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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Day 1 186 4,172,000 22,430 13,250 130,000
Whole Sale 330 5,940,900 18,003 10,000 130,000
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
249 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Party Whip (IRE), 2017 B.M. Pelosi (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Compas Equine 26,000
189 BY Ajaya (GB) EX Sensiz (IRE), 2018 B.F. Unconquered (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
451 BY Al Kazeem (GB) EX Pennard (IRE), 2017 B.F. Diva Kareem (IRE) George Baker Racing LLP Lot Withdrawn
453 BY Aussie Rules (USA) EX Purest (GB), 2016 Gr.F. Huddle (GB) Rathmoy Stables (W. Knight) Peter Harper 3,000
191 BY Australia (GB) EX Crafty (AUS), 2018 B.F. Justatune (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
306 BY Australia (GB) EX Namaadhej (USA), 2017 B.G. Gibson Desert (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
244 BY Azamour (IRE) EX Flashing Green (GB), 2009 B.M. Portraitofmylove (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Jill Lamb Bloodstock 6,000
430 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Wedding Morn (IRE), 2018 B.F. Bated Wedding (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Lot Withdrawn
195 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Kammaan (GB), 2016 B.M. Maerchengarten (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Muhammad Anjum 3,000
282 BY Brazen Beau (AUS) EX Jawaayiz (GB), 2018 B.F. Traditional Dress (GB) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Harry Tucker 800
426 BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Spinning Ruby (GB), 2017 B.C. Ocean Monarch (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
295 BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Dark Swan (IRE), 2017 B.F. Golden Cygnet (GB) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Philippa Mains 3,000
439 BY Camacho (GB) EX Leenavesta (USA), 2017 B.G. Gaelforce West (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
409 BY Camelot (GB) EX Logjam (IRE), 2017 B.G. Arthur's Court (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment MFH Bloodstock 12,000
187 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Signella (GB), 2014 B.M. Around The Cape (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud Muhammad Anjum 2,000
202 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Fairy Godmother (GB), 2008 B.M. Caraboss (GB) The Royal Studs Lot Withdrawn
246 BY Captain Rio (GB) EX Glinting Desert (IRE), 2008 Ch.M. Starbound (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. SackvilleDonald 13,000
381 BY Casamento (IRE) EX Reclamation (IRE), 2014 B.M. Rythmique (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Charles Shanahan / Harry Swan 46,000
180 BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Aswaaq (IRE), 2015 B.M. Star of Athena (GB) Castle Piece Stables (Mrs A. Stronge) Vendor 800
231 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Stybba (GB), 2017 B.F. Child Star (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
212 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Whatizzit (GB), 2018 B.F. Ecologically Kind (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud Five Star Bloodstock 2,000
459 BY Charming Thought (GB) EX Echo of Dubai (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. (GB) George Scott Racing Lot Withdrawn
346 BY City Zip (USA) EX Preferential (GB), 2017 B.F. Best Address (USA) Juddmonte Farms Paolo Favero Racing 4,000
271 BY City Zip (USA) EX Midnight Watch (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Frost At Midnight (USA) Godolphin Poppy Holdings 5,500
442 BY Clodovil (IRE) EX Welsh Diva (GB), 2017 B.G. Ballyvil (IRE) Coolmeen Stables, Ireland (Miss E. Holden) Lot Withdrawn
425 BY Dabirsim (FR) EX Cindy Bould (GB), 2016 B.F. Balgees Time (FR) Barton Stud Empire International Bloodstock 7,000
392 BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Mid Mon Lady (IRE), 2016 Gr.M. Fearlessly (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
188 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Idle Tears (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Lapses Linguae (FR) Friars Lough Stables, Ireland Martin Wanless / David Evans 4,500
413 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Paddy Again (IRE), 2016 B.G. Leodis Dream (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Compas Equine / Dave Loughnane 41,000
362 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Nancy Astor (GB), 2017 B.G. Shoot To Kill (IRE) George Scott Racing Lot Withdrawn
353 BY Dansili (GB) EX Entree (GB), 2017 B.F. Ensillar (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
349 BY Dansili (GB) EX Aspiring Diva (USA), 2017 B.F. Contestant (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
238 BY Dansili (GB) EX Bonash (GB), 2005 B.M. Sense of Joy (GB) Juddmonte Farms Barry Lynch 22,000
328 BY Dansili (GB) EX Rewaaya (IRE), 2017 B.F. Zagrah (GB) Shadwell Stud Ron Charles 14,000
341 BY Dansili (GB) EX Milford Sound (GB), 2017 B.C. Caldwell (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
333 BY Dansili (GB) EX Sleep Walk (GB), 2017 Br.G. Night Ranger (GB) Juddmonte Farms Guy Stephenson 16,000
416 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Nazym (IRE), 2017 B.G. Naizagai (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Marcus Collie 40,000
