157Moktasaab (GB) Ch.G. by Lope de Vega (IRE) x Dash To The Front (GB)
1160Saboor (GB) B.F. by Belardo (IRE) x Abaq (GB)
1162Dark Jedi (IRE) B.G. by Kodiac (GB) x Whitefall (USA)
1165Let Me Be (IRE) B.G. by Gale Force Ten (GB) x Peryzat (IRE)
1166Noble Crusade (USA) B.C. by Noble Mission (GB) x Hint of Joy (USA)
1170Bashful (GB) B.C. by Manduro (GER) x Inhibition (GB)
1171Classic Lord (GER) Ch.C. by Lord of England (GER) x Classic Diva (GER)
1181Wallem (GB) B.G. by Sea The Moon (GER) x A L'Anglaise (GB)
1191Strait of Hormuz (IRE) B.G. by Sir Percy (GB) x Sliabh Luachra (IRE)
1192Italian Breeze (GB) Ch.G. by Bated Breath (GB) x Novellara (GB)
1193Out The Hat (GB) B.G. by Helmet (AUS) x Random (GB)
1195Stour (GB) B.C. by Frankel (GB) x Moment In Time (IRE)
1215General Panic (GB) B.C. by Outstrip (GB) x Dominance (GB)
1220Rouge Et Noir (FR) B.F. by Dabirsim (FR) x Puzzler (IRE)
1230Ardance (GB) B.C. by Ardad (IRE) x Sand Dancer (IRE)
1231Shouldering (IRE) B.F. by Epaulette (AUS) x Abhasana (IRE)
1232Lamorna Cove (GB) B.F. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Abbakova (IRE)
1237Miss Houdini (IRE) Gr.F. by Gutaifan (IRE) x Starlite Sienna (IRE)
1239Resilience (GB) B.G. by Aclaim (IRE) x Calypso Choir (GB)
1240Single Minded (GB) Gr.G. by Caravaggio (USA) x Prize Diva (GB)
1242Clay Regazzoni (GB) B.G. by Due Diligence (USA) x Shifting Moon (GB)
1249Bad Rabbit (IRE) B.G. by Iffraaj (GB) x Bint Nayef (IRE)
1250Monash (IRE) B.G. by Lawman (FR) x True Crystal (IRE)
1252Val de Travers (GB) B.G. by Swiss Spirit (GB) x Silver Act (IRE)
1254Two Worlds Collide (GB) B.F. by Mondialiste (IRE) x Kaiulani (IRE)
1259Smoke Without Fire (GB) Ch.F. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Kelowna (IRE)
1262Regina George (IRE) B.F. by Shalaa (IRE) x Mystic Image (USA)
1263Just A Claim (IRE) Br.F. by Aclaim (IRE) x Billowing (IRE)
1265Steel Shine (IRE) B.G. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x To Shine (GB)
1267Ciotog (IRE) Ch.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Cristal Fashion (IRE)
1273Nikolayeva (GB) B.F. by Archipenko (USA) x Nezhenka (GB)
1278Fox Leicester (IRE) Gr.G. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Pop Art (IRE)
1284Ebtihaaj (FR) B.C. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Gold Sands (IRE)
1292Anhaar (GB) B.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Shaaqaaf (IRE)
1293Viceregent (GB) B.G. by Nathaniel (IRE) x Simply Shining (IRE)
1296Claim To Fame (GB) B.C. by Aclaim (IRE) x Rohlindi (GB)
1299Mystical Music (GB) Ch.G. by Al Kazeem (GB) x Midnight Dance (IRE)
1305Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) / Fantastic Account (GB) B.F.
