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Summary (guineas) Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Day 2 207 7,014,800 33,888 25,000 170,000
 + Other Private Sales 4 51,500      
Whole Sale 628 26,255,100 41,807 20,000 700,000
 + Other Private Sales 19 244,300      
Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Purchaser Price
723 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Party Whip (IRE), B.C. (Ire) Trickledown Stud Hillwood Bloodstock 42,000
597 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Back In The Frame (GB), B.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 28,000
528 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Jolie Chanson (FR), B.C. (IRE) Hunting Hill Stud, Ireland Tally-Ho Stud 57,000
665 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Hooray (GB), B.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Railstown Stud 5,000
737 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Fast Lily (IRE), B.C. (GB) Plantation Stud Blandford Bloodstock 90,000
640 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Nina Bonita (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Trickledown Stud Michael O'Mahony 35,000
689 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Duchess of France (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
637 BY Aclaim (IRE) EX Snake's Head (GB), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud 147 Bloodstock 19,000
518 BY Adaay (IRE) EX Springing Baroness (GB), B.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Hillwood Bloodstock 23,000
524 BY Australia (GB) EX Imalwayshotforyou (USA), B.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Durcan Bloodstock 25,000
669 BY Australia (GB) EX Pavement (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland Shanaville Stables 26,000
748 BY Australia (GB) EX Hyphaema (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Glashare House Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 14,000
647 BY Australia (GB) EX Moondust (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Invictus Equine 13,000
618 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX My Wish (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Philippa Mains 30,000
666 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Spin Doctor (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
600 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Spate (IRE), B.C. (GB) Nuthurst Farm Stud Margaret O'Toole 26,000
505 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Commence (GB), B.C. (GB) Hungerford Park Stud BBA Ireland 9,000
573 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Kitba (GB), Ch.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
569 BY Belardo (IRE) EX Dayrose (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Margaret O'Toole 45,000
763 BY Belardo (IRE) EX Carmens Fate (GB), B.C. (GB) EAM Bloodstock Invictus Equine 24,000
482 BY Belardo (IRE) EX Princess Severus (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Shanaville Stables, Ireland Vendor 15,000
675 BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Bonne (GB), B.C. (IRE) Greenville House Stud, Ireland Thomson Bloodstock 5,000
568 BY Camacho (GB) EX Purple Tigress (GB), B.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) A & B Bloodstock 6,500
591 BY Camacho (GB) EX Saliyna (FR), B.F. (GB) Mill House Stud (Agent) Grangemore Stud 18,000
593 BY Camacho (GB) EX Zulema (GB), B.C. (GB) Mill House Stud (Agent) Kilronan 16,000
523 BY Camacho (GB) EX Desert Way (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Brickfield Stud 15,000
749 BY Camacho (GB) EX Ballerina Blue (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Glashare House Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
538 BY Camacho (GB) EX Cape Joy (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Altenbach Bloodstock Alice O'Brien / Brad Wood 10,000
726 BY Camacho (GB) EX Newsroom (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House, Ireland Vendor 20,000
661 BY Camelot (GB) EX Obsara (GB), B.F. (IRE) Yellowford Farm, Ireland George Mullins Bloodstock 78,000
751 BY Camelot (GB) EX Delta Dreamer (GB), B.C. (IRE) Belmont Stud, Ireland Oneliner Stables 140,000
688 BY Camelot (GB) EX Caserta (GB), B.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Vendor 65,000
721 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Pizzarra (GB), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Make A Stand 22,000
639 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Accolade (GB), B.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Bobby O'Ryan 4,500
495 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Lilly Junior (GB), B.F. (GB) Tibthorpe Stud Harry Dutfield 3,500
491 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Czarna Roza (GB), B.F. (GB) Overbury Stud J Reid 4,500
624 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Evangelical (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Bobby O'Ryan 25,000
682 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Snow Dust (GB), B.C. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Castlehyde Stud 52,000
757 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Ihtifal (GB), B.C. (IRE) Shanballa Stud, Ireland Yeomanstown Stud 92,000
614 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Its All For Luck (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Castlefarm Stud, Ireland (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
