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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Stabling
2026 EX Abated (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2018 B.F. Courcelles (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 403
1366 EX Absolute Crackers (IRE) BY Hard Spun (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Hidden Land (USA) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 118
1854 EX Absolutely Cool (IRE) BY Diamond Green (FR), 2008 Br/Gr.M. Dolly Colman (IRE) Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 277
1237 EX Accipiter (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. Khatwah (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  598
1824 EX Acquainted (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2016 B.F. Love Explodes (GB) Brook Stud Som U 409
1985 EX Acquifer (GB) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2014 B.M. Santafiora (GB) John Troy (Agent) HF L 255
2024 EX Across The Floor (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2018 B.F. Acanella (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 401
1534 EX Adalya (IRE) BY Barathea (IRE), 2007 B.M. Adalawa (IRE) UPDATE Oak Lodge & Springfield House Studs, Ireland Sol A 2
1926 EX Adonita (GB) BY King's Best (USA), 2010 B.M. Albemarle (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  431
2044 EX Aegean Shadow (GB) BY Mayson (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Aegean Mist (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB W 517
1915 EX Affability (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 B.M. Koduro (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 694
1787 EX Affinity (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2016 B.F. Sincerity (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 558
1481 EX Affluent (GB) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2016 B.M. Wealth of Words (GB) UPDATE Ladyswood Stud LY  626
2035 EX Afraah (USA) BY Candy Ride (ARG), 2017 B/Br.F. Tasaamuh (USA) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  606
1373 EX African Rose (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2013 B.M. Cosmos Pink (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som S 365
2055 EX Ahd (USA) BY Mehmas (IRE), 2018 B.F. Takeko (IRE) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  668
1914 EX Ahla Wasahl (GB) BY Vale of York (IRE), 2012 B.M. Vetlana (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Houghton Bloodstock WB X 520
2060 EX Aigrette Garzette (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 B.F. A Touch of Luck (GER) UPDATE Musley Bank Stables (R. Fahey) Fur  460
1206 EX Airfield (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2018 B.F. Ghazaaly (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  589
1754 EX Akua'ba (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2015 B.M. Akua'rella (GER) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 816
1900 EX Al Baidaa (GB) BY New Approach (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Affable (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 741
1838 EX Alaata (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Thowq (IRE) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  590
1790 EX Albany Rose (IRE) BY Power (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Restless Rose (GB) UPDATE Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 283
1901 EX Albavilla (GB) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2013 B.M. Duchy (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 739
2257 EX Alice Rose (IRE) BY War Command (USA), 2016 B.F. War Empress (IRE) UPDATE Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) WB Y 539
2105 EX Alikhlas (GB) BY Alhaarth (IRE), 2003 B.M. Shallika (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 505
1508 EX Alikhlas (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2013 Gr.H. Gutaifan (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland CS F 46
1425 EX Alina (USA) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2017 B.F. Aureum (USA) Godolphin HF F 147
2154 EX Aljaaziah (GB) BY Dawn Approach (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Aqrab (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Far Westfield Farm WB Z 571
2240 EX All About Time (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), 2018 B.F. Tuuli (GB) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF BB 698
1413 EX All's Forgotten (USA) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. Immortal Beloved (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 314
2216 EX Allerton (USA) BY Speightster (USA), 2018 Ch.C. Smart Qibili (USA) UPDATE Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF N 212
2042 EX Allez Y (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Suggestive (IRE) Highclere Stud HF CC 746
1941 EX Alshadhia (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Raoufah (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  596
1271 EX Alshadiyah (USA) BY Candy Ride (ARG), 2017 B.F. Tajamhor (USA) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  606
1275 EX Alsindi (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2016 B.M. Across The Sea (GB) Godolphin HF I 108
1429 EX Amouage (GER) BY Dabirsim (FR), 2017 B.F. Divina Gloria (FR) Godolphin HF G 144
1291 EX Anaamil (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2016 B.M. Marmarr (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 35A
1702 EX Aneedah (IRE) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2014 B.M. Gorgeous Noora (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  678
1450 EX Angel Falls (GB) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2011 B.M. Cascading (GB) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  619
1661 EX Angel Grace (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), 2018 B/Br.F. Mystery Angel (IRE) UPDATE Saffron House Stables (G. Boughey) HF M 231A
1913 EX Angel of The Gwaun (IRE) BY King's Best (USA), 2008 B.M. Missy O' Gwaun (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 521
1264 EX Angel Terrace (USA) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 Ch.M. Lisbet (GB) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF K 194
2251 EX Angelic Air (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2018 Ch.G. Saveatree (GB) UPDATE George Scott Racing RY  650
1846 EX Anita Via (IRE) BY Green Desert (USA), 2008 B.M. Desert Version (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 335
1723 EX Annabelle Ja (FR) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B/Br.F. Unforgetable (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 823
1771 EX Annie's Fortune (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Annie de Vega (GB) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 263
1843 EX Antebellum (FR) BY Dubai Destination (USA), 2009 B.M. Prewar (GB) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  682
1812 EX Appealing (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2016 B.M. Impressionable (GB) Carisbrooke Stud Som U 419
1403 EX Applauded (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 B.F. Teodora de Vega (IRE) UPDATE Hillwood Stud WB W 514
1266 EX Aqsaam (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Badrah (USA) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  601
2000 EX Arabesque (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Arabian Dream (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som R 376
1258 EX Arabesque (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 B.M. Palmette (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som S 358
1927 EX Arabesque (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2006 B.M. Bouvardia (GB) UPDATE Hillwood Stud WB W 511
1533 EX Arabian Flight (GB) BY Sepoy (AUS), 2016 Ch.M. Drop Dead Gorgeous (FR) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 490
2120 EX Ardea Brave (IRE) BY Arakan (USA), 2014 Gr.M. Call Sign Charlie (IRE) UPDATE Throckmorton Court Stud Som O 313
1860 EX Argent du Bois (USA) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2007 B.M. Centime (GB) UPDATE Car Colston Hall Stud HF DD 751
1532 EX Arrivee (FR) BY Whipper (USA), 2014 B.M. Arrawa (FR) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 489
1479 EX Arwaah (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Alnaseem (GB) UPDATE Barton Sales Low  579
1519 EX Asaawir (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 B.F. Little Downs (GB) UPDATE Rockcliffe Stud HF M 233
1876 EX Ascot Lady (IRE) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 B.F. Rome Imperial (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 301
1265 EX Ashaaqah (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Areehaa (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  600
2004 EX Aspiring Diva (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 B.F. Contestant (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som T 380
1503 EX Astral Weeks (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2017 B.F. Boulevard Beauty (IRE) Habton Grange Stables (T. Easterby) WB Z 549
1780 EX Astrelle (IRE) BY Pride of Dubai (AUS), 2018 Br.F. Just Beautiful (GB) UPDATE Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Som R 350
1231 EX Atayeb (USA) BY The Factor (USA), 2017 Gr/Ro.F. Alqifaar (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  591
1610 EX Atheera (IRE) BY Charming Thought (GB), 2018 B.F. Alicestar (GB) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland (Agent) RY  642
1601 EX Atlantic Light (GB) BY Motivator (GB), 2015 B.M. Maiden Voyage (FR) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 524
1888 EX Aunt Nicola (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2017 B.F. Electric Mistress (IRE) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  686
1232 EX Ausus (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Alsharqeya (USA) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  592
2062 EX Avizare (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), 2018 B.F. Samara Bay (IRE) UPDATE Musley Bank Stables (R. Fahey) Fur  462
2175 EX Aymara (GB) BY Selkirk (USA), 2007 B.M. Ermyn Express (GB) Stringston Farm Som P 319
1669 EX Badr Al Badoor (IRE) BY Dream Ahead (USA), 2016 B.F. Archer's Dream (IRE) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 560
2031 EX Badweia (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Onwaan (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  602
1709 EX Badweia (USA) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2014 Ch.M. Nisreen (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 58
1972 EX Baheeja (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2017 B.F. Tarroob (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF G 86
2091 EX Baila Me (GER) BY Shamardal (USA), 2014 Ch.M. Cadencia (GB)  Lot Withdrawn S. Fanning Sales Som O 304
1606 EX Balalaika (GB) BY Green Desert (USA), 2008 B.M. Musical Sands (GB) UPDATE Meon Valley Stud HF BB 699
1607 EX Ballet Ballon (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2012 B.M. Tropicana Bay (GB) UPDATE Meon Valley Stud HF BB 700
1241 EX Ballymore Celebre (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 Ch.M. Casting Spells (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 693
1212 EX Ballymore Celebre (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2018 B.F. Spark Fury (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 488
1774 EX Bandeira (GER) BY Samum (GER), 2017 B.F. Be Easy (GER) Ed Walker Racing WB W 508
1234 EX Baqqa (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2017 B.F. Asiaaf (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  594
1272 EX Basaata (USA) BY Distorted Humor (USA), 2018 B.F. Mowaleda (USA)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  607
1856 EX Bayalika (IRE) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2010 B.M. Dance Pearl (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 496
1478 EX Beat The Stars (IRE) BY Clodovil (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. True To Herself (IRE) Barton Sales Low  580
1553 EX Beatrice Aurore (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Sing A Rainbow (IRE) UPDATE Highfield Bloodstock Som Q 338
1414 EX Because (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Sunset Kiss (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 315
1721 EX Beldarian (IRE) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2015 B.M. Queen of Paris (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 825
1440 EX Belenkaya (USA) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Karymsky (IRE) Godolphin HF G 90
1700 EX Bella Bella (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2010 B.M. Mirror Effect (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  656
2089 EX Bella Chica (IRE) BY Sleeping Indian (GB), 2011 B.M. Sleepy Sioux (GB) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 293
1278 EX Belle Josephine (GB) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2014 B.M. Berengaria (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF I 111
1324 EX Belonging (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Diamond Oasis (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm WB Y 540
1453 EX Benedicte (IRE) BY Camacho (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Aunty Bridy (IRE) UPDATE Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  622
1769 EX Best Regards (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Dark Regard (GB) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 687
1211 EX Best Side (IRE) BY Twilight Son (GB), 2018 B.F. Electric (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 487
1725 EX Bestfootforward (GB) BY Foxwedge (AUS), 2016 Ch.M. Foxtrot Liv (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 821
1672 EX Bewitched (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2013 B.M. Starrylita (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  441
1932 EX Bex (USA) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2006 B.M. Lady Eclair (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 183
1274 EX Bijou A Moi (GB) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.M. Requirement (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 692
2007 EX Binche (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 Br.F. Depeche (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som T 383
2127 EX Birdie (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2010 B.M. Lady Guinevere (GB) Galloway Stud WB Y 546
1499 EX Birthstone (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Gift List (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 554
1961 EX Bitooh (GB) BY The Last Lion (IRE), 2018 B.F. She's A Lion (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF F 146
1239 EX Black Belt Shopper (IRE) BY Bahamian Bounty (GB), 2013 B.M. Bounce (GB) Norris Bloodstock HF M 244
2140 EX Blaise Castle (USA) BY Singspiel (IRE), 2008 Br.M. Blaise Chorus (IRE) Glebe Farm Stables RY  645
1956 EX Blhadawa (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Reassure (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF F 151
1583 EX Blinking (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2014 B.M. Tallulah Rose (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 208
1694 EX Blinking (GB) BY Azamour (IRE), 2012 B.M. Twitch (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 134
1436 EX Blissful Beat (GB) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2017 B.F. Edith Piaf (IRE) Godolphin HF G 94
1348 EX Blithe (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Sainted (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 221A
1279 EX Blue Bunting (USA) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2014 B.M. Blue Illusion (GB) Godolphin HF I 112
1490 EX Blue Crest (FR) BY Brazen Beau (AUS), 2017 Gr.F. Silver Machine (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  672
1889 EX Blue Duster (USA) BY Fantastic Light (USA), 2003 B.M. Blue Beacon (GB) Whitwell Bloodstock WB Y 537
1548 EX Blue Waltz (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Blue Dawn (GB) Fittocks Stud WB X 534
1907 EX Bombazine (IRE) BY Red Ransom (USA), 2008 B.M. Rivara (GB) Petches Farm Som U 414
1449 EX Border Bloom (GB) BY Redoute's Choice (AUS), 2015 B.M. Lilac Fairy (FR) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  618
1852 EX Border Minstral (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2013 B.M. Israfel (GB) UPDATE Rosyground Stud HF J 159
1350 EX Bourbonella (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Bourbonesque (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 712
1310 EX Bouvardia (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Ternifolia (GB) UPDATE Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  435
2012 EX Bracing Breeze (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Marbling (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som T 388
2126 EX Braided (USA) BY Animal Kingdom (USA), 2016 Ch.M. French Twist (GB) UPDATE Kirtlington Park Stud HF H 124
1396 EX Break of Day (USA) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. Lush Life (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  647
1881 EX Bride Unbridled (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2014 B.M. Voi (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 296
1204 EX Bright Glow (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Daleelaty (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  587
1773 EX Bright Moll (GB) BY Helmet (AUS), 2015 Ch.M. Molls Memory (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Ed Walker Racing WB W 507
1798 EX Brigitta (IRE) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2017 B.F. Tampere (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 565
1987 EX Briolette (IRE) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2010 Gr.M. Amarillo Starlight (IRE) Barton Sales Low  586
1869 EX Briolette (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2014 B.M. Send Up (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 96
2141 EX Bristol Fashion (GB) BY Dawn Approach (IRE), 2017 B.F. Megans Approach (GB) UPDATE Glebe Farm Stables RY  646
1752 EX Broadlands (GB) BY Mukhadram (GB), 2017 B.F. Romsey (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 818
2181 EX Bronze Queen (IRE) BY Frozen Power (IRE), 2013 Ch.M. Arctic Royal (IRE) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF BB 696
1223 EX Brooklyn's Storm (USA) BY Zamindar (USA), 2012 B.M. Dark Swan (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn The Royal Studs RY  633
1862 EX Brooks Masquerade (GB) BY One Cool Cat (USA), 2009 Gr.M. Koolgreycat (IRE) Knockatrina House, Ireland HF DD 753
1447 EX Brown Diamond (IRE) BY Camelot (GB), 2017 B.F. Najima (IRE) Godolphin HF G 83
1208 EX Bryanstown (IRE) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.F. Beguiling Charm (IRE) Barton Sales Low  586
