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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Stabling
1509 Windy Citi (GB) 2011 Ch.M. BY Zamindar (USA) EX Windy Britain (GB) Giocri Stud Sol A 8
1510 Rio's Cliffs (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Canford Cliffs (IRE) EX What's Up Pussycat (IRE) UPDATE Sharp Hill Stud Sol A 7
1511 Queensbrydge (GB) 2014 Ch.M. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Meydan Princess (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Som O 289
1512 Cundinamarca (FR) 2016 B.M. BY Camelot (GB) EX Prompt Beauty (USA) EAM Bloodstock Som O 288
1513 Zagharit (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Vigelegere (SWE) UPDATE Highfield Bloodstock Som Q 337
1514 Ancient Longing (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Longing To Dance (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 707
1515 Roger Sez (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Red Clubs (IRE) EX Stately Princess (GB) UPDATE Chasemore Farm Som Q 339
1516 So You Dream (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY So You Think (NZ) EX Mustique Dream (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Chasemore Farm Som Q 340
1517 Diablery (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Magical Romance (IRE) Newhouse Farm WB V 477
1518 Rush (GB) 2011 Ch.M. BY Compton Place (GB) EX Dorelia (IRE) UPDATE Middlelane Farm, Ireland Sol A 10
1519 Little Downs (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Asaawir (GB) UPDATE Rockcliffe Stud HF M 233
1520 Naan (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Indian Charlie (USA) EX Wingspan (USA) UPDATE Whitethorn Bloodstock, Ireland Sol A 4
1521 Seolan (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Alhaarth (IRE) EX Kawaha (IRE) UPDATE Far Westfield Farm WB Z 568
1522 Nigh (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Native Force (IRE) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 567
1523 Kaftan (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Dansili (GB) EX Sense of Pride (GB) UPDATE Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Sol A 6
1524 Princesse Mathilde (GB) 2016 Gr.F. BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Halle Bop (GB) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Sol A 5
1525 Glitterdust (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Intello (GER) EX Glitterball (IRE) Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 231
1526 Forbidden Love (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Indian Love Bird (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 527
1527 Dan Loose Daughter (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Sakhee (USA) EX Dan Loose (IRE) UPDATE Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) HF F 73
1528 Fleur de Lis (GB) 2006 Ch.M. BY Nayef (USA) EX Melodist (USA) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 102
1529 Nurse Nightingale (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Whazzat (GB) Stetchworth Park Stud HF H 101
1530 Clubora (USA) 2016 B.M. BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA) EX Middle Club (GB) Stowell Hill Stud HF I 107
1531 Ichigo (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Myboycharlie (IRE) EX Eurolink Artemis (GB) Strawberry Fields Stud Sol A 3
1532 Arrawa (FR) 2014 B.M. BY Whipper (USA) EX Arrivee (FR) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 489
1533 Drop Dead Gorgeous (FR) 2016 Ch.M. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Arabian Flight (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 490
1534 Adalawa (IRE) 2007 B.M. BY Barathea (IRE) EX Adalya (IRE) UPDATE Oak Lodge & Springfield House Studs, Ireland Sol A 2
1535 Singingintherain (IRE) 2007 Ch.M. BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Comeraincomeshine (IRE) UPDATE Oak Lodge & Springfield House Studs, Ireland Sol A 1
1536 Tamso (GER) 2016 Ch.M. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Tanamia (GER) Gestut Gorlsdorf, Germany HF N 203
1537 Wonderworld (GER) 2016 B.M. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Wonderful World (GER) UPDATE Gestut Gorlsdorf, Germany HF N 204
1538 Amelia May (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Rebecca Sharp (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 64
1539 Vanity Rules (GB) 2010 B.M. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Miss Pinkerton (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 65
1540 Alamora (GB) 2017 Gr.F. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Mussoorie (FR) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 66
1541 Coto Donana (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Kingman (GB) EX Nyarhini (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF E 67
1542 Perfect Inch (GB) 2017 Ro.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Inchina (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 68
1543 Huamulan (FR) 2017 B.F. BY Wootton Bassett (GB) EX M'Oubliez Pas (USA) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 327
1544 Jadou (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY Slade Power (IRE) EX La Chicana (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 328
