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Lot NamebySireexDam Consignor Stabling
120 EX Adventure (USA) BY Mastery (USA), Gr/Ro.F. (USA)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill, Ireland RY  651
121 EX African Moonlight (UAE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), Gr.C. (IRE) Ballinahulla Stables, Ireland LY  587
122 EX Ainippe (IRE) BY Muhaarar (GB), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  609
123 EX Akrivi (IRE) BY Sea The Stars (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) UPDATE Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 369
124 EX Alamarie (FR) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. (GB) M. C. Thoroughbreds, Ireland Som Q 340
125 EX Alexander Youth (IRE) BY Profitable (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Star Bloodstock Fur  434
126 EX Alliance d'Or (IRE) BY Panis (USA), B.C. Azaris (FR)  Lot Withdrawn Sherbourne Lodge, Ireland Som R 351
127 EX Allou Yialou (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), B.F. (IRE) Derryconnor Stud, Ireland Som S 355
128 EX Along Came Casey (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), Gr.C. (GB) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  614
129 EX Alyssum (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Meadowview Stables, Ireland Som P 333
130 EX Amami (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.F. (GB) Brown Island Stables, Ireland LY  597
131 EX An Chulainn (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Ballinahulla Stables, Ireland LY  588
132 EX Anna Sophia (USA) BY Iffraaj (GB), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Dolmen Bloodstock, Ireland WB W 502
133 EX Araca (FR) BY Dabirsim (FR), B.C. (FR) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 400
134 EX Ares Choix (GB) BY Coach House (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 401
135 EX Aristocratic Lady (USA) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Oak Tree Farm, Ireland Som U 418
136 EX Arjeed (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Bushypark Stables, Ireland Som O 283
137 EX Barqeyya (IRE) BY Prince of Lir (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE George Peckham Racing Ltd. Som U 422
138 EX Bella Nouf (GB) BY Frankel (GB), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Mark Grant Racing WB W 513
139 EX Belle des Airs (IRE) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Leamore Horses Ltd., Ireland WB W 498
140 EX Belle Ete (USA) BY Empire Maker (USA), B.C. (USA) Gaybrook Lodge Stud, Ireland Som P 833
141 EX Border Bloom (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (GB) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 402
142 EX Bourbonstateofmind (USA) BY Bernardini (USA), B.C. (USA) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 819
143 EX Bright Sapphire (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), Gr.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 279
144 EX Broughtons Revival (GB) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.F. (GB) Church View Stables, Ireland Som Q 343
145 EX Careless Jewel (USA) BY Union Rags (USA), Gr/Ro.C. Tattered Flag (USA) Powerstown Stud, Ireland LY  592
146 EX Caressor (USA) BY Profitable (IRE), Ch.F. (IRE) UPDATE Kilbrew Stables, Ireland WB V 489
147 EX Cat On a Tin Roof (USA) BY Kitten's Joy (USA), B.F. (USA) Grove Stud, Ireland Low  581
148 EX Clenor (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), B.C. (FR) Oaks Farm Stables LY  619
149 EX Clowning (USA) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 820
150 EX Coal and Ice (USA) BY Hard Spun (USA), Ch.C. (USA) M. C. Thoroughbreds, Ireland Som Q 341
151 EX Cocoa Beach (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Mocklershill, Ireland RY  649
152 EX Coincidently (GB) BY Belardo (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mayfield Stables, Ireland LY  622
153 EX Condensed (GB) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), B.C. (IRE) Derryconnor Stud, Ireland Som S 358
154 EX Continental Drift (USA) BY Kingman (GB), B.F. (GB) Greenhills Farm, Ireland Som U 406
155 EX Corinthian Wind (USA) BY Street Boss (USA), Ch.C. (USA) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  615
156 EX Cut Short (USA) BY Kingman (GB), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  610
157 EX Dame Alicia (IRE) BY Profitable (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 403
158 EX Dame Shirley (GB) BY Ardad (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 297
159 EX Dance Company (GB) BY Belardo (IRE), B.F. (IRE) The Ivy's Stables, Ireland Som O 292