1233 EX Brynica (FR) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 B.F. Asbaagh (IRE) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  593
1246 EX Bunditten (IRE) BY Born To Sea (IRE), 2016 B.M. Le Freak (IRE) New England Stud HF J 162
1707 EX Cabaret (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2015 B.M. Lady In Lights (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 56
2078 EX Caelica (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), 2018 B.F. Moon In Her Eye (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland HF D 35A
1426 EX Calando (USA) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2017 B.F. Autumn Cherry (IRE) Godolphin HF F 146
1714 EX Calima Mon Amour (FR) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2015 B/Br.M. Mascha (FR) European Sales Management HF E 62
2281 EX Cape Mystery (GB) BY Free Eagle (IRE), 2018 B.F. Point Louise (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Frenchmans Lodge Stables (H. Dunlop) LY  623
2106 EX Capestar (IRE) BY Delegator (GB), 2016 B.F. Hey Gracie (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 506
1828 EX Capistrano Day (USA) BY Born To Sea (IRE), 2017 B.M. Born To Day (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud HF H 122
2003 EX Caponata (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 Br.F. Cannoli (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som T 379
2090 EX Carefree Smile (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2015 M. Cherina Dynamite (SPA) EAM Bloodstock Som O 292
2122 EX Cartimandua (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. Servilia (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Som O 315
2157 EX Casanga (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2012 B.M. Canyara (GER) UPDATE Selwood Bloodstock HF DD 756
1918 EX Caserta (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Kesia (IRE) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF N 202
1328 EX Catadupa (GB) BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ), 2016 Ch.M. Cabarita (GB) Lanwades Stud Som U 417
1810 EX Cay Dancer (GB) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2017 B.F. Zmile (GB) UPDATE Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 99
2094 EX Cayambe (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2011 B.M. Born To Fly (IRE) College Farm Stables (C. Dunnett) Low  577
1740 EX Cayman Sunset (IRE) BY Compton Place (GB), 2009 Ch.M. Lady Gorgeous (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  660
1349 EX Ceilidh House (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2014 B.M. Skipinnish (GB) UPDATE Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF H 103
1469 EX Celestial Bow (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.F. One Last Look (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 323
1678 EX Cephalonie (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2011 B.M. Simple Magic (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 720
2238 EX Champagne Aerial (IRE) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2015 B.M. Atalanta Queen (GB) Danesbury Racing Stables (R. Brisland) Fur  476
2236 EX Champagne Aerial (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2014 B.M. Navajo Star (IRE) Danesbury Racing Stables (R. Brisland) Fur  474
2222 EX Chances Are (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), 2018 Ch.F. Bamby Splishsplash (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE David O'Meara Racing Ltd. HF D 34
1980 EX Chapel Choir (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Choral Work (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 221
1871 EX Charlotte Bronte (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2012 B.M. Facade (IRE) Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 483
1963 EX Chase The Lady (USA) BY Showcasing (GB), 2018 B.F. Showtime Dancer (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF F 145
2252 EX Chatline (IRE) BY Camelot (GB), 2018 B.C. Too Friendly (GB)  Lot Withdrawn George Scott Racing RY  651
1242 EX Chili Dip (GB) BY Sepoy (AUS), 2016 Ch.M. Grandee Daisy (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  430
1842 EX China Moon (USA) BY Green Tune (USA), 2007 B.M. Green China (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  681
1621 EX Choir Mistress (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2010 B.M. Rock Choir (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 213
2282 EX Chutney (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), 2018 B.F. (GB) Tuite Racing Ltd. HF D 69
1377 EX Cinnamon Bay (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Spice Trail (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som S 369
2275 EX City Zipit (USA) BY Discreetly Mine (USA), 2017 B.F. Banana Island (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Queen Alexandra Stables (Miss G. Kelleway) LY  620
1734 EX Claba di San Jore (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2012 Ch.M. Joyful Hope (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 128
1609 EX Claiomh Solais (IRE) BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ), 2015 Ch.M. Claiomh Geal (GB) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland (Agent) RY  641
1782 EX Claire Soleil (USA) BY Bernardini (USA), 2017 B.F. Sunshine Fun (USA) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 542
1688 EX Classic Park (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2009 B.M. Soon (IRE) New England Stud HF J 169
1951 EX Classical Dancer (GB) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Poet's Queen (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF D 155
1727 EX Clepsydra (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2016 B.M. Time Saver (GB) Genesis Green Stud HF K 267
2002 EX Clepsydra (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Brinjal (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som T 378
1252 EX Clepsydra (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2014 B.M. Amser (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som R 352
1378 EX Clepsydra (GB) BY Zamindar (USA), 2013 B.M. Mechanism (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som R 370
1313 EX Clizia (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Nathalizia (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 747
1729 EX Clizia (IRE) BY Motivator (GB), 2016 B.M. Montjeu's Lady (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Highclere Stud HF DD 727
1687 EX Colima (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Philonikia (GB) UPDATE John Troy (Agent) HF L 254
2262 EX Come To Heel (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2017 Ch.G. Gold Coast (IRE) UPDATE Annshoon Stud, Ireland HF G 83
2271 EX Come Touch The Sun (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.G. Saharan Shimmer (GB) Red House Stables (S. Keightley) Som U 426
1535 EX Comeraincomeshine (IRE) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2007 Ch.M. Singingintherain (IRE) UPDATE Oak Lodge & Springfield House Studs, Ireland Sol A 1
1293 EX Conchita (USA) BY Exchange Rate (USA), 2010 B.M. Music Chart (USA) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 36
2203 EX Conciliatory (GB) BY Anjaal (GB), 2018 Gr.F. Alpine Springs (IRE) Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Som R 353
2220 EX Concra Girl (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2017 Ch.C. Concra Man (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE David O'Meara Racing Ltd. HF D 32
1625 EX Confidential Lady (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2015 B.M. Private View (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 217
2176 EX Confidential Lady (GB) BY Medicean (GB), 2009 B.M. Code Cracker (GB) UPDATE Stringston Farm Som P 320
1928 EX Contredance (USA) BY Victory Gallop (CAN), 2005 B.M. Don't Forget Faith (USA) Highclere Stud HF CC 736
1314 EX Contredanse (IRE) BY Pivotal (GB), 2015 Br.M. Jazz Walk (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 740
1988 EX Cool Question (GB) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2014 B.M. Xenon (GB) Barton Sales Low  585
1306 EX Coplow (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2016 Ch.M. World's Fair (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF F 151
2056 EX Coral Wave (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Over The Ocean (GB) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 194
2285 EX Cordoba (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2012 B.M. Included (GB) LY  624
2158 EX Cornakill (USA) BY Arcano (IRE), 2014 B.M. The Stalking Moon (IRE) Selwood Bloodstock HF DD 757
1385 EX Corps de Ballet (IRE) BY War Command (USA), 2016 B.M. Dancing Warrior (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 301
1547 EX Cosmodrome (USA) BY Pivotal (GB), 2014 B.M. Blondikova (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Fittocks Stud WB X 535
1592 EX Cozy Maria (USA) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 Gr.M. Cozi Bay (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 71
1191 EX Cracking Lass (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2015 B.M. Our Little Pony (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 486
2170 EX Crystal Melody (GB) BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE), 2015 B.M. Sprayy (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 196
2205 EX Crystal Mountain (USA) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2018 B.G. Saveasea (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Som S 355
2218 EX Crystal Swan (IRE) BY Intello (GER), 2015 Br.M. Sarvi (GB) Libo Hill Farm Stables (J. Goldie) Som P 323
1719 EX Crystany (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2015 B.M. Vivianite (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 827
1584 EX Dalasyla (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2015 B.M. Ceramist (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 209
2177 EX Dalasyla (IRE) BY Montjeu (IRE), 2010 B.M. Dalandra (GB) Brook Stud Som Q 337
2196 EX Dam Beautiful (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2018 B.C. London Palladium (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 294
1482 EX Damaniyat Girl (USA) BY Hard Spun (USA), 2013 Ch.M. Tegara (GB) Ladyswood Stud LY  627
1527 EX Dan Loose (IRE) BY Sakhee (USA), 2009 B.M. Dan Loose Daughter (GB) UPDATE Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) HF F 73
1561 EX Dancing Jest (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), 2016 Br.M. Impetus (IRE) Carisbrooke Stud Som U 420
1220 EX Dancing Mirage (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2013 Ch.M. Wearing Wings (GB) Ridge Manor Stables, Ireland HF F 78
2243 EX Dancing Moon (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Reely Bonnie (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Hetland Hill Stables (I. Jardine) HF E 67
1347 EX Danehill Destiny (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2011 B.M. Danehill Revival (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 221
1560 EX Danse Grecque (IRE) BY Dylan Thomas (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Lynique (IRE) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 421
2023 EX Danvina (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Woodhouse (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som U 400
1372 EX Daring Diva (GB) BY Selkirk (USA), 2009 B.M. Caponata (USA) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som S 364
2276 EX Dark Black Diamond (FR) BY Wootton Bassett (GB), 2017 B.F. La Belle Maverique (FR) Queen Alexandra Stables (Miss G. Kelleway) LY  621
2108 EX Dark Missile (GB) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2012 B.M. Midnight Dance (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 46A
2288 EX Dark Swan (IRE) BY Cable Bay (IRE), 2017 B.F. Golden Cygnet (GB) Universal Stud LY  627
1807 EX Darling Grace (GB) BY Swiss Spirit (GB), 2017 B.F. Grace Note (GB) Stephen Kemble Bloodstock (Agent) HF F 79
2187 EX Dashiba (GB) BY Dawn Approach (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Dawn Dash (GB) UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 48
1724 EX Davantage (FR) BY Showcasing (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Devant (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 822
1566 EX Dawn of Empire (USA) BY Showcasing (GB), 2016 B.M. Sundiata (GB) Middlelane Farm, Ireland Sol A 9
2036 EX Daymooma (GB) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2018 B.F. Jarwah (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  607
2188 EX Dazzle Dancer (IRE) BY Dream Ahead (USA), 2014 B.M. Dream Dancing (IRE) UPDATE Kirtlington Park Stud HF H 125
1778 EX Debuetantin (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), 2017 B.F. Dear Power (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  639
2100 EX Degree (GB) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2009 B.M. Alushta (GB) UPDATE Charlock Stud Som O 309
1935 EX Deirdre (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2014 B.M. Nathalie (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 187
1256 EX Deliberate (GB) BY Rail Link (GB), 2011 B.M. Delivery (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som S 356
1562 EX Delightful Rhythm (USA) BY Avonbridge (GB), 2007 B.M. Avon Lady (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 696
1738 EX Demurely (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2014 B.M. Unpretentious (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  658
1870 EX Derry Wood (SAF) BY Al Mufti (USA), 2006 B.M. Alderry (SAF)  Lot Withdrawn Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 482
1493 EX Desert Aisling (IRE) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), 2018 B.F. Setantii Girl (IRE) UPDATE Whatton Manor Stud Som O 280
2142 EX Desert Ease (IRE) BY Fasliyev (USA), 2005 B.M. Fame Game (IRE) Millfields Stables HF J 164
1287 EX Desired (GB) BY Daylami (IRE), 2006 Gr.M. Heart's Content (IRE) Godolphin HF D 32
1199 EX Dhelaal (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2008 B.M. Jadhwah (GB) Shadwell Stud LY  613
2191 EX Diamond Bangle (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2017 B.F. Texas Tea Party (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 101
2107 EX Dimelight (GB) BY Elusive City (USA), 2009 B.M. Elusive Flame (GB) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 46
2247 EX Disclose (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2018 B.F. Sherry Baby (IRE) Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) HF D 71
2201 EX Distorsionada (USA) BY Orb (USA), 2018 Ch.F. Woke Media (USA) UPDATE Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 567
2046 EX Divergence (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 B.F. Deluxe Music (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 502
1365 EX Divine Presence (USA) BY Speightstown (USA), 2017 B.F. Gondwana (USA) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 117A
1461 EX Doctor's Glory (USA) BY Pivotal (GB), 2009 Gr.M. Holistic (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 223
1623 EX Doctor's Glory (USA) BY Mayson (GB), 2014 Gr.M. Spin Doctor (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 215
1634 EX Dolma (FR) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2015 B/Gr.M. Dabble (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 332
1759 EX Donnelly's Hollow (IRE) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 Ch.F. Shauyra (IRE) UPDATE Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 346
1470 EX Donnelly's Hollow (IRE) BY Australia (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Sheila (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 324
1351 EX Dorelia (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.M. Drawing (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 711
1518 EX Dorelia (IRE) BY Compton Place (GB), 2011 Ch.M. Rush (GB) UPDATE Middlelane Farm, Ireland Sol A 10
2270 EX Dorothy B (IRE) BY Australia (GB), 2017 B.F. My Sheila (IRE) Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Fur  467
1382 EX Dowager (GB) BY No Nay Never (USA), 2016 B.M. Nevereversaynever (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 248
1640 EX Drama Class (IRE) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2010 Gr.M. Centred (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 124
1618 EX Dream On Buddy (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2016 B.M. Bandiuc Eile (IRE) UPDATE Boherguy Stud, Ireland LY  628
2086 EX Dreamily (IRE) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.F. Texting (GB) Harraton Court Stables (M. Moubarak) HF I 118
2164 EX Dress Uniform (USA) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2011 Ch.M. Undress (IRE) Highclere Stud HF CC 734
1880 EX Duchesse (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Dacesa (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 297
2283 EX Dynalosca (USA) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2018 B.F. (IRE) Tuite Racing Ltd. HF D 70
1737 EX Easy To Imagine (USA) BY Kuroshio (AUS), 2016 B.F. Kurious (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 276
1312 EX Eccentricity (USA) BY Acclamation (GB), 2012 B.M. Ebb (GB) Highclere Stud HF DD 731
1779 EX Edisia (GB) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2018 B.F. Eco Friendly (IRE) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  640
2258 EX El Manati (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Divine Queen (GB) UPDATE Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) WB Y 540
1673 EX Ela Athena (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2014 Gr.M. Prosper (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  440
1752A EX Ela Athena (GB) BY Kendargent (FR), 2016 Gr.F. Ela Katrina (GB) Wildcard The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 818
1992 EX Elas Diamond (GB) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.M. Elas Girl (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 189
1401 EX Elas Diamond (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 B.M. Lope Athena (GB) Hillwood Stud WB W 512
1613 EX Elbasana (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), 2013 B.M. Embiyra (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Haras des Authieux, France HF E 52
1793 EX Elkmait (GB) BY Mehmas (IRE), 2018 B.F. She's So Nice (IRE) Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 551
1464 EX Elysian (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2016 B.M. Divinity (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 226
1931 EX Emaratiya Ana (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Brideshead (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 742
1452 EX Embellishment (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Kintra (USA) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  621