1545 Mille Tank (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Millevini (IRE) Heatherwold Stud HF N 205
1546 Showtank (GB) 2017 Ch.M. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Exotic Isle (GB) Heatherwold Stud HF N 206
1547 Blondikova (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Cosmodrome (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Fittocks Stud WB X 535
1548 Blue Dawn (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Blue Waltz (GB) Fittocks Stud WB X 534
1549 Woodland Scene (IRE) 2009 Gr.M. BY Act One (GB) EX Wiener Wald (USA) New England Stud HF J 167
1550 Nooshin (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Declaration of War (USA) EX Queen Sarra (GB) New England Stud HF J 168
1551 Ballybacka Lady (IRE) 2008 B.M. BY Hurricane Run (IRE) EX Southern Queen (GB) EAM Bloodstock Som O 287
1552 Redcold (FR) 2013 B.M. BY Nayef (USA) EX Russiana (IRE) UPDATE EAM Bloodstock Som O 286
1553 Sing A Rainbow (IRE) 2015 Ch.M. BY Frankel (GB) EX Beatrice Aurore (IRE) UPDATE Highfield Bloodstock Som Q 338
1554 Fair Hill (GB) 2010 B.M. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Speirbhean (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 690
1555 Aperitif (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Swiss Dream (GB) Lordship Stud Som O 275
1556 Loving Glance (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Kissable (IRE) Lordship Stud Som O 274
1557 Upstage (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Spotlight (GB) Lordship Stud Som O 273
1558 La Gommeuse (IRE) 2014 Gr.M. BY Zamindar (USA) EX Symba's Dream (USA) Keith Harte (Agent) HF E 46
1559 If So (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Persario (GB) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 422
1560 Lynique (IRE) 2014 Ch.M. BY Dylan Thomas (IRE) EX Danse Grecque (IRE) UPDATE Carisbrooke Stud Som U 421
1561 Impetus (IRE) 2016 Br.M. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Dancing Jest (IRE) Carisbrooke Stud Som U 420
1562 Avon Lady (GB) 2007 B.M. BY Avonbridge (GB) EX Delightful Rhythm (USA) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 696
1563 Queen Arabella (GB) 2010 B.M. BY Medicean (GB) EX Hyabella (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 697
1564 Farewell To You (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) EX You Too (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 698
1565 Roses For The Lady (IRE) 2006 B.M. BY Sadler's Wells (USA) EX Head In The Clouds (IRE) UPDATE Newtown Stud, Ireland Som U 423
1566 Sundiata (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Dawn of Empire (USA) Middlelane Farm, Ireland Sol A 9
1567 Cradle of Life (IRE) 2011 Ch.M. BY Notnowcato (GB) EX Pursuit of Life (GB) Chasemore Farm Som Q 341
1568 Lamps of Heaven (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Star Studded (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Chasemore Farm Som Q 342
1569 Milady (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Lady Grace (IRE) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 706
1570 Kingslady (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Kingman (GB) EX Kazeem (GB) Oakgrove Stud HF BB 705
1571 Dutch Monument (GB) 2017 Ch.M. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Lovina (ITY) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 526
1572 Hateya (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Selfsame (USA) Jim Boyle Racing HF E 53
1573 Bettys Hope (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Anjaal (GB) EX Miss Poppy (GB) The Paddocks (B. R. Millman) HF N 207
1574 Necklace (AUS) 2013 B.M. BY Eavesdropper (USA) EX Watchful (AUS) UPDATE Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 481
1575 Smiling Blue Eyes (SAF) 2013 Gr.M. BY Dynasty (SAF) EX Sage Blue (SAF) Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 480
1576 Christmas Joy (IRE) 2014 B/Br.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Wana Doo (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Hazelwood Bloodstock WB V 479
1577 Fast Dreams (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Fast Company (IRE) EX Paper Dreams (IRE) UPDATE Jamie Railton (Agent) WB V 491
1578 Tequila Sunrise (GB) 2010 Gr.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Kenmist (GB) Stratford Place Stud HF CC 749
1579 Disdain (USA) 2014 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Eternal Bounty (IRE) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 566
1580 Curry (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Marvada (IRE) UPDATE Trickledown Stud Fur  457
1581 Pearl Spirit (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Millennium Tale (FR) UPDATE Broughton Bloodstock - part of a complete dispersal HF M 246
1582 Worship (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Up In Time (GB) Broughton Bloodstock - part of a complete dispersal HF M 247
1583 Tallulah Rose (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Blinking (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 208
1584 Ceramist (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Dalasyla (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 209