160 EX Dancing On Air (IRE) BY Ribchester (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Grove Stud, Ireland Low  584
161 EX Dangle (IRE) BY New Bay (GB), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mayfield Stables, Ireland LY  623
161A EX Desert Liaison (GB) BY Twilight Son (GB), B/Br.C. (GB) Wildcard UPDATE The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland Som P 322
162 EX Diminish (IRE) BY Fast Company (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE C.A.J. Stables, Ireland LY  627
163 EX Dirtybirdie (GB) BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Mark Grant Racing WB W 517
164 EX Dominike (ITY) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Grove Stud, Ireland Low  585
165 EX Duchess Andorra (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.F. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 274
166 EX Dularame (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), Ch.C. (GB) UPDATE Mark Grant Racing WB W 518
167 EX Dutch Courage (GB) BY Profitable (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Oak Tree Farm, Ireland Som U 419
168 EX Dutch Desire (GB) BY Adaay (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 305
1 EX Elkmait (GB) BY Vadamos (FR), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 390
2 EX Elpida (USA) BY Ardad (IRE), B/Br.F. Eidikos (GB) UPDATE Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 313
3 EX Ensaya (IRE) BY Highland Reel (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 364
4 EX Equites (USA) BY Distorted Humor (USA), Ch.C. (USA) UPDATE Sherbourne Lodge, Ireland Som R 349
5 EX Eva Kant (GB) BY Recorder (GB), Ch.C. (FR) Sherbourne Lodge, Ireland Som R 350
6 EX Excellent View (GB) BY Bated Breath (GB), Gr.F. (IRE) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  606
7 EX Faithful Duchess (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 298
8 EX Flying Fairies (IRE) BY Kingman (GB), B.C. (IRE) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) Som O 287
9 EX Foundation Spirit (USA) BY American Pharoah (USA), B.C. (USA) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  637
10 EX Freedom March (GB) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  638
11 EX Funny Moon (USA) BY Arrogate (USA), Gr/Ro.C. (USA) Star Bloodstock Fur  432
12 EX Garanciere (FR) BY Iffraaj (GB), B.F. (GB) Derryconnor Stud, Ireland Som S 354
13 EX Garra Molly (IRE) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 812
14 EX Genuine Quality (USA) BY Ribchester (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Brickfield Equine WB W 500
15 EX Gliding (IRE) BY Time Test (GB), B/Br.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland Som P 325
16 EX Goose Martini (USA) BY More Than Ready (USA), B/Br.C. (USA) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  612
17 EX Grandma's Hands (IRE) BY Karakontie (JPN), B.C. (USA) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  639
18 EX Great Court (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), Ch.C. (GB) Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 308
19 EX Green Briar (GB) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 813
20 EX Hidden Charms (IRE) BY No Nay Never (USA), B.F. (IRE) Brown Island Stables, Ireland LY  594
21 EX Highly Spiced (GB) BY Ardad (IRE), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 396
22 EX Horse Sense (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), Br.F. (IRE) The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland Som P 323
23 EX In Dubai (USA) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 397
24 EX Inyordreams (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), B.F. (GB) UPDATE Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 314
25 EX Ironique (USA) BY Dabirsim (FR), B.F. (FR) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 392
26 EX Island Vision (IRE) BY Cotai Glory (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 398
27 EX Jadwiga (GB) BY Excelebration (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  640
28 EX Jakonda (USA) BY Dark Angel (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Oak Tree Farm, Ireland Som U 416
29 EX Jollification (IRE) BY Cotai Glory (GB), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Kilbrew Stables, Ireland WB V 488
30 EX Jumeirah Palm Star (GB) BY Slade Power (IRE), Bl.C. (GB) UPDATE Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 365
31 EX Khajool (IRE) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), B.F. (IRE) Mark Grant Racing WB W 514
32 EX Kindu (GB) BY Mastercraftsman (IRE), Gr.F. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 362