2011 EX Emergency (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Its A Given (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som T 387
1613A EX Emergency (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2014 Br.M. Facilitate (GB) Wildcard Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 506
1379 EX Emollient (USA) BY War Front (USA), 2016 B.M. Calming Effect (USA) Juddmonte Farms Som R 371
1260 EX Emulous (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Desirous (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som S 360
2015 EX Emulous (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Siliqua (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som U 392
1650 EX Encore Merci (IRE) BY Kendargent (FR), 2015 Ch.M. Eleni (FR) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 182
1743 EX Enjoyable (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 Br.F. Shades of Blue (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  438
2149 EX Enrapture (USA) BY Equiano (FR), 2013 B.M. Encantar (GB) Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 89
2199 EX Epic Emirates (GB) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2018 B.F. Divine Comedy (IRE) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 553
1215 EX Ermine (IRE) BY Nayef (USA), 2012 Ch.M. Hala Madrid (GB) New England Stud HF J 159
1890 EX Esuvia (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), 2013 Ch.M. Amelia Grace (IRE) Spring Cottage Stables (B. Ellison) HF DD 754
1579 EX Eternal Bounty (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2014 B.M. Disdain (USA) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 566
2217 EX Eternal Instinct (GB) BY Orientor (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Oriental Lilly (GB) UPDATE Libo Hill Farm Stables (J. Goldie) Som P 322
1877 EX Ethel (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Raventree (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 300
1531 EX Eurolink Artemis (GB) BY Myboycharlie (IRE), 2016 B.M. Ichigo (GB) Strawberry Fields Stud Sol A 3
1409 EX Eva's Request (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Festive Love (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 310
1947 EX Everglades (GB) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2017 B.F. Nature Lover (GB) Godolphin HF D 158A
1908 EX Everlasting Love (GB) BY High Chaparral (IRE), 2013 B.M. Ever After (FR) Petches Farm Som U 415
1993 EX Evita Peron (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Evening Spirit (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 190
1643 EX Exciting Times (FR) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.M. Circus Tent (IRE) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 127
1487 EX Exogenetic (USA) BY Elusive Quality (USA), 2005 Ch.M. Elusive Horizon (USA) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  669
1546 EX Exotic Isle (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 Ch.M. Showtank (GB) Heatherwold Stud HF N 206
1866 EX Exotic Isle (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2016 Ch.M. All Back To Mine (GB) Millfields Stables HF J 163
1882 EX Expected Dream (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2017 B.F. True Potential (TUR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 295
1679 EX Ezdehar (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2016 B.F. Tamniah (FR) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 719
1676 EX Ezilla (IRE) BY Sadler's Wells (USA), 2005 B.M. Gentle On My Mind (IRE) UPDATE Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 722
1944 EX Fadhayyil (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Turaath (GB) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  599
2230 EX Fair Maiden (JPN) BY Adaay (IRE), 2018 B.F. Mariance (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 490
1883 EX Fairy Godmother (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2008 B.M. Caraboss (GB) The Royal Studs RY  635
1222 EX Fairy Godmother (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 B.M. Dawn Glory (GB) The Royal Studs RY  632
1925 EX Fancy Dance (GB) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2009 Gr.M. Silver Samba (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  430
1808 EX Fann (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Up To Speed (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm WB Y 541
1919 EX Fann (USA) BY New Approach (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Jafetica (GB) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF N 202A
2268 EX Fanny May (GB) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2015 B.M. Sweet Charity (GB) UPDATE Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Fur  465
1996 EX Fantastic Account (GB) BY Mujadil (USA), 2008 B.M. Tell The Wind (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  664
1655 EX Fantastic Filly (FR) BY Henrythenavigator (USA), 2012 B.M. Nouvelle Vague (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 833
1825 EX Fantastic Santanyi (GB) BY Mawatheeq (USA), 2012 B.M. Mercy Me (GB) Brook Stud Som U 410
1456 EX Faraday Light (IRE) BY Lawman (FR), 2009 B.M. Amber Silk (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 173
1910 EX Fashion Insider (USA) BY Elusive Quality (USA), 2013 B.M. Secret Insider (USA)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  455
2286 EX Fataawy (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Herons Nest (IRE) Charnwood Stables (J. Butler) LY  625
2037 EX Fawaayed (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2018 B.F. Motheerah (GB) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  608
2111 EX Feeling Wonderful (IRE) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2013 B.M. Wonderful Life (IRE) Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 92
1874 EX Feis Ceoil (IRE) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 B.M. Seascape (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 711
1416 EX Festoso (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2018 B.F. Visualised (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 318
1984 EX Field of Miracles (IRE) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2017 B.F. Piazza Navona (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 225
1422 EX Fiesolana (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Innervisions (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  653
1971 EX Final Stage (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2018 Ch.F. Sunset Memory (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 87
2195 EX Fingal Nights (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2017 B.F. Banmi (IRE) College Farm Stables (C. Dunnett) Low  579
2264 EX Finnmark (GB) BY Vale of York (IRE), 2012 B.G. Niblawi (IRE) UPDATE Conkwell Lodge Racing Stables (N. Mulholland) Som U 427
2119 EX Finnmark (GB) BY Casamento (IRE), 2014 B.M. Asmahan (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Som O 312
1332 EX Finsceal Beo (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2011 Ch.M. Too The Stars (IRE) West Blagdon Stud HF E 46A
1823 EX Fire And Shade (USA) BY Malibu Moon (USA), 2007 B/Br.M. Posy Fossil (USA) UPDATE Galloway Stud WB Y 545
1960 EX Fire Blaze (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Search For Light (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Godolphin HF F 147
1789 EX Firenze (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Lady Eleanor (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 556
1226 EX Firenze (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 B.M. Isola Verde (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The National Stud Ltd. HF N 202
1286 EX First Blush (IRE) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2014 B.M. First Priority (GB) Godolphin HF D 31A
1393 EX Flamingo Sea (USA) BY Camelot (GB), 2016 B.M. Chesapeake Shores (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  644
1683 EX Flanders (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2014 Gr.M. Made By Hand (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 715
2150 EX Flashing Green (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2004 B.M. Flashing Colour (GER) Norris Bloodstock HF M 243
1448 EX Flawless Beauty (GB) BY Camelot (GB), 2017 B.F. National Treasure (IRE) Godolphin HF G 82
1185 EX Flawly (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2011 B.M. Carmens Fate (GB) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 293
2038 EX Fleeting Smile (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2018 B.F. Nazaaha (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  609
1794 EX Fleur de Sel (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2018 B.F. Terrichang (GB) UPDATE Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 550
1691 EX Flirtation (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2010 B.M. Fusion (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 131
1693 EX Flirtation (GB) BY Motivator (GB), 2008 B.M. Federation (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 133
1476 EX Flying Cloud (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Emirates Flight (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  447
1728 EX Flying Cloud (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2012 B.M. Act Fast (GB) Highclere Stud HF DD 730
1346 EX Fondled (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2010 B.M. Cosseted (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 220
1788 EX Fondled (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2017 Ch.F. La Puntalina (IRE) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 557
2193 EX Fondly (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. Queen of Clubs (GB) Norris Bloodstock HF M 246
1459 EX For Joy (GB) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2011 Gr.M. Victoria Regina (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 176
1742 EX Fountains Abbey (USA) BY Bushranger (IRE), 2013 B.M. Sophie P (GB) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 570
1334 EX Freedom's Light (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2016 B.M. Firelight (FR) UPDATE West Blagdon Stud HF E 48
2161 EX French Bid (AUS) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2012 B.M. Coin A Phrase (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 740
2116 EX Friendlier (GB) BY Motivator (GB), 2012 B.M. Beyond Fashion (GB) UPDATE Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 95
2117 EX Friendlier (GB) BY Paco Boy (IRE), 2013 Ch.M. Round Midnight (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 103
1755 EX Funny Enough (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Endless Joy (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 815
1664 EX Gale Force (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 B.F. Frankel's Storm (GB) UPDATE Kingsley Park HF M 236
1630 EX Gali Gal (IRE) BY Duke of Marmalade (IRE), 2012 Ch.M. Madernia (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  443
1715 EX Gallipot (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 B.F. Gallic (GB) European Sales Management HF E 63
1364 EX Game of Legs (FR) BY Acclamation (GB), 2017 B.F. Gamely Insistent (GER) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 117
1894 EX Generous Lady (GB) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2010 Ch.M. Ravensburg (GB) Deerfield Farm HF K 270
1317 EX Gift From Heaven (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.M. Marbella (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 296
2221 EX Giveupyeraulsins (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Maharg's Princess (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn David O'Meara Racing Ltd. HF D 33
1525 EX Glitterball (IRE) BY Intello (GER), 2015 B.M. Glitterdust (GB) Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 231
1267 EX Glorification (GB) BY More Than Ready (USA), 2017 B.F. Huboor (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  602
2278 EX Gold Hush (USA) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2018 B.F. Silent Queen (IRE) Saffron House Stables (G. Boughey) HF M 230
1652 EX Gold Lace (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. Gold Filigree (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 250
1994 EX Golden Laughter (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Lamorna (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 191
1280 EX Golden Silca (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2007 Ch.M. Calipatria (GB) Godolphin HF I 113
1814 EX Golden Stream (IRE) BY Redoute's Choice (AUS), 2015 B.M. Tidal Stream (GB) The Royal Studs RY  632
2232 EX Golden Stripe (CAN) BY Scat Daddy (USA), 2015 B.M. Daddy's Daughter (CAN) Harper Lodge Stables (D. Ivory) HF E 65
2225 EX Gone Sailing (GB) BY Zebedee (GB), 2016 Gr.F. Ginvincible (GB) Mount House Stables (J. Given) HF E 64
2234 EX Gossamer Seed (IRE) BY Equiano (FR), 2018 Ch.F. Gossamer Silk (GB) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland HF D 35B
1508A EX Gotlandia (FR) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.C. Royal Lytham (FR) Wildcard UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 316
1394 EX Gulbarg (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2013 B.M. Shahabad (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  645
2144 EX Gulsary (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Reine de Vega (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Houghton Bloodstock WB X 524
1268 EX Hadaatha (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 B.F. Jaaizah (GB) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  603
1770 EX Hairspray (GB) BY Sixties Icon (GB), 2016 B.F. Modern Millie (GB) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 262
1236 EX Halaqa (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2017 B.F. Haseefah (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  597
1524 EX Halle Bop (GB) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Princesse Mathilde (GB) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Sol A 5
1443 EX Hand Puppet (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Marionette (IRE) Godolphin HF G 87
1273 EX Hatheer (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2018 B.F. Mujassid (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  608
2284 EX Have Faith (IRE) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2013 B.M. Fly True (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Som R 351
1654 EX Hawala (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2016 B.M. Four Leaf Clover (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 252
1565 EX Head In The Clouds (IRE) BY Sadler's Wells (USA), 2006 B.M. Roses For The Lady (IRE) UPDATE Newtown Stud, Ireland Som U 423
2194 EX Healing Music (FR) BY The Gurkha (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. Perfect Melody (IRE) Norris Bloodstock HF M 247
2207 EX Heliograph (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. Lethal Angel (GB) Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 281
1419 EX Heliosphere (USA) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2018 B.F. New Moon Rising (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  650
1949 EX Hello Glory (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Picture Frame (GB) Godolphin HF D 157
1326 EX Hermanita (GB) BY Archipenko (USA), 2012 Ch.M. Anarchiste (GB) Lanwades Stud Som U 419
2192 EX Hidden Brief (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Hidden Angel (IRE) Norris Bloodstock HF M 242A
1591 EX Hidden Hope (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2009 B.M. Westwiththenight (IRE) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 70
1684 EX Highest Ever (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2016 B.M. Villa d'Amore (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 714
1386 EX Hijaziyah (GB) BY Planteur (IRE), 2016 B.M. Golconda (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 302
1730 EX Ho Hi The Moon (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2014 B.M. Struck By The Moon (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 738
1733 EX Hoity Toity (GB) BY New Approach (IRE), 2016 Br.M. Contemptuous (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 129
1781 EX Holberg Suite (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2017 B.F. Willa (GB) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Som Q 345
1922 EX Holda (IRE) BY Red Clubs (IRE), 2009 B.M. Red Larkspur (IRE) Rosyground Stud HF J 161
1245 EX Holy Moly (USA) BY Harbour Watch (IRE), 2015 B.M. Queens Harbour (GB) UPDATE New England Stud HF J 161
1999 EX Honest Lady (USA) BY Noble Mission (GB), 2017 B:0.F. Annual (USA) Juddmonte Farms Som R 375
2146 EX Honky Tonk Sally (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Ragtime Sally (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 486
1303 EX Honky Tonk Sally (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2011 B.M. Umneyati (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 154
1455 EX Honorlina (FR) BY Shamardal (USA), 2016 B.M. Hermosura (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 172
1370 EX Hoop of Colour (USA) BY American Pharoah (USA), 2018 B.F. Step Beyond (USA) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 122
2256 EX Hot Wired (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Engrave (GB) UPDATE Harraton Stud (J. Feilden) WB Y 538
1356 EX Household Name (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 B.M. Josephine Bettany (GB) UPDATE Whatton Manor Stud Som O 279
1225 EX How High The Sky (IRE) BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE), 2014 B.M. Thora Barber (GB) The National Stud Ltd. HF N 202A
1309 EX Hoyam (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2016 B.M. Ardiente (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  434
1990 EX Humouresque (GB) BY Azamour (IRE), 2011 B.M. Holberg Suite (GB) Barton Sales Low  583
1563 EX Hyabella (GB) BY Medicean (GB), 2010 B.M. Queen Arabella (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 697
1646 EX Hypnotize (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2011 B.M. Bewitchment (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  676
1495 EX Hypoteneuse (IRE) BY Paco Boy (IRE), 2017 B.F. High Shine (GB) UPDATE The Royal Studs RY  635
1705 EX Ideal World (IRE) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2013 B.M. Elysea's World (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 54
1898 EX If So (GB) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2016 Br.M. So Claire (GB) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 416
2053 EX Ignis Away (FR) BY Australia (GB), 2017 B.F. Heart Reef (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  666
2118 EX Ihsas (USA) BY Pivotal (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Identikit (IRE) Stetchworth Park Stud HF I 104