685 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Trip To Glory (FR), Ch.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
709 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Ebb (GB), B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Tally-Ho Stud 60,000
732 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Shine (GB), B.C. (IRE) Bumble Mitchell Lot Withdrawn
611 BY Churchill (IRE) EX Rose of Africa (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Belmont Stud, Ireland Avenue Bloodstock 32,000
578 BY Cityscape (GB) EX Memory Lane (GB), B.C. (GB) St Simon Stud Harry Outers Bloodstock 6,000
672 BY Cotai Glory (GB) EX Kocna (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Owenstown Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
488 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Navajo Charm (GB), B.C. (GB) Natton House Thoroughbreds Ltd. Laura Clifford-Ward 45,000
533 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Nunavik (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Haddenham Stud Farm Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
543 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Munyatee (ARG), B.F. (GB) Hazelwood Bloodstock Ryedale Racing 8,000
707 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Whim (GB), B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Springfield House Stud 9,000
539 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Jameela's Dream (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) Altenbach Bloodstock Bobby O'Ryan 20,000
622 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Elysian Fields (GR), Ch.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Trickledown Stud 15,000
631 BY Cracksman (GB) EX Micaela's Moon (USA), B.C. (GB) New England Stud Lot Withdrawn
745 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX La Chita Bonita (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Northern Bloodstock Ltd. Four Amigos 16,000
512 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Alabama Monroe (IRE), Br.F. (IRE) Castlefarm Stud, Ireland (Agent) Paula Flannery 15,000
552 BY Decorated Knight (GB) EX Comnena (GB), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
530 BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Miss Phillyjinks (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland SackvilleDonald 72,000
664 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Thrill (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
563 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Danehill Revival (GB), B.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. SackvilleDonald 27,000
744 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Duquesa (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Northern Bloodstock Ltd. Margaret O'Toole 50,000
616 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Shahabad (GB), B.F. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Joanna Morgan 11,000
668 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Fasnela (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland Shanaville Stables 25,000
686 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Switcher (IRE), B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
722 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Miliika (GB), B.F. (IRE) Trickledown Stud Lot Withdrawn
635 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Gold Again (USA), B.C. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Lot Withdrawn
619 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Orangey Red (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Juddmonte Farms 70,000
706 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Bella Lulu (GB), B.F. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Vendor 22,000
589 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Palais Glide (GB), B.C. (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland EMO Bloodstock 16,000
544 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Omneeya (GB), B.F. (GB) Hazelwood Bloodstock Philippa Mains / R Jones 13,000
627 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX On The Stage (GB), B.C. (GB) Plantation Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 21,000
585 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Upstanding (GB), B.F. (GB) Plantation Stud Lot Withdrawn
676 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Esteemable (GB), B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Vendor 10,000
551 BY Expert Eye (GB) EX Villa Tora (GB), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
742 BY Farhh (GB) EX Fire Orchid (GB), Gr.F. (GB) Overbury Stud Rabbah Bloodstock (P.S.) 55,000
511 BY Farhh (GB) EX Faughill (IRE), Bl.C. (GB) Whitwell Bloodstock George Mullins Bloodstock 72,000
550 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX All of Me (GB), B.F. (GB) Langton Stud Lawrence Goichman 48,000
479 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Fine Judgment (GB), B.C. (IRE) Hunting Hill Stud, Ireland Grove Stud 44,000
536 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Antebellum (FR), Ch.C. (IRE) Galloway Stud Vendor 9,000
558 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Tarfshi (GB), B.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland J Reid 22,000
704 BY Frankel (GB) EX Panmolle (GB), B.F. (IRE) Mill House Stud (Agent) Stauffenberg Bloodstock Services 105,000