266 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Huma Bird (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Demimonde (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
405 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Sander Camillo (USA), 2017 Gr.F. Good Reason (GB) Godolphin Rae Guest Racing 45,000
225 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Falsafa (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Aayaat (IRE) Shadwell Stud Rae Guest Racing 4,000
321 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Bridal Dance (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Monya (IRE) Shadwell Stud Barronstown Stud 100,000
366 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Miss Indigo (GB), 2016 B.M. Indigo Angel (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment John & Jake Warren 70,000
286 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Badweia (USA), 2017 Gr.F. Onwaan (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
287 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Amjaad (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Qaarry (IRE) Shadwell Stud D Bayliss 6,000
412 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX By Invitation (USA), 2017 B.G. Sports Reporter (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment New Approach Bloodstock 18,000
456 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Whazzis (GB), 2018 B.C. Whyzzat (GB) George Scott Racing Colm Sharkey Agent 9,000
171 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Coquette Noire (IRE), 2016 B.F. Initial Approach (IRE) Matthew Brown Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 4,500
432 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Estiqbaal (GB), 2016 B.G. Ambitious Approach (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Not Sold 33,000
434 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Symmetrical (USA), 2017 Ch.C. Geometrical (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
312 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Dochas Is Gra (IRE), 2017 B.G. Radical Approach (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
313 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Vocal Nation (IRE), 2017 B.F. Moments Linger (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
407 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Innuendo (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Euphemism (IRE) Godolphin Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 10,000
205 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Newsroom (IRE), 2016 B.M. Early Edition (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Paere Dansk 5,500
290 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Reyaadah (GB), 2017 B.F. Tameemah (IRE) Shadwell Stud BBP Racing 3,000
323 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Rawaaq (GB), 2017 B.F. Faakhirah (IRE) Shadwell Stud BBA Ireland 8,500
277 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Fashion Line (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Key Look (IRE) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Lot Withdrawn
253 BY Domesday (AUS) EX Family Breakup (AUS), 2007 Br.M. Divorces (AUS) Godolphin JS Bloodstock 13,000
252 BY Dubai Destination (USA) EX Maskunah (IRE), 2008 B.M. Saadiah (IRE) Godolphin John Walsh Bloodstock 14,000
221 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Symba's Dream (USA), 2011 Gr.M. Jufoon (GB) Shadwell Stud Tweenhills 35,000
281 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Red Dune (IRE), 2017 B.F. Saaryaa (IRE) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) A C Elliott, Agent 50,000
259 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Alsindi (IRE), 2016 B.M. Across The Sea (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
388 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Zofzig (USA), 2016 B.M. Zarnitsa (GB) Godolphin Tally-Ho Stud 90,000
273 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Great Virtues (IRE), 2017 B.F. Virtuous Lady (GB) Godolphin NBB Racing 37,000
404 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Colour (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Rainbow Falls (IRE) Godolphin Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock / AWB 62,000
268 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Karenine (GB), 2017 B.F. Eternal Sunset (GB) Godolphin NBB Racing 18,000
396 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Avongrove (GB), 2017 B.F. Atavique (GB) Godolphin Gay Kelleway Racing 18,000
178 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Petong's Pet (GB), 2010 Ch.M. Hawsies Dream (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
322 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Maqaasid (GB), 2017 B.F. Atiaaf (GB) Shadwell Stud Haras du Mont dit Mont 30,000
448 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Time Control (GB), 2016 B.G. Blowing Dixie (GB) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Adam Potts 50,000
447 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Nashmiah (IRE), 2016 B.G. Azets (GB) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Johnstone Partnership 13,500
203 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Free Verse (GB), 2017 B.F. Innovation (GB) The Royal Studs Lot Withdrawn
