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Summary INFO Lots Sold Total Sales AverageAv. MedianMed. Top Price
Day 1 205 5,458,800 26,628 11,000 420,000
 + Other Private Sales 2 29,000      
Whole Sale 535 12,748,800 23,830 12,000 450,000
 + Other Private Sales 4 63,500      
Lot NamebySireexDam INFO Consignor Purchaser Price
285 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Golden Shadow (IRE), 2014 B.G. Victory Angel (IRE) Robert Cowell Racing Lot Withdrawn
138 BY Acclamation (GB) EX Sister Red (IRE), 2015 B.F. Spring Cosmos (IRE) Godolphin John & Jake Warren 32,000
329 BY Al Kazeem (GB) EX Burlesque Star (IRE), 2015 B.G. Khazix (IRE) Kingwood Stud Johnny Levins 7,500
315 BY Alhebayeb (IRE) EX Elevator Action (IRE), 2017 Gr.G. Londonofficecallin (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
35 BY Anabaa Blue (GB) EX Sage Melody (FR), 2015 M. Fauneta (FR) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
316 BY Arcano (IRE) EX Kylemore (IRE), 2015 B.C. Bold Statement (IRE) Rochestown Lodge Stud, Ireland Martin Wanless / Alan Berry 3,000
20 BY Arcano (IRE) EX Miss Bellbird (IRE), 2014 B.M. Silver Link (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Robert Pocock 3,800
19 BY Arch (USA) EX Cross Your Fingers (USA), 2009 B.M. Archina (IRE) Furnace Mill Stud C&D Bloodstock 5,000
97 BY Arch (USA) EX Hasay (GB), 2015 B.M. Huelva Arco (GER) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Haras du Mont dit Mont 15,000
213 BY Aussie Rules (USA) EX Isis (USA), 2016 Br.F. Gaslight (GB) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 17,000
238 BY Australia (GB) EX Ultra Appeal (IRE), 2016 B.C. Patrick Sarsfield (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Joseph O'Brien 230,000
322 BY Australia (GB) EX This Is The Day (GB), 2017 B.F. (GB) John Ryan Racing Lot Withdrawn
184 BY Australia (GB) EX Lady Gloria (GB), 2016 B.C. Clarendon (GB) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
151 BY Australia (GB) EX Artistic Jewel (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Rosy Life (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Kingsfield Stud 7,000
70 BY Authorized (IRE) EX Kydd Gloves (USA), 2010 B.M. Al Jamal (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Melchior Bloodstock 33,000
30 BY Authorized (IRE) EX Moretta Blanche (GB), 2013 B.M. Jardin Alpin (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Scuderia Cuschieri 2,500
48 BY Azamour (IRE) EX Burn The Breeze (IRE), 2015 B.M. Love To Breeze (GB) Culworth Grounds Farm Saad al Khuder 3,800
16 BY Bahamian Bounty (GB) EX Princess Georgina (GB), 2010 B.M. Cara Gina (GB) Stephen Kemble Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
74 BY Bahri (USA) EX Alnamara (FR), 2008 B.M. Anadiya (FR) Crimbourne Bloodstock Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
85 BY Barathea (IRE) EX Docklands (USA), 2006 B.M. Milford Sound (GB) Juddmonte Farms Creighton / Schwartz Bloodstock 10,000
170 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX I'm In Love (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Amore Bello (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Vendor 14,000
331 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Quest For Freedom (GB), 2016 B.F. Freedom's Breath (GB) Langham Racing Stables (M. Appleby) Ramzi Alghul 1,200
52 BY Bated Breath (GB) EX Tanouma (USA), 2014 B.M. Tundra (GB) Cedar Lodge Stables (A. Carson) John & Jake Warren 25,000
229 BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX On Fair Stage (IRE), 2015 B.G. Rashdan (FR) The Castlebridge Consignment Iain Jardine 21,000
155 BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX Celtic Slipper (IRE), 2015 B/Br.M. Zilara (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Prime Equestrian 50,000
73 BY Big Bad Bob (IRE) EX Silicon Star (FR), 2016 B.F. Adena Star (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. Vendor 800
56 BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX Cochin (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Katie O'Hara (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 2,800
337 BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX Undulant Way (GB), 2015 B.G. Ambient (IRE) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Vendor 24,000
268 BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX Rosy Mantle (GB), 2016 B.F. Brittany Rose (IRE) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
149 BY Born To Sea (IRE) EX La Ville Lumiere (USA), 2016 B.F. Morning Basma (FR) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Lot Withdrawn
189 BY Bungle Inthejungle (GB) EX Masela (IRE), 2016 B.C. Shamarouski (IRE) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
300 BY Cable Bay (IRE) EX Angels Wings (IRE), 2017 B.C. Flash Henry (GB) George Scott Racing Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 85,000
36 BY Cacique (IRE) EX Jolie Etoile (USA), 2014 B.M. Star Catch (GB) Salcey Forest Stud Paragon Bloodstock 800
98 BY Cacique (IRE) EX Quiana (GER), 2015 B.M. Queens Street (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Haras du Mont dit Mont 4,000
191 BY Camelot (GB) EX Flamingo Sea (USA), 2016 B.F. Chesapeake Shores (IRE) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
174 BY Camelot (GB) EX Notable (GB), 2016 B.F. Pleasurable (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Mick Flanagan, Agent 70,000
214 BY Camelot (GB) EX Caught On Camera (GB), 2016 B.F. Video Diva (IRE) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) Volker Schleussner 2,500
208 BY Camelot (GB) EX Hurricane Emma (USA), 2016 B.F. Arctic Ocean (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
172 BY Camelot (GB) EX Close Regards (IRE), 2016 B.F. Kahina (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Richard Venn Bloodstock 52,000
84 BY Camelot (GB) EX Portrait of A Lady (IRE), 2015 B.M. Blanchefleur (IRE) Whitsbury Manor Stud Sarl HSV Agency 60,000
185 BY Camelot (GB) EX Tadris (USA), 2016 B.C. Delgany (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Ramzi Alghul 3,000
222 BY Camelot (GB) EX Meiosis (USA), 2016 B.C. Crockford (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
