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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Day 4 97 1,314,200 13,548 10,000 88,000
 + Other Private Sales 3 33,500      
Whole Sale 628 26,255,100 41,807 20,000 700,000
 + Other Private Sales 19 244,300      
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
1184 EX Abonos (IRE) BY Unfortunately (IRE), B.F. (GB) Hill Farm Stables Blackthorn Bloodstock 1,500
1146 EX Alkadi (IRE) BY Cityscape (GB), B.F. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Vendor 5,000
1115 EX Alushta (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), B.C. (GB) Whitwell Bloodstock (Agent) Corps Commerce 18,000
1050 EX Alwafaa (IRE) BY Time Test (GB), B.C. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Global Equine Group 11,000
1085 EX Amarullah (FR) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.C. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Vendor 15,000
1040 EX An Chulainn (IRE) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The Cottage Stud, Ireland Browne Brothers Bloodstock 3,000
1058 EX Asmahan (GB) BY Ardad (IRE), B/Br.F. (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Lot Withdrawn
1074 EX Astrantia (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Bugley Stud Lot Withdrawn
1165 EX Attlongglast (GB) BY Jukebox Jury (IRE), B.C. (UNK) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
1075 EX Autumn Snow (GB) BY Sioux Nation (USA), B.C. (GB) Barton Stud A C Elliott, Agent 88,000
1062 EX Bahamian Bird (GB) BY Camacho (GB), B.C. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Oakshott Bloodstock 8,500
1130 EX Bakoura (GB) BY Rajasinghe (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Phil Cunningham 50,000
1181 EX Barathea Dancer (IRE) BY Mayson (GB), B.F. (GB) College Farm Stud Lot Not Sold 19,000
1171 EX Bataka (GB) BY Washington DC (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Chris Bennett 4,800
1060 EX Be Free (GB) BY Time Test (GB), B.F. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. BBA Ireland 7,000
1138 EX Belle Vale (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), B.F. (GB) Brookside Stud (Newmarket), Agent Bethan McCabe / Newmarket Pre-Training 3,200
1097 EX Bitooh (GB) BY Australia (GB), B.C. (GB) Stringston Farm Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock / Aughamore Stud 62,000
1135 EX Blynx (GB) BY Brazen Beau (AUS), B.C. (GB) Manor Farm Stud (Rutland) Lot Withdrawn
1142 EX Bonnie Arlene (IRE) BY Cable Bay (IRE), B.C. (GB) Byerley Stud Grove Stud 20,000
1143 EX Bridge Poseidon (IRE) BY Time Test (GB), B.F. (GB) Charley Knoll Partnership Kimberley Priori / Vitruvian Bloodstock 8,000
1116 EX Buttercross (GB) BY Tasleet (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Whitwell Bloodstock Cavalier Bloodstock 10,000
1169 EX Caius College Girl (IRE) BY Rajasinghe (IRE), B.F. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Cashel Rock Bloodstock 15,000
1057 EX Call Sign Charlie (IRE) BY Cityscape (GB), B.C. (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Midland Equine 1,500
1145 EX Calm Attitude (IRE) BY Ardad (IRE), B.C. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Richard Knight Bloodstock Agent 5,500
1068 EX Camelopardalis (GB) BY Brazen Beau (AUS), B.C. (GB) Kirtlington Stud Lot Withdrawn
1118 EX Cape Rosie (GB) BY Hawkbill (USA), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Peter Foster 6,000
1125 EX Captain Secret (GB) BY Territories (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) Rea O'Connor / Shanaville Stables 7,500
1133 EX Caramel Sundae (GB) BY Gustav Klimt (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Mickley Stud Ltd. Glenvale Stud 28,000
1156 EX Celestine Abbey (GB) BY Tasleet (GB), B.F. (GB) Hill Farm Stables Valfredo Valiani 2,000
1163 EX Characterized (GB) BY Ruler of The World (IRE), B.C. (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
1179 EX Charlie's Star (GB) BY Pearl Secret (GB), B.F. (GB) Chapel Stud Lot Withdrawn
1052 EX Chasing Rubies (IRE) BY Havana Grey (GB), B.C. (GB) Whatcote Farm Stud Tally-Ho Stud 13,000
1041 EX Coto (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Mr Matthew Tynan Vendor 8,000
1081 EX Dangerous Moonlite (IRE) BY Tasleet (GB), Ch.C. (Gb) Trickledown Stud Saturday Bloodstock (P.S.) 5,500
1159 EX Dark Quest (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.C. (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Marc Jordan 1,000