1585 Maybride (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Mayson (GB) EX Wedding Party (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 210
1586 The Chemist (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Prescription (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 211
1587 Regal Banner (GB) 2016 Ch.M. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Regal Riband (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 212
1588 Love's Secret (GB) 2011 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX L'Affaire Monique (GB) Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 230
1589 Short Call (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Wiwilia (GB) UPDATE Church View Stables, Ireland HF M 229
1590 Sigurwana (USA) 2009 B/Br.M. BY Arch (USA) EX Nyarhini (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 69
1591 Westwiththenight (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Hidden Hope (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 70
1592 Cozi Bay (GB) 2016 Gr.M. BY Kingman (GB) EX Cozy Maria (USA) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 71
1593 Jane Marple (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Miss Pinkerton (GB) UPDATE Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. HF D 71A
1594 Chisana (GB) 2017 B.M. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Sewards Folly (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The National Stud Ltd. HF K 197
1595 Lixirova (FR) 2007 Gr.M. BY Slickly (FR) EX Linorova (USA) UPDATE The National Stud Ltd. HF N 199
1596 Illumined (IRE) 2016 Br.M. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Nenuphar (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. HF N 200
1597 Silverville (USA) 2011 B.M. BY Badge of Silver (USA) EX Sharp Apple (USA) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  673
1598 Crafty (AUS) 2011 B.M. BY Manhattan Rain (AUS) EX Spirited Dancer (IRE) UPDATE Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  674
1599 Sciarra (GB) 2013 Ch.M. BY Monsieur Bond (IRE) EX Tibesti (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  675
1600 Maid To Master (IRE) 2009 Ch.M. BY Danehill Dancer (IRE) EX Starlight Dreams (USA) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 525
1601 Maiden Voyage (FR) 2015 B.M. BY Motivator (GB) EX Atlantic Light (GB) Houghton Bloodstock WB X 524
1602 Shena's Dream (IRE) 2009 Gr.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Sallanches (USA) UPDATE Fittocks Stud (Agent) WB X 533
1603 Slatey Hen (IRE) 2008 B.M. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Silver Arrow (USA) Fittocks Stud WB X 532
1604 Winter Light (GB) 2016 Ch.M. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Moonglow (GB) UPDATE Stone Farm, Ireland HF CC 748
1605 Dulkashe (IRE) 2009 Br.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Saik (USA) UPDATE Miltown Park Stud, Ireland HF M 232
1606 Musical Sands (GB) 2008 B.M. BY Green Desert (USA) EX Balalaika (GB) UPDATE Meon Valley Stud HF BB 699
1607 Tropicana Bay (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Ballet Ballon (USA) UPDATE Meon Valley Stud HF BB 700
1608 Fizzi Top (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Frankel (GB) EX Zee Zee Top (GB) Meon Valley Stud HF BB 701
1609 Claiomh Geal (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) EX Claiomh Solais (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland (Agent) RY  641
1610 Alicestar (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Charming Thought (GB) EX Atheera (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland (Agent) RY  642
1611 Loveheart (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Love Divine (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Lordship Stud Som O 272
1612 Swiss Air (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Swiss Lake (USA) Lordship Stud Som O 271
1613 Embiyra (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Elbasana (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Haras des Authieux, France HF E 52
1613A Facilitate (GB) 2014 Br.M. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Emergency (GB) Wildcard Jamie Railton (Agent) WB W 506
1614 Solfilia (GB) 2009 Ch.M. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Suntory (IRE) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 689
1615 Time Change (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Time Honoured (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 177
1616 Royal Nation (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Royal Empress (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 178
1617 Perfect Match (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Purr Along (GB) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 179
1618 Bandiuc Eile (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Dream On Buddy (IRE) UPDATE Boherguy Stud, Ireland LY  628
1619 Shakdara (USA) 2015 B.M. BY Street Cry (IRE) EX Shankardeh (IRE) Manister House Stud, Ireland WB Z 572
1620 Thrill (GB) 2007 Ch.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Irresistible (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 212A