2171 EX Illuminating Dream (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 B.F. Red Archangel (IRE) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF K 197
1262 EX Imbabala (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2009 B.M. Zero Gravity (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som S 362
1375 EX Imroz (USA) BY Zamindar (USA), 2010 Ch.M. Grasped (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som S 367
1542 EX Inchina (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Ro.F. Perfect Inch (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 68
1243 EX Indaba (IRE) BY Roderic O'Connor (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Prufrock (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  431
1526 EX Indian Love Bird (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2012 B.M. Forbidden Love (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 527
1221 EX Indian Maiden (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2015 Br.M. Maid of Spirit (IRE) Ridge Manor Stables, Ireland HF F 77
1903 EX Indignant (GB) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.M. Perfect Charm (GB) Norris Bloodstock HF M 241
1911 EX Inez (GB) BY Soldier of Fortune (IRE), 2014 B.M. Fortuities (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Trickledown Stud Fur  454
1354 EX Inkling (USA) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.M. Whatabird (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 708
2069 EX Inourthoughts (IRE) BY Camacho (GB), 2015 B.M. Betsey Trotter (IRE) UPDATE David O'Meara Racing Ltd. HF D 31A
1642 EX Insight (FR) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2011 B.M. Aspasi (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 126
1319 EX Intense Pink (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Happy Face (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 298
1437 EX Intense Pink (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Esprit Rose (IRE) Godolphin HF G 93
1756 EX Intrigued (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2018 Gr.F. Game Plan (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 814
1849 EX Introspective (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 B.F. Retroactive (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 302
1624 EX Invitee (GB) BY Mayson (GB), 2015 B.M. Clubbable (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 216
2124 EX Inyordreams (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2017 B.F. D'Arcy Spice (GB) Appletree Stud Som O 316
1620 EX Irresistible (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2007 Ch.M. Thrill (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 212A
1432 EX Isobel Archer (GB) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2016 B.F. Dubai Luxury (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 141
2070 EX Italian Connection (GB) BY Helmet (AUS), 2017 B.F. Elmetto (GB) UPDATE Summerdown Stables (H. Morrison) HF I 108
1498 EX Ivory Gala (FR) BY Kingman (GB), 2018 B.F. Deckadance (IRE) Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 555
1697 EX Jacqueline Quest (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2013 B.M. Hibiscus (IRE) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 137
2068 EX Jadhwah (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Good View (IRE) David O'Meara Racing Ltd. HF D 31
1958 EX Janey Muddles (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2017 B.F. Sacred Dance (GB) Godolphin HF F 149
1666 EX Janina (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2017 B.F. Superiority (IRE) UPDATE Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 552
1407 EX Jinsiyah (USA) BY Born To Sea (IRE), 2014 B.M. Jenny Walker (IRE) Barton Sales Low  581
1939 EX Jiwen (CAN) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Jaariyah (USA) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  593
1304 EX Jood (USA) BY Rahy (USA), 2009 B.M. Victorian Beauty (USA) Godolphin HF F 153
2001 EX Jostle (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. At Ease (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som R 377
1439 EX Joys of Spring (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2017 B.F. Historical (GB) Godolphin HF G 91
1817 EX Julia Tuttle (USA) BY Distorted Humor (USA), 2012 B/Br.M. Peace Lilly (USA) Mickley Stud Ltd. HF DD 758
2018 EX July Jasmine (USA) BY Hard Spun (USA), 2017 B.F. Summer Drive (USA) Juddmonte Farms Som U 395
2169 EX Juno Marlowe (IRE) BY Halling (USA), 2007 Ch.M. Polly Floyer (GB) Barton Sales Low  580
2125 EX Kahalah (IRE) BY Authorized (IRE), 2013 B.M. Kahalah Fantasy (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud HF H 123
2173 EX Kahlua Kiss (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), 2013 B.M. Rahyah (GB) UPDATE Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 274
1952 EX Kahlua Kiss (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Queen Kahlua (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 154A
1218 EX Kahlua Kiss (GB) BY Duke of Marmalade (IRE), 2012 B.M. Eager Beaver (GB) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 290
2065 EX Kalsa (IRE) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B.F. Kalsara (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) HF D 39
1833 EX Kareemah (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2012 B.M. Saraha (GB) UPDATE Shadwell Stud LY  615
1521 EX Kawaha (IRE) BY Alhaarth (IRE), 2010 B.M. Seolan (IRE) UPDATE Far Westfield Farm WB Z 568
1570 EX Kazeem (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Kingslady (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 705
1339 EX Kelly Nicole (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Dame Joan (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 97
1338 EX Kelsey Rose (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2013 Gr.M. Angelic Guest (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 98
1578 EX Kenmist (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2010 Gr.M. Tequila Sunrise (GB) Stratford Place Stud HF CC 749
1977 EX Khazeena (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2016 B.M. Alasaayel (IRE) Trickledown Stud Fur  450
1665 EX Killachy Loose (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Ifrachy (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF M 235
1989 EX Kindling (GB) BY Camacho (GB), 2017 B.M. Penysarn (IRE) Barton Sales Low  584
1458 EX Kinnaird (IRE) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2009 Ch.M. Keene Dancer (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 175
1556 EX Kissable (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.M. Loving Glance (GB) Lordship Stud Som O 274
1195 EX Kitty Wells (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2015 B.M. Konigin (GB) UPDATE Brook Stud Som U 408
1804 EX Klang (IRE) BY Orpen (USA), 2005 B.M. Yali (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 695
1957 EX Knocknagree (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.F. River Rock (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF F 150
1954 EX Knyazhna (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2017 B.F. Queen of The Sea (IRE) Godolphin HF F 153
2073 EX Kodiva (IRE) BY Speightstown (USA), 2017 B.F. Kodikova (IRE) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 528
1986 EX Kondakova (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), 2018 B.F. Red Fescue (FR)  Lot Withdrawn John Troy (Agent) HF L 256
1845 EX Kootenay (IRE) BY Pivotal (GB), 2005 Ch.M. Kelowna (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 334
1588 EX L'Affaire Monique (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2011 B.M. Love's Secret (GB) Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 230
2226 EX L'Ile Aux Loups (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Irene's Dream (GB) UPDATE Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Som Q 342
1706 EX La Boisserie (FR) BY Myboycharlie (IRE), 2016 B.M. Noblesse Oblige (ITY) European Sales Management HF E 55
1892 EX La Carot (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2012 Ch.M. Most Tempting (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 500
1544 EX La Chicana (IRE) BY Slade Power (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Jadou (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 328
1295 EX La Collina (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2015 B.M. Piccola Collina (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 38
2040 EX La Concorde (FR) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 B.F. La Dragontea (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 744
2213 EX La Reine Lionne (USA) BY Lemon Drop Kid (USA), 2017 B.G. King Charles (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF N 209
1415 EX La Tintoretta (IRE) BY Equiano (FR), 2015 B.M. Marietta Robusti (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 317
1934 EX La Vita E Bella (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2010 Ch.M. Wittgenstein (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 185
2204 EX Labise (IRE) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2018 B.C. Barenboim (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Som S 354
1983 EX Lacework (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2012 B.M. Lacing (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 224
1445 EX Lacily (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Merlettaia (IRE) Godolphin HF G 85
1667 EX Lady Babooshka (GB) BY Camelot (GB), 2018 B.F. Russian Camilla (IRE) UPDATE Cedar Lodge Stables (S. Kirk) HF L 257
2009 EX Lady Correspondent (USA) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Gellhorn (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som T 385
1501 EX Lady Duxyana (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2015 B.M. Rux Ruxx (IRE) Habton Grange Stables (T. Easterby) WB Z 547
2138 EX Lady Grace (IRE) BY High Chaparral (IRE), 2011 B.M. Pennard (IRE) UPDATE Oakgrove Stud HF BB 707
1569 EX Lady Grace (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2012 B.M. Milady (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 706
1244 EX Lady Hawkfield (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2014 B.M. Moondust (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  432
1692 EX Lady Karr (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2008 B.M. Lady Glinka (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 132
1202 EX Lady Livius (IRE) BY Dream Ahead (USA), 2013 B.M. Dheyaa (IRE) UPDATE Shadwell Stud LY  616
1454 EX Lady Penko (FR) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.F. Golden Lips (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  623
2121 EX Lafleur (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), 2017 B.F. Cersei Lannister (IRE) Throckmorton Court Stud Som O 314
2244 EX Lapis Blue (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Must Be An Angel (IRE) UPDATE Cedar Lodge Stables (S. Kirk) HF L 257
1855 EX Lara Celeb (IRE) BY Dragon Pulse (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Mm Sixsevei (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF N 201
1474 EX Lasilia (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.M. Partridge (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  449
1753 EX Lasilia (IRE) BY Australia (GB), 2016 B.F. Brassica (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 817
1465 EX Last Bid (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Final Offer (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF M 227
1475 EX Lauren's Girl (IRE) BY Hallowed Crown (AUS), 2017 B.M. Castleton Girl (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  448
1442 EX Layla Jamil (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Leafhopper (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF G 88
1943 EX Lear's Princess (USA) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B.F. Shatha (USA) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  598
2266 EX Leitzu (IRE) BY Sixties Icon (GB), 2013 B.M. Graceful Lady (GB) UPDATE Robert Eddery Racing Ltd. RY  653
2054 EX Let It Be Me (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2018 B.F. Sentiment (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  667
1801 EX Librettista (AUS) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 B.F. Princess Siyouni (IRE) UPDATE Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Som U 425
1695 EX Light Jig (GB) BY Street Sense (USA), 2009 B.M. Merry Jaunt (USA) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 135
1912 EX Lighthouse (GB) BY Cadeaux Genereux, 2008 B.M. Present Danger (GB) Trickledown Stud Fur  453
1887 EX Lii Najma (GB) BY Green Desert (USA), 2009 B.M. Semayyel (IRE) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  685
1681 EX Like A Dame (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2009 B.M. Ladys First (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 717
2010 EX Likelihood (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 Br.F. Incidental (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som T 386
1748 EX Lilac Mist (GB) BY Society Rock (IRE), 2015 B.M. So Hi Society (IRE) UPDATE Longview Stud HF K 259
2072 EX Lilium (GB) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), 2017 B.F. Gonna Dancealot (IRE) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 529
2235 EX Limetree Lady (GB) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2018 B.F. Tilia Cordata (IRE) M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland HF D 36
1595 EX Linorova (USA) BY Slickly (FR), 2007 Gr.M. Lixirova (FR) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF N 199
1976 EX Lisiere (IRE) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2015 Gr.M. Quick Recovery (GB) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  451
2272 EX Little Italy (USA) BY Helmet (AUS), 2016 Ch.G. Love Your Work (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Norton Grange Stables (T. Fitzgerald) LY  618
1656 EX Littlefeather (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2010 B.M. Swift Action (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 832
1433 EX Local Time (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Dubai Quality (IRE) Godolphin HF G 140
2210 EX Loch Ma Naire (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2018 Gr.F. Potato Park (GB) UPDATE Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Som S 359
1806 EX Lochangel (GB) BY Sakhee's Secret (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Celestial Secret (GB) UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 41
2186 EX Lochridge (GB) BY Elusive City (USA), 2014 Br.M. Loch Mirage (GB) UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 47
1341 EX Lonely Ahead (USA) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B.F. Star In The Making (GB) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 95
1514 EX Longing To Dance (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2014 B.M. Ancient Longing (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 707
1424 EX Look At Me (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Attentive Miss (GB) Godolphin HF F 148
1438 EX Looking Glass (USA) BY City Zip (USA), 2017 B.F. Fairyworld (USA) Godolphin HF G 92
1390 EX Looks All Right (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Model Guest (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 306
1305 EX Louve Royale (IRE) BY War Front (USA), 2011 B.M. War Effort (USA) Godolphin HF F 152
1363 EX Love And Laughter (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2017 B.F. Long Haired Lover (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  668
1611 EX Love Divine (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2016 B.M. Loveheart (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Lordship Stud Som O 272
2253 EX Love Your Looks (GB) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2017 Bl.F. Kylla Looks (GB) Mike Murphy Racing HF E 52
1662 EX Love Your Looks (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2015 B.M. Breathtaking Look (GB) Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 284
1571 EX Lovina (ITY) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2017 Ch.M. Dutch Monument (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 526
1290 EX Lucrece (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 Br.M. Lufricia (GB) Godolphin HF D 35
1791 EX Lunar Phase (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 B.F. Marcela de Vega (GB) Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 282
1710 EX Lunda (IRE) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2013 B.M. Lady Katanga (GB) European Sales Management HF E 59
1867 EX Lurina (IRE) BY Pivotal (GB), 2007 B.M. Nashama (IRE) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 98
1307 EX Lurina (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Zendia (GB) Godolphin HF F 150
1427 EX Lurina (IRE) BY Helmet (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Cloche (GB) Godolphin HF F 145A
1298 EX Lyric of Light (GB) BY New Approach (IRE), 2015 B.M. Pop Song (GB) Godolphin HF D 158
1543 EX M'Oubliez Pas (USA) BY Wootton Bassett (GB), 2017 B.F. Huamulan (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 327
1872 EX Mabadi (USA) BY More Than Ready (USA), 2015 B.M. Myth Creation (USA) Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 484
1219 EX Macadamia (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 B.M. Roxelana (IRE) Ridge Manor Stables, Ireland HF F 79
2206 EX Madame Defarge (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), 2018 Br.C. Stanley Baldwin (GB) UPDATE Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Som S 356
2102 EX Magic America (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2010 B.M. Sara Lucille (GB) Charlock Stud Som O 311
1764 EX Magic Escapade (IRE) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Graceful Magic (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Woodway Stables (Miss E. Johnson Houghton) HF K 269
1400 EX Magic Nymph (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Roccaluce (GB) New England Stud HF J 166
1311 EX Magic Tree (UAE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2017 B.M. It's Magic (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  451
1758 EX Magical Romance (IRE) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2017 B.F. Wren (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 812
1517 EX Magical Romance (IRE) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2015 B.M. Diablery (GB) Newhouse Farm WB V 477
1813 EX Magique (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2016 B.F. Mystiquestar (IRE) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 418
1720 EX Magnificient Style (USA) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2018 B.F. Silver Horn (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 826