584 BY Getaway (GER) EX No Pushover (GB), B.C. (GB) Cobhall Court Stud Emma Jagger McWilliam 14,000
486 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Badalona (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) The Premier Consignment Vendor 16,000
487 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Sweet Serendipity (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Maywood Stud Lot Withdrawn
673 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Sea Chanter (USA), B.C. (IRE) Owenstown Stud, Ireland Paca Paca Farm 38,000
677 BY Gleneagles (IRE) EX Sabaweeya (GB), B.C. (GB) Barton Stud Otilia Bloodstock 24,000
681 BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Itiqad (GB), B.C. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Houghton Bloodstock 26,000
678 BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Souville (GB), B.C. (GB) Barton Stud Glebe Farm Stud 20,000
646 BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Lunearia (IRE), B.F. (GB) Norelands Stud, Ireland WH Bloodstock 30,000
696 BY Golden Horn (GB) EX Round Midnight (GB), B.F. (GB) New England Stud Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 2,000
739 BY Gustav Klimt (IRE) EX Harpist (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Castletown Stud, Ireland BBA Ireland 30,000
535 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Midnight M (GB), B.C. (GB) Natton House Thoroughbreds Ltd. Vendor 15,000
636 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Fatal Attraction (GB), B.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud Dan Tunmore 25,000
701 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Music And Dance (GB), B.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Ballyhimkin Stud 55,000
516 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Firenze (GB), B.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Vendor 35,000
532 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Blue Maiden (GB), B.F. (GB) Overbury Stud Trickledown Stud 12,500
599 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Oilinda (GB), B.C. (GB) Nuthurst Farm Stud Forge Bloodstock 10,000
657 BY Harry Angel (IRE) EX Centred (IRE), B.F. (IRE) New England Stud J Reid 5,500
761 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Strictly Silca (GB), B.C. (GB) Windmill Farm Vendor 40,000
752 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Mirzam (IRE), B.C. (GB) Cobhall Court Stud Lot Not Sold 14,000
692 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Jalela (GB), B.C. (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud T Hillman 30,000
634 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Skeleton (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Hamish Macauley 22,000
753 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Rutherford (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Cobhall Court Stud Paula Flannery (P.S.) 8,000
741 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Satsuma (GB), Gr.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Paca Paca Farm 130,000
684 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Exrating (GB), Gr.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Grangemore Stud 36,000
643 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Foxcatcher (GB), B/Gr.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud EMO Bloodstock 14,000
602 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Roxie Lot (GB), Gr.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Blue Star Bloodstock 21,000
555 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Gilt Linked (GB), B.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 40,000
519 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Copy-Cat (GB), B.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Vendor 12,000
490 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Frequent (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Harry Dutfield 25,000
638 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Rebecca de Winter (GB), Gr.F. (GB) Trickledown Stud George Mullins Bloodstock 42,000
598 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Ruby Slippers (GB), B/Gr.C. (GB) Nuthurst Farm Stud Arwel Price 9,000
492 BY Havana Grey (GB) EX Glace (IRE), B.C. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Forge Bloodstock 16,000
667 BY Highland Reel (IRE) EX Codicil (GB), B.F. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. LECH Breeding 10,000
576 BY Highland Reel (IRE) EX Anarchiste (GB), B.C. (GB) St Simon Stud SJ Leahy Bloodstock 3,000
493 BY Highland Reel (IRE) EX Menandore (FR), B.C. (ITY) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
579 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Lyricist (GB), B.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Vendor 20,000
566 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Crecy (GB), B.C. (GB) Glebe Farm Stables Bobby O'Ryan 23,000
623 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Twinkle Twinkle (GB), B.F. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Julie Camacho 20,000
756 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Romantic Talk (GB), Br.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud, Ireland Vendor 11,500
606 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Vanoise (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Arglo House Stud 8,500
537 BY Intello (GER) EX Putois Peace (GB), B.C. (GB) Galloway Stud Lot Withdrawn