1621 Rock Choir (GB) 2010 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Choir Mistress (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 213
1622 Queen's Castle (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Queen's Best (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 214
1623 Spin Doctor (GB) 2014 Gr.M. BY Mayson (GB) EX Doctor's Glory (USA) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 215
1624 Clubbable (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Mayson (GB) EX Invitee (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 216
1625 Private View (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Confidential Lady (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF N 217
1626 Prodigious (GB) 2016 Ch.M. BY Intello (GER) EX Spacious (GB) UPDATE Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HF L 218
1627 Isabella Brant (FR) 2016 Gr/Ro.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Walk In Beauty (IRE) Mount Coote Stud, Ireland HF E 49
1628 D'Oro Princess (USA) 2008 B/Br.M. BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA) EX Petite Princess (USA) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  445
1629 Refusetolisten (IRE) 2011 B.M. BY Clodovil (IRE) EX Smoken Rosa (USA) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  444
1630 Madernia (IRE) 2012 Ch.M. BY Duke of Marmalade (IRE) EX Gali Gal (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  443
1631 Stage Queen (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Stage Presence (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 329
1632 Elysian Fields (GR) 2011 Ch.M. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Second of May (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 330
1633 Purplest (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Purple Tiger (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 331
1634 Dabble (IRE) 2015 B/Gr.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Dolma (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 332
1635 Frisella (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Frankel (GB) EX Panzanella (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 333
1636 Happy Hiker (IRE) 2016 Gr.M. BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Travelling Light (USA) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 834
1637 Stormyza (FR) 2016 Gr.M. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Stormyra (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Haras de Colleville, France HF E 50
1638 Restiadargent (FR) 2009 B.M. BY Kendargent (FR) EX Restia (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Haras de Colleville, France HF E 51
1639 American Lady (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Show Me Off (GB) Castlefarm Stud, Ireland (Agent) HF DD 723
1640 Centred (IRE) 2010 Gr.M. BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Drama Class (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 124
1641 Calima Breeze (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Paris Winds (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 125
1642 Aspasi (GB) 2011 B.M. BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Insight (FR)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 126
1643 Circus Tent (IRE) 2017 B.M. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Exciting Times (FR) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 127
1644 Ice Eagle (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Free Eagle (IRE) EX Malaspina (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 123
1645 Diantha (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Souviens Toi (GB) Oghill House Stud, Ireland LY  629
1646 Bewitchment (GB) 2011 B.M. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Hypnotize (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  676
1647 No War (USA) 2016 B.M. BY War Front (USA) EX Peace Burg (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  677
1648 Moment of Time (GB) 2008 B.M. BY Rainbow Quest (USA) EX Not Before Time (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 180
1649 Strathnaver (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX River Belle (GB) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 181
1650 Eleni (FR) 2015 Ch.M. BY Kendargent (FR) EX Encore Merci (IRE) UPDATE Newsells Park Stud Ltd. HF J 182
1652 Gold Filigree (IRE) 2015 Gr.M. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Gold Lace (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 250
1653 Volcanique (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Pink Symphony (GB) John Troy (Agent) HF L 251
1654 Four Leaf Clover (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Hawala (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 252
1655 Nouvelle Vague (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Henrythenavigator (USA) EX Fantastic Filly (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 833
1656 Swift Action (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Littlefeather (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 832