113 BY Can The Man (USA) EX Dalis On Stage (USA), 2016 B.F. Hanakotoba (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) Saud Al-Ajmi 4,500
29 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Mahaatheer (IRE), 2012 B.M. Nassaakh (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Ramzi Alghul 4,800
60 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Native Force (IRE), 2009 Br.M. Samaah (IRE) Shadwell Stud Glidawn Stud 27,000
120 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Salhooda (IRE), 2016 B/Br.F. Monaafasah (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
53 BY Cape Cross (IRE) EX Flying Flag (IRE), 2011 B.M. Daring Life (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland (Agent) Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock 60,000
12 BY Caradak (IRE) EX Rag Top (IRE), 2015 B.M. La Chana (SPA) EAM Bloodstock Atc Horse Sales 2,500
343 BY Casamento (IRE) EX Hankering (IRE), 2014 B.G. Magwadiri (IRE) DML Racing Lot Withdrawn
296 BY Champs Elysees (GB) EX Beldarian (IRE), 2015 B.F. Queen of Paris (GB) Lower Coombe Stables (W. Knight) BBA Ireland 14,000
240 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Thankful (GB), 2016 B.C. Jupiter Road (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Jamie Piggott / Nigel Tinkler 22,000
81 BY Charm Spirit (IRE) EX Millisecond (GB), 2016 B.F. Royal Dynasty (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
96 BY Charnwood Forest (IRE) EX Abstraction (GB), 2001 B.M. Noahs Ark (IRE) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Margaret O'Toole 40,000
282 BY Cityscape (GB) EX Ghedi (IRE), 2016 B.G. Broadleas (GB) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Scuderia Cuschieri 7,000
68 BY Clodovil (IRE) EX Montagne Magique (IRE), 2009 B.M. Mirrorblack (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
152 BY Coach House (IRE) EX Bird Key (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Sarasota Bay (GB) Bellwood Cottage Stables (J. Quinn) Lot Withdrawn
38 BY Compton Place (GB) EX Anatase (GB), 2009 B.M. Brilliant Crystal (GB) Yellowford Farm, Ireland Atc Horse Sales 2,000
114 BY Congrats (USA) EX Smart Dancer (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Vikivaki (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) Ibrahim Rachid 7,000
41 BY Dalakhani (IRE) EX Fancy Dance (GB), 2009 Gr.M. Silver Samba (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Not Sold 7,500
176 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX She's A Queen (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Annabelle Rock (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Vendor 7,000
295 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Herful Schnerful (GB), 2015 B.F. Ad Valorem Queen (IRE) Lower Coombe Stables (W. Knight) J Jenkins 1,000
224 BY Dandy Man (IRE) EX Princess Mood (GER), 2016 B.G. Vivax (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Ruth Carr 18,000
63 BY Dansili (GB) EX Hedaaya (IRE), 2016 B.F. Alshifaa (GB) Shadwell Stud Tiger Bloodstock 5,500
104 BY Dansili (GB) EX Incheni (IRE), 2016 B.F. Isango (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. Dwayne Woods 38,000
324 BY Dansili (GB) EX Much Promise (GB), 2016 B.G. Such Promise (GB) Mike Murphy Racing Lot Withdrawn
160 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Executrix (GB), 2016 Gr.M. Exoptable (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Kingsfield Stud 18,000
235 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Crimson Cheer (USA), 2016 Gr.C. On The Line (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 130,000
203 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Jamaayel (GB), 2016 B.C. Alsafa (GB) Shadwell Stud Vasilios Arahovitis 4,500
93 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX The Thrill Is Gone (GB), 2016 Gr.F. Rajwaa (GB) Shadwell Stud Crispin De Moubray SARL 45,000
118 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Surrey Storm (GB), 2016 B.F. Furqaan (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
200 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Deyaar (USA), 2016 B.F. Bint Soghaan (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
273 BY Dark Angel (IRE) EX Cadenza (FR), 2016 B.G. Munhamek (GB) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
64 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Toute Famille (GB), 2016 B.F. Haimana (FR) Shadwell Stud Panagiotis Kassis 2,000
66 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Shuhra (IRE), 2016 B.F. Wallaa (GB) Shadwell Stud George Boughey 4,000
86 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Estidraaj (USA), 2016 B.F. Edaarah (GB) Shadwell Stud Essa Minawi 800
117 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Terhaab (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Entaumry (IRE) Shadwell Stud John Hammond 30,000
197 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Vocal Nation (IRE), 2017 B.F. Moments Linger (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
261 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Maoineach (USA), 2016 Ch.C. Thrifty One (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
199 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Yes Oh Yes (USA), 2016 B.C. Western Dawn (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lets Be Lucky Racing Partnership 28,000
263 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Areyaam (USA), 2016 B.F. J'Ouvert (IRE) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) David Evans 14,000
215 BY Dawn Approach (IRE) EX Dubai Cyclone (USA), 2016 B.F. Storm Approaching (GB) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) Lot Withdrawn
75 BY Daylami (IRE) EX Hedera (USA), 2007 Gr.M. Syann (IRE) Crimbourne Bloodstock Ltd. Margaret O'Toole 77,000
177 BY Declaration of War (USA) EX Sign From Heaven (IRE), 2016 B.F. Beau Warrior (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Lot Withdrawn
18 BY Delegator (GB) EX Red Larkspur (IRE), 2016 B.M. Gaviota (GB) Rosyground Stud Vendor 8,500
72 BY Delegator (GB) EX Waldtaube (GER), 2016 B.F. Sushi Samba (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Ramiro Guinazu (P.S.) 800