199 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Jadhwah (GB), 2017 B.F. Good View (IRE) Coolmeen Stables, Ireland (Miss E. Holden) Lot Withdrawn
240 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Cosseted (GB), 2017 B.M. Sheltered (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Willie Musson Racing 7,000
423 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Rosaline (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Aletta de Frey (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) David White 800
223 BY Dynaformer (USA) EX Mehthaaf (USA), 2007 B.M. Thaahira (USA) Shadwell Stud Tina Rau Bloodstock 20,000
436 BY Epaulette (AUS) EX Indolente (IRE), 2017 B.G. Hisnameis Mrdevitt (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
319 BY Equiano (FR) EX Intrusion (GB), 2015 Ch.G. Equitant (GB) Copper Beech Stables, Ireland (M. Halford) Lot Withdrawn
248 BY Equiano (FR) EX Lacework (GB), 2012 B.M. Lacing (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
194 BY Equiano (FR) EX Kammaan (GB), 2013 Br.M. Andalusite (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 4,500
301 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Vayasa (FR), 2016 Br/Gr.G. Juan de Valdes (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
236 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Imperialistic Diva (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Mia Diva (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Kern/Lillingston Association 28,000
386 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Intrum Morshaan (IRE), 2009 B.M. Al Baidaa (GB) Godolphin Federico Barberini 26,000
297 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Gift of Spring (USA), 2016 B.G. Memsie (IRE) Mayfield Stables, Ireland Hilltop Racing 20,000
272 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Good Place (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Dubai Paradise (IRE) Godolphin Kelly Equine Services 11,000
399 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Raphinae (GB), 2017 B.F. Amber Island (IRE) Godolphin Compas Equine / Dave Loughnane 57,000
193 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Queen Philippa (USA), 2018 B.F. (GB) Hetta Stevens Bloodstock J Delahooke 60,000
234 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Crackle (GB), 2011 B.M. Chutney (IRE) Selwood Bloodstock Philippa Mains 17,000
250 BY Excelebration (IRE) EX Pioneer Bride (USA), 2014 B.M. Bonnie Arlene (IRE) Highclere Stud W Clifford 25,000
314 BY Excelebration (IRE) EX Taarkod (IRE), 2016 B.G. Facethepuckout (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
415 BY Farhh (GB) EX Radhaadh (IRE), 2017 B.C. Fahad (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
299 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Question Times (GB), 2014 B.G. Entangling (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud Suzanne Roberts, Agent 38,000
357 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Beyond Compare (IRE), 2017 B.C. Beyond Happy (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
435 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Dance Troupe (GB), 2017 B.C. Hook Head (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
360 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Mica's Pride (AUS), 2013 B.G. Comin' Through (AUS) George Scott Racing Lot Withdrawn
371 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Desert Tigress (USA), 2017 B.F. Bengal (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment P & F Monfort 18,000
198 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Natural Choice (GB), 2017 B.F. Sands Souci (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm Paere Dansk 800
441 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Lake Louise (IRE), 2017 B.G. Lake Sand (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Select Racing Bloodstock / Sam Stronge 15,000
359 BY Fracas (IRE) EX Alertness (IRE), 2017 B.G. Up With The Play (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
310 BY Fracas (IRE) EX Airgead Nua (USA), 2017 B.G. Fiscal Prudence (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
334 BY Frankel (GB) EX Responsible (GB), 2017 B.G. Indigo Lake (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
340 BY Frankel (GB) EX Tates Creek (USA), 2017 Ch.C. Woodstock Park (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
255 BY Galileo (IRE) EX Hill of Snow (GB), 2009 B.M. Snowgal (IRE) Godolphin John Walsh Bloodstock 14,000
364 BY Galileo (IRE) EX Saoire (GB), 2014 B.M. Classic Code (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Jason Kelly Bloodstock 65,000
374 BY Garswood (GB) EX Inheritance (GB), 2017 B.M. Endowment (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Muhammad Anjum 7,000
411 BY Garswood (GB) EX Resist (GB), 2017 B.F. Funny Valentine (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Muhammad Anjum 3,500
369 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Cap Coz (IRE), 2017 B.F. Justbecoz (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Valfredo Valiani 30,000
337 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Very Good News (USA), 2017 B.C. Classical Wave (GB) Juddmonte Farms Highfield Bloodstock / Charlie Pigram 24,000