1033 EX Deep Blue Diamond (GB) BY Washington DC (IRE), B.C. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Lot Not Sold 2,000
1093 EX Deirdre (GB) BY Highland Reel (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Friar Ings Stud Vendor 12,000
1174 EX Delta Diva (USA) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Hide Bloodstock 8,000
1162 EX Diamond Blue (GB) BY Garswood (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Musley Bank Stables Sence Bloodstock 1,500
1089 EX Disdain (USA) BY Iffraaj (GB), B.F. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Theta Holding 1 45,000
1151 EX Dolly Daydreamer (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Oakshott Bloodstock Valfredo Valiani 800
1121 EX Dream of Wunders (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Tomas Janda 3,000
1111 EX Driven Snow (FR) BY Spanish Moon (USA), B.F. (GB) Brendan Boyle Bloodstock Rathkurtin Stud 5,500
1112 EX Dubai Legend (GB) BY Havana Grey (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Brendan Boyle Bloodstock Vendor 11,000
1147 EX Duchess Dora (IRE) BY The Last Lion (IRE), B.C. (GB) Friar Ings Stud Vendor 16,000
1106 EX Duchess of Fife (GB) BY Unfortunately (IRE), B.C. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
1063 EX Eleusis (GB) BY Havana Grey (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
1157 EX Elusive Epona (USA) BY Garswood (GB), B.C. (GB) Vicarage Farm Lot Withdrawn
1044 EX Emmuska (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Vendor 2,000
1172 EX Eshq (IRE) BY Havana Grey (GB), B.C. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Lot Not Sold 5,500
1086 EX Faery Song (IRE) BY Due Diligence (USA), B.C. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Lot Not Sold 4,500
1036 EX Fair Maiden (JPN) BY Havana Grey (GB), B/Gr.C. (GB) Dutch Barns Farm Crimbourne Bloodstock 17,500
1069 EX Falling Angel (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), B.C. (GB) Kirtlington Stud Woodley Park 6,500
1034 EX Fashion Flow (GB) BY Outstrip (GB), B.F. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Lot Withdrawn
1048 EX Flora Medici (GB) BY Hawkbill (USA), Ch.C. (GB) Northmore Stud Sam Mahony 2,000
1087 EX Forgotten Paradise (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.F. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Lot Not Sold 2,500
1045 EX Garabelle (IRE) BY Sea The Moon (GER), B.F. (GB) Byerley Stud Horse Park Stud 60,000
1173 EX Gaviota (GB) BY Sir Percy (GB), B.F. (GB) Rosyground Stud King / Barry 7,500
1108 EX Gipsy Doll (GB) BY Profitable (IRE), B.C. (GB) Charlock Stud Jamie Piggott Bloodstock 15,000
1167 EX Girlofinkandstars (IRE) BY Dartmouth (GB), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
1047 EX Gladiatrix (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), B.F. (GB) Harry Dutfield BBA Ireland 28,000
1119 EX Godzilla's Girl (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Lot Withdrawn
1054 EX Gumhrear (IRE) BY Tasleet (GB), B.F. (GB) Whatcote Farm Stud T Hillman 22,000
1043 EX Heart of An Angel (GB) BY Gustav Klimt (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Mohammed Moubarak 17,000
1131 EX Heartstone (IRE) BY Ardad (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Rabbah Bloodstock 10,000
1107 EX Heaven's Sake (GB) BY Highland Reel (IRE), B.F. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Chuks Emezie 3,500
1154 EX High Class Girl (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), B.F. (GB) Millfields Stables CA Dunnett 3,000
1136 EX Hindsight (GB) BY Equiano (FR), Br.C. (GB) Manor Farm Stud (Rutland) Lot Withdrawn
1066 EX Hot Natured (IRE) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), B.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Yeomanstown Stud 13,500
1105 EX Hypocoristique (IRE) BY Cracksman (GB), B.F. (IRE) Glebe Farm Stables Lot Withdrawn
1073 EX Icky Woo (GB) BY Massaat (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Midland Equine 18,000
1124 EX Jellwa (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.F. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Quarryland Bloodstock 3,500
1103 EX Juno Moneta (IRE) BY Australia (GB), B.F. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Vendor 10,000
1134 EX Kodelight (GB) BY Pearl Secret (GB), B.C. (GB) Chapel Stud Sence Bloodstock 800