1732 EX Mahalia (IRE) BY King's Best (USA), 2006 B.M. Bufera (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 130
1897 EX Maidin Maith (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2014 B.M. Morning Chimes (IRE) Carisbrooke Stud Som U 417
1718 EX Mainstay (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Millicent Fawcett (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 828
1686 EX Majestic Silver (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2016 Gr.M. Mia Maria (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 253
2051 EX Maka (FR) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Magical Moment (FR) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  434
1765 EX Make Up (GB) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Adelante (FR) UPDATE Robins Farm (G. Baker) Som O 285
1644 EX Malaspina (IRE) BY Free Eagle (IRE), 2017 B.F. Ice Eagle (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 123
1937 EX Mamma Morton (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. La Foglietta (GB) Whatton Manor Stud Som O 279
2248 EX Mango Mischief (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2017 B.F. Al Jawhra (IRE) George Scott Racing RY  647
2130 EX Mango Mischief (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2013 B.M. Mischievous (GB) Brook Stud Som U 408
1760 EX Mania (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Oti Ma Boati (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 347
1451 EX Manieree (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 B.M. Affected (IRE) Ballylinch Stud, Ireland LY  620
1803 EX Mansiya (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Tabikat Elle (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Bursea Lodge HF F 76
1395 EX Marching West (USA) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2012 B.M. Mill Point (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  646
1484 EX Mare Nostrum (GB) BY Henrythenavigator (USA), 2010 B/Br.M. Inner Sea (USA) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 196
1712 EX Marie Rossa (GB) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2015 Gr.M. Recover Me (FR)  Lot Withdrawn European Sales Management HF E 60A
1250 EX Marine Bleue (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Queen of The Waves (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  665
2098 EX Marjong (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2016 B.F. Equipped (GB) UPDATE Childwickbury Stud HF I 116A
1668 EX Marlinka (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lady Angela (IRE) Heath House Stables (Sir Mark Prescott, Bt.) HF K 258
1580 EX Marvada (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), 2014 B.M. Curry (IRE) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  457
1320 EX Marvada (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lady Andaz (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 299
2058 EX Mary Arnold (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2013 B.M. Hamley (FR) Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 228
1397 EX Mary McPhee (GB) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2017 B.F. Justina (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  648
1230 EX Mashoora (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Adabeyaat (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  590
1839 EX Mashoora (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2018 B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  591
1677 EX Massarra (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2009 B.M. Nayarra (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 721
1430 EX Mayhem (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Donnybrook (IRE) Godolphin HF G 143
1885 EX Medley (GB) BY Cable Bay (IRE), 2017 B.M. Sound Mixer (GB) The Royal Studs RY  637
1873 EX Melhor Ainda (USA) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2009 B.M. Chatterati (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 712
1528 EX Melodist (USA) BY Nayef (USA), 2006 Ch.M. Fleur de Lis (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 102
1186 EX Melpomene (GB) BY Three Valleys (USA), 2012 Ch.M. Triple Dip (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Som O 292
2178 EX Memoria (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Bay Filly Rolla (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Brook Stud Som Q 338
1511 EX Meydan Princess (IRE) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Queensbrydge (GB) EAM Bloodstock Som O 289
1318 EX Mezzo Soprano (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2007 B.M. Perfect Note (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 297
1965 EX Michita (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Solar Flame (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 143
1284 EX Mid Mon Lady (IRE) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2016 Gr.M. Fearlessly (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF I 116A
1530 EX Middle Club (GB) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2016 B.M. Clubora (USA) Stowell Hill Stud HF I 107
1581 EX Millennium Tale (FR) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2009 B.M. Pearl Spirit (IRE) UPDATE Broughton Bloodstock - part of a complete dispersal HF M 246
1545 EX Millevini (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2015 B.M. Mille Tank (GB) Heatherwold Stud HF N 205
2093 EX Million Faces (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Bursea Lady (GB) Bursea Lodge HF F 78
1472 EX Mince (GB) BY Dream Ahead (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Mosey (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 326
2136 EX Minnie Habit BY Montjeu (IRE), 2009 B.M. Habita (IRE) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 709
1261 EX Minority (GB) BY Beat Hollow (GB), 2011 B.M. Vote Often (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som S 361
2006 EX Mirabilis (USA) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 B.F. Cubit (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som T 382
1384 EX Mirror Lake (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2013 B.M. Catchment (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 300
1722 EX Mirrorblack (IRE) BY Lawman (FR), 2015 B.M. Maroubra (FR) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 824
1423 EX Miss Empire (USA) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Antianara (USA) Godolphin HF F 149
1539 EX Miss Pinkerton (GB) BY New Approach (IRE), 2010 B.M. Vanity Rules (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 65
1593 EX Miss Pinkerton (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Jane Marple (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 71A
1573 EX Miss Poppy (GB) BY Anjaal (GB), 2017 B.F. Bettys Hope (GB) The Paddocks (B. R. Millman) HF N 207
2185 EX Miss Villefranche (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2017 B.F. Sur Mer (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 485
1466 EX Missy Wassie Gal (USA) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2015 Br.M. Puds (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 320
1209 EX Miswaki Belle (USA) BY Pivotal (GB), 2013 Ch.M. Stylishly (GB) Barton Sales Low  585
1489 EX Mocca (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), 2014 B.M. My Only One (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  671
1819 EX Moderah (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2018 B.F. Enjoy (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 493
2063 EX Modern Art (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2015 B.M. Cwynar (GB) Park House Stables (A. Balding) HF D 37
2005 EX Modern Look (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2017 B.F. Cressida (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som T 381
1920 EX Modesta (IRE) BY Makfi (GB), 2014 B.M. Stately (GB) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 193
1216 EX Modesta (IRE) BY Rail Link (GB), 2012 B.M. Destalink (GB) New England Stud HF J 160
2200 EX Moment In Time (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Eltham Palace (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 566
1816 EX Momentary (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2017 B.F. Quick Waltz (GB) The Royal Studs RY  634
1797 EX Momentus (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Suestar (GB) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 564
1978 EX Mona Em (IRE) BY Pivotal (GB), 2009 Ch.M. Catwalk (IRE) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 219
2190 EX Montana River (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Montana Spring (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 102
1200 EX Mooakada (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2013 B.M. Moqla (GB) Shadwell Stud LY  614
1604 EX Moonglow (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Winter Light (GB) UPDATE Stone Farm, Ireland HF CC 748
1802 EX Moonlife (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2016 B.M. Wish (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing WB W 510
2080 EX More Respect (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2018 B.F. Shazza (IRE) UPDATE Fairwood Stables (P. J. Rothwell) HF I 114
2139 EX Morocco Moon (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2016 B.F. Miss Morocco (GB) Harris Piece Stud Som P 321
2267 EX Mount Crystal (IRE) BY Declaration of War (USA), 2015 B.M. Givepeaceachance (GB) UPDATE Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Fur  464
1896 EX Moy Water (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2010 B.M. Scent of Roses (IRE) Aston Mullins Stud HF F 80A
1968 EX Moyne Abbey (USA) BY War Front (USA), 2017 B.F. South Coast (USA) Godolphin HF G 140
1942 EX Mubadarrat (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Samaawaat (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  597
2163 EX Much Faster (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2006 B.M. Sugar Free (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Highclere Stud HF CC 733
1198 EX Mudaaraah (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2016 B.M. Maktabba (GB) Shadwell Stud LY  612
1835 EX Muhawalah (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Haafithah (GB) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  587
1822 EX Mujadil Shadow (IRE) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2011 B.M. Danehill Shadow (IRE) UPDATE Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) HF F 75
1938 EX Mumtaazah (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Hashmaa (USA) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  592
2135 EX Musical Rain (IRE) BY Choisir (AUS), 2014 B.M. Patuano (IRE) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 290
1953 EX Musical Sands (GB) BY Camelot (GB), 2017 B.F. Queen of Jazz (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 154
1540 EX Mussoorie (FR) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Alamora (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 66
1516 EX Mustique Dream (GB) BY So You Think (NZ), 2014 B.M. So You Dream (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Chasemore Farm Som Q 340
1879 EX My Hope (USA) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2018 B.F. Target (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 298
1783 EX My Lass (GB) BY Mehmas (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. Alone Time (IRE) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 543
1768 EX My Lass (GB) BY No Nay Never (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Balancing Act (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 688
2064 EX Mythie (FR) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. Dream Round (IRE) Park House Stables (A. Balding) HF D 38
1784 EX Naqrah (IRE) BY Vadamos (FR), 2018 B.F. Velocity (IRE) UPDATE The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 544
1315 EX Naruko (USA) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2015 B.M. Cg Markievicz Mp (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 294
1235 EX Natalisa (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Baaqy (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  596
1522 EX Native Force (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2010 B.M. Nigh (IRE) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 567
2212 EX Native Picture (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.G. Inner Treasures (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF N 208
1374 EX Nebraska Tornado (USA) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2011 Ch.M. Rip Roaring (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som S 366
1254 EX Nebraska Tornado (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2010 B.M. Bracing Breeze (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som S 354
1596 EX Nenuphar (IRE) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 Br.M. Illumined (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF N 200
1322 EX Neshla (GB) BY Shamardal (USA), 2009 B.M. Wahylah (IRE) UPDATE Culworth Grounds Farm WB Y 538
2162 EX Never A Doubt (GB) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2010 B.M. Royal Whisper (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF DD 728
1809 EX New Morning (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2012 B.M. Emirates Holidays (USA) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 100
1283 EX New Morning (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2011 Ch.M. Dream Book (GB) Godolphin HF I 116
1848 EX Nicolaia (GER) BY Lando (GER), 2007 B.M. Nicea (GER)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 303
1263 EX Night Carnation (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Ocala (GB) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF K 193
2048 EX Night Carnation (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2016 B.F. I'm Available (IRE) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 504
2099 EX Night Delight (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 B.M. Kodelight (GB) Chapel Stud Som O 308
1878 EX Night Fever (IRE) BY Make Believe (GB), 2017 B.F. Lover's Moon (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 299
1660 EX Night Fever (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2018 B.F. Nazuna (IRE) UPDATE Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  638
1360 EX Night Frolic (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2012 B.M. The Madding Crowd (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Highclere Stud HF CC 734
1731 EX Night Frolic (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2011 Ch.M. Beach Frolic (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 735
1713 EX Ninas Rainbow (GB) BY Lord of England (GER), 2015 B.M. Night of England (GB) UPDATE European Sales Management HF E 61
1847 EX Nitya (FR) BY Dansili (GB), 2011 B.M. Heho (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 336
1368 EX Nocturne (GER) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. So I Told You (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 120
1213 EX Nordica BY Act One (GB), 2004 Gr.M. Sell Out (GB) UPDATE Culworth Grounds Farm WB X 536
1648 EX Not Before Time (IRE) BY Rainbow Quest (USA), 2008 B.M. Moment of Time (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 180
2260 EX Nutkin (GB) BY Slade Power (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Coucou Bella (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Houghton Bloodstock WB W 514
2259 EX Nutkin (GB) BY Mukhadram (GB), 2016 B.F. Beau Nuage (IRE) UPDATE Houghton Bloodstock WB W 513
1590 EX Nyarhini (GB) BY Arch (USA), 2009 B/Br.M. Sigurwana (USA) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 69
1541 EX Nyarhini (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Coto Donana (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 67
2079 EX Odyssee (FR) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2018 B.F. Sandhoe (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Highbeck Stables (J. O'Keeffe) Som S 361
2008 EX Ombre (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 B.F. Fiduciary (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som T 384
1761 EX Onomatomania (USA) BY Born To Sea (IRE), 2017 B.F. Pretty Pickle (IRE) Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 348
1434 EX Oojooba (GB) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2016 B.F. Ebbraam (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 139
1228 EX Operissimo (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2012 B.M. Kodiva (IRE) Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 485
1491 EX Opinionated (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2016 B.F. Grace And Danger (IRE) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  459
1288 EX Oratrix (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2014 B.M. Ifubelieveindreams (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 33
1946 EX Oriental Step (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Oriental Night (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Stud LY  617
1659 EX Our Queen of Kings (GB) BY Spinning World (USA), 2003 Ch.M. Spinning Queen (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 829
1247 EX Our Queen of Kings (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2009 Ch.M. Turama (GB) New England Stud HF J 163
1421 EX Pachattack (USA) BY American Pharoah (USA), 2017 Ch.F. Land of Maybe (USA) UPDATE Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  652
2137 EX Paisley (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2011 B.M. Patterned (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 708
2059 EX Palimony (IRE) BY Frankel (GB), 2018 B.F. Palafou (GB) UPDATE Glebe Farm Stables RY  644
1371 EX Palmette (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2014 Br.M. Partitia (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som S 363
2016 EX Palmette (GB) BY Kendargent (FR), 2017 Ch.F. Silver Palm (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som U 393
1635 EX Panzanella (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2016 B.M. Frisella (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 333
1577 EX Paper Dreams (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), 2015 B.M. Fast Dreams (IRE) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 491
1792 EX Parabola (GB) BY Ivawood (IRE), 2017 B.F. Miss Villanelle (GB) Faringdon Place Stables (C. Hills) Som U 424
1477 EX Paraphernalia (IRE) BY Camelot (GB), 2016 B.F. Camphor (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  446
1641 EX Paris Winds (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2012 B.M. Calima Breeze (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 125
2131 EX Party (IRE) BY Montjeu (IRE), 2009 B.M. Party Line (GB) UPDATE Friar Ings Stud HF M 237