414 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Nobilis (GB), 2017 B.C. Aquileo (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
256 BY Gold Away (IRE) EX Tigresse Africaine (FR), 2010 B.M. Tunkwa (FR) Godolphin Jack Cantillon 14,000
363 BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Labise (IRE), 2017 B.F. Scherzo (GB) George Scott Racing Ron Charles 32,000
389 BY Green Desert (USA) EX Amalie (IRE), 2010 B.M. Shafaani (GB) Godolphin Federico Barberini 42,000
368 BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Payphone (GB), 2017 Br.F. Vintage Polly (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Compas Equine / Rebecca Menzies 10,000
420 BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Al Andalyya (USA), 2017 B.F. A Day At The Races (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) McCracken Farms 18,000
316 BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Sabinillas (IRE), 2017 Br.G. Formyboys (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Vendor 6,000
174 BY Halling (USA) EX Star Precision (GB), 2009 Ch.M. Astra Hall (GB) EAM Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
196 BY Harbour Watch (IRE) EX Bonnie Grey (GB), 2016 B.M. Bonny Blue (GB) Ms Vivienne O'Sullivan Muhammad Anjum (P.S.) 3,000
350 BY Hard Spun (USA) EX July Jasmine (USA), 2017 B.F. Summer Drive (USA) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
293 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Intizara (GB), 2017 B.F. Calatrava (IRE) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
320 BY Helmet (AUS) EX Ready When You Are (IRE), 2016 Ch.G. Sky Seven (IRE) Copper Beech Stables, Ireland (M. Halford) Lot Withdrawn
361 BY Helmet (AUS) EX Champagne Aerial (IRE), 2017 B.G. Bolly Bullet (IRE) George Scott Racing Lot Withdrawn
183 BY Helmet (AUS) EX Glee Club (GB), 2018 B.F. (GB) Exeter House Stables (P. J. McBride) Lot Not Sold 2,500
300 BY High Chaparral (IRE) EX Awjila (GB), 2015 B.G. Alonso Cano (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment David White 800
215 BY High Chaparral (IRE) EX Diamonaka (FR), 2008 Gr.M. Millennium Star (IRE) Fittocks Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 21,000
296 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Dame d'Honneur (IRE), 2017 B.F. Helvezia (IRE) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
179 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Missliyna (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Isca Augusta (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
421 BY Hot Streak (IRE) EX Never In (IRE), 2017 Ch.G. Qaaddim (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
338 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Cosmos Pink (GB), 2018 B.C. Cosmos Raj (GB) Juddmonte Farms Jason Kelly Bloodstock 2,000
280 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Dance Awhile (IRE), 2017 B.F. Manaatig (GB) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Jay Smith 1,500
211 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Nashama (IRE), 2017 Ch.M. Say It Simple (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud Paragon Bloodstock 1,500
257 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Sweet Lilly (GB), 2016 B.M. Regal Lilly (IRE) Godolphin Willie Musson Racing 7,000
261 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Pretty Primo (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Kitty Marion (GB) Godolphin Edgar Byrne 3,000
367 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Dubai Bounty (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Maximum Effect (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Avenue Bloodstock / Denniff Farms 70,000
289 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Spiritual Air (GB), 2017 B.F. Tamaas (IRE) Shadwell Stud Blandford Bloodstock 10,000
348 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Abated (GB), 2018 B.F. Courcelles (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
184 BY Indian Ridge EX Mubadalah (USA), 2007 Gr.M. Indian Dumaani (GB) Clover Leaf Stud Brookside Stud 6,000
373 BY Indian Rocket (GB) EX Freeze Frame (FR), 2005 B.M. Damdam Freeze (FR) Barton Stud Margaret O'Toole 70,000
429 BY Intello (GER) EX Tiziana (FR), 2017 B.G. Tizio (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 4,000
379 BY Intello (GER) EX Heaven Sent (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Heavenly Bliss (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Federico Barberini 40,000
291 BY Intello (GER) EX Kamarinskaya (USA), 2017 Br.F. Closing Show (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
284 BY Intello (GER) EX Hawraa (GB), 2017 B.F. Infitaah (GB) Shadwell Stud Daniel Steele Racing 2,000
227 BY Intello (GER) EX Murahana (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Haseenah (IRE) Shadwell Stud Paragon Bloodstock 1,000
292 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Rainbow Springs (GB), 2017 B.F. Paradise On Earth (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
387 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Zabeel Park (USA), 2016 B.M. Handmaiden (GB) Godolphin Hilborough Stud 24,000
269 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Spinning Cloud (USA), 2017 B.F. Falling Mist (IRE) Godolphin BBP Racing 10,000
204 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Liscune (IRE), 2011 B.M. Laftah (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) BBA Ireland 25,000