27 BY Diktat (GB) EX Iberi (GER), 2005 B.M. Irisijana (GER) Manor House Farm Stud Lot Withdrawn
77 BY Distorted Humor (USA) EX Crazy Party (USA), 2015 Ch.M. American Endeavour (USA) The Castlebridge Consignment Global Equine Group 50,000
43 BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Hallie's Comet (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Gold Jasmine (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland A Stables 6,000
294 BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Add Up (IRE), 2016 Ch.G. Power of You (IRE) Lower Coombe Stables (W. Knight) A Stables 1,000
326 BY Dragon Pulse (IRE) EX Grecian Artisan (IRE), 2016 Ch.G. Celsius (IRE) Tom Clover Racing LLP Lot Withdrawn
112 BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Shyrl (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Eufemia (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Springcombe Park Stud 40,000
111 BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Celestial Dream (IRE), 2013 Br.M. Justice Lady (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) John & Jake Warren 11,000
195 BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Cleofila (IRE), 2015 Ch.F. Dream of Words (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Jose Carlos Cerqueira Germano 1,500
309 BY Dream Ahead (USA) EX Isolde's Return (GB), 2017 B.C. (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
95 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Thakafaat (IRE), 2016 B.F. Tadaabeer (GB) Shadwell Stud Sarl HSV Agency 45,000
255 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Brom Felinity (AUS), 2015 Ch.F. Nelkan (IRE) Godolphin HA Pantall 20,000
136 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Kelly Nicole (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Lolanta (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
241 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Love Charm (GB), 2015 B.F. Romantic Heart (IRE) Godolphin Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 32,000
249 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Hawsa (USA), 2015 Ch.F. Crystal Magic (GB) Godolphin Haras de Saint Julien 8,000
143 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Summer Fete (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Summer Flair (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
251 BY Dubawi (IRE) EX Silk Sari (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Chanderi (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
168 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Palatial (GB), 2016 B.M. Edifice (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Angela Rossi 20,000
163 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Entitled (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Designated (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Springfield House Stud 3,000
205 BY Dutch Art (GB) EX Danseuse de Reve (IRE), 2016 B.G. Asdaa (IRE) Shadwell Stud Axom 32,000
298 BY Elnadim (USA) EX Stormy View (USA), 2014 B.G. Storm Over (IRE) George Scott Racing Aidan O'Ryan / Philip Makin 34,000
280 BY Elusive City (USA) EX Dragonnade (FR), 2016 B.G. Dragonet (FR) Mr Malcolm Bastard A Stables 6,000
334 BY Epaulette (AUS) EX George's Gift (GB), 2016 B.F. Crazy Spin (GB) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Vendor 1,500
332 BY Equiano (FR) EX Bandanna (GB), 2013 Gr.G. Captain Dion (GB) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
274 BY Equiano (FR) EX Fatal Attraction (GB), 2016 B.G. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard RMM Bloodstock 6,500
325 BY Equiano (FR) EX Zia (GER), 2015 Ch.F. Ziano (GB) Mike Murphy Racing Lot Withdrawn
51 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Last Resort (GB), 2009 Ch.M. Safe House (IRE) Kingwood Stud Howson & Houldsworth Bloodstock / Flintstone Stud 82,000
301 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Emirates Joy (USA), 2016 B.F. My Excelsa (IRE) George Scott Racing Gaelic Bloodstock 6,500
7 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Champagnelifestyle (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Chance of Bubbles (IRE) Manor House Farm Stud Joseph O'Brien 3,500
312 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Gift of Spring (USA), 2016 B.C. Memsie (IRE) Mayfield Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
276 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Miss Chicane (GB), 2016 B.G. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 24,000
245 BY Exceed And Excel (AUS) EX Heart's Content (IRE), 2016 B.F. City of Love (GB) Godolphin Durcan Bloodstock / John Henry 35,000
175 BY Excelebration (IRE) EX Baralinka (IRE), 2015 B.F. Bubbly (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Whitsbury Manor Stud 38,000
320 BY Excelebration (IRE) EX Taarkod (IRE), 2016 B.C. Facethepuckout (IRE) John Ryan Racing Michael O'Callaghan 13,000
45 BY Exchange Rate (USA) EX Ready's Legend (USA), 2016 Gr.F. Rate Exchanged (IRE) Coolmeen Stables, Ireland (Miss E. Holden) Ibrahim Saeed Al-Malki 6,500
141 BY Farhh (GB) EX Angel's Tears (GB), 2015 Ch.F. Angel of My Heart (IRE) Godolphin MW Easterby 4,500
42 BY Fastnet Rock (AUS) EX Fringe (GB), 2013 B.M. Atlantic Edge (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Haras du Mont dit Mont 60,000
310 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Ahd (USA), 2017 B.F. (IRE) Mayfield Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
323 BY Footstepsinthesand (GB) EX Flanders (IRE), 2012 B.G. Rio Ronaldo (IRE) Mike Murphy Racing Lot Withdrawn
166 BY Foxwedge (AUS) EX Generous Diana (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Gracious Diana (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Canary Thoroughbreds 38,000
293 BY Foxwedge (AUS) EX Astrantia (GB), 2016 B.C. Oliver Hardy (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) Lot Withdrawn
226 BY Frankel (GB) EX L'Ancresse (IRE), 2016 B.C. Eminent Authority (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
227 BY Frankel (GB) EX Seven Magicians (USA), 2016 B.C. King's Vow (FR) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