2174 EX Passe Passe (USA) BY Acclamation (GB), 2013 B.M. Salvo (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 273
2085 EX Payphone (GB) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2017 Br.F. Vintage Polly (IRE) UPDATE Howe Hills Farm (Miss R. Menzies) HF BB 704
2075 EX Peace And Love (IRE) BY Equiano (FR), 2016 B.F. Free Love (GB) UPDATE Langham Racing Stables (M. Appleby) HF I 110
1647 EX Peace Burg (FR) BY War Front (USA), 2016 B.M. No War (USA) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  677
1410 EX Penelopa (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Disco Fever (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 311
1670 EX Penny Rose (GB) BY Intello (GER), 2016 B.F. Sweet Promise (GB) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 559
1699 EX Perfect Venture (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2015 B.M. Shalailah (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  655
1559 EX Persario (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2009 B.M. If So (GB) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 422
1628 EX Petite Princess (USA) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2008 B/Br.M. D'Oro Princess (USA) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  445
2179 EX Petra Nova (GB) BY Namid (GB), 2008 Ch.M. Diamond Blue (GB) Musley Bank Stables (R. Fahey) Fur  463
1884 EX Phantom Gold (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2011 B.M. Silver Mirage (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The Royal Studs RY  636
1387 EX Pickwick Papers (GB) BY Green Desert (USA), 2008 B.M. Paper Dreams (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 303
1446 EX Pico Duarte (USA) BY Temple City (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Mountain Dreams (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF G 84
2030 EX Pilates (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), 2017 B.F. Manaabit (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  601
1460 EX Pina Colada (GB) BY War Command (USA), 2016 B.M. Fighting Spirit (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF I 104
1711 EX Pine Chip (USA) BY Intello (GER), 2016 B.M. Lincoln Tale (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 60
1214 EX Pinewoods Lily (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2014 B.M. Dainty Dandy (IRE) Culworth Grounds Farm WB Y 537
2224 EX Pink Opaque (GB) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Sea of Shadows (GB) Flaxton Stables (M. Easterby) Fur  473
1653 EX Pink Symphony (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2016 B.M. Volcanique (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 251
1207 EX Piranha (IRE) BY Medicean (GB), 2013 B.M. Go On Go On Go On (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. HF DD 758
2208 EX Pivotting (GB) BY Sepoy (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Lily Beach (GB) UPDATE Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 280
2241 EX Play Bouzouki (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2018 B.F. Natural Instinct (IRE) UPDATE Tuite Racing Ltd. HF D 68
2198 EX Pocket Watch (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Rainbird (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 554
1297 EX Polaire (IRE) BY Dynaformer (USA), 2008 B.M. Polygon (USA) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 158A
2237 EX Polar Circle (USA) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2015 B.M. Apache Blaze (GB) Danesbury Racing Stables (R. Brisland) Fur  475
2071 EX Polar Circle (USA) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2018 B.F. Cool Leader (GB) UPDATE Summerdown Stables (H. Morrison) HF I 109
1950 EX Pomology (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Pink Pearl (GB) Godolphin HF D 156
1483 EX Poplin (GB) BY Excelebration (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Papelaine (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 195
1936 EX Poppets Sweetlove (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), 2014 B.M. Twilight Mystery (GB) UPDATE Whatton Manor Stud Som O 278
1891 EX Portrait of A Lady (IRE) BY Dylan Thomas (IRE), 2011 Ch.M. Macnamara (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 499
1886 EX Posteritas (USA) BY Zamindar (USA), 2006 B.M. Pure Joy (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  684
1818 EX Potent Embrace (USA) BY Dawn Approach (IRE), 2017 B.F. Line Judge (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 492
1420 EX Poupee Flash (USA) BY Giant's Causeway (USA), 2017 B/Br.F. Reach The Wind (USA) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  651
1480 EX Power of Light (IRE) BY Dawn Approach (IRE), 2016 B.M. Lady of Power (GB) Ladyswood Stud LY  625
1895 EX Prairie Flower (IRE) BY Selkirk (USA), 2007 Ch.M. Desert Sage (GB) UPDATE Aston Mullins Stud HF F 80
1485 EX Prairie Runner (IRE) BY Gold Away (IRE), 2009 Ch.M. Premiere Danseuse (GB) UPDATE Hillwood Stud WB W 515
2133 EX Precious Stone (IRE) BY War Front (USA), 2015 B.M. Precious Diamond (USA)  Lot Withdrawn S. Fanning Sales Som O 305
2123 EX Preferential (GB) BY Noble Mission (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Roving Mission (USA) Annshoon Stud, Ireland HF G 82
1586 EX Prescription (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2015 Ch.M. The Chemist (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 211
1471 EX Prima Luce (IRE) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.F. Golden Dawn (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 325
1829 EX Princess Janie (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2013 B.M. Wishsong (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud HF I 119
1488 EX Princess Speedfit (FR) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2012 B.M. Princess Guest (IRE) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  670
1335 EX Principal Role (USA) BY War Front (USA), 2016 B.M. Land Girl (USA) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 569
1512 EX Prompt Beauty (USA) BY Camelot (GB), 2016 B.M. Cundinamarca (FR) EAM Bloodstock Som O 288
1905 EX Prowess (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2011 B.M. Much Promise (GB) UPDATE Kirtlington Park Stud HF I 120
2128 EX Puce (GB) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2009 B.M. Pink Tequila (GB) Newhouse Farm WB V 478
1991 EX Pure Grain (GB) BY Singspiel (IRE), 2005 B.M. Pure Song (GB) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF K 188
2013 EX Pure Joy (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.F. Oasis Joy (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som T 389
1229 EX Pure Song (GB) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.M. New Tune (GB) Oakshott Bloodstock HF M 245
1708 EX Purely Priceless (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2015 B.M. Palmyre (FR) European Sales Management HF E 57
1633 EX Purple Tiger (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2015 B.M. Purplest (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 331
1617 EX Purr Along (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2018 B.F. Perfect Match (IRE) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 179
1457 EX Purring (USA) BY Montjeu (IRE), 2006 B.M. Lady Francesca (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 174
1567 EX Pursuit of Life (GB) BY Notnowcato (GB), 2011 Ch.M. Cradle of Life (IRE) Chasemore Farm Som Q 341
2214 EX Puzzling (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 Ch.C. Taameen (GB) Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF N 210
2033 EX Qertaas (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 Gr.F. Shareefa (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  604
2215 EX Qualia (IRE) BY Sir Prancealot (IRE), 2018 B.C. Sir Taweel (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF N 211
1259 EX Quandary (USA) BY Beat Hollow (GB), 2008 B.M. Sacred Shield (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som S 359
1834 EX Queen (IRE) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2009 Gr/Ro.M. Yanabeeaa (USA) Shadwell Stud LY  616
1269 EX Queen Margherita (GB) BY Le Havre (IRE), 2017 B.F. Mohayya (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  604
1473 EX Queen of Carthage (USA) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Boston Beauties (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  450
1899 EX Queen of Norway (USA) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2010 B.M. Norway Cross (GB) Highclere Stud HF DD 725
1550 EX Queen Sarra (GB) BY Declaration of War (USA), 2016 B.M. Nooshin (GB) New England Stud HF J 168
1622 EX Queen's Best (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2014 B.M. Queen's Castle (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 214
2246 EX Queen's Dream (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Star Dreamer (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) HF D 71A
2049 EX Quiania (IRE) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), 2016 B.F. Quita (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  432
1255 EX Quickfire (GB) BY Mizzen Mast (USA), 2009 B.M. Ultrasonic (USA) Juddmonte Farms Som S 355
1251 EX Quiff (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2011 B.M. Scallop (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som R 351
1444 EX Quiza Quiza Quiza (GB) BY Cacique (IRE), 2015 B.M. Maybe Today (GB) Godolphin HF G 86
1238 EX Raasekha (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2018 B.F. Mokhtarah (IRE) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  599
2032 EX Raddeh (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 Gr.F. Raghaayib (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  603
2103 EX Rahayeb (GB) BY Peintre Celebre (USA), 2005 Ch.M. Kareemah (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 527
2096 EX Rainbow City (IRE) BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE), 2012 B.M. Mythical City (IRE) UPDATE Alice Fitzgerald Som O 307
1857 EX Rainbow Springs (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Paradise On Earth (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 497
2156 EX Rapid Eye (IRE) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), 2018 B.F. Footstepsonthemoon (IRE) UPDATE Far Westfield Farm WB Z 572
2067 EX Reaching Ahead (USA) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Lyrical (GB) Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Som S 357
2182 EX Real Fancy Runner (USA) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2013 B.M. Really Chic (USA)  Lot Withdrawn S. Fanning Sales Som O 306
1538 EX Rebecca Sharp (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2009 B.M. Amelia May (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 64
1462 EX Red Bloom (GB) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2011 B.M. Sea The Bloom (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 224
1929 EX Red Fantasy (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2016 B.M. Seeing Red (IRE) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF DD 726
2039 EX Red Fantasy (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Fantail (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 743
1916 EX Red Fuschia (GB) BY Arcano (IRE), 2013 B.M. Pilosa (IRE) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 693
1853 EX Red Larkspur (IRE) BY Delegator (GB), 2016 B.M. Gaviota (GB) Rosyground Stud HF J 160
1411 EX Reflective (USA) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), 2017 B.F. Halfwaytothemoon (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 312
2045 EX Refusetolisten (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Stormy Girl (IRE) Howe Hills Farm (Miss R. Menzies) HF BB 702
1587 EX Regal Riband (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 Ch.M. Regal Banner (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 212
1189 EX Regency Girl (IRE) BY War Command (USA), 2016 B.M. Michigan Blue (IRE) Ridge Manor Stables, Ireland HF F 80
1344 EX Remember You (IRE) BY Australia (GB), 2016 B.M. I Remember You (IRE) Bugley Stud LY  624
1930 EX Require (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2017 B.M. Doradista (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 737
1638 EX Restia (FR) BY Kendargent (FR), 2009 B.M. Restiadargent (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Haras de Colleville, France HF E 51
2274 EX Retainage (USA) BY Muhtathir (GB), 2016 B.G. For Richard (GB) John Best Racing HF H 127
2143 EX Reveal The Star (USA) BY Kodiac (GB), 2014 B.M. Scarlet Thrush (IRE) UPDATE Houghton Bloodstock WB X 525
1380 EX Revealing (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2009 B.M. Ombre (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som R 372
2025 EX Revered (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2018 B.F. Berlinga (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 402
1257 EX Revered (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2014 B.M. Europium (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som S 357
1861 EX Riotous Applause (GB) BY Excellent Art (GB), 2009 B.M. Riot of Colour (GB) UPDATE Car Colston Hall Stud HF DD 752
2028 EX Rip Roaring (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2018 B.F. Rubican (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 405
1858 EX Ripples Maid (GB) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2018 B.F. Isla Vista (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 498
2076 EX Rive Gauche (GB) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. Ultra Violet (GB) UPDATE Redgate Bloodstock Ltd. Fur  469
1649 EX River Belle (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 B.M. Strathnaver (GB) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 181
1682 EX River Belle (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2012 Ch.M. La Petite Reine (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 716
1751 EX River Song (USA) BY Gregorian (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Queen Jo Jo (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 819
1325 EX Rocking (GB) BY Fast Company (IRE), 2016 B.M. Hummingbird (IRE) Wardstown Stud, Ireland LY  630
1392 EX Rocking (GB) BY No Nay Never (USA), 2017 B.F. Dublin Rocker (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 308
1904 EX Rohain (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.F. Hold Fast (IRE) Norris Bloodstock HF M 242
2047 EX Romance Story (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Romexa (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 503
1704 EX Rondinay (FR) BY Amaron (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Run Wild (GER) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  680
1399 EX Ronja (USA) BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB), 2016 B.M. Rope A Dope (IRE) New England Stud HF J 165
1763 EX Roodle (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2016 B.F. Madame Tantzy (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Woodway Stables (Miss E. Johnson Houghton) HF K 268
1404 EX Ros The Boss (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lily de Vega (IRE) Manister House Stud, Ireland WB Z 571
1716 EX Rosa Parks (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 B.F. Silk Forest (IRE) UPDATE Athassel House Stud, Ireland WB Z 573
2261 EX Roshina (IRE) BY Foxwedge (AUS), 2015 B.M. Emerald Fox (GB) UPDATE Houghton Bloodstock WB W 515
2077 EX Royal Alchemist (GB) BY Make Believe (GB), 2017 B.F. Faire Croire (IRE) UPDATE M. D. O' Callaghan Racing, Ireland HF D 35
2227 EX Royal Bloom (IRE) BY Kheleyf (USA), 2015 Ch.M. Agent of Fortune (GB) G. L. Moore Racing LLP Som P 326
1948 EX Royal Blue Star (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2017 B.F. Periwinkle (IRE) Godolphin HF D 158
1850 EX Royal Bounty (IRE) BY Excellent Art (GB), 2011 Ch.M. Dudley Queen (IRE) Trinity Park Stud WB Z 561
1616 EX Royal Empress (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Royal Nation (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 178
1690 EX Royal Jelly (GB) BY Rajj (IRE), 2014 B.M. I'm So Fancy (IRE) New England Stud HF J 171
2211 EX Royal Warranty (GB) BY Sixties Icon (GB), 2018 Ch.C. Tara Iti (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Som S 360
1406 EX Royale Danehill (IRE) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2011 B.M. Souville (GB) UPDATE Barton Sales Low  582
2061 EX Rugged Up (IRE) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Sweet Joanna (IRE) Musley Bank Stables (R. Fahey) Fur  461
1506 EX Rumoush (USA) BY Frankel (GB), 2015 B.H. Wadilsafa (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  609
1744 EX Rush (GB) BY Gutaifan (IRE), 2018 Gr.F. Sardinia Sunset (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  437
1552 EX Russiana (IRE) BY Nayef (USA), 2013 B.M. Redcold (FR) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 286
1270 EX Safarjal (IRE) BY The Factor (USA), 2017 Gr.F. Nawafeth (USA) UPDATE Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  605
1772 EX Safiyna (FR) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Jacinta de Vega (GB) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 264
1940 EX Safwa (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 Br.F. Rabaabah (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  594
1575 EX Sage Blue (SAF) BY Dynasty (SAF), 2013 Gr.M. Smiling Blue Eyes (SAF) Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 480
1605 EX Saik (USA) BY Pivotal (GB), 2009 Br.M. Dulkashe (IRE) UPDATE Miltown Park Stud, Ireland HF M 232
2172 EX Sakhee's Song (IRE) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2011 B.M. Majestic Song (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 275
1602 EX Sallanches (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2009 Gr.M. Shena's Dream (IRE) UPDATE Fittocks Stud (Agent) WB X 533
2113 EX Salome (FR) BY Dunkerque (FR), 2017 B.F. Mazikeen (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Norris Bloodstock HF M 244
1945 EX Samaah (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2018 Gr.F. Rabwah (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  600
1685 EX Sapphire (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.F. Kiss For A Jewel (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE John Troy (Agent) HF L 252A
2104 EX Saralea (FR) BY Elnadim (USA), 2011 Ch.M. French Accent (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 526
1412 EX Sariska (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Anointed (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 313
2277 EX Scallop (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Pholas (GB) Saffron House Stables (G. Boughey) HF M 231
1663 EX Scarlet Plum (GB) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), 2018 B.F. Scarlet Bear (IRE) Whatton Manor Stud Som O 281