325 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Sharqeyih (GB), 2017 B.F. Minhaaj (IRE) Shadwell Stud Attwater Racing 35,000
378 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Clinical (GB), 2015 Gr.M. Procedure (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Tweenhills 65,000
440 BY Ivawood (IRE) EX Krynica (USA), 2017 B.G. Ivan The Great (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
418 BY Karakontie (JPN) EX Perfect Step (IRE), 2017 B.G. Troll Peninsula (USA) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
458 BY Karakontie (JPN) EX Twinkler (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Teach (USA) George Scott Racing Ramzi Alghul 1,500
347 BY Kendargent (FR) EX Palmette (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Silver Palm (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
260 BY Kheleyf (USA) EX Areyaam (USA), 2010 Ch.M. Go Angellica (IRE) Godolphin Avenue Bloodstock 42,000
237 BY Kingman (GB) EX Tested (GB), 2017 B.M. Depose (GB) Juddmonte Farms T Bloodstock 17,000
279 BY Kingman (GB) EX Soryah (IRE), 2017 B.F. Majestic Jewel (GB) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Five Star Bloodstock 9,000
401 BY Kingman (GB) EX Sweet Rose (GB), 2017 B.F. Charming Rose (GB) Godolphin BBA Ireland 9,000
351 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Revered (GB), 2017 B.F. Optimate (GB) Juddmonte Farms Tally-Ho Stud 52,000
307 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Savannah Poppy (IRE), 2017 Br.G. Grizzly (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
408 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Dhuma (GB), 2017 B.F. Falconidae (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
254 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Miss Mariduff (USA), 2017 B.M. Execlusive (IRE) Godolphin John & Jake Warren 35,000
397 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Need You Now (IRE), 2017 B.F. Quiet Place (IRE) Godolphin Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 19,000
457 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Sighora (IRE), 2017 B.G. Socialize (GB) George Scott Racing Lot Withdrawn
285 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Pilates (IRE), 2017 B.F. Manaabit (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
228 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Mulkeyya (IRE), 2017 B.F. Shuthoor (IRE) Shadwell Stud D Carr 12,500
427 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Roger Sez (IRE), 2017 B.C. Papa Bear (FR) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
370 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Portentous (GB), 2017 B.F. Loquacious (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Paul Harley Bloodstock 4,000
232 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Esuvia (IRE), 2015 B.M. Kalagia (IRE) Highclere Stud Tim Lane 130,000
201 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Society Pearl (IRE), 2016 B.M. Oona (IRE) Annshoon Stud, Ireland Muhammad Anjum 4,000
175 BY Kuroshio (AUS) EX Angry Bark (USA), 2016 B.F. Lady Wolf (GB) Ms Vivienne O'Sullivan Lot Withdrawn
380 BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Palatial (GB), 2014 B.M. Vaulted (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Blandford Bloodstock 60,000
172 BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Bride of The Sea (GB), 2010 B.M. Silvala Dance (GB) Upperwood Farm & Stud Lot Not Sold 12,000
365 BY Lawman (FR) EX Bright Sapphire (IRE), 2016 B.M. Wall of Sapphire (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 68,000
375 BY Lawman (FR) EX Field of Miracles (IRE), 2016 B.M. Litigious (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Ballygriffin 40,000
454 BY Lawman (FR) EX Dylanesque (GB), 2018 B.G. He Do (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud Jalil al Mallah 2,000
311 BY Lawman (FR) EX Amhrasach (IRE), 2017 B.C. Legal Reform (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Ivan Furtado 17,000
235 BY Lawman (FR) EX Drama Class (IRE), 2017 B.F. Drama School (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. Stroud Coleman Bloodstock / Brightwalton Stud 62,000
218 BY Lemon Drop Kid (USA) EX Sigurwana (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Faene Queene (USA) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. Forde Bloodstock 20,000
382 BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Lily's Angel (IRE), 2017 B.M. Vega's Angel (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Haras du Mont dit Mont / Linacre Stud 80,000
245 BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Diamond Sky (IRE), 2016 B.M. Lyra's Light (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Neil Goldie-Scot 38,000
354 BY Make Believe (GB) EX Argumentative (GB), 2017 B.F. Sophistry (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
443 BY Make Believe (GB) EX Sandslide (GB), 2017 B.G. Believe Jack (FR) Coolmeen Stables, Ireland (Miss E. Holden) Lot Withdrawn
331 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Sacred Shield (GB), 2017 Ch.G. John Locke (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
216 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Muneefa (USA), 2015 B.M. Padella (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Houghton Bloodstock 28,000