34 BY Gale Force Ten (GB) EX Incoming Call (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Calima Calling (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Lot Withdrawn
234 BY Gale Force Ten (GB) EX Paris Glory (USA), 2016 B.C. James Street (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Kam Sum Ho 23,000
187 BY Galileo (IRE) EX Moonlight Cloud (GB), 2016 Ch.C. Fresno (IRE) Ballydoyle Stables, Ireland (A. O'Brien) Romdhane Zied 10,000
130 BY Galileo (IRE) EX Quake (GB), 2017 Ch.F. Hint of Gold (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Prime Equestrian 16,000
177A BY Galileo (IRE) EX Zouzou (AUS), 2016 B.F. At Last (IRE) Wildcard The Castlebridge Consignment Mick Flanagan, Agent 420,000
76 BY Garswood (GB) EX Wedding Party (GB), 2016 B.M. Made of Talent (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Emerald Bloodstock 22,000
134 BY Giant's Causeway (USA) EX Alidiva, 2007 Ch.M. Alioonagh (USA) Godolphin Vendor 28,000
58 BY Green Desert (USA) EX Wijdan (USA), 2007 B.M. Fatanah (IRE) Shadwell Stud Stephen Hillen Bloodstock 26,000
14 BY Green Desert (USA) EX Go Between (GB), 2010 B.M. Greenery (IRE) Oakgrove Stud Lot Withdrawn
305 BY Gutaifan (IRE) EX Lady Catherine (GB), 2017 B.C. (IRE) Ballycullen Stables, Ireland (J. Quinn) Elias Kritikos 4,500
311 BY Harbour Watch (IRE) EX Midnight M (GB), 2016 B.G. Harbour Dance (GB) Mayfield Stables, Ireland Al Rashed Racing 50,000
142 BY Hard Spun (USA) EX Lady Lavery (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Orba (USA) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
338 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX No Frills (IRE), 2015 B.C. Sotomayor (GB) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Craig English 9,000
82 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Valonia (GB), 2017 B.F. Golden Years (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Elusive Bloodstock 2,000
80 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Dark Reckoning (GB), 2017 B.F. Gold Statue (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Jalil al Mallah 3,500
270 BY Havana Gold (IRE) EX Pearl Spirit (IRE), 2016 B.F. Gold Arrow (GB) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) John & Jake Warren 16,000
230 BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Piranha (IRE), 2016 B.C. Dahawi (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Nasir Askar 20,000
327 BY Heeraat (IRE) EX Lady O Malley (IRE), 2016 B.F. Hanbury Dreams (GB) Tom Clover Racing LLP Oliver St Lawrence 4,500
341 BY Helsinki (USA) EX Lulea (GB), 2016 B.F. The Meter (GB) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Ioanna Nikolaidou 3,000
281 BY Henrythenavigator (USA) EX Bulrushes (GB), 2016 B.C. Admiral Rous (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 325,000
266 BY High Chaparral (IRE) EX Desert Sage (GB), 2015 B.G. Blazing Saddles (GB) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Kevin Ross Bloodstock 25,000
156 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Dabiliya, 2008 B.M. Trend Line (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Vendor 55,000
190 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Mango Groove (IRE), 2016 B.F. By Design (IRE) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
239 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Heavenly Sound (GB), 2016 B.F. Gospel (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Vendor 15,000
125 BY Holy Roman Emperor (IRE) EX Modern Art (GB), 2017 B.F. Holy Art (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment A Kobeissi 5,000
103 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Victoria Cross (IRE), 2016 B.F. Crimean Queen (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. Tina Rau Bloodstock 38,000
206 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Boccassini (GER), 2016 Ch.C. Baahi (GER) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
132 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Oratrix (IRE), 2014 B.M. Ifubelieveindreams (IRE) Godolphin Lot Not Sold 48,000
137 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Araqella (IRE), 2016 B/Gr.F. Rosefinch (GB) Godolphin Anthony Ryan 14,000
243 BY Iffraaj (GB) EX Belonging (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Diamond Oasis (GB) Godolphin Avenue Bloodstock 30,000
22 BY Inchinor (GB) EX Gai Bulga (GB), 2002 B.M. Pachanga (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Scuderia Cuschieri 3,000
265 BY Intello (GER) EX Galipette (GB), 2016 B.G. (IRE) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) Fuhid TST Al-Hajri 2,000
194 BY Intense Focus (USA) EX Teolane (IRE), 2014 B.M. Latchet (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Linda Sadler Bloodstock 7,000
180 BY Intikhab (USA) EX Typecast (IRE), 2015 B.F. Dramatise (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
223 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Faraday Light (IRE), 2016 B.G. Esprit de Lumiere (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
9 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Perilous Pursuit (USA), 2008 B.M. Libys Dream (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
40 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Rababah (USA), 2011 B.M. Toute Famille (GB) Baroda Stud, Ireland Vendor 1,000
133 BY Invincible Spirit (IRE) EX Crossmolina (IRE), 2011 B.M. Spirit Of Winning (GB) Godolphin Ercan Dogan 25,000
10 BY Kendargent (FR) EX Petits Potins (IRE), 2016 Ch.M. Fables (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
216 BY Kendargent (FR) EX Solandia (IRE), 2016 Ch.C. Solar Park (IRE) Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) Christian Main 19,000
39 BY Kheleyf (USA) EX Red Fuschia (GB), 2009 B.M. On The Dark Side (IRE) Yellowford Farm, Ireland Allan Bloodlines 4,500
79 BY Kheleyf (USA) EX Zerky (USA), 2011 B/Br.M. Penny Sixpence (FR) Bugley Stud Artemis Bloodstock 7,000
15 BY King's Best (USA) EX Higher Love (IRE), 2007 B.M. Frances Stuart (IRE) Mickley Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
23 BY Kingmambo (USA) EX Rosa Parks (GB), 2006 B.M. Quiet Protest (USA) Kirtlington Park Stud Lot Withdrawn
62 BY Kingman (GB) EX Kareemah (IRE), 2016 B.F. Alnoras (GB) Shadwell Stud John & Jake Warren 9,000