1657 Gallipot (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Spinning Queen (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 831
1658 Swan River (IRE) 2017 B.M. BY Australia (GB) EX Theann (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 830
1659 Spinning Queen (GB) 2003 Ch.M. BY Spinning World (USA) EX Our Queen of Kings (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 829
1660 Nazuna (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Night Fever (IRE) UPDATE Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  638
1661 Mystery Angel (IRE) 2018 B/Br.F. BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Angel Grace (IRE) UPDATE Saffron House Stables (G. Boughey) HF M 231A
1662 Breathtaking Look (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Love Your Looks (GB) Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 284
1663 Scarlet Bear (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Scarlet Plum (GB) Whatton Manor Stud Som O 281
1664 Frankel's Storm (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Frankel (GB) EX Gale Force (GB) UPDATE Kingsley Park HF M 236
1665 Ifrachy (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Killachy Loose (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Prestige Place (M. Botti) HF M 235
1666 Superiority (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Janina (GB) UPDATE Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 552
1667 Russian Camilla (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Camelot (GB) EX Lady Babooshka (GB) UPDATE Cedar Lodge Stables (S. Kirk) HF L 257
1668 Lady Angela (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Marlinka (GB) Heath House Stables (Sir Mark Prescott, Bt.) HF K 258
1669 Archer's Dream (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Badr Al Badoor (IRE) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 560
1670 Sweet Promise (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Intello (GER) EX Penny Rose (GB) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 559
1671 Mt of Beatitudes (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Treasure The Lady (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  442
1672 Starrylita (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Bewitched (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  441
1673 Prosper (GB) 2014 Gr.M. BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Ela Athena (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  440
1674 Punita Arora (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Wojha (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  439
1675 Daily Times (GB) 2017 B.M. BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Sunday Times (GB) Goldford Stud (Agent) HF K 261
1676 Gentle On My Mind (IRE) 2005 B.M. BY Sadler's Wells (USA) EX Ezilla (IRE) UPDATE Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 722
1677 Nayarra (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Massarra (GB) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 721
1678 Simple Magic (IRE) 2011 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Cephalonie (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 720
1679 Tamniah (FR) 2016 B.F. BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Ezdehar (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 719
1680 Tisa River (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Equiano (FR) EX Senta's Dream (GB) UPDATE Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 718
1681 Ladys First (GB) 2009 B.M. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Like A Dame (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 717
1682 La Petite Reine (GB) 2012 Ch.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX River Belle (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 716
1683 Made By Hand (IRE) 2014 Gr.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Flanders (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 715
1684 Villa d'Amore (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Highest Ever (IRE) Voute Sales Ltd. (Agent) HF AA 714
1685 Kiss For A Jewel (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Kingman (GB) EX Sapphire (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE John Troy (Agent) HF L 252A
1686 Mia Maria (IRE) 2016 Gr.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Majestic Silver (IRE) John Troy (Agent) HF L 253
1687 Philonikia (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Kingman (GB) EX Colima (IRE) UPDATE John Troy (Agent) HF L 254
1688 Soon (IRE) 2009 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Classic Park (GB) New England Stud HF J 169
1689 Alboraya (FR) 2016 Ch.M. BY Style Vendome (FR) EX Tropical Mark (GB) New England Stud HF J 170
1690 I'm So Fancy (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Rajj (IRE) EX Royal Jelly (GB) New England Stud HF J 171
1691 Fusion (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Flirtation (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 131
1692 Lady Glinka (IRE) 2008 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Lady Karr (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 132