663 BY Intello (GER) EX Boost (GB), B.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Five Star Bloodstock 3,000
499 BY Intello (GER) EX Paquerettza (FR), Ch.C. (GB) West Moor Stud Vendor 14,000
650 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Fresh Terms (GB), B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Ballyhimkin Stud 72,000
556 BY James Garfield (IRE) EX Oatmeal (GB), Gr.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland J Reid 20,000
557 BY Jungle Cat (IRE) EX Ridanisi (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland Lot Not Sold 7,500
633 BY Kessaar (IRE) EX Green Chorus (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Sense Bloodstock 800
572 BY Kessaar (IRE) EX Never Lose (GB), B.C. (GB) Tibthorpe Stud BBA Ireland 24,000
565 BY Kodi Bear (IRE) EX Midnight Martini (GB), B.F. (IRE) Rathbarry Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
632 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Western Sky (GB), B.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Byerley Stud (Ire) 80,000
671 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Nijah (IRE), Br.F. (IRE) McCracken Farms Theta Holding 1 22,000
754 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Jawlaat (IRE), B.F. (IRE) McCracken Farms Yeomanstown Stud 45,000
660 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Light Glass (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Yellowford Farm, Ireland Bury Bloodstock 70,000
764 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Sahool (GB), B.F. (IRE) Knockatrina House, Ireland Lot Not Sold 37,000
610 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Fine If (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Tally-Ho Stud 110,000
590 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Ivory Gala (FR), B.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud George Mullins Bloodstock 50,000
690 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Stage Name (GB), B.C. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
674 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Welsh Anthem (GB), B.F. (IRE) Greenville House Stud, Ireland Tally-Ho Stud 78,000
715 BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Lady Francesca (GB), B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Cill Dara Bloodstock 58,000
587 BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Onceuponastar (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Plantation Stud Vendor 25,000
497 BY Massaat (IRE) EX Delizia (IRE), B.F. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Kelly Equine 16,000
644 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Chilton Foliat (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Danesrath Stud 10,000
759 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Poinsettia (IRE), B.F. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Paca Paca Farm 44,000
506 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Ondeafears (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Lot Not Sold 17,000
592 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Flippant (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Mill House Stud (Agent) Browne Brothers Bloodstock 5,500
724 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Zacchera (GB), Ch/Gr.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Sunrise Bloodstock 24,000
630 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Aspasi (GB), Gr.C. (IRE) New England Stud Iain Jardine 20,000
697 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Universal Beauty (GB), B.F. (IRE) New England Stud Vendor 9,000
480 BY Mehmas (IRE) EX Danealla (IRE), Gr/Br.C. (FR) Norris Bloodstock Hillwood Bloodstock 22,000
612 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Twilight Spirit (GB), B.C. (GB) Ladyswood Stud PB Bloodstock 9,000
615 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Dazzling Rose (GB), B.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Kelly Equine Services 14,000
588 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX La Napoule (GB), B.C. (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
507 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX My Propeller (IRE), B.F. (GB) Keith Harte (Agent) Cois Coille Stud 1,000
508 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Gloryette (GB), B.C. (FR) Barton Stud Lot Withdrawn
698 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Whatdoiwantthatfor (IRE), B.C. (GB) New England Stud Ed De Giles Racing 9,000
604 BY Muhaarar (GB) EX Making Eyes (IRE), B/Br.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Harry Outers Bloodstock 13,000
484 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Pantera Negra (IRE), B.F. (GB) Furnace Mill Stud Emma Jagger McWilliam 1,000
564 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Russian Finale (GB), B.F. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Hurworth Bloodstock 62,000
560 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Chapel Choir (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Wallhouse Slu 9,000
651 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Anipa (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. S Elorza Cavengt 26,000
679 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Cape Celebration (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Barton Stud Blackhall Stud 4,000
746 BY New Bay (GB) EX Ile Flottante (GB), B.F. (GB) Glebe Farm Stables Magnolia Bloodstock 20,000