308 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Selva Real (GB), 2017 Gr/Ro.C. Irish Master (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
445 BY Mayson (GB) EX Ravensburg (GB), 2017 B.G. Smoke Shadow (IRE) Induna Stables (C. Wall) David White 800
182 BY Mayson (GB) EX Handsome Molly (GB), 2016 B.F. Molly Mai (GB) Exeter House Stables (P. J. McBride) Lot Withdrawn
336 BY Mizzen Mast (USA) EX Flute (USA), 2017 B.C. Musical Mast (USA) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
330 BY More Than Ready (USA) EX Alb (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Taste The Nectar (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) Tareq Moubarak 11,500
283 BY More Than Ready (USA) EX Lismore (USA), 2017 Gr.F. Al Shomookh (IRE) Shadwell Stud Blandford Bloodstock 10,000
192 BY Morpheus (GB) EX Think (FR), 2017 B.F. Annangel (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Meah Lloyd Bloodstock 28,000
241 BY Motivator (GB) EX Courting (GB), 2016 B.M. Pay Court (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Highflyer Bloodstock 24,000
190 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Long Face (USA), 2017 B.F. Ya Beauty (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
276 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Propel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Jazz Music (GB) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) L Shaw 2,000
327 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Mudaaraah (GB), 2017 B.F. Widaad (GB) Shadwell Stud Hurworth Bloodstock 12,000
449 BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Labisa (IRE), 2016 B.F. Flaunt It (IRE) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Renello Bloodstock Agency 5,000
197 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Enchufla (GB), 2014 B.M. Kwikstep (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Katie-Marie Morgan 2,000
422 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Ta Ammol (GB), 2017 B.C. Waleydd (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
384 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Innuendo (IRE), 2016 B.M. Hinting (GB) Godolphin Jill Lamb Bloodstock 28,000
391 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Pomology (USA), 2016 Br.M. Teikei (IRE) Godolphin Federico Barberini 65,000
398 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Dancing Sands (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lyrical Approach (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
270 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Haughtily (IRE), 2017 B.F. Hyacinth (IRE) Godolphin Stuart McPhee 6,000
265 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Khothry (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Rhythm of Life (IRE) Godolphin Jon Buzzeo 4,000
226 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Ghasabah (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Faadiyah (IRE) Shadwell Stud Stuart McPhee Bloodstock 2,000
209 BY New Bay (GB) EX Falling Petals (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. (IRE) Norris Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
417 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Semayyel (IRE), 2017 Ch.C. Perfected (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn
294 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Super Marmelade (IRE), 2017 B.F. Dirty Dancer (FR) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Sam Hoskins 3,500
262 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Pivoina (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Pocket Veto (IRE) Godolphin Hilltop Racing 5,500
317 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Terracotta (IRE), 2017 B.G. Ming Warrior (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
304 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX True Verdict (IRE), 2016 B.F. Rest My Case (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
344 BY Noble Mission (GB) EX Faraway Flower (USA), 2017 B.F. Favoured Destiny (USA) Juddmonte Farms Stuart McPhee Bloodstock 4,500
355 BY Noble Mission (GB) EX Hint of Joy (USA), 2017 B.F. Vivency (USA) Juddmonte Farms Simon Hodgson Racing 3,500
428 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Path Wind (FR), 2017 B.G. (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Hilltop Racing 2,000
352 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Surcingle (USA), 2017 B.F. Belted (GB) Juddmonte Farms Hilltop Racing 20,000
345 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Pure Joy (GB), 2017 B.F. Oasis Joy (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
343 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Jostle (USA), 2017 B.F. At Ease (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
342 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Grasped (GB), 2017 B.F. Within Reach (GB) Juddmonte Farms Poppy Holdings 2,000
332 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Deliberate (GB), 2017 B.G. Conscious (GB) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
410 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Clenor (IRE), 2017 B.G. Gigi's Beach (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Durcan Bloodstock / M Dods 25,000
324 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Goleta (IRE), 2017 B.F. Hamaayim (FR) Shadwell Stud Dwayne Woods 57,000