1693 Federation (GB) 2008 B.M. BY Motivator (GB) EX Flirtation (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 133
1694 Twitch (IRE) 2012 B.M. BY Azamour (IRE) EX Blinking (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 134
1695 Merry Jaunt (USA) 2009 B.M. BY Street Sense (USA) EX Light Jig (GB) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 135
1696 Deep Inside (FR) 2014 B.M. BY Redoute's Choice (AUS) EX Well Spoken (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 136
1697 Hibiscus (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Jacqueline Quest (IRE) UPDATE Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF G 137
1698 Lady Corsica (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Walklikeanegyptian (IRE) UPDATE Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  654
1699 Shalailah (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Perfect Venture (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  655
1700 Mirror Effect (IRE) 2010 B.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Bella Bella (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  656
1701 Can't Buy Me Love (USA) 2016 B.M. BY War Front (USA) EX Together (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  657
1702 Gorgeous Noora (IRE) 2014 B.M. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Aneedah (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  678
1703 Parting Clouds (GB) 2015 Gr/Ro.M. BY Street Cry (IRE) EX Summer Fete (IRE) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  679
1704 Run Wild (GER) 2017 Ch.F. BY Amaron (GB) EX Rondinay (FR) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Ter  680
1705 Elysea's World (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Ideal World (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 54
1706 Noblesse Oblige (ITY) 2016 B.M. BY Myboycharlie (IRE) EX La Boisserie (FR) European Sales Management HF E 55
1707 Lady In Lights (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Cabaret (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 56
1708 Palmyre (FR) 2015 B.M. BY Dansili (GB) EX Purely Priceless (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 57
1709 Nisreen (IRE) 2014 Ch.M. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Badweia (USA) European Sales Management HF E 58
1710 Lady Katanga (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Lunda (IRE) European Sales Management HF E 59
1711 Lincoln Tale (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Intello (GER) EX Pine Chip (USA) European Sales Management HF E 60
1712 Recover Me (FR) 2015 Gr.M. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Marie Rossa (GB)  Lot Withdrawn European Sales Management HF E 60A
1713 Night of England (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Lord of England (GER) EX Ninas Rainbow (GB) UPDATE European Sales Management HF E 61
1714 Mascha (FR) 2015 B/Br.M. BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Calima Mon Amour (FR) European Sales Management HF E 62
1715 Gallic (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Gallipot (GB) European Sales Management HF E 63
1716 Silk Forest (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Rosa Parks (GB) UPDATE Athassel House Stud, Ireland WB Z 573
1717 Sonaiyla (IRE) 2016 Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Sinaniya (USA) UPDATE Athassel House Stud, Ireland WB Z 574
1718 Millicent Fawcett (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Kingman (GB) EX Mainstay (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 828
1719 Vivianite (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Crystany (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 827
1720 Silver Horn (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Magnificient Style (USA) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 826
1721 Queen of Paris (GB) 2015 B.M. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Beldarian (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 825
1722 Maroubra (FR) 2015 B.M. BY Lawman (FR) EX Mirrorblack (IRE) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 824
1723 Unforgetable (IRE) 2017 B/Br.F. BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Annabelle Ja (FR) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 823
1724 Devant (FR) 2016 Ch.F. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Davantage (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 822
1725 Foxtrot Liv (GB) 2016 Ch.M. BY Foxwedge (AUS) EX Bestfootforward (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 821
1726 Winning Ways (AUS) 2015 Ch.M. BY Declaration of War (USA) EX Skip Along (GB) Genesis Green Stud HF K 266
1727 Time Saver (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Frankel (GB) EX Clepsydra (GB) Genesis Green Stud HF K 267
1728 Act Fast (GB) 2012 B.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Flying Cloud (IRE) Highclere Stud HF DD 730
1729 Montjeu's Lady (GB) 2016 B.M. BY Motivator (GB) EX Clizia (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Highclere Stud HF DD 727
1730 Struck By The Moon (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Ho Hi The Moon (IRE) Highclere Stud HF CC 738
