• Purchaser: Derek Iceton
  • Price: 12,000 gns
  • Consignor: Lofts Hall Stud
Sales for Progeny
December Foal Sale 2011 lot 1105 C. by Nayef (USA) 2011, Tara Stud, Ireland=>SN Racing 7,000 gns 
December Foal Sale 2010 lot 907 F. by Sakhee (USA) 2010, Lofts Hall Stud=>Guy Stephenson 4,000 gns 
February Sale 2009 lot 42 C. by Compton Place (GB) 2008, New England Stud=>Mascalls Stud 4,000 gns 
Sales for Half Brothers/Sisters
December Mare Sale 2019 lot 2245 Point of Control (GB) (M. by Pivotal (GB)), Petches Farm=>Omer Halim Aydin 8,000 gns 
December Mare Sale 2014 lot 1532 Point of Control (GB) (M. by Pivotal (GB)), Mount Coote Stud, Ireland=>Petches Farm 90,000 gns 
December Mare Sale 2012 lot 2250 Australian Dreams (GB) (M. by Magic Ring (IRE)), New England Stud=>Sultan Al-Maymoni 7,500 gns 
Autumn Horses in Training Sale 2012 lot 713 Critical Point (GB) (G. by Pivotal (GB)), Heath House Stables (Sir Mark Prescott, Bt.)=>Hyphen Bloodstock 35,000 gns 
December Mare Sale 2011 lot 2302 Needwood Blade (GB) (H. by Pivotal (GB)), Mickley Stud Ltd.=>Lot Withdrawn
October Yearling Sale, Book 1 2011 lot 83 F. by Pivotal (GB) 2010, Lofts Hall Stud=>Blandford Bloodstock 250,000 gns 
July Sale 2011 lot 6 Flashing Blade (GB) (M. by Inchinor (GB)), Selwood Bloodstock=>Five Star Bloodstock 5,500 gns 
October Yearling Sale, Book 1 2010 lot 253 C. by Pivotal (GB) 2009, Lofts Hall Stud=>Sir Mark Prescott, Bt 75,000 gns 
July Sale 2010 lot 125 Flashing Blade (GB) (M. by Inchinor (GB)), Lofts Hall Stud=>Sam Hoskins/Selwood Bloodstock 2,000 gns 
Craven Breeze Up Sale 2010 lot 100 C. by Pivotal (GB) 2008, Mr Malcolm Bastard=>John Ryan Racing 15,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale, Book 1 2009 lot 398 C. by Pivotal (GB) 2008, Highclere Stud=>Vendor 72,000 gns 
July Sale 2006 lot 711 Merveilles (GB) (G. by Vettori (IRE)), Clarehaven Stables=>Stephen Hillen 32,000 gns 
Autumn Horses in Training Sale 2004 lot 1330 Captain Marryat (GB) (G. by Inchinor (GB)), Pendley Farm Stables=>J Akehurst 25,000 gns 
Autumn Horses in Training Sale 2004 lot 848 Flashing Blade (GB) (F. by Inchinor (GB)), Woodside Stables=>Hugo Lascelles Bloodstock 36,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale, Book 1 2004 lot 705 C. by Vettori (IRE) 2003, New England Stud=>J Gosden 85,000 gns 
December Mare Sale 2003 lot 1407 Australian Dreams (GB) (F. by Magic Ring (IRE)), Gorlsdorf Stud, Germany=>New England Stud Farm 47,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale 2002 lot 847 C. by Inchinor (GB) 2001, Lofts Hall Stud=>PW Harris 20,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale 2001 lot 359 F. by Inchinor (GB) , Lofts Hall Stud=>BA McMahon 20,000 gns 
December Yearling Sale 2000 lot 100 F. by Magic Ring (IRE) , Lofts Hall Stud=>BBA Germany 6,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale 1999 lot 154 C. by Pivotal (GB) , Lofts Hall Stud=>BBA (UK) 33,000 gns 
October Yearling Sale 1998 lot 199 F. by Distant Relative , Lofts Hall Stud=>Sir Mark Prescott BT 5,000 gns