553 BY New Bay (GB) EX Crossover (GB), B.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Jack Hanly 26,000
699 BY New Bay (GB) EX Luciole (GB), B.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Jamie Piggott Bloodstock 15,000
648 BY New Bay (GB) EX Madernia (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Stamina Turf SL / Empire International Bloodstock 25,000
574 BY New Bay (GB) EX Divine Quickstep (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. Midland Equine 9,000
581 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Notary (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Stringston Farm Hazelwood Bloodstock 45,000
596 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Nefetari (GB), B.C. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Kelly Equine Services 22,000
580 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Anosti (GB), B.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Kirtlington Park Stud (P.S.) 20,000
521 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Silver Clouds (IRE), B.F. (GB) Stringston Farm Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 32,000
626 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Gadwa (GB), B.F. (GB) Plantation Stud Elton Lodge Stud 72,000
656 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Cutty Sark (GB), B.F. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
654 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Harlequin Girl (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Genesis Green Stud Lot Withdrawn
708 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Royal Whisper (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Ballyphilip Stud 75,000
705 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Estournel (GB), B.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Lot Not Sold 18,000
658 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Labise (IRE), B.C. (GB) New England Stud Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 95,000
515 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Bochafina (FR), Ch.F. (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm T Hillman 37,000
570 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Brom Felinity (AUS), Br.C. (GB) West Moor Stud BBA Ireland 34,000
713 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Beychella (USA), B.C. (IRE) Tara Stud, Ireland Grangemore Stud 40,000
546 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Jedi Princess (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Skara Stud, Ireland Yeomanstown Stud 70,000
736 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Diamond Blaise (GB), B.C. (GB) Plantation Stud Boyce Bloodstock 60,000
481 BY Oscar Performance (USA) EX Costume (GB), B.C. (IRE) Shanaville Stables, Ireland Vendor 20,000
513 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Dusty Red (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Millfields Stables Vendor 35,000
517 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Chocolate Hills (FR), Ch.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 29,000
496 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Indignant (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Theakston Stud Wallhouse Slu 30,000
641 BY Prince of Lir (IRE) EX Britain's Pride (GB), B.C. (IRE) Trickledown Stud George Mullins Bloodstock 11,000
733 BY Profitable (IRE) EX Packed House (GB), B.C. (IRE) Bumble Mitchell Lot Withdrawn
750 BY Profitable (IRE) EX Tender Is Thenight (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Kilmore Stud, Ireland Kelly Equine Services 22,000
712 BY Profitable (IRE) EX Intuit (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Tara Stud, Ireland Good Will Bloodstock 20,000
595 BY Ribchester (IRE) EX City Vaults Girl (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Paula Flannery 16,500
755 BY Ribchester (IRE) EX Magic Art (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Oghill House Stud, Ireland Vendor 17,000
605 BY Ribchester (IRE) EX Norway Cross (GB), B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Cooneen Stud 17,000
629 BY Roaring Lion (USA) EX African Plains (GB), B.C. (GB) New England Stud The Blind Leading The Blind Syndicate 27,000
703 BY Roaring Lion (USA) EX Ensaya (IRE), B.F. (GB) Mill House Stud (Agent) Lot Not Sold 78,000
694 BY Roaring Lion (USA) EX Roedean (IRE), B.F. (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud David Howden 82,000
717 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Cay Dancer (GB), B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Fairway Partners 78,000
645 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Hint of Pink (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
700 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Take A Deep Breath (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Margaret O'Toole 68,000
702 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Dawreya (IRE), B.F. (GB) Mill House Stud (Agent) Aidan O'Ryan 11,000
494 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Isobel Archer (GB), B.C. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Vendor 20,000
747 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Alltherightmoves (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Glashare House Stud, Ireland Camas Park Stud 100,000
711 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Pamona (IRE), B.C. (GB) Highclere Stud Horse Park Stud 65,000