210 BY One Cool Cat (USA) EX Marling (IRE), 2006 B.M. Chatline (IRE) Stetchworth Park Stud Ramzi Alghul 1,200
444 BY Outstrip (GB) EX Shaken And Stirred (GB), 2017 Gr.G. Clonassey (GB) Coolmeen Stables, Ireland (Miss E. Holden) Saad al Khuder / Michael Shefflin 2,000
214 BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB) EX Almost Amber (USA), 2011 B.M. Amontillado (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Ramzi Alghul 2,000
208 BY Peintre Celebre (USA) EX Airline Hostess (IRE), 2012 Ch.M. Amami (IRE) Norris Bloodstock Marcus Collie (P.S.) 8,000
173 BY Peintre Celebre (USA) EX Annalina (USA), 2010 Ch.M. Portrait (GB) EAM Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
233 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Kinnaird (IRE), 2010 Ch.M. Scarborough Fair (GB) Highclere Stud Houghton Bloodstock 17,000
224 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Tahrir (IRE), 2008 B.M. Raasekha (GB) Shadwell Stud Blandford Bloodstock 27,000
377 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Between Us (GB), 2016 B.M. Scheme (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Kelly Equine Services 40,000
247 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Moon Goddess (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Mystic Storm (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Fernham Farm 52,000
376 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Splice (GB), 2007 Ch.M. Interlace (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Tina Rau Bloodstock 21,000
242 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Sea The Bloom (GB), 2017 B.M. Ikebana (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. BLM Bloodstock 17,000
239 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Merletta (GB), 2016 B.M. Gleeful (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. BBA Ireland 7,000
383 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Field of Miracles (IRE), 2013 B.M. Camposanto (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Allan Bloodlines 37,000
243 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Shatter (IRE), 2016 B.M. Dashed (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HE Sultan Aldeen MS Al-Khalifa 8,000
402 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Mar Mar (IRE), 2017 B.F. Markswoman (IRE) Godolphin Muhammad Anjum 4,500
395 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Betimes (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Cuckoo Clock (GB) Godolphin E G P 7,000
264 BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Speak Softly (JPN), 2017 Ch.F. Sylvia Plath (IRE) Godolphin John Berry 3,000
438 BY Power (GB) EX Varenka (IRE), 2017 B.G. Alexei Vronsky (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
207 BY Quality Road (USA) EX Arravale (USA), 2013 B.M. Purple Warrior (USA) Norris Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
176 BY Rail Link (GB) EX Polly Adler (GB), 2015 B.M. Railport Dolly (GB) Furlong Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
303 BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Ayun (USA), 2017 Ch.G. San Bernardo (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Diane Rayner 800
181 BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Have Faith (IRE), 2013 B.M. Fly True (GB) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
177 BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) EX Lady Adnil (IRE), 2009 B.M. Lady Gibraltar (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
450 BY Roderic O'Connor (IRE) EX Russian Rave (GB), 2016 B.F. Pushmi Pullyu (IRE) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing Paere Dansk 2,500
251 BY Scat Daddy (USA) EX Seanchai (USA), 2016 Ch.M. New Jazz (USA) Godolphin Blue Diamond Stud Farm UK 130,000
431 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Coral Wave (IRE), 2018 B.F. Sea The Coral (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Hilltop Racing 1,000
213 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Ebb (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Happiness Needsart (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud Lot Not Sold
263 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Heart of Ice (IRE), 2017 B.F. Polly Gray (IRE) Godolphin Paul Harley Bloodstock 15,000
186 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Dalandra (GB), 2018 B.F. (GB) Brook Stud Jamie Piggott Bloodstock 800
390 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX An Saincheann (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Astonished (IRE) Godolphin BBA Ireland 60,000
385 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Anna Salai (USA), 2016 B.M. Anna Sophia (IRE) Godolphin Lot Not Sold 240,000
403 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Grain Only (GB), 2017 B.F. Star of Venus (GB) Godolphin John & Jake Warren 25,000
394 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Baila Me (GER), 2016 Ch.F. Paschalia (IRE) Godolphin JD Moore 11,500
326 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Shamwari Lodge (IRE), 2017 B.F. Mohassan (IRE) Shadwell Stud BBA Ireland 62,000
200 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Loreto (IRE), 2015 B.M. Lost Comet (IRE) Annshoon Stud, Ireland Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 6,000