116 BY Kingman (GB) EX Hathrah (IRE), 2016 B.F. Eithaar (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
54 BY Kingman (GB) EX Wittgenstein (IRE), 2016 B.F. Winterkoenigin (GB) Ringfort Stud, Ireland (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
46 BY Kitten's Joy (USA) EX Blue Grass Music (USA), 2015 Ch.F. Vanity Vanity (USA) Keeper's Stables (D. Coakley) Lot Withdrawn
28 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Chaenomeles (USA), 2012 B.M. Miss Mullberry (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Scuderia Cuschieri 4,800
188 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Pearl City (IRE), 2016 B.C. Marlonebundo (GB) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
202 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Dream Date (IRE), 2016 B.F. Raheeb (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
201 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Samaah (IRE), 2016 B.F. Hassaad (GB) Shadwell Stud Blandford Bloodstock 22,000
109 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Summer Magic (IRE), 2016 B.F. Sister of The Sign (IRE) Mount House Stables (J. Given) Essa Minawi 3,000
342 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Fingal Nights (IRE), 2017 B.F. Banmi (IRE) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Lot Withdrawn
279 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Security Interest (USA), 2016 B.G. (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Lot Withdrawn
237 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Steer By The Stars (IRE), 2015 B.G. Never Back Down (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Shamrock Thoroughbreds 35,000
186 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Mimiteh (USA), 2015 B.C. King's Field (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Not Sold 95,000
108 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Party Appeal (USA), 2015 B.F. Alaskan Bay (IRE) Rae Guest Racing Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
232 BY Kodiac (GB) EX Querulous (USA), 2015 B.G. Breaking Records (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment MW Easterby 11,000
106 BY Kyllachy (GB) EX Protectress (GB), 2016 B.F. Preservation (GB) Highbeck Stables (J. O'Keeffe) Lot Withdrawn
264 BY Lawman (FR) EX Leopard Creek (GB), 2016 B.F. Leopardina (IRE) Trillium Place Stables (D. Simcock) Peter & Ross Doyle Bloodstock 50,000
129 BY Le Havre (IRE) EX Gakalina (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Gatria (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Kritikos Adonis 800
124 BY Lemon Drop Kid (USA) EX Yaqeen (GB), 2016 B.F. Thakaa (USA) Shadwell Stud Leslie F Young / Turks Head Turf 9,000
101 BY Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) EX You Too (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Farewell To You (GB) Meon Valley Stud Lot Withdrawn
158 BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Red Turban (GB), 2016 B.M. Red Fedora (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. V Francis 4,500
159 BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Regal Heiress (GB), 2016 Gr.M. Presumptive (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HE Sultan Aldeen MS Al-Khalifa 2,000
340 BY Lethal Force (IRE) EX Valandraud (IRE), 2017 B.C. (GB) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Lot Withdrawn
297 BY Lilbourne Lad (IRE) EX Insieme (IRE), 2015 B.F. Tesorina (IRE) Lower Coombe Stables (W. Knight) Fahad al Shatti 3,000
105 BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Amelia May (GB), 2016 B.F. Lady Amelia (GB) Hascombe & Valiant Stud Ltd. G Oram / JKP Bloodstock 8,500
128 BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Valtina (IRE), 2016 B.F. Vegatina (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Kingsfield Stud 7,000
272 BY Lope de Vega (IRE) EX Relation Alexander (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Wingreen (IRE) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
110 BY Magician (IRE) EX Soft Drink (USA), 2017 B.F. Callipygian (GB) Mount House Stables (J. Given) Lot Withdrawn
21 BY Makfi (GB) EX Run for Lassie (USA), 2014 B.M. Lassies Envoi (GB) Kirtlington Park Stud Vendor 14,000
336 BY Makfi (GB) EX Rahyna (USA), 2017 B.C. Cannelito (FR) Tullohea Stables, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
59 BY Marju (IRE) EX Wijdan (USA), 2006 B.M. Tanfidh (GB) Shadwell Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock / Saxtead Livestock 15,000
290 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Arabescatta (GB), 2016 Gr.F. Ptarmigan (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) Essa Minawi 2,000
78 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Roanne (USA), 2015 Ch.M. Proceed (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Sarl HSV Agency 25,000
50 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX Retake (GB), 2016 Br.M. Godzilla's Girl (GB) Kingwood Stud Vendor 5,000
269 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX What Style (IRE), 2016 Ro.F. Fancy Dress (IRE) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
267 BY Mastercraftsman (IRE) EX City Girl (IRE), 2016 Gr.G. City Master (GB) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Jose Carlos Cerqueira Germano 5,200
99 BY Maxios (GB) EX Remote Romance (USA), 2015 B.M. Realms of Light (GER) Newsells Park Stud Ltd. Lot Not Sold 27,000
162 BY Mayson (GB) EX Fondled (GB), 2015 B.M. Fondest (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. P & F Monfort 7,000
233 BY Mayson (GB) EX Hypnotize (GB), 2014 Br.G. Mazyoun (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Rajeh Khaled Baddah 28,000
339 BY Mayson (GB) EX Grapes Hill (GB), 2016 B.G. Ketts Hill (GB) Linden Lodge Stables (M. Moubarak) Lot Not Sold
228 BY Mayson (GB) EX Supa Sal (GB), 2016 Ch.G. George Formby (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment A Stables 3,500
157 BY Medicean (GB) EX Heavenly (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Gilded Heaven (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. T Hillman 5,000
306 BY Moohaajim (IRE) EX Sunlit Romance (IRE), 2017 B.F. (IRE) Houghton Bloodstock Khalid MNMM Almutairi 6,000