603 BY Saxon Warrior (JPN) EX Aktoria (FR), B.C. (IRE) Highclere Stud Camas Park Stud 160,000
540 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX St Aye (USA), B.F. (GB) Marwell Park Vendor 8,000
607 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Isostatic (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Brook Stud Five Star Bloodstock 11,000
547 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Lady Freyja (GB), B.C. (GB) Brook Stud Lulham Bloodstock 17,000
743 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Plume Rose (GB), B.F. (GB) Overbury Stud Grangemore Stud 115,000
714 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Dettoria (GB), B.F. (IRE) Tara Stud, Ireland Avenue Bloodstock 33,000
659 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Extensive (GB), B.C. (GB) New England Stud Abbeylands Farm 100,000
718 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX La Mortola (GB), B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Oneliner Stables 170,000
728 BY Shalaa (IRE) EX Ever After (FR), B.F. (GB) Petches Farm Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 17,000
628 BY Shalaa (IRE) EX Love And Cherish (IRE), B.C. (GB) Plantation Stud Glebe Farm Stud 15,000
760 BY Shalaa (IRE) EX Isole Canarie (IRE), B.C. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Troy Steve Bloodstock 20,000
613 BY Showcasing (GB) EX On Her Way (GB), B.C. (GB) Ladyswood Stud Redpender Stud 72,000
762 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Salonmare (GER), Ch.F. (GB) Windmill Farm Vendor 45,000
730 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Yali (IRE), B.F. (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Joanna Morgan 24,000
740 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Dundunah (USA), Ch.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Lot Withdrawn
554 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Midnightly (GB), B.F. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Glencoole Stud 25,000
642 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Daring Day (GB), B.F. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Horse Park Stud 50,000
601 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Madame Paco (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Vendor 20,000
683 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Majestic Song (GB), B.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud Cooneen Stud 31,000
710 BY Showcasing (GB) EX Silver Swift (GB), B.F. (GB) Highclere Stud Lot Withdrawn
719 BY Sioux Nation (USA) EX Thiel (GB), Br.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Ray Townsend 30,000
520 BY Sioux Nation (USA) EX Edessa (IRE), B.C. (GB) Stringston Farm Castlehyde Stud 50,000
577 BY Sir Percy (GB) EX Maria di Scozia (GB), Ch.C. (GB) St Simon Stud Lot Withdrawn
594 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Lavish (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) Baroda Stud 40,000
653 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Pure Elegance (IRE), B.F. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Manister House Stud 50,000
617 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Destalink (GB), B.C. (IRE) Norelands Stud, Ireland Danesrath Stud 16,000
529 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Sunset Dazzle (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Kellsgrange Stud, Ireland Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock / Farranamanagh Stud 33,000
735 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Tafawoq (GB), B.C. (IRE) Yellowford Farm, Ireland Vendor 15,000
527 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Savvy (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Carisbrooke Stud Paula Flannery 25,000
586 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Bedouin Dancer (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Plantation Stud L L Bloodstock 26,000
655 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Swept Away (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Vendor 30,000
502 BY Starspangledbanner (AUS) EX Dice Game (GB), Ch.F. (IRE) Norris Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 38,000
567 BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Sou Anguillarina (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Meadowlands Stud (Co. Down) M Bloomfield 4,000
485 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Parabola (GB), B.F. (GB) Eildon Hill Stables Lot Not Sold 24,000
608 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Viola da Braccio (IRE), B.C. (GB) Brook Stud Kelly Equine Services 18,500
727 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Great Hope (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Petches Farm Chris Armstrong 60,000
483 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Forever Excel (IRE), B.C. (GB) Byerley Stud Oakshott Bloodstock 15,000
498 BY Tasleet (GB) EX Gone Sailing (GB), B/Gr.C. (GB) Mickley Stud Ltd. Margaret O'Toole 58,000
583 BY Telescope (IRE) EX Midnight Belle (GB), B.C. (GB) Cobhall Court Stud Alison Hyde (P.S.) 6,000
731 BY Territories (IRE) EX Sami (GB), B.C. (GB) Brook Stud Lot Withdrawn
500 BY Territories (IRE) EX Sandringham Time (IRE), B.C. (GB) Brook Stud J M K 7,500
489 BY Territories (IRE) EX Flighty Clarets (IRE), B.C. (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud George Mullins Bloodstock 6,500