33 EX La Pedrera (IRE) BY Almanzor (FR), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Mocklershill, Ireland RY  641
34 EX La Undecima (FR) BY Toronado (IRE), B.F. Babycri (FR) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) Som O 285
35 EX Landale (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), B.C. (IRE) Meadowview Stables, Ireland Som P 331
36 EX Lastuce (FR) BY Ardad (IRE), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 393
37 EX Lawman's Lady (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 296
38 EX Light Sea (IRE) BY Dandy Man (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Folistown Farm, Ireland WB V 491
39 EX Lightning Mark (IRE) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 814
40 EX Like A Star (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), B.C. (IRE) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  642
41 EX Lizzie Siddal (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), B.F. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 363
42 EX Love On Top (FR) BY Ectot (GB), B.F. Tiare (FR) Sherbourne Lodge, Ireland Som R 347
43 EX Madame Cherie (USA) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), Ch.C. (IRE) Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  613
44 EX Magic Art (IRE) BY Gleneagles (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Som T 379
45 EX Maremmadiavola (IRE) BY Havana Gold (IRE), B.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland Som P 324
46 EX Margarita (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE C. H. Thoroughbreds, Ireland WB V 493
47 EX Mark of An Angel (IRE) BY Le Havre (IRE), Ch.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Leamore Horses Ltd., Ireland WB W 497
48 EX Maude S (USA) BY Street Sense (USA), B/Br.C. (USA) UPDATE Mocklershill, Ireland RY  644
49 EX Midnight Destiny (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 299
50 EX Militate (GB) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Star Bloodstock Fur  430
51 EX Miss Delila (USA) BY Invincible Spirit (IRE), B.C. (GB) UPDATE Oaks Farm Stables LY  618
52 EX Monclaire (GER) BY Acclamation (GB), B.C. (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Low  575
53 EX Morning Frost (IRE) BY Iffraaj (GB), B.F. (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Low  578
54 EX Moynsha Lady (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Innishannon Valley Stud, Ireland LY  603
55 EX Na Zdorovie (GB) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 301
56 EX Needleleaf (GB) BY Oasis Dream (GB), B.C. (GB) Oak Tree Farm, Ireland Som U 417
57 EX New Magic (IRE) BY Cotai Glory (GB), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 384
58 EX Newsletter (IRE) BY Lope de Vega (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE The Ivy's Stables, Ireland Som O 290
59 EX Operissimo (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 385
60 EX Orcia (IRE) BY Churchill (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Glending Stables, Ireland Low  576
61 EX Our Valkyrie (IRE) BY Starspangledbanner (AUS), B.F. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Som R 376
62 EX Party Feet (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 309
63 EX Pearl Spirit (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.C. (GB) Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 310
64 EX Phalaborwa (GB) BY Acclamation (GB), B.F. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 394
65 EX Pink Damsel (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), B.C. (IRE) Mark Grant Racing WB W 516
66 EX Pop Art (IRE) BY Caravaggio (USA), Gr.C. (IRE) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Som T 380
67 EX Porta Portese (GB) BY Galileo Gold (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 399
68 EX Poyle Sophie (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Som R 375
69 EX Presiding Officer (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), Ch.C. (GB) Powerstown Stud, Ireland LY  590
70 EX Prudent Approach (IRE) BY Belardo (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Brown Island Stables, Ireland LY  599
71 EX Purr And Prowl (USA) BY Practical Joke (USA), B/Br.F. (USA) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som U 391
72 EX Qaws (GB) BY Kingman (GB), B.C. (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 366
73 EX Quad's Melody (IRE) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Ardglas Stables, Ireland Som P 318
74 EX Queen Jolene (USA) BY Distorted Humor (USA), B.C. (USA)  Lot Withdrawn C. H. Thoroughbreds, Ireland WB V 494
75 EX Qushchi (GB) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. (GB) Longways Stables, Ireland Som O 311