89 BY More Than Ready (USA) EX Mujannada (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Albawaady (USA) Shadwell Stud Azienda Agricola Claudio Giudici 4,000
246 BY More Than Ready (USA) EX Sis City (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Zalpa (USA) Godolphin Dave Evans 23,000
218 BY Morpheus (GB) EX Lilium (GB), 2016 B.F. Evolutionary (IRE) Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) Iain Jardine 9,000
178 BY Motivator (GB) EX Turning Leaf (IRE), 2014 B.M. Mouille Point (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment BLM Bloodstock 100,000
2 BY Mount Nelson (GB) EX Porcelain (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Ta Daah (GB) The Maroon Stud Lot Withdrawn
179 BY Mr Greeley (USA) EX Honfleur (IRE), 2007 B.M. Balatoma (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Sultan al Ammaj 20,000
122 BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Maayaat (USA), 2016 B/Br.F. Risaala (IRE) Shadwell Stud Sultan Saeed Harbib 7,500
123 BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Naadrah (GB), 2016 B.F. Risaalaat (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
87 BY Mukhadram (GB) EX Felwah (GB), 2016 B.F. Five Diamonds (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
286 BY Munnings (USA) EX Ice Crystal (USA), 2016 Ch.C. Favre (USA) Robert Cowell Racing Lot Withdrawn
173 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Conquete (FR), 2016 B.F. Gold Fleece (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 48,000
71 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Vital Statistics (GB), 2015 Ch.M. Lady Noorah (GB) to Dissolve a Partnership Lot Withdrawn
25 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Vanishing Point (USA), 2014 B.M. Minute To Win It (GB) Annshoon Stud, Ireland (Agent) Atc Horse Sales 5,000
252 BY Nathaniel (IRE) EX Innuendo (IRE), 2016 B.F. Hinting (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
154 BY Nayef (USA) EX Caravan of Dreams (IRE), 2011 B.M. Fickle Feelings (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Vendor 4,500
153 BY Nayef (USA) EX Galaxy Highflyer (GB), 2010 B.M. Ninja Lady (GB) Jamie Railton (Agent) Vendor 12,000
4 BY Nayef (USA) EX Almahab (USA), 2008 Ch.M. Elmaam (GB) Annshoon Stud, Ireland (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
102 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Hippy Hippy Shake (GB), 2015 B.M. Merseybeat (GB) Meon Valley Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 105,000
32 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Bedecked (IRE), 2015 B.F. Miss December (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Lot Not Sold
207 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Ausus (USA), 2016 Ch.G. Baasem (USA) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
121 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Halaqa (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Ridaa (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
212 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Vow (GB), 2015 B.F. Lilypad (IRE) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) Amy Murphy Racing 8,000
148 BY New Approach (IRE) EX Vale Mantovani (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Beautiful Rose (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Marco Bozzi Bloodstock 3,000
126 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Time Over (GB), 2017 Ch.F. (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment C&D Bloodstock (P.S.) 6,500
304 BY Night of Thunder (IRE) EX Ermine And Velvet (GB), 2017 Ch.C. (GB) Grove Stud, Ireland Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 11,000
313 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Dance Company (GB), 2016 B.G. Hammersmith (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
193 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Falling Rain (IRE), 2017 B.F. Head Over Heels (IRE) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
192 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Falling Rain (IRE), 2016 B.F. Never Rains (IRE) Thomastown Castle Stables, Ireland (J. A. Stack) Lot Withdrawn
127 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Sliabh Na Mban (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Gypsy Music (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Mario Hofer 2,500
302 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Real Charm (IRE), 2017 B.F. Dragon Flight (IRE) George Scott Racing Five Star Bloodstock 5,500
147 BY No Nay Never (USA) EX Crystal Valkyrie (IRE), 2016 B.F. No Way Jose (IRE) Manton House Stables (B. Meehan) Lot Withdrawn
318 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Hanami (GB), 2014 B.G. Kyoto Star (FR) Egerton Stud Ivan Crane 10,000
164 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Canada Water (GB), 2015 B.M. Guelta (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Ibrahim Rachid 20,000
291 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Dorelia (IRE), 2016 B.F. Haze (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) De Burgh Equine 10,000
94 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Daymooma (GB), 2016 B.F. Sharqeyya (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
107 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Madam President (GB), 2016 B.F. Miss President (GB) Robert Cowell Racing Lot Withdrawn
271 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Ceilidh House (GB), 2016 B.F. Misty (GB) Kimpton Down Stables (R. Beckett) Lot Withdrawn
225 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Velvet Star (IRE), 2015 B.G. The Game of Life (GB) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
135 BY Oasis Dream (GB) EX Straight Lass (IRE), 2007 B.M. Isobel Archer (GB) Godolphin Creighton / Schwartz Bloodstock 23,000
275 BY Olympic Glory (IRE) EX Hortensia (ITY), 2016 B.G. (GB) Mr Malcolm Bastard Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 17,000
47 BY Paco Boy (IRE) EX First Exhibit (GB), 2014 B.M. Goya Girl (IRE) The National Stud Ltd. Nasser Eltahawy 2,500
344 BY Pastoral Pursuits (GB) EX Anaya (GB), 2016 B.C. Paddy's Pursuit (IRE) DML Racing Lot Withdrawn