514 BY Territories (IRE) EX Finale (GB), B.C. (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm A Rawding 7,000
620 BY The Gurkha (IRE) EX Queen Padme (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Ballynacally Stud 4,000
575 BY Time Test (GB) EX Aurelia (GB), B.C. (GB) The National Stud Ltd. Otilia 56,000
548 BY Time Test (GB) EX Luna Mare (IRE), B.C. (GB) Brook Stud Culworth Grounds Farm 32,000
531 BY Time Test (GB) EX Steppe By Steppe (GB), B.C. (GB) Overbury Stud Vendor 12,000
501 BY Time Test (GB) EX Flashing Colour (GER), B.C. (GB) Norris Bloodstock Five Star Bloodstock 11,000
562 BY Twilight Son (GB) EX Lunar Corona (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Jack Hollinshead 8,000
582 BY U S Navy Flag (USA) EX Sunday Sister (IRE), B.C. (GB) Stringston Farm Kelly Equine Services 30,000
522 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Luminous (GB), B.F. (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland (Agent) Blandford Bloodstock 17,000
716 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Rhagori (GB), B.C. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Vendor 15,000
758 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Forever In Love (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Not Sold 9,000
662 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Sultry (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 60,000
720 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Regal Heiress (GB), B.C. (GB) Trickledown Stud Galley Flash Bloodstock 4,000
687 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Finidaprest (IRE), B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Sam Jordan 3,500
625 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Diyavana (FR), Ch.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Troy Steve Bloodstock 50,000
561 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Cosseted (GB), Ch.F. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Rectory Farm Stud 3,000
729 BY Ulysses (IRE) EX Rivara (GB), B.F. (GB) Petches Farm Philippa Mains 1,500
559 BY Unfortunately (IRE) EX Plead (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Danesrath Stud 15,000
503 BY Washington DC (IRE) EX Bold Bidder (GB), B.C. (GB) Bearstone Stud Stephen Hillen Bloodstock 58,000
504 BY Washington DC (IRE) EX Katie Boo (IRE), B.C. (GB) Bearstone Stud Peter Fahey 10,000
526 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Hells Babe (GB), B.F. (GB) Chapel Stud Lot Not Sold 34,000
541 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Frabjous (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Maywood Stud Lot Withdrawn
510 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Capella's Song (IRE), B.C. (GB) Barton Stud Lot Withdrawn
609 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Fantastic Account (GB), B.C. (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
670 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Shake The Moon (GER), Ch.C. (IRE) Prospect Stables, Ireland WH Bloodstock 30,000
545 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Kissepal (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Skara Stud, Ireland Ballyphilip Stud 42,000
542 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Facade (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Hazelwood Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
725 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Ribble (FR), Ch.C. (IRE) Tinnakill House, Ireland Manister House Stud 47,000
549 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Wingingit (IRE), B.C. (GB) Langton Stud Torard House Stud 21,000
652 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Sandy Cay (USA), B/Gr.F. (GB) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. King Barry 27,000
621 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Thousandkissesdeep (IRE), B.C. (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Margaret O'Toole 62,000
734 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Alexiade (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Yellowford Farm, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
571 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Wishsong (GB), B.C. (GB) West Moor Stud K S Bloodstock 17,000
534 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Pearly Spirit (FR), B.F. (GB) Haddenham Stud Farm Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
509 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Threetimesalady (GB), B.F. (IRE) Barton Stud Loughmore Stables 32,000
680 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Zakhrafa (IRE), B.F. (GB) Barton Stud Kirtlington Park Stud 14,000
738 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Rue Cambon (IRE), B.C. (GB) Plantation Stud Yeomanstown Stud 110,000
649 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Sudu Queen (GER), B.F. (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
693 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Silverville (USA), B.C. (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Vendor 10,000
691 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Bewitchment (GB), B.C. (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud David Howden 100,000
695 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Evil Spell (GB), B.F. (GB) Tweenhills Farm & Stud Culworth Grounds Farm 26,000
525 BY Zoustar (AUS) EX Frosting (GB), B.F. (GB) Trinity Park Stud Vendor 35,000