446 BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Generous Lady (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Carleen (GB) Induna Stables (C. Wall) Cranford Bloodstock 10,000
258 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Lady Liberty (IRE), 2016 B.M. Athbah (GB) Godolphin BBA Ireland 18,000
393 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Satin Kiss (USA), 2016 B.M. Gentlewoman (IRE) Godolphin Ebonos 125,000
400 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Pimpernel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lady Blakeney (GB) Godolphin Kern/Lillingston Association 50,000
406 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Majestic Queen (IRE), 2017 B.F. Arabian Girl (IRE) Godolphin Against All Odds 75,000
298 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Bimini (GB), 2015 B.G. Kings Highway (IRE) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
318 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Dreaming Beauty (GB), 2017 B.G. Dreaming Gold (GB) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
372 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Scarlet Empire (IRE), 2016 Gr.M. Forty Four Sunsets (FR) Rockcliffe Stud W H Bloodstock 52,000
329 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Sweet Cecily (IRE), 2017 B.F. Exclusively (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
424 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Starfly (IRE), 2016 B.G. Venture (IRE) Barton Stud Compas Equine 5,000
455 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Ziefhd (GB), 2018 B.C. Roosevelt's Grit (GB) George Scott Racing Jalil al Mallah 3,200
220 BY Singspiel (IRE) EX Eshaadeh (USA), 2009 B.M. Fawaayed (IRE) Shadwell Stud BBA Ireland 15,000
217 BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Donatia (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Marilyn (GB) Genesis Green Stud Troy Steve Bloodstock 8,000
274 BY Siyouni (FR) EX Quilting (USA), 2017 B.F. Bright View (IRE) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Stuart McPhee 3,000
275 BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Crimson Year (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Burning Sun (IRE) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Chris Butler 9,000
339 BY Speightstown (USA) EX Red Herring (USA), 2017 B.G. Redshank (USA) Juddmonte Farms Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 17,000
305 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Fataawy (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Herons Nest (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
230 BY Storm Cat (USA) EX Race For The Stars (USA), 2008 B.M. Pacific Pride (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
229 BY Storming Home (GB) EX Sueboog (IRE), 2006 B.M. Storming Sioux (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) BBA Ireland 33,000
302 BY Tagula (IRE) EX Bigasiwannabe (IRE), 2017 B.C. San Juan (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Shaun Keightley 2,000
288 BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Muthabara (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Raajihah (GB) Shadwell Stud Mitchell Hunt 1,000
222 BY Tapit (USA) EX Lear's Princess (USA), 2013 Ch.M. Nawkhatha (USA) Shadwell Stud Tweenhills 30,000
309 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Sanaara (USA), 2015 Ch.G. Theobald (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Fawaz Aldaihani 65,000
358 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Taisce Naisiunta (IRE), 2017 B.G. National Asset (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
356 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Sway Me Now (USA), 2017 Ch.C. Agitare (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
433 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Sanaara (USA), 2017 Ch.C. Fraterculus (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
267 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Kazziana (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Kerrykeel (GB) Godolphin David Botterill 12,000
460 BY The Wow Signal (IRE) EX Devout (IRE), 2018 B.C. (FR) V. de Sousa Shelley Dwyer 4,500
185 BY Toronado (IRE) EX Red Intrigue (IRE), 2016 B.M. Elena (GB) Selwood Bloodstock Paere Dansk 1,000
206 BY Trappe Shot (USA) EX Lexi Morgan (USA), 2017 B.F. Krafla (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) MBC Bloodstock 1,000
335 BY Twirling Candy (USA) EX Short Dance (USA), 2017 B.C. Rondo (USA) Juddmonte Farms Lot Withdrawn
437 BY War Command (USA) EX Patuca (GB), 2017 B.C. Pontchateau (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
315 BY War Command (USA) EX Regency Girl (IRE), 2017 Br.G. Flight Command (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
219 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Magic Nymph (IRE), 2017 B.F. Roccaluce (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
452 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Dashing (IRE), 2017 B.F. Diva Rock (GB) George Baker Racing LLP Lot Withdrawn
278 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Kittens (GB), 2017 B.F. Kitlyn (IRE) Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Out Of Bounds Racing 1,000
419 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Mzyoon (IRE), 2017 B.C. Zegalo (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) Lot Withdrawn