165 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Regal Salute (GB), 2016 Ch.M. Regal Ambition (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. JD Moore / Gaynestown Stud 5,500
161 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Infatuate (GB), 2016 Gr.M. Beguile (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. HE Sultan Aldeen MS Al-Khalifa 10,000
31 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Limpopo (GB), 2008 Gr.M. Pinch of Posh (IRE) Jamie Railton (Agent) Artemis Bloodstock 15,000
244 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Fading Light (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Dubai Sunset (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
140 BY Pivotal (GB) EX Veil of Silence (IRE), 2016 B.F. Silent Morning (GB) Godolphin Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 155,000
292 BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Lily Again (GB), 2016 Br.G. Li Kui (GB) Whatcombe Stables (P. Cole) A Kobeissi 20,000
321 BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX Si Belle (IRE), 2015 Gr.G. Midnight Wilde (GB) John Ryan Racing Damian English 14,000
330 BY Poet's Voice (GB) EX If Or When (IRE), 2016 B.C. Whenapoet (GB) Langham Racing Stables (M. Appleby) Elbashir Salem Elhrari 15,000
260 BY Pour Moi (IRE) EX Fionnuar (IRE), 2016 B.C. Repetitio (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
119 BY Quality Road (USA) EX Mufajaah (USA), 2016 B.F. Masaaqaat (USA) Shadwell Stud Haras du Mont dit Mont 10,000
250 BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Nadia (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Tiffindell (IRE) Godolphin Robert Eddery Racing 4,000
247 BY Raven's Pass (USA) EX Rachelle (IRE), 2016 B.F. Chamrousse (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
17 BY Red Clubs (IRE) EX Baltic Belle (IRE), 2009 B.M. Sonko (IRE) Rosyground Stud Vendor 8,500
69 BY Red Ransom (USA) EX Wosaita (GB), 2005 B.M. Matroshka (IRE) Kirtlington Park Stud Trish Brown 28,000
171 BY Redoute's Choice (AUS) EX Karasiyra (IRE), 2015 B.F. Karakama (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Dean Harron 6,000
283 BY Rio de La Plata (USA) EX Dr Wintringham (IRE), 2016 B.C. Dr Rio (FR) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Lot Withdrawn
131 BY Royal Academy (USA) EX Mercantile (FR), 2005 Ch.M. Doors To Manual (USA) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
100 BY Royal Applause (GB) EX Ventura Highway (GB), 2007 B.M. Dylanesque (GB) Meon Valley Stud EAM Bloodstock 20,000
8 BY Royal Applause (GB) EX Chicane (GB), 2012 B.M. Sharp Applause (IRE) Rochestown Lodge Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
256 BY Rulership (JPN) EX Triple Pirouette (USA), 2016 B.C. Isosceles (IRE) Copper Beech Stables, Ireland (M. Halford) Rachel O'Neill 12,000
1 BY Russian Blue (IRE) EX Partageuse (FR), 2009 Ch.M. Laura Moon (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Scuderia Cuschieri 2,500
26 BY Samum (GER) EX Nouvelle Noblesse (GER), 2014 Ch.M. Noble Diana (GB) Annshoon Stud, Ireland (Agent) Vendor 4,000
44 BY Sayif (IRE) EX Shohrah (IRE), 2016 B.F. Relative Ease (GB) Berkeley House Stables (J. S. Moore) Lot Withdrawn
307 BY Sayif (IRE) EX Rasha (IRE), 2017 B.C. Nexium (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Oliver St Lawrence Bloodstock 2,500
90 BY Sea The Moon (GER) EX Anqooda (USA), 2016 B.F. Almahha (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
61 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Sortita (GER), 2016 B.F. Ajwibah (GB) Shadwell Stud Dan Gilbert 55,000
278 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Penny Post (IRE), 2016 B.G. (IRE) Mr Malcolm Bastard Jo Davis / J Marriott 14,000
219 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Table Bay (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Rewrite The Stars (IRE) Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) Lot Withdrawn
253 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Irish History (IRE), 2016 B.F. Nova Aquilae (IRE) Godolphin Emerald Bloodstock 45,000
242 BY Sea The Stars (IRE) EX Beta (GB), 2016 B.F. Azophi (IRE) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
6 BY Selkirk (USA) EX Rhythm Queen (IRE), 2011 B.M. Shiftin Bobbins (GB) Manor House Farm Stud Abu Rkaiek Ibrahim 1,500
13 BY Selkirk (USA) EX Ratukidul (FR), 2009 B.M. Selka (FR) Oakgrove Stud BBA Ireland 10,000
287 BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Nasheej (USA), 2016 Ch.G. Brigadier (GB) Robert Cowell Racing Jaber Alhajraf 9,000
211 BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Isis (USA), 2015 Ch.G. Insurgence (GB) Pegasus Stables (J. Fanshawe) Reda Al-Khalaf 125,000
220 BY Sepoy (AUS) EX Akhmatova (GB), 2016 B.F. Wise Words (GB) Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) Lot Withdrawn
115 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Arwaah (IRE), 2016 Ch.F. Alnaseem (GB) Shadwell Stud Rebecca Dennis / Luke McJannet 17,000
92 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Lanansaak (IRE), 2016 B.F. Nafithaa (GB) Shadwell Stud Haras du Mont dit Mont 45,000
182 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Chiosina (IRE), 2015 B.G. Realm Ruler (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Kritikos Adonis 800
49 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Alshamatry (USA), 2011 Ch.M. Atheera (IRE) Lordship Stud Topline 5,000
257 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Lailani (GB), 2016 B.C. Loughmore (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
139 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Montana River (GB), 2017 B.F. Montana Spring (IRE) Godolphin Stetchworth And Middle Park Studs 8,000
146 BY Shamardal (USA) EX Flame of Gibraltar (IRE), 2016 B.F. Assembly of Truth (IRE) Godolphin A C Elliott, Agent 70,000
345 BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Wansdyke Lass (GB), 2016 B.G. Swift Justice (GB) DML Racing Damian English 4,500
289 BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Inffiraaj (IRE), 2016 B.F. Patchouli (GB) West Ilsley Stables (M. Channon) Lot Withdrawn