1240 EX Scatter Dice (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2015 Ch.M. Dice Game (GB) UPDATE Norris Bloodstock HF M 243
2155 EX Sciacca (IRE) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2017 B.F. Ascraeus (GB) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 568
1369 EX Sea of Showers (USA) BY Into Mischief (USA), 2017 B.F. Notion of Time (USA) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 121
1775 EX Seattle Grey (USA) BY Summer Front (USA), 2017 Gr/Ro.F. Divine Summer (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Ed Walker Racing WB W 509
1632 EX Second of May (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2011 Ch.M. Elysian Fields (GR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 330
1492 EX Secret Insider (USA) BY Helmet (AUS), 2017 B.F. Gypsy Whisper (GB) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  458
1329 EX Selenography (GB) BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ), 2016 Ch.M. Sibylline (GB) Lanwades Stud Som U 416
1572 EX Selfsame (USA) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), 2015 B.M. Hateya (IRE) Jim Boyle Racing HF E 53
1359 EX Selinka (GB) BY Cable Bay (IRE), 2017 B.M. Pepper Bay (GB) Highclere Stud HF DD 729
1323 EX Sell Out (GB) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2014 B.M. Finale (GB) UPDATE Culworth Grounds Farm WB Y 539
1821 EX Sensazione (GB) BY King Charlemagne (USA), 2006 Br.M. Queen Sensazione (IRE) UPDATE Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) HF F 74
1523 EX Sense of Pride (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2016 B.F. Kaftan (GB) UPDATE Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Sol A 6
1680 EX Senta's Dream (GB) BY Equiano (FR), 2014 B.M. Tisa River (IRE) UPDATE Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 718
1497 EX Serene Beauty (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Lightness (IRE) UPDATE The Royal Studs RY  637
1383 EX Serienhoehe (IRE) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2016 B.M. Shining Pass (GER)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE John Troy (Agent) HF L 249
1408 EX Seta (GB) BY War Front (USA), 2017 B.F. Iris Bud (USA)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 309
1865 EX Seven Magicians (USA) BY Raven's Pass (USA), 2014 B.M. Relaxez Vous (IRE) Millfields Stables HF J 162
1594 EX Sewards Folly (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 B.M. Chisana (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The National Stud Ltd. HF K 197
2153 EX Shall We Run (GB) BY Three Valleys (USA), 2009 B.M. Run of The Day (GB) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 569
1496 EX Shama (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Kew Palace (GB) The Royal Studs RY  636
2034 EX Shamtari (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2017 B.F. Shuraffa (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  605
2109 EX Shanghai Lily (IRE) BY Pivotal (GB), 2010 B.M. Cherry Malotte (GB) UPDATE Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 94
1619 EX Shankardeh (IRE) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2015 B.M. Shakdara (USA) Manister House Stud, Ireland WB Z 572
1597 EX Sharp Apple (USA) BY Badge of Silver (USA), 2011 B.M. Silverville (USA) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  673
1281 EX Sharqawiyah (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2015 B.M. Cape Liberty (IRE) Godolphin HF I 114
2159 EX Shatarah (GB) BY Green Desert (USA), 2008 B.M. Nawaashi (GB) Stanley House Stud HF G 137
1205 EX Shawka (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2018 Gr.F. Enhimaar (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  588
1785 EX She's A Beauty (USA) BY Arch (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Whispering Beauty (USA) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 531
1340 EX Shelley Beach (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), 2017 B.F. I Never Say No (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 96
2254 EX Shesha Bear (GB) BY Dick Turpin (IRE), 2014 B.M. Ashazuri (GB) Whitcoombe House Stables (J. Portman) HF E 51
1837 EX Shimah (USA) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 B.F. Raheeq (GB) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  589
2020 EX Shoal (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 B.F. Tanita (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som U 397
1500 EX Shohrah (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2018 Ch.F. Night of Romance (GB) Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 553
2148 EX Shohrah (IRE) BY Nayef (USA), 2013 Ch.M. Bronte Flyer (GB) Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 90
1639 EX Show Me Off (GB) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), 2017 B.F. American Lady (IRE) Castlefarm Stud, Ireland (Agent) HF DD 723
1777 EX Shumoos (USA) BY Frankel (GB), 2018 B.F. Ghaaliya (IRE) UPDATE Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Som Q 344
1966 EX Silca's Sister (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Sorella d'Angelo (IRE) Godolphin HF G 142
1811 EX Silent Entrance (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2016 B.M. Stagehand (GB) Annshoon Stud, Ireland (Agent) HF G 81
2151 EX Silent Heir (AUS) BY Slickly (FR), 2006 Br.M. My Broken Drum (GB) UPDATE Norris Bloodstock HF L 248
1603 EX Silver Arrow (USA) BY Acclamation (GB), 2008 B.M. Slatey Hen (IRE) Fittocks Stud WB X 532
1358 EX Silver Kestrel (USA) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2015 B.M. Silver Swift (GB) Highclere Stud HF DD 728
1964 EX Silver Screamer (USA) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2017 Gr/Ro.F. Silver Collection (USA) Godolphin HF G 144
1902 EX Silverqueen (FR) BY Fuisse (FR), 2012 B.M. Salome (FR) Norris Bloodstock HF M 240
1717 EX Sinaniya (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Sonaiyla (IRE) UPDATE Athassel House Stud, Ireland WB Z 574
1875 EX Singed (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2008 B.M. Where I Be (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 710
1336 EX Singersongwriter (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Melodies (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 100
2280 EX Sister Guru (GB) BY Fast Company (IRE), 2017 B.G. Vitesse du Son (GB) Haynefield Stables (W. S. Kittow) LY  622
1826 EX Sister Red (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2014 B.M. Miss Laila (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 523
1504 EX Sitara (GB) BY High Chaparral (IRE), 2014 B.H. Rekindling (GB) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Som U 426
1505 EX Six Perfections (FR) BY Galileo (IRE), 2014 B.H. Yucatan (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Som U 427
1431 EX Siyaadah (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.F. Dream Location (GB) Godolphin HF G 142
1726 EX Skip Along (GB) BY Declaration of War (USA), 2015 Ch.M. Winning Ways (AUS) Genesis Green Stud HF K 266
1796 EX Sky Crystal (GER) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Rubia Bella (GB) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 563
1736 EX Smoken Rosa (USA) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2013 B.M. Miss Phillyjinks (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF I 106
1629 EX Smoken Rosa (USA) BY Clodovil (IRE), 2011 B.M. Refusetolisten (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  444
1805 EX Snoqualmie Girl (IRE) BY Excelebration (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Snow Squaw (GB) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 40
1924 EX Snoqualmie Star (GB) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Tribal Craft (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 45
1333 EX Snow Key (USA) BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE), 2015 Ch.M. Shailene (IRE) West Blagdon Stud HF E 47
1827 EX So Many Shots (IRE) BY Australia (GB), 2017 B.F. Sidney Pearl (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 522
1463 EX Soar (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2011 B.M. Upshot (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 225
1330 EX Soft Morning (GB) BY Archipenko (USA), 2017 B.M. Spring To Mind (GB) Lanwades Stud Som U 415
1196 EX Sogha (AUS) BY Dylan Thomas (IRE), 2009 B.M. Munyatee (ARG) UPDATE Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 482
2052 EX Sogno Verde (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.F. Sparkling Olly (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  435
1352 EX Solaia (USA) BY Dynaformer (USA), 2008 B.M. Highest (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 710
1998 EX Solar Pursuit (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2016 B.F. Heliac (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som R 374
2017 EX Solar Pursuit (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 B.F. Snow Shower (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som U 394
1858A EX Solfilia (GB) BY Due Diligence (USA), 2017 B.F. Littledidyouknow (IRE) Wildcard Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 500
1745 EX Sommorell (IRE) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), 2018 B.F. Setarhe (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  436
1970 EX Soon (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Summer House (GB) Godolphin HF G 138
1836 EX Sortita (GER) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Jabeen (IRE) Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  588
1435 EX Sound Reflection (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Echo's Love (IRE) Godolphin HF G 138
1551 EX Southern Queen (GB) BY Hurricane Run (IRE), 2008 B.M. Ballybacka Lady (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Som O 287
1645 EX Souviens Toi (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2016 B.M. Diantha (IRE) Oghill House Stud, Ireland LY  629
1626 EX Spacious (GB) BY Intello (GER), 2016 Ch.M. Prodigious (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 218
2279 EX Special Queen (IRE) BY Mayson (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Mayson Queen (GB) Langham Racing Stables (M. Appleby) HF I 111
1933 EX Specifically (USA) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2010 B.M. Special Meaning (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 184
1197 EX Spectacular Show (IRE) BY Makfi (GB), 2014 B.M. Spiaggia (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 483
1863 EX Speed of Sound (GB) BY Green Tune (USA), 2011 Ch.M. Green Speed (FR) UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 42
1417 EX Speedy Sonata (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 Br.F. Chocolate Music (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 319
1851 EX Speirbhean (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2012 B.M. Found You (USA) Trinity Park Stud WB Z 562
1554 EX Speirbhean (IRE) BY New Approach (IRE), 2010 B.M. Fair Hill (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 690
1657 EX Spinning Queen (GB) BY Galileo (IRE), 2009 B.M. Gallipot (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 831
1750 EX Spinning Queen (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Coconut (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 820
1289 EX Spirit of Tara (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2009 B.M. Irish History (IRE) Godolphin HF D 34
1598 EX Spirited Dancer (IRE) BY Manhattan Rain (AUS), 2011 B.M. Crafty (AUS) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  674
1468 EX Spiritual Air (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Messalina (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 322
1557 EX Spotlight (GB) BY Cable Bay (IRE), 2017 B.F. Upstage (IRE) Lordship Stud Som O 273
1398 EX Spurned (USA) BY Haafhd (GB), 2008 B.M. Hidden Valley (GB) UPDATE New England Stud HF J 164
2209 EX St Aye (USA) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2017 B.F. Soramond (GER) Ed Dunlop Racing Ltd. Som S 358
1631 EX Stage Presence (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2013 B.M. Stage Queen (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 329
2083 EX Star of Gibraltar (GB) BY Rip Van Winkle (IRE), 2015 B.M. Sassie (IRE) UPDATE Flaxton Stables (M. Easterby) Fur  471
1568 EX Star Studded (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2012 B.M. Lamps of Heaven (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Chasemore Farm Som Q 342
1600 EX Starlight Dreams (USA) BY Danehill Dancer (IRE), 2009 Ch.M. Maid To Master (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 525
1389 EX Starry Messenger (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2017 B.F. Tiritomba (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 305
2145 EX Stars At Night (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Silver Desert (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock WB W 512
2160 EX Startarette (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2012 B.M. Angels Wings (IRE) Highclere Stud HF DD 731
1515 EX Stately Princess (GB) BY Red Clubs (IRE), 2009 B.M. Roger Sez (IRE) UPDATE Chasemore Farm Som Q 339
1405 EX Stellar Path (FR) BY Muhaarar (GB), 2017 Gr.F. Astral Path (IRE) Barton Sales Low  583
1735 EX Step Away (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2016 B.M. Cavernndchipmunks (FR) UPDATE Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF I 105
1747 EX Step Sequence (GB) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2015 B.M. Tashaarok (IRE) Tinnakill House, Ireland Low  576
1327 EX Sterling Sound (USA) BY Archipenko (USA), 2014 Ch.M. Argenterie (GB) UPDATE Lanwades Stud Som U 418
2088 EX Storm City Blues (USA) BY Violence (USA), 2016 B.F. Consentement (USA) Scuderia Molett, Hungary (T. Bokori) HF I 115
1637 EX Stormyra (FR) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2016 Gr.M. Stormyza (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Haras de Colleville, France HF E 50
2021 EX Straight Thinking (USA) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Utile (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 398
1800 EX Strathnaver (GB) BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Caen Na Coille (USA)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) HF F 72
1361 EX Strawberry Lolly (GB) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2011 Ch.M. Strawberry Martini (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  666
1864 EX Strictly Dancing (IRE) BY Norse Dancer (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Strict Tempo (GB) UPDATE Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 43
2050 EX Striking Choice (USA) BY Bated Breath (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Apricot Moon (GB) UPDATE Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  433
1820 EX Stroll Patrol (GB) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), 2018 B.F. Mused (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 494
1486 EX Strut (GB) BY Lawman (FR), 2013 B.M. Quick March (GB) UPDATE Hillwood Stud WB W 516
1343 EX Stunning View (USA) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2016 B.M. Treeline (GB) Corduff Stud, Ireland Low  578
1969 EX Suba (USA) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2017 B.F. Subella (IRE) Godolphin HF G 139
1962 EX Subtle Shimmer (GB) BY Morpheus (GB), 2016 B.F. Shimmering Dawn (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF F 145A
2092 EX Success Story (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2006 B.M. Fisadara (GB) UPDATE Bursea Lodge HF F 77
1830 EX Sulaalah (IRE) BY Authorized (IRE), 2011 B.M. Rewaaya (IRE) Shadwell Stud LY  612
1982 EX Sultry (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), 2018 Gr.F. Humid (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 223
1703 EX Summer Fete (IRE) BY Street Cry (IRE), 2015 Gr/Ro.M. Parting Clouds (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  679
1331 EX Summer Night (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2011 B.M. Sunset Shore (GB) Lanwades Stud Som U 414
1799 EX Summer School (IRE) BY Dansili (GB), 2016 B.F. Promise of Success (GB) Induna Stables (C. Wall) Fur  468
1224 EX Summertime Legacy (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2014 Ch.M. Shimmering Light (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The Royal Studs RY  634
2189 EX Sunbird (GB) BY Camelot (GB), 2016 B.M. Perfecimperfection (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud HF H 126
1675 EX Sunday Times (GB) BY Gleneagles (IRE), 2017 B.M. Daily Times (GB) Goldford Stud (Agent) HF K 261
1614 EX Suntory (IRE) BY Teofilo (IRE), 2009 Ch.M. Solfilia (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 689
2273 EX Super Saturday (IRE) BY Free Eagle (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Muritz (GB) UPDATE Norton Grange Stables (T. Fitzgerald) LY  619
1749 EX Supercharged (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2016 B.F. Encapsulation (IRE) Longview Stud HF K 260
1795 EX Supernova Heights (IRE) BY Reliable Man (GB), 2017 Ro/Gr.F. High Flying Bird (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Manor House Stables (T. Dascombe) HF M 234
1776 EX Surrey Storm (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2017 B.F. Aroha (IRE) UPDATE Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Som Q 343
2239 EX Susan Stroman (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2018 B.F. Repeating Melody (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Salcey Forest Stud HF BB 697
2147 EX Suzy Bliss (GB) BY Azamour (IRE), 2012 B.M. Goodnightsuzy (IRE) Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 91
1955 EX Swain's Gold (USA) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Queen's Opal (GB) Godolphin HF F 152
1967 EX Sweepstake (IRE) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), 2017 B.F. Sorteo (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 141
2081 EX Sweet Firebird (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), 2016 B.F. Sweet Affection (IRE) UPDATE Platinum Bloodstock HF I 112
2082 EX Sweet Firebird (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2017 B.F. Sweet Delight (IRE) UPDATE Platinum Bloodstock HF I 113
2166 EX Sweet Lemon (IRE) BY Mukhadram (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Appledram (GB) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  448
1301 EX Sweet Stream (ITY) BY Monsun (GER), 2008 B.M. Tidespring (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 155
1217 EX Sweet Wilhelmina (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2008 B.M. Fanny May (GB) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 291
2183 EX Swindling (GB) BY Compton Place (GB), 2012 Ch.M. Falsify (GB) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 487
1507 EX Swiss Dream (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2015 Gr.H. Yafta (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shadwell Estate Company Ltd. LY  610