1311Donizetti (GB) B.G. by Twilight Son (GB) x Modern Art (GB)
1318Brown Owl (IRE) B.F. by Footstepsinthesand (GB) x Serabrina (IRE)
1322Von Der Leyen (IRE) B.F. by Gleneagles (IRE) x Wild Idle (USA)
1324Awesome Lawson (IRE) Ch.C. by Prince of Lir (IRE) x Joyous (GB)
1328Whiskey 'n' Chips (GB) Gr.F. by Dark Angel (IRE) x Ensemble (FR)
1336Coffee Mehmas (IRE) Ch.F. by Mehmas (IRE) x Height of Vanity (IRE)
1337Dubai Jungle (GB) B.F. by Aclaim (IRE) x Virginia Hall (GB)
1338Moonbootz (IRE) Ch.G. by No Nay Never (USA) x Orange Pip (GB)
1339Fille de La Lune (GB) B.F. by Sea The Moon (GER) x Tickle Me (GER)
1340Jusumi (IRE) Ch.F. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Palmina (GB)
1349Kentucky Kitten (IRE) B.G. by Bobby's Kitten (USA) x Galistic (IRE)
1353Swiss Knight (GB) B.G. by Oasis Dream (GB) x Swiss Diva (GB)
1356Von Melas (IRE) B.G. by Battle of Marengo (IRE) x Rock Magic (IRE)
1357Williewinamillion (GB) B.G. by Charm Spirit (IRE) x Mrs Greeley (GB)
1359Alfaares (IRE) B.C. by Awtaad (IRE) x Aljaaziah (GB)
1360Eldeyaar (IRE) Br.G. by Slade Power (IRE) x Wardat Dubai (GB)
1375Musahaba (GB) B.G. by Muhaarar (GB) x Handassa (GB)
1378Imperial Eight (IRE) B.F. by Lawman (FR) x Avomcic (IRE)
1383Hoopmalassie (USA) B.F. by Honor Code (USA) x Casual Smile (GB)
1393Night Glass (IRE) B.C. by Galileo Gold (GB) x Hen Night (IRE)
1397Geri Hatrick (GB) B.F. by Dabirsim (FR) x Elite (GB)
1401Lady Rowah (IRE) Gr.F. by El Kabeir (USA) x Beacon of Hope (IRE)
1406Young Winston (GB) B.G. by Churchill (IRE) x Come With Me (GB)
1410Chanteiro (GB) B.C. by Iffraaj (GB) x Galician (GB)
1411Wootton Creek (GB) B.F. by Wootton Bassett (GB) x Tuileries (GB)
1413Old Dixie (USA) B.G. by Union Rags (USA) x Seagrass (USA)
1416Hello Jumbo (GB) Gr.G. by Brazen Beau (AUS) x Gone Sailing (GB)
1422Falafel (GB) B.F. by Olympic Glory (IRE) x Maleficent (GB)
1423Fulsome (GB) B.F. by Slade Power (IRE) x Summer In February (GB)
1424Miss Britain (IRE) B.F. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Britain's Pride (GB)
1439Alanine (GB) Gr/Ro.F. by Bobby's Kitten (USA) x Albacocca (GB)
1445Janoobi (IRE) Ch.C. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Southern Belle (IRE)
1446Kitaab (GB) B.C. by Showcasing (GB) x Life of Pi (GB)
1447Laatansa (FR) Ch.C. by New Bay (GB) x Louve Rare (IRE)
1451Where You At (GB) B.G. by Twilight Son (GB) x Peace Concluded (GB)
1455Fossos (IRE) B.G. by Dandy Man (IRE) x Beguiler (GB)
1469Jakks Groove (IRE) Ch.G. by Profitable (IRE) x By The Edge (IRE)
1470Sport Mode (GB) B.G. by Ardad (IRE) x High Tan (GB)
1471Giria (IRE) Ch.F. by Exceed And Excel (AUS) x Silent Confession (IRE)
1478Saulire Star (IRE) B.F. by Awtaad (IRE) x Gallic Star (IRE)
1487Chloholteen (GB) Gr.F. by Clodovil (IRE) x Shemissa (IRE)
1488Ivaquestion (IRE) B.G. by Ivawood (IRE) x Parlour (GB)
1495Refai (IRE) Ch.C. by El Kabeir (USA) x Penny Boo (IRE)
1496Quiet Thunder (IRE) B.F. by Night of Thunder (IRE) x Elevator Action (IRE)
1503Ivan Drago (GB) Br.G. by Equiano (FR) x Tesary (GB)
1510Shaamy (IRE) B.C. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Sharedah (IRE)
1511Shuyyookh (IRE) B.G. by Profitable (IRE) x Dutch Heiress (GB)
1513Rufaafa (GB) B.F. by Invincible Spirit (IRE) x Rufoof (GB)
1519Aadel (FR) B.C. by Birchwood (IRE) x Bright Smile (FR)
1528Churchill (IRE) / Zanzibar Girl (USA) B.G.
1530Keel Bay (IRE) B.F. by Starspangledbanner (AUS) x Slieve (GB)
1539Sulevia (GB) B.F. by Pearl Secret (GB) x Lightable (GB)
1544Princess Siyouni (IRE) B.F. by Siyouni (FR) x Librettista (AUS)
1547Navajo Dawn (IRE) B.F. by Dawn Approach (IRE) x Patience Alexander (IRE)
1557Shahnaz (IRE) B.F. by Decorated Knight (GB) x Fol O'Yasmine (GB)
1561Special Company (IRE) B.G. by Fast Company (IRE) x Special Chocolate (FR)
1562Portia's Pearl (GB) Ch.F. by Bated Breath (GB) x Pearl Diva (IRE)
1564Without Delay (IRE) Ch.F. by Decorated Knight (GB) x Apace (IRE)
1566Missed Illusion (IRE) B.F. by Zoffany (IRE) x Thought Is Free (GB)
1569Arrange (IRE) Gr.F. by Mastercraftsman (IRE) x Watsdaplan (IRE)
1572Edge Nibras (GB) Gr.F. by Lethal Force (IRE) x Close To The Edge (IRE)
1573You Missed Her (IRE) B.F. by Camacho (GB) x Woolstone (GB)
1574Hanafy (USA) Ch.G. by Animal Kingdom (USA) x Uroobah (USA)

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