1071 EX Kodiac Island (GB) BY Belardo (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Windlestone 32,000
1049 EX Kuriosa (IRE) BY Tasleet (GB), B.F. (GB) Northmore Stud Larry Stratton 26,000
1123 EX L'Addition (GB) BY Cityscape (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Vendor 5,000
1035 EX Lady Kyllar (GB) BY Koropick (IRE), B.C. (GB) Hedgeholme Stud Troy Steve Bloodstock 800
1098 EX Lamyaa (GB) BY Gleneagles (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Stringston Farm Lot Withdrawn
1082 EX Le Badie (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), B.F. (GB) Chapel Stud JC Bloodstock 28,000
1059 EX Liberty Lady (IRE) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.F. (GB) Chapel Stud Kevin Quinn 23,000
1101 EX Ligeia (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Browne Brothers Bloodstock 4,000
1109 EX Local Spirit (USA) BY Ulysses (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Charlock Stud Rupert Holmes 15,000
1061 EX M'as Tu Vu (FR) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.F. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
1158 EX Make It Snappy (GB) BY Lethal Force (IRE), Gr.C. (GB) Vicarage Farm Lot Withdrawn
1094 EX Mambo Paradise (GB) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Friar Ings Stud Harry Dutfield 12,000
1117 EX Manbaa (USA) BY Outstrip (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Hedgeholme Stud Sence Bloodstock 800
1055 EX Mara Grey (IRE) BY Ardad (IRE), B.C. (GB) Throckmorton Court Stud Leon Carrick Bloodstock 7,500
1067 EX Melrose Abbey (IRE) BY Zoffany (IRE), B.F. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Orchardstown Farms 11,000
1126 EX Mia Kyllachy (GB) BY Sioux Nation (USA), B.F. (GB) Old Buckenham Stud (Sales Division) Vendor 21,000
1150 EX Midnight Sky (GB) BY Tasleet (GB), B.C. (GB) Oakshott Bloodstock Redgate Bloodstock 16,000
1120 EX Million Faces (GB) BY Brazen Beau (AUS), Ch.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Ian Bennett 3,000
1042 EX Nantyglo (GB) BY Massaat (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Wallhouse Slu 11,000
1152 EX Neshla (GB) BY Unfortunately (IRE), B.C. (GB) Charlock Stud BBA Ireland 11,500
1090 EX Nigh (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Far Westfield Farm Theta Holding 1 25,000
1099 EX Nippy (FR) BY Massaat (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
1096 EX Nota Bene (GER) BY Bated Breath (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Marwell Park Trickledown Stud 11,000
1175 EX Nuptials (USA) BY Fulbright (GB), B.C. (GB) Byerley Stud Lot Not Sold 2,800
1053 EX O'Connor's Girl (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.C. (GB) Whatcote Farm Stud Phillipa Mains 13,000
1140 EX Okba (USA) BY Fast Company (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Glebe Farm Stables Joanna Morgan 8,000
1038 EX Onlyyouknowme (IRE) BY Charm Spirit (IRE), B.F. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Rabbah Bloodstock 8,000
1056 EX Paradise Way (GB) BY Sioux Nation (USA), B.F. (IRE) Throckmorton Court Stud Vendor 11,000
1166 EX Piranha (IRE) BY Massaat (IRE), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Susie Sands 10,000
1160 EX Pitter Patter (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.F. (GB) Coln Valley Stud Luke Morris 2,000
1083 EX Plage Depampelonne (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Byerley Stud Midland Equine 4,000
1153 EX Polly's Dilemma (GB) BY Gregorian (IRE), B.F. (GB) Charlock Stud Lot Withdrawn
1122 EX Porthcawl (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.C. (GB) Far Westfield Farm SJ Leahy Bloodstock (P.S.) 7,500
1155 EX Priola (GER) BY Sea The Moon (GER), Ch.F. (GB) The Elms Stud Franglais Bloodstock 38,000
1102 EX Puff Pastry (GB) BY Ribchester (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Mickley Stud Ltd. GHS Bloodstock 18,000
1065 EX Quiet Protest (USA) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.F. (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Simon Chappell 42,000
1080 EX Rapid Recruit (IRE) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Grangemore Stud 20,000
1078 EX Really Ransom (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Andre Rodrigues Alencar 2,500
1037 EX Red Fedora (GB) BY Mayson (GB), B.C. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Not Sold 4,500