1555 EX Swiss Dream (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), 2016 B.M. Aperitif (GB) Lordship Stud Som O 275
1612 EX Swiss Lake (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2016 B.M. Swiss Air (GB) Lordship Stud Som O 271
2250 EX Swordhalf (GB) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), 2018 B.G. George Peabody (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn George Scott Racing RY  649
1558 EX Symba's Dream (USA) BY Zamindar (USA), 2014 Gr.M. La Gommeuse (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 46
1997 EX Symba's Dream (USA) BY Rail Link (GB), 2012 B.M. Shiba (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  665
1203 EX Tafaani (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), 2010 B.M. Reyaadah (GB) Shadwell Stud LY  617
2027 EX Take The Hint (GB) BY Kendargent (FR), 2018 Gr.F. Note Taken (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som U 404
1502 EX Talampaya (USA) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2016 B.F. Pattaya (GB) Habton Grange Stables (T. Easterby) WB Z 548
1767 EX Talent Spotter (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), 2018 B.F. Furlong Factor (GB) Glebe Farm Stables RY  643
2043 EX Tamzin (GB) BY Haafhd (GB), 2010 B.M. Melody of Love (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB W 518
1832 EX Tanaghum (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2007 B.M. Zahoo (IRE) UPDATE Shadwell Stud LY  614
1536 EX Tanamia (GER) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 Ch.M. Tamso (GER) Gestut Gorlsdorf, Germany HF N 203
1300 EX Tante Rose (IRE) BY Daylami (IRE), 2006 Gr/Ro.M. Rose Diamond (IRE) Godolphin HF D 156
1253 EX Tantina (USA) BY Dansili (GB), 2010 B.M. Abated (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som R 353
1282 EX Tantina (USA) BY Cacique (IRE), 2008 B.M. Daintily Done (GB) Godolphin HF I 115
1741 EX Taraeff (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Lynn Britt Cabin (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  661
1746 EX Tarakala (IRE) BY Shamardal (USA), 2015 Ch.M. Tarasila (IRE) UPDATE Tinnakill House, Ireland Low  575
2132 EX Tarneem (USA) BY Paco Boy (IRE), 2012 Ch.M. Taffetta (GB) Byerley Stud WB X 536
2228 EX Tatora (GB) BY Morpheus (GB), 2016 B.F. Lady Morpheus (GB) UPDATE G. L. Moore Racing LLP Som P 325
1441 EX Tearless (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lady Macbeth (IRE) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 89
2269 EX Tebee's Oasis (GB) BY Poet's Voice (GB), 2016 B.F. Sonnetina (GB) UPDATE Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Fur  466
1494 EX Tecla (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Lismore (IRE) Norris Bloodstock HF M 242A
2115 EX Teddy Bears Picnic (GB) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2014 B.M. Hot Natured (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 691
2057 EX Teeky (GB) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.F. Prismatic (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 195
1757 EX Tender Morn (USA) BY Galileo (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Over All (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 813
1276 EX Thankful (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2014 B.M. Always Thankful (GB) Godolphin HF I 109
2229 EX The Silver Kebaya (FR) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2017 B.F. Stealing Silk (IRE) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 489
1294 EX The Sound of Music (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2013 B.M. My Favourite Thing (GB) Godolphin HF D 37
1658 EX Theann (GB) BY Australia (GB), 2017 B.M. Swan River (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 830
1367 EX Three Mysteries (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2017 B.F. Unknown Pleasures (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF I 119
2233 EX Three Sugars (AUS) BY Brazen Beau (AUS), 2017 B.F. Alsukar (GB) Harper Lodge Stables (D. Ivory) HF E 66
2167 EX Three Terns (USA) BY Diktat (GB), 2006 B/Br.M. Three Ducks (GB) UPDATE Barton Sales Low  582
2084 EX Threetimesalady (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Red Treble (GB) UPDATE Howe Hills Farm (Miss R. Menzies) HF BB 703
1292 EX Thunder Kitten (USA) BY Dynaformer (USA), 2005 B/Br.M. Michita (USA) UPDATE Godolphin HF D 35B
1599 EX Tibesti (GB) BY Monsieur Bond (IRE), 2013 Ch.M. Sciarra (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  675
1859 EX Tiger Mist (IRE) BY Elusive City (USA), 2011 B.M. Brown Eyed Honey (GB) Dukes Stud HF DD 750
1615 EX Time Honoured (GB) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Time Change (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 177
1302 EX Time Over (GB) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2013 B.M. Time To Blossom (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Godolphin HF D 154A
1844 EX Time Saved (GB) BY Medicean (GB), 2011 B.M. Stybba (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  683
1467 EX Timely (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 B.F. Exhibit (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 321
2019 EX Timepiece (GB) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 B.F. Tacitly (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 396
1193 EX Tipperary Honor (FR) BY Australia (GB), 2016 B.M. Angelic Motion (FR) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 694
1701 EX Together (IRE) BY War Front (USA), 2016 B.M. Can't Buy Me Love (USA) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  657
2255 EX Top Dollar (GB) BY Morpheus (GB), 2017 B.G. Son of Hypnos (IRE) UPDATE Mr Kevin Smith HF E 50
1353 EX Touch Love (USA) BY Empire Maker (USA), 2017 B.M. Tulla Vaughan (USA) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF BB 709
2223 EX Touching (IRE) BY Kyllachy (GB), 2013 B.M. Kindly (GB) Flaxton Stables (M. Easterby) Fur  472
1840 EX Translator (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), 2015 B.M. Sweet And Dandy (IRE) Norris Bloodstock HF M 238
1636 EX Travelling Light (USA) BY Dalakhani (IRE), 2016 Gr.M. Happy Hiker (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 834
1342 EX Treasure The Lady (IRE) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2016 B.M. Plane Tree Fairy (IRE) Corduff Stud, Ireland Low  577
1671 EX Treasure The Lady (IRE) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2013 B.M. Mt of Beatitudes (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  442
1210 EX Triple Joy (GB) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2011 B.M. Threetimesalady (GB) UPDATE Barton Sales Low  584
2134 EX Tropical Chic (USA) BY Green Tune (USA), 2009 Ch.M. Infinity One (SPA) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 291
1689 EX Tropical Mark (GB) BY Style Vendome (FR), 2016 Ch.M. Alboraya (FR) New England Stud HF J 170
1923 EX Tropical Treat (GB) BY Fastnet Rock (AUS), 2014 B.M. Tropical Rock (GB) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 44
2066 EX True Course (GB) BY Intello (GER), 2017 B.F. Clever Candy (GB) Fitzroy House Stables (M. Bell) Som R 352
2242 EX True Verdict (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), 2016 B.F. Rest My Case (IRE) UPDATE Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing HF I 117A
1248 EX Truffle (IRE) BY Verglas (IRE), 2004 Gr.M. Belliflore (FR) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  663
1841 EX Tussah (GB) BY Sir Percy (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Scarlet Silk (GB) Norris Bloodstock HF M 239
1906 EX Twilight Mistress (GB) BY Bahamian Bounty (GB), 2015 B.M. Twilight Thyme (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud HF I 121
1285 EX Two Sets To Love (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2015 B.M. Final Set (IRE) Godolphin HF D 31
1321 EX Twyla Tharp (IRE) BY Monsun (GER), 2008 B.M. Susan Stroman (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 691
1917 EX Ulfah (USA) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2013 B.M. Ulfah Dream (GB) The National Stud Ltd. HF K 192
2202 EX Under The Rainbow (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 Gr.G. Luncies (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Gainsborough Stables (S. & E. Crisford) Som P 317
2265 EX Unex Mona Lisa (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2017 B.G. Nevendon (GB) UPDATE Lodge Hill Stables (D. Skelton) LY  630
1582 EX Up In Time (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), 2015 B.M. Worship (IRE) Broughton Bloodstock - part of a complete dispersal HF M 247
2041 EX Upbeat Mood (USA) BY Siyouni (FR), 2017 B.F. Sea Mood (FR) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 745
1194 EX Valencia (GB) BY Champs Elysees (GB), 2013 B.M. Isostatic (GB) UPDATE Brook Stud Som U 407
2165 EX Valentine Glory (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), 2017 Br.F. Sendacard (GB) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  449
2180 EX Valley of Hope (USA) BY Montjeu (IRE), 2004 B.M. Scotch Bonnet (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 690
2101 EX Valonia (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), 2017 B.M. Golden Years (GB) Charlock Stud Som O 310
1402 EX Varsity (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), 2016 B.M. Lope Scholar (IRE) Hillwood Stud WB W 513
2129 EX Vassiana (FR) BY Rock of Gibraltar (IRE), 2009 B.M. Vassaria (IRE) Brook Stud Som U 407
1249 EX Velda (GB) BY Orpen (USA), 2010 B.M. Ysper (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  664
1188 EX Ventura Highway (GB) BY Intello (GER), 2016 B.M. Cutting Sword (GB) Ridge Manor Stables, Ireland HF F 80A
1766 EX Vera Lilley (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), 2017 Gr.F. Lil Grey (IRE) UPDATE Chinook Stables, Ireland (Ms S. Lavery) HF DD 724
2097 EX Vermilliann (IRE) BY Mount Nelson (GB), 2010 B.M. Marjong (GB) UPDATE Childwickbury Stud HF I 116
2168 EX Victoire Finale (GB) BY Hernando (FR), 2006 B.M. Valoria (GB) UPDATE Barton Sales Low  581
1513 EX Vigelegere (SWE) BY Sir Percy (GB), 2014 B.M. Zagharit (IRE) UPDATE Highfield Bloodstock Som Q 337
1192 EX Villa Carlotta (GB) BY Selkirk (USA), 2011 Ch.M. Melrose Abbey (IRE) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 695
2152 EX Villabella (FR) BY Dunkerque (FR), 2011 B.M. Vallila (GB) UPDATE Norris Bloodstock HF L 249
1974 EX Vine Street (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Zoohoor (IRE) Godolphin HF G 84
1345 EX Virtuous (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2009 B.M. Honour (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 219
2074 EX Vitesse Superieure (GB) BY Wootton Bassett (GB), 2016 B.F. Reine de Vitesse (FR) Jane Chapple-Hyam Racing HF I 117
1277 EX Vituisa (GB) BY Tiger Hill (IRE), 2008 B.M. Avongrove (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF I 110
1973 EX Vituisa (GB) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.F. Tulip Fields (GB) UPDATE Godolphin HF G 85
1981 EX Vixen Hill (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), 2018 Ch.F. Azeyma (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 221A
2014 EX Vote Often (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 B.F. Referenda (GB) UPDATE Juddmonte Farms Som T 390
1995 EX Wachiwi (IRE) BY Danbird (AUS), 2008 B.M. Serena's Pride (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  663
1391 EX Waldbeere (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2017 B.F. Waldkonigin (GER)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 307
1388 EX Waldblume (GER) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 Ch.M. Waldblumchen (GER) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 304
1627 EX Walk In Beauty (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), 2016 Gr/Ro.M. Isabella Brant (FR) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland HF E 49
1698 EX Walklikeanegyptian (IRE) BY Galileo (IRE), 2016 B.M. Lady Corsica (IRE) UPDATE Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  654
1576 EX Wana Doo (USA) BY Galileo (IRE), 2014 B/Br.M. Christmas Joy (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 479
1762 EX War Bride (GER) BY Dabirsim (FR), 2017 B.F. Wejdan (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 349
2184 EX War Clan (USA) BY Karakontie (JPN), 2017 B/Br.F. Arju (USA) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 488
1831 EX Wasnah (USA) BY Jazil (USA), 2011 B.M. Maayaat (USA) Shadwell Stud LY  613
1574 EX Watchful (AUS) BY Eavesdropper (USA), 2013 B.M. Necklace (AUS) UPDATE Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 481
1227 EX Water Feature (GB) BY High Chaparral (IRE), 2011 B.M. Lady Heidi (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 484
2095 EX Waveband (GB) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 B.M. Penarth Pier (IRE) UPDATE College Farm Stables (C. Dunnett) Low  578
1921 EX Wedding March (IRE) BY Authorized (IRE), 2012 Gr/Ro.M. Processional (USA) Selwood Bloodstock HF DD 755
1428 EX Wedding March (IRE) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Gr.F. Declaring Love (GB) Godolphin HF F 145
1585 EX Wedding Party (GB) BY Mayson (GB), 2015 B.M. Maybride (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 210
1696 EX Well Spoken (IRE) BY Redoute's Choice (AUS), 2014 B.M. Deep Inside (FR) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 136
1959 EX Welsh Anthem (GB) BY Iffraaj (GB), 2017 B.F. Sea Bay (GB) Godolphin HF F 148
1296 EX Whakilyric (USA) BY Sadler's Wells (USA), 2004 B.M. Pleione (FR) Godolphin HF D 39
1868 EX What A Picture (FR) BY Azamour (IRE), 2011 B.M. Labise (IRE) UPDATE Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 97
1510 EX What's Up Pussycat (IRE) BY Canford Cliffs (IRE), 2013 B.M. Rio's Cliffs (GB) UPDATE Sharp Hill Stud Sol A 7
1529 EX Whazzat (GB) BY Nathaniel (IRE), 2014 B.M. Nurse Nightingale (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 101
2249 EX Whazzat (GB) BY Golden Horn (GB), 2017 B.G. Robert Walpole (GB)  Lot Withdrawn George Scott Racing RY  648
1357 EX Whazzis (GB) BY Nayef (USA), 2011 Br.M. Whim (GB) Highclere Stud HF CC 733
2231 EX Whitefall (USA) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), 2018 Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 491
1909 EX Whos Mindin Who (IRE) BY Azamour (IRE), 2012 B.M. Pushingmypatience (IRE) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  456
1549 EX Wiener Wald (USA) BY Act One (GB), 2009 Gr.M. Woodland Scene (IRE) New England Stud HF J 167
1979 EX Wiltshire Life (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2017 B.F. Avebury (IRE) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 220
1355 EX Wimple (USA) BY Shamardal (USA), 2008 B.M. Sharnberry (GB) UPDATE Whatton Manor Stud Som O 278
2287 EX Winds of Time (IRE) BY Dutch Art (GB), 2018 B.F. Kinderdijk (GB) UPDATE Charnwood Stables (J. Butler) LY  626
1509 EX Windy Britain (GB) BY Zamindar (USA), 2011 Ch.M. Windy Citi (GB) Giocri Stud Sol A 8
1520 EX Wingspan (USA) BY Indian Charlie (USA), 2009 B.M. Naan (IRE) UPDATE Whitethorn Bloodstock, Ireland Sol A 4
2087 EX Winsa (USA) BY Medicean (GB), 2007 B.M. Madhaaq (IRE) UPDATE Hever Stud Farm Ltd. Som O 289
1308 EX Winter Fashion (FR) BY Flower Alley (USA), 2014 B.M. Flower Fashion (FR) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  433
1381 EX Winter Silence (GB) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Glaciate (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som R 373
2022 EX Winter Solstice (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2017 B.F. Vintern (GB) Juddmonte Farms Som U 399
1201 EX Wissal (USA) BY Red Ransom (USA), 2006 B.M. Mejala (IRE) Shadwell Stud LY  615
1893 EX With Colour (GB) BY Royal Applause (GB), 2013 B.M. Sciacca (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 501
1316 EX Wittgenstein (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), 2016 B.M. Winterkoenigin (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som O 295
1589 EX Wiwilia (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), 2015 B.M. Short Call (IRE) UPDATE Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 229
1674 EX Wojha (IRE) BY Sepoy (AUS), 2017 Ch.F. Punita Arora (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  439
1537 EX Wonderful World (GER) BY Sea The Moon (GER), 2016 B.M. Wonderworld (GER) UPDATE Gestut Gorlsdorf, Germany HF N 204
2245 EX Yankee Belle (USA) BY Due Diligence (USA), 2017 B.F. Urtzi (IRE) Attwater Racing Ltd. HF E 53
1975 EX Yaria (IRE) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2010 B.M. Hard Walnut (IRE) Trickledown Stud Fur  452
1739 EX Yesterday (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), 2016 B.M. Kiss For Luck (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  659
1815 EX Yodelling (USA) BY Dubawi (IRE), 2017 Ch.F. Chosen Star (GB) The Royal Studs RY  633
2219 EX Yoga (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), 2016 B.F. Sister Midnight (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Libo Hill Farm Stables (J. Goldie) Som P 324
1564 EX You Too (GB) BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ), 2015 Ch.M. Farewell To You (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 698
1362 EX You Too (GB) BY Makfi (GB), 2012 Ch.M. Carolinae (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  667
2112 EX Youngolina (IRE) BY High Chaparral (IRE), 2005 B.M. High Will (FR) Norris Bloodstock HF M 245
1418 EX Youre So Sweet (USA) BY Noble Mission (GB), 2016 B.F. Earth And Sky (USA) UPDATE Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  649
2114 EX Yukon Hope (USA) BY Manduro (GER), 2011 B.M. Yukon Girl (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 692
1190 EX Zaeema (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2009 B.M. Ihtifal (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Shanballa Stud, Ireland WB V 478
2197 EX Zahrah (USA) BY Blame (USA), 2017 B.F. Minori (USA) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 555
1786 EX Zamoura (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), 2018 B.F. On My Way (GB) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 530
2110 EX Zarzuela (IRE) BY Medicean (GB), 2012 B.M. Clara Schumann (GB) UPDATE Swynford Paddocks Stud HF G 93
2029 EX Zatsfine (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2018 B.F. Zagabria (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som U 406
1608 EX Zee Zee Top (GB) BY Frankel (GB), 2014 B.M. Fizzi Top (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 701
1299 EX Zeeba (IRE) BY King's Best (USA), 2012 B.M. Quilting (USA) Godolphin HF D 157
1337 EX Zelding (IRE) BY Cape Cross (IRE), 2006 B.M. Zibeling (IRE) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 99
1376 EX Zenda (GB) BY Dansili (GB), 2009 B.M. Panzanella (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Juddmonte Farms Som S 368