1731 Beach Frolic (GB) 2011 Ch.M. BY Nayef (USA) EX Night Frolic (GB) UPDATE Highclere Stud HF CC 735
1732 Bufera (IRE) 2006 B.M. BY King's Best (USA) EX Mahalia (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 130
1733 Contemptuous (IRE) 2016 Br.M. BY New Approach (IRE) EX Hoity Toity (GB) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 129
1734 Joyful Hope (GB) 2012 Ch.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Claba di San Jore (IRE) Kiltinan Castle Stud, Ireland HF H 128
1735 Cavernndchipmunks (FR) 2016 B.M. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Step Away (GB) UPDATE Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF I 105
1736 Miss Phillyjinks (IRE) 2013 B.M. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Smoken Rosa (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland HF I 106
1737 Kurious (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Kuroshio (AUS) EX Easy To Imagine (USA) Whitsbury Manor Stud Som O 276
1738 Unpretentious (GB) 2014 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Demurely (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  658
1739 Kiss For Luck (IRE) 2016 B.M. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Yesterday (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  659
1740 Lady Gorgeous (GB) 2009 Ch.M. BY Compton Place (GB) EX Cayman Sunset (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  660
1741 Lynn Britt Cabin (IRE) 2017 Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Taraeff (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland RY  661
1742 Sophie P (GB) 2013 B.M. BY Bushranger (IRE) EX Fountains Abbey (USA) Far Westfield Farm WB Z 570
1743 Shades of Blue (IRE) 2016 Br.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Enjoyable (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  438
1744 Sardinia Sunset (IRE) 2018 Gr.F. BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Rush (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  437
1745 Setarhe (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Sommorell (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Fur  436
1746 Tarasila (IRE) 2015 Ch.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Tarakala (IRE) UPDATE Tinnakill House, Ireland Low  575
1747 Tashaarok (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Step Sequence (GB) Tinnakill House, Ireland Low  576
1748 So Hi Society (IRE) 2015 B.M. BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Lilac Mist (GB) UPDATE Longview Stud HF K 259
1749 Encapsulation (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Supercharged (IRE) Longview Stud HF K 260
1750 Coconut (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Spinning Queen (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 820
1751 Queen Jo Jo (GB) 2016 Gr.F. BY Gregorian (IRE) EX River Song (USA) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 819
1752 Romsey (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Broadlands (GB)  Lot Withdrawn The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 818
1752A Ela Katrina (GB) 2016 Gr.F. BY Kendargent (FR) EX Ela Athena (GB) Wildcard The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 818
1753 Brassica (IRE) 2016 B.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Lasilia (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 817
1754 Akua'rella (GER) 2015 B.M. BY Shamardal (USA) EX Akua'ba (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 816
1755 Endless Joy (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Showcasing (GB) EX Funny Enough (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 815
1756 Game Plan (GB) 2018 Gr.F. BY Australia (GB) EX Intrigued (GB) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 814
1757 Over All (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY Galileo (IRE) EX Tender Morn (USA) UPDATE The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 813
1758 Wren (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Magical Romance (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Som P 812
1759 Shauyra (IRE) 2016 Ch.F. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Donnelly's Hollow (IRE) UPDATE Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 346
1760 Oti Ma Boati (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Mania (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 347
1761 Pretty Pickle (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX Onomatomania (USA) Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 348
1762 Wejdan (FR) 2017 B.F. BY Dabirsim (FR) EX War Bride (GER)  Lot Withdrawn Somerville Lodge Ltd. (W. Haggas), Agent Som R 349
1763 Madame Tantzy (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Roodle (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Woodway Stables (Miss E. Johnson Houghton) HF K 268
1764 Graceful Magic (GB) 2017 Gr.F. BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Magic Escapade (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Woodway Stables (Miss E. Johnson Houghton) HF K 269
1765 Adelante (FR) 2016 Ch.F. BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Make Up (GB) UPDATE Robins Farm (G. Baker) Som O 285