1051 EX Red Kyte (GB) BY Due Diligence (USA), B.F. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Wallhouse Slu 7,500
1127 EX Relaxez Vous (IRE) BY Ardad (IRE), B.C. (GB) Millfields Stables GHS Bloodstock 23,000
1070 EX Riccoche (IRE) BY Lightning Spear (GB), B.C. (GB) Kirtlington Stud John Walsh Bloodstock 12,000
1183 EX Rio's Cliffs (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.F. (GB) Sharp Hill Stud Polly Prior 11,000
1139 EX Robbie Roo Roo (GB) BY Tasleet (GB), B/Br.F. (GB) Brookside Stud (Newmarket) Vendor 16,000
1077 EX Rock Follies (GB) BY Sea The Moon (GER), B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Danesrath Stud 13,000
1104 EX Ruxleys Star (USA) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), B.F. (GB) Pineapple Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
1110 EX Scent of Roses (IRE) BY Tamayuz (GB), B.F. (GB) Aston Mullins Stud Philippa Mains 14,000
1091 EX Scholarly (GB) BY Profitable (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Glencoole Stud 16,000
1170 EX Scotch Bonnet (IRE) BY Pearl Secret (GB), B.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Stock Vale Bloodstock 2,000
1076 EX Secret Keeper (GB) BY Harry Angel (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Barton Stud Lot Withdrawn
1132 EX Shembara (FR) BY Awtaad (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. SARL Trotting Bloodstock 12,000
1046 EX Silkenveil (IRE) BY Intello (GER), B.F. (GB) Byerley Stud Lot Withdrawn
1178 EX Sister Moonshine (GB) BY Phoenix Reach (IRE), B.C. (GB) Heatherwold Stud Lot Not Sold
1137 EX Solfilia (GB) BY Pearl Secret (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Lot Not Sold 19,000
1084 EX Starboard Watch (GB) BY Havana Grey (GB), Gr.C. (GB) Byerley Stud Hazelwood Bloodstock 21,000
1141 EX Starlit Sky (GB) BY Lightning Spear (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Byerley Stud Redwall Bloodstock 10,000
1095 EX Step This Way (USA) BY The Last Lion (IRE), B.F. (GB) Friar Ings Stud Lot Not Sold 9,000
1168 EX Sweet As Honey (GB) BY Mukhadram (GB), B.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Danny Williams 4,500
1180 EX Tabikat Elle (IRE) BY Markaz (IRE), B/Gr.C. (GB) Bursea Lodge Lot Withdrawn
1100 EX Taleteller (USA) BY Hawkbill (USA), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. King / Barry 4,000
1079 EX Talqaa (GB) BY Ardad (IRE), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Vendor 4,000
1088 EX Tamaara (IRE) BY Adaay (IRE), B.C. (GB) Millfields Stables John Troy 13,000
1182 EX Theydon Girls (GB) BY Charming Thought (GB), B.F. (GB) Hall Farm Stables Vendor 2,500
1177 EX Thornton Mary (GB) BY Massaat (IRE), B.C. (GB) Norton Grange Stables Vendor 8,000
1113 EX Thuit (IRE) BY Seahenge (USA), B.F. (GB) Brendan Boyle Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
1148 EX Tottie (GB) BY Jukebox Jury (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Friar Ings Stud Kellsgrange Stud 12,000
1064 EX Trend Line (IRE) BY Cracksman (GB), B.C. (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
1114 EX Twenty Questions (GB) BY Gustav Klimt (IRE), B.F. (GB) Brendan Boyle Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
1128 EX Twizzell (GB) BY Rajasinghe (IRE), B.F. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Phil Cunningham 20,000
1129 EX Ulfah Dream (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Keyfan Bloodstock 6,000
1072 EX Unveiling (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. James Went 6,000
1039 EX Vertigo On Course (IRE) BY Free Eagle (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Ballintry Stud, Ireland Glenville Bloodstock 2,000
1161 EX What Excitement (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.F. (GB) Coln Valley Stud Lot Not Sold
1176 EX Whirlwind Romance (IRE) BY Equiano (FR), B.F. (GB) Byerley Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 2,000
1092 EX Whitefall (USA) BY Caravaggio (USA), Bl/Gr.F. (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Kelly Equine Services 7,000
1144 EX With Distinction (GB) BY Master Carpenter (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) GG Bloodstock & Racing Vendor 7,000
1149 EX Yorkindred Spirit (GB) BY Outstrip (GB), B.C. (FR) Friar Ings Stud Lot Not Sold 9,500
1164 EX Zaaneh (IRE) BY Territories (IRE), B.C. (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Glebe Farm Stud 14,000