76 EX Raging Atlantic (USA) BY Kantharos (USA), Ch.C. (USA) Star Bloodstock Fur  433
77 EX Rainbow Springs (GB) BY Muhaarar (GB), B.C. (GB) Ardglas Stables, Ireland Som P 319
78 EX Reign (IRE) BY Profitable (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Som T 381
79 EX Ribbons (GB) BY Frankel (GB), B.C. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 367
80 EX Rue Renan (IRE) BY Shalaa (IRE), B.C. (FR) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Som T 382
81 EX Rush (GB) BY Ribchester (IRE), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn UPDATE Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 273
82 EX Russian Flower (USA) BY Dandy Man (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 302
83 EX Sablerose (IRE) BY Dabirsim (FR), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 386
84 EX She's So Flawless (IRE) BY Churchill (IRE), B.C. (GB) Lynn Lodge Stud, Ireland Som T 383
85 EX Shemda (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), B.F. (IRE) UPDATE Grove Stud, Ireland Low  580
86 EX Shes Ranger (IRE) BY El Kabeir (USA), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 276
87 EX Shesthebiscuit (GB) BY Dandy Man (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 303
88 EX Showcard (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill, Ireland RY  645
89 EX Shyrl (GB) BY Exceed And Excel (AUS), Ch.C. (GB) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 815
90 EX Sky Saver (USA) BY Practical Joke (USA), B.C. (USA) Powerstown Stud, Ireland LY  591
91 EX Spiritual Praise (IRE) BY Camelot (GB), B.F. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Meadowview Stables, Ireland Som P 329
92 EX Spring Party (USA) BY Union Rags (USA), Ch.C. (USA) Brown Island Stables, Ireland LY  601
93 EX St Aye (USA) BY Sea The Moon (GER), B.C. (GB) Meadowview Stables, Ireland Som P 332
94 EX Starletina (IRE) BY Profitable (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) UPDATE Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 816
95 EX Stellar Path (FR) BY Dubawi (IRE), B.C. (IRE)  Lot Withdrawn Mocklershill, Ireland RY  646
96 EX Step Sequence (GB) BY Aclaim (IRE), B.C. (IRE) UPDATE Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 387
97 EX Stormy Clouds (IRE) BY Galileo Gold (GB), Ch.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 388
98 EX Sunny York (IRE) BY Showcasing (GB), Ch.C. (GB) Bushypark Stables, Ireland Som O 282
99 EX Surf Ride (USA) BY Gormley (USA), B.C. (USA) Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Som R 373
100 EX Sweet Nicole (GB) BY Pivotal (GB), Ch.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Bansha House Stables, Ireland Som O 304
101 EX Swirral Edge (GB) BY Showcasing (GB), B.C. (IRE) Greenhills Farm, Ireland Som U 405
102 EX Sylvestris (IRE) BY Bated Breath (GB), Ch.F. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Church Farm & Horse Park Stud, Ireland LY  608
103 EX Taqneyya (IRE) BY Kodi Bear (IRE), B.F. (IRE) Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd., Ireland Som U 395
104 EX Tarando (GB) BY Ribchester (IRE), B.C. (GB) Mocklershill, Ireland RY  648
105 EX Tawayna (IRE) BY Dark Angel (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 277
106 EX The Wagon Wheel (IRE) BY Siyouni (FR), B.C. (GB)  Lot Withdrawn Ardglas Stables, Ireland Som P 320
107 EX Tifariti (USA) BY Mehmas (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Tally-Ho Stud, Ireland Som T 389
108 EX Tiz Imaginary (CAN) BY Union Rags (USA), B.C. (CAN) Grove Stud, Ireland Low  583
109 EX Tizacity (USA) BY Street Boss (USA), B/Br.C. (USA) Mr Malcolm Bastard Som S 368
110 EX To Shine (GB) BY Footstepsinthesand (GB), B.C. (IRE) C.A.J. Stables, Ireland LY  626
111 EX Topaze Blanche (IRE) BY Nathaniel (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 817
112 EX Trophy Point (USA) BY Distorted Humor (USA), Ch.C. (USA) Gaybrook Lodge Stud, Ireland Som P 832
113 EX Typhoon Della (FR) BY Bated Breath (GB), B.C. (IRE) Kilminfoyle House Stud, Ireland (Agent) Som O 288
114 EX Vayasa (FR) BY Showcasing (GB), Gr.C. (GB) Hardwood Stud, Ireland Som O 281
115 EX Venus de Medici (IRE) BY Ribchester (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Knockanglass Stables, Ireland Som P 818
116 EX Village Fete (GB) BY Kodiac (GB), B.C. (IRE) Derryconnor Stud, Ireland Som S 357
117 EX Vitoria (IRE) BY Night of Thunder (IRE), B.C. (IRE) Yeomanstown Stud, Ireland Som O 278
118 EX Woodland Maiden (IRE) BY Mehmas (IRE), Ch.C. (IRE) Hyde Park Stud, Ireland Som R 374
119 EX Zuhoor Baynoona (IRE) BY Ulysses (IRE), B.C. (GB) The Bloodstock Connection, Ireland Som P 326