1766 Lil Grey (IRE) 2017 Gr.F. BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Vera Lilley (IRE) UPDATE Chinook Stables, Ireland (Ms S. Lavery) HF DD 724
1767 Furlong Factor (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Adaay (IRE) EX Talent Spotter (GB) Glebe Farm Stables RY  643
1768 Balancing Act (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY No Nay Never (USA) EX My Lass (GB) Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 688
1769 Dark Regard (GB) 2017 Br.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Best Regards (IRE) UPDATE Salcey Forest Stud HF AA 687
1770 Modern Millie (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Hairspray (GB) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 262
1771 Annie de Vega (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Annie's Fortune (IRE) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 263
1772 Jacinta de Vega (GB) 2017 Gr.F. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Safiyna (FR) UPDATE Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) HF K 264
1773 Molls Memory (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Helmet (AUS) EX Bright Moll (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Ed Walker Racing WB W 507
1774 Be Easy (GER) 2017 B.F. BY Samum (GER) EX Bandeira (GER) Ed Walker Racing WB W 508
1775 Divine Summer (USA) 2017 Gr/Ro.F. BY Summer Front (USA) EX Seattle Grey (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Ed Walker Racing WB W 509
1776 Aroha (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Kodiac (GB) EX Surrey Storm (GB) UPDATE Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Som Q 343
1777 Ghaaliya (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Frankel (GB) EX Shumoos (USA) UPDATE Manton Lodge Stables (B. Meehan) Som Q 344
1778 Dear Power (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Acclamation (GB) EX Debuetantin (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  639
1779 Eco Friendly (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Edisia (GB) Carlburg Stables (R. Varian) RY  640
1780 Just Beautiful (GB) 2018 Br.F. BY Pride of Dubai (AUS) EX Astrelle (IRE) UPDATE Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Som R 350
1781 Willa (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Holberg Suite (GB) East Everleigh Stables (R. Hannon) Som Q 345
1782 Sunshine Fun (USA) 2017 B.F. BY Bernardini (USA) EX Claire Soleil (USA) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 542
1783 Alone Time (IRE) 2018 Ch.F. BY Mehmas (IRE) EX My Lass (GB) The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 543
1784 Velocity (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Vadamos (FR) EX Naqrah (IRE) UPDATE The Old Malthouse Stables (J. Osborne) WB Y 544
1785 Whispering Beauty (USA) 2016 B/Br.F. BY Arch (USA) EX She's A Beauty (USA) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 531
1786 On My Way (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Zamoura (GB) Alliance Bloodstock WB X 530
1787 Sincerity (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Affinity (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 558
1788 La Puntalina (IRE) 2017 Ch.F. BY Pivotal (GB) EX Fondled (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 557
1789 Lady Eleanor (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Firenze (GB) UPDATE Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) WB Z 556
1790 Restless Rose (GB) 2015 Ch.M. BY Power (GB) EX Albany Rose (IRE) UPDATE Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 283
1791 Marcela de Vega (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Lunar Phase (IRE) Diomed Stables (S. Williams) Som O 282
1792 Miss Villanelle (GB) 2017 B.F. BY Ivawood (IRE) EX Parabola (GB) Faringdon Place Stables (C. Hills) Som U 424
1793 She's So Nice (IRE) 2018 B.F. BY Mehmas (IRE) EX Elkmait (GB) Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 551
1794 Terrichang (GB) 2018 B.F. BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Fleur de Sel (GB) UPDATE Spigot Lodge Stables (K. Burke) WB Z 550
1795 High Flying Bird (FR) 2017 Ro/Gr.F. BY Reliable Man (GB) EX Supernova Heights (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Manor House Stables (T. Dascombe) HF M 234
1796 Rubia Bella (GB) 2017 Ch.F. BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Sky Crystal (GER) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 563
1797 Suestar (GB) 2017 Gr.F. BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Momentus (IRE) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 564
1798 Tampere (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Brigitta (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) WB Z 565
1799 Promise of Success (GB) 2016 B.F. BY Dansili (GB) EX Summer School (IRE) Induna Stables (C. Wall) Fur  468
1800 Caen Na Coille (USA) 2016 B/Br.F. BY Medaglia d'Oro (USA) EX Strathnaver (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Bedford House Stables (C. Fellowes) HF F 72
1801 Princess Siyouni (IRE) 2017 B.F. BY Siyouni (FR) EX Librettista (AUS) UPDATE Chestnut Tree Stables (M. Quinn) Som U 425