288 BY Sixties Icon (GB) EX Good Morning Lady (GB), 2016 B.G. Azor Ahai (GB) West Ilsley Stables (M. Channon) Lets Be Lucky Racing Partnership 23,000
319 BY Siyouni (FR) EX Living Well (GB), 2016 B.F. Photina (FR) Egerton Stud Lot Withdrawn
277 BY Siyouni (FR) EX Peinted Song (USA), 2016 Gr.G. (FR) Mr Malcolm Bastard Debbie Mountain 30,000
209 BY Siyouni (FR) EX Carnoustie (FR), 2016 B.F. Neon Sea (FR) Jamie Railton (Agent) Gassim Mohammad Ghazali 110,000
169 BY Siyouni (FR) EX Photo Flash (IRE), 2016 B.F. Scintilating (GB) Highclere Stud Stroud Coleman Bloodstock 130,000
144 BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Beautiful Filly (GB), 2016 Ch.F. Deira Surprise (GB) Godolphin Suzanne Roberts / Deerpark Stud 82,000
254 BY Slade Power (IRE) EX Nashama (IRE), 2016 B.F. Strings of Life (GB) Godolphin Lot Withdrawn
83 BY Sleeping Indian (GB) EX Dance Card (GB), 2014 Ch.M. Nuns Walk (GB) Whitsbury Manor Stud EAM Bloodstock 11,000
55 BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Cala (FR), 2016 Ch.F. Cala d'Or (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Paola Xepapadalu 3,000
333 BY Society Rock (IRE) EX Mosaique Beauty (IRE), 2015 B.G. Blacklooks (IRE) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Joseph O'Brien 1,700
67 BY Speightstown (USA) EX Special Me (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Wamathaat (USA) Shadwell Stud BBA Ireland 220,000
335 BY Swiss Spirit (GB) EX Azzurra du Caprio (IRE), 2016 B.F. Scandinavian Lady (IRE) Averham Park Stables (I. Furtado) Lot Withdrawn
88 BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Asiya (USA), 2016 B.F. Maqboola (USA) Shadwell Stud Durcan Bloodstock / R Hughes 12,000
65 BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Maghya (IRE), 2016 B.F. Toorsinaa (IRE) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
303 BY Tamayuz (GB) EX Startarette (USA), 2016 B.G. The Mpex Kid (IRE) Charlestown Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
167 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Fondled (GB), 2013 B.M. Indulged (GB) Cheveley Park Stud Ltd. Lot Withdrawn
33 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Livius Lady (IRE), 2012 Ch.M. River Plate (IRE) EAM Bloodstock Nasser Eltahawy 1,000
236 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Vedela (FR), 2015 Br.G. Dukhan (GB) The Castlebridge Consignment Alessandro Marconi For Al Aasfa Racing 40,000
91 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Qawaafy (USA), 2016 B.F. Baaqiah (GB) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
258 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Dream On Buddy (IRE), 2013 B.G. Twilight Payment (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
24 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Ocean Silk (USA), 2015 B.M. Coolspin (IRE) Kildallon Farm, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
150 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Mon Bijou (IRE), 2016 B.F. Queen Baynoonah (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France A Stables 2,000
145 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Margravine (USA), 2016 Ch.F. Mercury Dime (IRE) Godolphin Blandford Bloodstock 8,500
248 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Moonlife (IRE), 2016 B.F. Wish (GB) Godolphin Sandy Alex Barclay 10,000
5 BY Teofilo (IRE) EX Zaroof (USA), 2014 B.M. Mohallela (USA) Annshoon Stud, Ireland (Agent) Lot Withdrawn
328 BY Toronado (IRE) EX Inner Sea (USA), 2016 B.G. Ragnar (GB) Kingwood Stud A C Elliott, Agent 85,000
217 BY Toronado (IRE) EX Oasis Jade (GB), 2016 B.F. Distant Mirage (GB) Jamesfield Stables (J. Tate) Gaelic Bloodstock 12,000
3 BY Toronado (IRE) EX Rosa Bud (GB), 2016 B.F. Tschuss (GB) The Maroon Stud Lot Withdrawn
183 BY Treasure Beach (GB) EX Cold Blooded (USA), 2016 B.C. Rehoboth Beach (USA) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
299 BY Universal (IRE) EX Eluding (GB), 2017 B.F. Universal Kiss (GB) George Scott Racing Abdullatif Alshammari 4,000
196 BY Vocalised (USA) EX Solar Outburst (IRE), 2015 B.F. Solar Wave (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Not Sold 24,000
259 BY Vocalised (USA) EX Gold Focus (IRE), 2016 B.G. Copia Verborum (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
262 BY Vocalised (USA) EX Beyond Intensity (IRE), 2016 B.C. Vocatus (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Lot Withdrawn
198 BY Vocalised (USA) EX Sunset Beauty (IRE), 2016 B.G. Son of Beauty (IRE) Glebe House Stables, Ireland (J. S. Bolger) Shaun Harris 1,800
284 BY Vocalised (USA) EX Silver Queen (GB), 2016 B.G. Hector Bailey (IRE) Eoghan J. O'Neill, France Richard Venn Bloodstock 11,000
204 BY War Front (USA) EX Prize Catch (USA), 2016 B.G. Amjaady (USA) Shadwell Stud Lot Withdrawn
210 BY War Front (USA) EX Peace Burg (FR), 2016 B.F. No War (USA) Jamie Railton (Agent) Tweenhills Farm & Stud 45,000
314 BY Xtension (IRE) EX Izola (GB), 2016 B.G. (IRE) Baroda Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
37 BY Zamindar (USA) EX Miss Hawai (FR), 2009 B.M. Pearl City (IRE) Brendan Boyle Bloodstock Lennart Jarven 20,000
57 BY Zebedee (GB) EX Ladylishandra (IRE), 2016 Gr.F. Shandredee (IRE) Ringfort Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
317 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX More Respect (IRE), 2016 B.G. Eyeoweyou (IRE) Rochestown Lodge Stud, Ireland Lot Withdrawn
231 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Height of Elegance (IRE), 2016 B.F. Zofelle (IRE) The Castlebridge Consignment Stephen Hillen Bloodstock 27,000
308 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Lady Wingshot (IRE), 2017 B.F. Philipa Victoria (GB) Houghton Bloodstock Vendor 160,000
221 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Court Circular (GB), 2016 Ch.G. Royal Court (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Jassim Hamad Al-Atteya 16,000
181 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Playamongthestars (AUS), 2015 Ch.F. Ingelara (IRE) Carriganog Racing, Ireland (J. P. O'Brien) Lot Withdrawn
11 BY Zoffany (IRE) EX Madame Cerito (USA), 2015 B.M. Madame Delavanti (IRE) Keith Harte (Agent) Compas Equine Ireland 4,200